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Twisted Events

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The next day, the entire student body went out and stood in the field. Gathered together and were preparing to start the event of Happy Beans Day. Since this was a Sports' Day event, everyone was dressed in their gym uniforms. Willow stood in between Ace and Deuce as they waited for Vargas to show up and explain the rest of the details of today's games. While Willow was making sure her Fairy friends were well hidden in her breast pocket, she felt a finger poking her behind her head. She turned and smiled when she saw Rainier waving at her with a cheery smile. Everyone quickly went quiet as stood at attention when Coach Vargas arrived at the scene. Grinning from ear to ear at his students.

"All the little bean sprouts are here. Today is the day you've been waiting for – "Happy Beans Day". Vargas proudly announced. "Did you eat a good breakfast full of raw eggs? If you don't get the right nutrition your muscles won't grow. Now, let's explain the rules for all the new first years. Don't get too lost in gazing at my muscles and miss it." Half the students rolled their eyes and groaned when he said that.

"This sports day is a capture-the-flag game centred around the "magic harp" located in the coliseum. The Monster team loses if the Farmer team steals the harp. And the Farmer team loses if they are unable to do so within the time limit. Pretty simple and clear, right?" As he talked, he separated the students into two sets of groups. The Monster team and Farmer Team. Handing out patches to differentiate them from the other. The Monster team had a purple and white patch with a symbol of two spiked maces in the shape of an 'X'. The Farmer team had an orange and white patch with a symbol of a bycocket with a feather situated on the left-hand side.

"If a Farmer is captured by a Monster, they're out. If a Monster is hit by the Farmer's beans, they're out. And now, the most important rule! –within the game, the use of magic is completely banned! If magic is used, the student will be immediately disqualified. Fight to the end with just your body!" Vargas explained.

"Eeeh, we can't use magic?" Ace complained, slumping his shoulders.

"It does seem like it was possible to use it previously." Riddle says as he walked over to his junior.

"There were instances of people taking it too seriously, getting heated, and injuring each other, so magic use was banned." Trey said with an unease smile.

"So this is all a battle of physical strength. Sweet, that's my strong point!" Deuce said, smirking as he cracked his knuckles.

"You're raring to go, Deuce-chan." Cater said, complimenting the teal-eyed student. He then got an unsure expression as he turned his gaze away. "...well, you're only strong, so I think you'll be out pretty soon." He quietly mumbled.

"All students on the winning team will have points added to their PE grades. And above that, I promise to add bonus points to the students who directly make the winning play." Vargas tells the students. "All of you should fight until your muscles scream! The playing field is the school grounds. Supply points for both teams have been prepared. If you get your hands on one of the boxes, be sure to use their contents well! We will now distribute field maps with these supply points indicated, as well as... 10 beans to each Farmer and running boots to each Monster. Once you have received your items, please go to your designated starting area. The match will begin at 9 AM. Good luck, students!"

After Vargas's lecture, each student was given a map that told them the coordinates of where their starting points will be before the game starts. Now that she knows that using magic was banned from the game, Willow had tried to convince her little Fairy friends to stay at the Ramshackle Dorm to head towards the Botanical Garden because she was worried for them. Worried that if anyone sees them they would accuse her of cheating. Or worse, have the school take them away. However, Rosebell and Zephyrine promised her that they would stay out of sight by hiding inside her pocket. Willow thought about it and decided to agree. At least they'll be safer that way.

Willow held the map in front of her as she walked to the starting point of the game. Grim was perched on top of her head as he read the map. "Our starting area is A-6 on the's the forest near Ramshackle dorm, huh. Looks like other people are scattered all around the map." Grim said.

"I'm getting excited for things to start. I've never been a part of a sport's day before." Willow said with a smile on her face. Back home, she never had the chance to participate in her school's sport's day since her body was going through recovery at the time, but today was different. She was planning to make the most of it.

"But remember to be safe during the games, okay, Sugarcane? And be sure to watch your step. And keep a good eye and ear out." Rosebell told her.

"But also remember to have fun and play nice with the other members, and to ration out the beans. You don't know when someone from the Monster Team." Zephyrine said.

Willow nodded her head in agreement. "Right. I understand." She said. As they were approaching their dorm, the group looked up and spotted a familiar face with distinguished orange hair. Willow smiled when she recognised him. His leaf green eyes glanced her way and he was beaming with joy. "Oh, Grim-chan, Willy-chan. You two starting at A-6?" Cater asked them.

"Yup. You too, Cater?" Grim asked with a smile. Jumping down to the ground.

