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Amanda and Sonny huddle at Amanda's desk talking.

"She's gonna be pissed when she finds out." Amanda said.

"Look, it was my fault, I'll tell her that." Sonny replied

"Oh no you won't"

"She can't reprimand me anymore, Amanda. I'm not a detective. Let me take care of this."

"Absolutely not. You know -"

The door to Olivia's office swung open, interrupting them. Olivia stepped out and glared at the two.


She stormed back inside, Amanda and Sonny following with their heads hanging low.

Inside the office, Olivia shut the door and stood behind her desk.

"In what world would you think this was okay? Do you realize how royally you screwed up?"

"Liv, it's my fault. Rollins just followed my lead" Sonny said.

"Thats not true, it was my idea and I-"

"Oh spare me the mutual strokefest!" Olivia shouted. She stopped. Her face began to pale and she looked at the wall in horror.

"You okay Olivia?" Amanda asked tentatively.

"Get out." Olivia said dangerously. "Both of you. Now."

Amanda and Sonny scurried out quickly, leaving Olivia to her own thoughts.

Olivia rubbed her temples and sighed before picking the phone up and dialing a number.

"Hello?" She heard on the other line.

"Hey, dad. I'm calling to tell you, I'm turning into you."

Cragen laughed. "What happened?" He asked.

"I've got a detective and a former detective turned Counselor who could easily give me and Elliot a run for our money. I'm so sorry." She said

"There's a thing parents say to their kids, that your kids will turn out ten times worse than you did. While I don't ascribe to that philosophy, it certainly sounds like you have a taste of what you two did to me. And someday they may have a taste of what they did to you."

"Well I certainly wasn't shooting for any Cragenisms coming out, but you raised me well. Now how do I handle these two?"

Cragen laughed again. "What makes you think I know any better than you?"

"Fair point" Olivia replied. "Thanks for letting me vent. I feel a lot better."

"I'm proud of you kid. Call me anytime."

Olivia smiled and hung up the phone. She gathered her things and walked to the elevator, turning around to look back in at the empty squad room before the doors closed.