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always holding your love

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“I got you something,” Alec says long after they’ve tucked the boys into their beds, fast asleep before the portal had even closed behind them.

Magnus rolls his eyes affectionately. “Always Tokyo,” he teases. “You always turn into a sap.”

“Excuse me,” Alec scoffs. “I’m always a sap when it comes to you.”

“And them,” Magnus adds, nodding down the hall towards Max and Rafe’s bedroom. Alec had taken every possible chance during their daytrip to Tokyo to make their sons as happy as possible. Magnus had lost count of how many sugary treats the boys had eaten (and how many he’d eaten himself).

Alec smiles, bowing his head. “And them,” he agrees.

Magnus steps closer, cupping Alec’s cheek and kissing his forehead. Alec’s smile widens when he looks up again, going soft at the edges like some part of him still can’t believe this is his life even after all these years. Magnus knows the feeling well.

“Well,” he says as Alec hands him a small gift bag from behind his back. “I wonder what it could be this time?”

He’s joking, of course, because it’s always the same—at least when they visit Tokyo. Alec always gives him an omamori, always a memory of the first gift he ever gave Magnus. At least, the first gift according to Alec. If you asked Magnus, the first gift was a wedding that never took place.

“I know it’s a silly tradition,” Alec says as Magnus pulls the small charm from the bag. It’s red and gold, the same as the very first one Alec ever gave him. He still has it, tucked safely in the apothecary, charmed so it would remain intact over the years. “But they remind me of us back then and how far we’ve come.”

“Ten years,” Magnus whispers. “It isn’t silly, Alexander. They remind me of that time, too. How a young Shadowhunter could look at me and all my power and all my flaws and still think I was worth protecting.”

“Because you are,” Alec says so fiercely Magnus almost experiences déjà vu. “I would do anything if it meant keeping you and the boys safe.”

“I know that,” Magnus says, stroking his thumb along his husband’s cheek. “You walked through Hell for me, Alexander. I could never doubt it.”

Alec huffs a laugh, placing his hand over the omamori in Magnus’s open hand. “I love you,” he says simply, but Magnus sees so much more in his eyes. So much that he can’t name, even as he knows he feels it, too, just as strongly as he did after their first trip to Tokyo.

“I love you, too,” he says, lifting their raised hands to his lips and kissing the back of Alec’s hand.