Cater nodded his head. Smiling brightly. "That's right. Let's do it~!" Cater looked at up the white-haired first year. He quickly glanced around the area and saw that there was no one coming to their stop, Cater went to her side and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "My advice, seeing as this is my third year of this event, is that the Farmer Team should group up as much as possible. We happened to end up in the same starting area so we should just stick together."

Willow thought about it for a moment before nodding in agreement. This was her very first Sport's Event and she wasn't entirely sure how things work yet, so she was very lucky she was able to find her senior before the games could start. And if this is what Cater thought was the best course of action, who was she to disagree. "That's encouraging. Let's do our very best, Cater." Willow said, smiling. The carrot-top student couldn't but blush and grin like a fool. She was just so cute! And he had her all to himself for an entire day! This was the best!

"Area A-6.....around here?" A new, familiar voice asked in an unsure voice. Cater's smile faltered as he and the others turned to see Deuce walking towards them, looking down at his map. Looking a little clueless. Willow lit up as she jogged over to him and calling out his name. Cater slumped his shoulders and held a defeated smile. was great while it lasted. "Oh, Deuce-chan. Are you starting here too?" Cater asked as he picked up his cheery self and went over to the other first year.

"Yes. You too?" Deuce asked them.

"Yup, right. I was just telling Willy-chan that we should stick together. Deuce-chan, you will too, right?" Cater said.

The dark blue haired young teen smiled down at the girl beside them and nodded. "You've got it. Let's work together." He said.

Cater then took out his phone and ushered his two juniors to join his side. "Alright, then let's take a pic together! Ya~y!" Cater said as he held up his phone, taking a group selfie with a bright smile. Willow smiled along while Deuce stood there awkwardly. Cater then went to his Magicam account and began to post his photo. "Umm~... "#NRC #HappyBeansDay #FarmerTeam #Wewontlosetothemonsterteam" And uploaded!"

"Same Diamond-senpai as always..." Deuce sighs out, shaking his head.

"His peppy nature is certainly infectious." Willow said with a soft giggle. The group then went silent when a loud gong suddenly echoed throughout the entire school. Cater glanced up at the sky and crossed his arms as he had a knowing look in his eyes. "Welp, that's the start of the event. We don't know where the Monster Team could pop out from so be careful. And don't forget to have your beans ready." The carrot-top senior informs the others.

"We only have 10 beans that can exorcise the Monster team... we'll have to strategize." Deuce said, recalling what Vargas had told them before.

"I want more of these beans too. They can be emergency rations." Grim said with a grin. The Fairies could only stare and shake their heads at the cat monster. He is a bottomless pit, isn't he? Also, are the beans they're using even edible?

"Well, let's head to a supply point first. Not only beans, they usually have useful items like high-speed beans shooters. But only the early bird gets the worm~. It's always a scramble to get there." Cater said.

"A farmer supply point..." Deuce took out his map and opened it for his teammates to see. His eyes glanced around the map before they set upon one of the marked spots. "The closest one is in the forest near the Botanical Gardens. Let's go there." The others nodded in agreement and they turned to head off in the direction of the gardens. With any luck, they'll be able to get the first supply kit first before anyone from the Monster Team finds them.

The team headed into the forest behind campus and they were on high alert as they notice that everything was oddly quiet, save for the birds. They carefully surveyed the area, making sure there weren't any Monsters in hiding and luring them into a trap.

"That box should be around here somewhere..." Deuce says as they walked deeper into the forest. As he looked around through the trees and small bushes, his peacock green eyes spotted a black coloured box with thin orange stripes resting in the distance. "Is it the wooden box at the base of that apple tree?" He asked Cater, pointing over to the box.

Cater nodded in agreement and said, "I think you inexperienced 1st years should be outfitted with equipment first. So Deuce-chan. You can get the supplies from that box!"

Deuce looked up at the Four of Diamonds in surprise. He honestly never expected him to let him have the supply kit and thought that he would have it since he is the one with the most experience. But if he said so... "Eh? Thank you! Then, I'll just..." Deuce said as he began to run towards the box. Willow went to go follow him when Cater suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her with him behind a tree. "....Willy-chan, Grim-chan, come back behind this tree." Cater whispered to them.

"What's up? You're whispering..." Grim said as he ducks for cover behind the tree.

