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Seeing Double

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"Patrick!" David called from the kitchen, his troll of a husband upstairs, supposedly working on their taxes. It was Patrick's day off and David had arrived home to two cylindrical packets sitting on the kitchen counter with the words Clone-a-Willy staring at him. One was blue and the other black. Just as David started cursing his husband for whatever he'd clearly signed him up to do, Patrick walked into the kitchen, a ridiculous cheeky grin spread across his face.

"I see you found the surprise."

"More like horror."

"What? I thought it'd be a fun couples activity," Patrick smiled, greeting him with a kiss.

"Put this next to adventure dates and you've got yourself a list of what a marriage counsellor would prescribe as a last resort."

"C'mon David, it'll be fun. Besides, you're going away this weekend for the conference. Wouldn't it be nice to take a piece of me with you?"

"Oh god."

"You say that, but I know you'll take it."

A soft grin broke over David's face, eyes crinkling slightly. "I wish you weren't right."

Usually Patrick attended all the regional business conferences and seminars, leaving David to mind the store. However this time they felt Marketing Through Aesthetics: How To Build Your Brand the Aesthetic Way was a little more suited to David. So for the first time, Patrick would be the one staying home.

"Besides," Patrick said, moving closer to him. "Don't you want to know what your own cock feels like? Know exactly what I feel when you fuck me?"

Drawing in a shallow breath, David's mind quickly spun at the idea. He hadn't thought about using their own dildos on themselves.

"I know you're curious as to what makes me pull those ridiculous faces I know I must have when you’re balls deep in me."

"I like those faces," David said.

"I know you do. And wouldn't you like to know first hand why I can’t help but make them??"

"I suppose," David replied, lips curling, unable to believe he was somehow getting swindled into participating in this.

"Good sport," Patrick said, clapping him on the back. "Ok, let's have dinner then get naked. Don't want goo on that sweater."

"I'll get naked but never call me "good sport" again."



With dinner done and the kitchen cleaned, Patrick pulled the instructions out of the Clone-a-Willy packet and ran David through them. Timing was imperative and the casting powder had to be mixed with warm water, whilst holding a thermometer in it to make sure it reached the right temperature. In all this, they had to somehow stay hard throughout the entire process. They soon decided it was best to do it one at a time instead of together. Less likely to fuck it up that way they figured, especially when it seemed like three hands were needed to complete the task anyway.

"I got myself blue because well, you know," Patrick motioned to himself, standing at the sink as he waited for the water to heat up. "And black for you, to match your aesthetic."

Standing naked in their kitchen, there wasn't much aesthetic to match to at the moment. "Yes because matching your dildo to your clothing is really at the forefront of my mind when I'm getting dressed in the morning," David joked. "Maybe I'll take my cloned dildo out to the cafe for lunch on Friday. Or maybe the Wobbly Elm. Show potential hookups what to expect before deciding whether or not they want to take me home."

The laughter had already started and they didn't even have their cocks in warm goo yet. Maybe this wasn't going to be completely terrible. Patrick filled the jug to the desired measurement and put it next to the cylinder of casting powder.

"Ok, who's going first?" Patrick asked.

"You, obviously. You chose this, you can be the test subject."

He was finding Patrick oddly excited for someone about to stick his penis in warm paste. David wondered how long he'd thought about this. Or where he even heard of this. He had a strange feeling Stevie was involved but a part of him didn't want to know. He knew Patrick would be well aware how much David would absolutely hate this, but he also knew that Patrick was well aware he would do anything for him. Which meant he got himself stuck into things like this more often than he liked. David had learnt that being pushed out of his comfort zone occasionally was all part of being with Patrick Brewer. Even if being pushed out of his comfort zone involved casting mold and penises, two words he only ever thought he'd see together back when he was a gallerist employing experimental artists.

"Ok well I need to get hard and we need to mix the casting mold to the right temperature," Patrick nudged the cylinder to David. "You mix, I'll get hard."

"We could do that," David said, walking behind his husband and wrapping his arms around him. If they were really actually doing this, which it seemed like they were, he thought they may as well make the most of it. With David's lips close to his ear, he murmured, "Or you could mix and I could work your cock."

David felt Patrick tense slightly in his arms. "Sound good?" David asked breathily, warm air blowing onto the back of Patrick's neck.

Patrick nodded. Grabbing the lube they had hiding in the bottom kitchen drawer reserved for kitchen island fucking emergencies, David stood behind him at the counter, wrapping his hand around Patrick's half hard cock as he started to mix.

With his lips close to Patrick’s ear, David nipped it teasingly.

“Wow, it’s already getting stupidly close to the right temperature already. Maybe we made the water too hot? Faster, David faster. I’m not hard enough.”

“How about this?” David muttered calmly in his ear. "Remember when you were in Cabaret?"

Patrick nodded as furiously as his hand was mixing, his cock already getting harder at the thought.

"Remember when you came home from dress rehearsal and I didn't let you change out of your costume or makeup, I took you straight to bed," David said, pausing to nip at his ear lightly. "I took off those suspenders and cuffed you with them as best I could to the bed railings. I pulled you apart so slowly that night. Edged you for so long that my Emcee forgot his name."

Patrick was thrusting into David's grip now, just as the temperature on the thermometer finally reached 98 degrees.

"Ok hand off! It's ready!"

