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He wasn't looking for love <3

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When David walked into Ray's office with his black sweater, white high tops on, an idea in his head, and a passion to create something beautiful and his own; he wasn’t looking for love. If he was honest, he wasn’t even sure what love was. Having said it only twice to his family, it wasn’t a common feeling or emotion throughout his life. In his previous “relationships” there had always been a transactional undertone to every touch and intimate encounter.


This though?


This is different, David thinks as he looks at Patrick from across the altar. A single white rose was pinned neatly to his black tux, and he sang unflinchingly and confidently, his eyes never wavering from David’s. Everyone, everything disappeared. Gone were David’s worries about the happy ending massage, the storm, the town hall fiasco. Nothing else mattered but Patrick.


It was this act and so many others that solidified the idea that David never truly knew what love was before this. Where his previous relationships were one-dimensional and superficial, this love was deep and warm. This love wasn’t afraid of the hard parts or David’s big personality.


And as they kissed, sealing their commitment and statement of love, David can’t help but think that while he wasn’t looking for love, he was grateful love found him, and changed his life.