"What about Deuce? Shouldn't we go with him?" Willow asked, getting a little worried for her best friend. Cater only gave her a wink and place a finger against his lips. "Shh, be quiet." He tells her. Cater held Willow close to him, ignoring the Fairies' glare as they watched Deuce approach the box. Just as he was about to crouch down to pick it up, the bushes from behind him suddenly rustled and out popped Ace and Sebek. "So you've come, you simple-minded idiot farmer Deuce!" Ace said with a smirk.

Deuce swiftly turned around in shock when he saw them. "What?! The Monster Team?! Were you lying in wait?!" He questioned.

"If you wait by the farmer team supply box, you'll be able to easily capture them. Even you can understand that logic, right?" Ace teased.

"Shit, I was being careless!" Deuce shouted. As Ace and Sebek took one step towards him, Deuce quickly turned around and sprinted away from the scene.

"He's running, let's chase!" Sebek shouted.

"We'll catch you!" Ace declared as they quickly chased after the Deuce of Spades. Cater carefully peeked his head and smiled once he saw that they were ways away. And far from the supply kit. He lets go of Willow and walked over to the box. "And they're off. Alright, now we can get the supply box." Willow and Grim followed, but they were less than pleased by their senior's trickery. "C-.... Cater, please don't tell me you were planning that from the beginning..." Willow asked with a dismal expression.

"You dick, that's why you sweet-talked Deuce into going to the box first. What a bad guy!" Grim shouted with a scowl. The Fairies poked their heads from Willow's pocket and gave their thoughts through jingling bells. They weren't happy with what he did either. Cater picked up the box and gave his teammates a grin. "C'mon~ you two. This is strategy, ok, strategy. In the end, if the farmer team wins, Deuce-chan still gets a bonus to his grade. We gotta cooperate! Besides, Deuce-chan is in the track & field club so he's super-fast, I'm sure he can get away!" He said.

"I'm sure he is...but I feel awful about letting him go alone like that. I owe Deuce a sincere apology once this is over." Willow said. Cater smiled as he patted Willow on the head. He had a feeling she would say something like that. But whatever, at least now they were now alone together. He was about to open up the box when they then heard bushes rustling. They quickly turned around and were shocked to find two members from the Monster Team standing just a few feet away from them.

"Farmers here!" The Octavinelle student shouted.

"Let's capture them!" The Scarabia said.

"Oh goodness..!" Willow cried out as they began running towards them.

Oh no, giants! There were more of them?! Willy-chan, Grim-chan, ready your beans!" Cater said. He grabbed Willow's hand and the two of them began to run away from the scene. Grim let out a freaked-out cry and he quickly followed them. The two members from the Monster Team began their chase. Cater and Willow cut through the woods, trying to lose them. Seeing how they were gaining on them, Willow opened up her bag of beans and began to throw them at the Monsters but they were able to dodge them and avoid getting hit as they continued to chase them. Even with Grim's help, the two couldn't land one hit. Cater glanced over his shoulder and saw that they were still chasing them. He gripped Willow's hand tighter as he picked up the pace. Though it was a game, the students would always get so ruthless, so Cater knew he had to protect her.

 The Octavinelle student reached out his hand and was about to grab hold of Willow's hair when all of a sudden, a massive weight had fallen on him. Slamming him into the ground. "What the-?!" The Scarabia student shouted before he was quickly silenced by a "Pew, pew" sound. Willow looked back but all she could see was a streak of white before she and Cater rounded a corner. When they knew they were safe, the team hid in between the trees and took this moment to catch their breath.

"That was close~... But we managed to lose them." Cater said, breathing heavily.

"S'like impossible to hit Monsters with hand-thrown beans! Gotta pick up all those beans again now..." Grim said with a slight whine.

"At least we avoided getting captured. We'll go back for them once we've regained our breath...." Willow says as she sat on the grass. Breathing heavily. Cater followed her example and placed down the box in between them. "Now~, for the supply box contents....there." Cater undid the latch and opened the box. Willow stared at the contents with awe as Cater spread a wide smile. "A small-size bean shooter S and more beans. Also two magic camouflage jackets. And then...lastly, a magic pill. Says the effect is "makes the user's body small for 30 seconds". We got some pretty good stuff!" Cater said. He took out one of the jackets and stood up. "I wanna get this jacket on quick. Willy-chan, you take one too."

"Alright." Willow said. As she took the remaining jacket, the Fairies flew from her pocket and went off on Cater. Their loud jingling bells somehow sounded very angry and Cater flinched back as he shrinks away from their apparent shouting. "Wh-what? Did I do something?" Cater asked nervously wondering what he had done to make them so angry.

"Rosebell, Zephyrine, please. Don't shout things like that. Cater is a very respectable young man and wouldn't stoop so rude." Willow said, trying to calm them down.

"Doesn't matter, we're out in the middle of the forest. We won't take any chances with prying eyes." Rosebell says, flying over to her friend.

"Just go on and get dressed, little wispy." Zephyrine tells her. She flew over and tugged her by her sleeve, leading her away. Rosebell touched the plants around them and made them grow in length but being careful not to make them too noticeable to give Willow some cover. "Grim, please keep watch." Zephyrine said. She then raised her arms and used a tiny bit of her magic to use the wind to shove Cater to the opposite side. Grim gave her a firm nod. "You got it!" He said.

A few moments later, Cater and Willow stepped out of the bushes, donning the clothes from the kit. He wore a white shirt underneath a military-like jacket. The jacket was primarily white but it had black, light orange, and red bean patterns all over with their symbol of the bycocket hat. On the jacket, there were two pouches on each side, running down the front, safely secured with orange buckles. There was also an arm sash on the left arm which held the Farmer's symbol. He wore black pants with a white streak near the bottom and orange combat boots. Attached to his waist was a bright orange bag. He also wore black fingerless gloves and had black goggles over his head. Willow wore the same thing, except she wore a black turtleneck shirt, black gloves, solid black pants, had a smaller bag strapped to her left leg, wore a black military beret with the Famer's patch and her hair was tied into low pigtails.

"Oh my, it feels so comfortable." Willow says with a smile as looks down at the camo gear. This was certainly different from her time in school back in her old world, but it only made her smile. Knowing she was lucky enough to experience something like this. The Fairies checked over her clothes and made sure that her important items were safely secured. They nodded in approval and went to hide in one of the jacket's pockets. Poking their heads out just a bit.

"Ta-dah~. How is it? Looks good on me?" Cater asked her as he strikes a pose.

Willow smiled at Cater and gave him a round of applause. "You look positively wonderful, Cater." She said happily. Grim looked in between the two and he didn't understand how they can be smiling right now when those clothes will make them stick out like a sore thumb. Those colours were awful in this situation. "Eeh. With those loud colours, won't you just be found immediately?" Grim asked with concern.

Cater gave the little cat monster a sly smile and moved his finger. "Tch tch tch. These are "magic" camouflage jackets, right? They look like this to your allies, but to our opponents, they work like optical camouflage and we disappear into the scenery." He explained.

"And it blocks out the cold air, this is feeding two birds with one scone." Willow said. Enjoying the feel of the camo gear.

"So, Willy-chan, let's take a commemorative we-got-the-supply-box photo!" Cater happily says as he took out his phone. Before Willow could respond, Cater went to her side and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, bringing her in for a side hug as he held up his phone. Switching it to its camera setting. Willow wasn't so sure about taking a picture in the middle of the forest, but Cater looks so happy, she couldn't say no to him. So she just smile at the camera. "Yay~!" Cater cheered as he pressed the button, making a flash appeared. " '#NRC #HappyBeansDay #supplyboxget #sowwydeucechan'." The carrot top senior said as he uploaded the picture to Magicam. He placed his phone back in his pocket and picked up the bean shooter. "Now that's we're armed, we should probably start heading towards the coliseum."

"Aight, let's go!" Grim said.

"I think the Botanical Gardens is in that direction. If we go there, we can make it to the coliseum without drawing any attention." Willow tells them. They nodded in agreement and decided to make their way to the gardens. Cater peeked his head and he surveyed the area. He didn't see anything out of the ordinary, so he motioned for the others to follow him. Unfortunately, they only walked about a few feet in the open when they suddenly heard. "We've found you, Farmers!" "Chase 'em, chase 'em~!" Cater and Willow swiftly turned around and saw two members of the Monster Team.

"Uwah, crap, crap! There're a ton of giants hiding around here!" Cater shouted. He moved himself in front of Willow to protect her. He wanted to back themselves away but then the sounds of leaves rustling caught their attention. "You've come, Farmers! We definitely won't let you get to the magic harp!" Another Monster member declared.

"Oh no! I-it's a pincer attack...!" Willow cried out.

Cater reached out and held Willow's hand. Letting her know that he was there for her and he'll keep her safe. "We'll break through with force! Let's go, Willy-chan." He tells her. Willow looked up at her senior, then back to the Monster Team who were inching closer to them. Willow squeezed his hand and leaned against him. "Y...Yes. Yes!" She said with a quiet source of confidence. They won't go down without a fight.