Hitting the timer, David stepped back, his eyes darting between Patrick's cock and his face as Patrick picked up the cylinder and sunk himself into what David could only describe as a homemade Fleshlight.

"Oh. Oh that feels… strange."

"Good strange?"

"Uh, no. Just strange. It's very warm and wet."

David opened his mouth to retort.

"No, not in the way that I'd like," Patrick smiled, hand clenched over the plastic cylinder, keeping it steady. "How long?"

"It's only been like, ten seconds."

"Ok, ok, David I'm going to need you to start talking," Patrick said, shutting his eyes.

Scrambling to find a memory that would be particularly titillating for him to stay rock hard to, David’s mind went back to a year ago. "Oh god, ok, I can’t believe we are doing this. Um, remember our honeymoon?”

“Which moment?” Patrick muttered, eyes fixed on David where he was now working his own slowly hardening cock.

“The last day. The only time we left bed was when you picked me up and fucked me against a wall in our villa. I knew these arms were strong, but I didn’t know they could do that,” David said, stepping forward and running his free hand down Patrick's bicep.

“Keep going.”

David stepped behind him again, kissing along his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around Patrick’s waist. “When you had me up against the wall, fucking into me so intently…”

Patrick bit his lip, a little whine leaving his lips. David could tell he was resisting grinding back into David, his muscles tense as he rested against them.

"How long?"

"One minute forty five seconds," David started kissing down the parts of his neck he could reach and down along his shoulder. "Don't worry about the time. Focus on me," David sucked on his neck, a groan emitting low from Patrick's throat. One hand moving from Patrick's waist to his own hard cock.

"It's hard, David."

"That's the aim," He replied, returning his attention to Patrick's shoulders again. "How about when you pulled me from our reception out to the back room of town hall." Patrick turned his head, desperately searching for his lips. "Nope, Patrick, be still," David smiled, pressing his finger lightly to Patrick's jaw, directing his attention forward.

"I don't like you sometimes."

"This was your idea. Think about how good it'll be to fuck yourself with my cock when I'm two hundred miles away at a regional aesthetics conference."

"The conference is not helping my dick, David," Patrick said, frustrated but still with a smile on his face.

"I know, I'm just so excited."

"I know and I would appreciate it if you helped me get a little more excited here," Patrick said exasperatedly. For someone who insisted this was a fun couples activity, David was currently a lot more amused than Patrick was.

David laughed, "Ok, ok, sorry, you pulled me into the back room at our wedding about fifteen minutes to midnight..." David removed his hand from his cock and wrapped both arms around him again, narrowingly avoiding bumping Patrick's arm and moving the mold. "You told me that you wanted us to fuck at least once on our actual wedding date," David said, pressing his nose to Patrick's neck, smiling as he breathed in. "You lifted my skirt and blew me up against the wall." He ran a hand underneath the cylinder to cup his balls, fondling them lightly as Patrick gasped at the touch, throwing his head back onto David's shoulder. "The incessant beat of Whitney Houston coming through the wall from the main hall, trying to muffle the sound I made when I came down my husband's throat for the first time," David said, pressing his hard dick insistently against Patrick's ass.

"David!" Patrick said exasperatedly, nodding his head towards the plastic cylinder in his grip. "I need to stay still!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," David smiled, looking at the timer. "Forty five seconds left."

"Thank god."

Kissing Patrick's shoulders again, David couldn't help but nudge his aching cock up against his husband again.

"David! Do I have to banish you to the corner?" he said, in that voice Patrick knew went straight to David's cock.

"Fine. I'll stand over here then. In my corner, alone. Me and my erection," David gripped his cock, watching Patrick intently focused on him slowly stroking himself. He knew Patrick was already regretting his decision to send him to the corner and David was enjoying every minute of it. Standing there, fisting his cock, he wasn't quite sure how he was so hard right now. But that was another part of being with Patrick Brewer. You learnt you could be turned on by the strangest things.

"It's been awhile since one of us watched the other masturbate," David said, quickening the pace of his hand.

Groaning, Patrick reached over to put his free hand on David’s cock, only for him to bat it away.

“Nope, the instructions said you have to stay still. Besides, you banished me, remember? You can watch,” David smirked, watching Patrick grow more and more frustrated. David knew there were three words he could say that would effectively reduce Patrick into an incoherent mess in a second, frustrate him even more than he is now.

"Two days’ growth, Patrick."

Patrick's eyes widened, mouth dropping as he looked straight to David's jaw. Two days’ growth was Patrick's favorite time to be rimmed and David knew it. The hair was just long enough to give the perfect scratch as David lavished him with his lips and tongue. A scratch that left Patrick's hole with a delicious temporary red tinge to it and an aching sensation that lasted well into the next day.

"Go on," Patrick encouraged.

"And I thought maybe tonight I could tie you down on your front and let these scratch somewhere else," David said slowly, running his fingers across his stubble.

Patrick sucked in a breath, placing a hand on the counter to steady himself.

“How long left?" He said breathily.

“Six seconds."

Knowing he didn't have to try and keep Patrick hard anymore, he stepped into his space.

“Which, if I remember correctly, is approximately how long you took to come when I first touched your cock... and I loved it.”


Ding ding ding

With the alarm going off, Patrick slowly pulled his cock out.

"Oh thank god." Patrick groaned, placing the container on the counter. Knowing he didn't have long to pour the silicone in, Patrick got to work. With one mold done, David was suddenly regretting agreeing to this.

"Ok, David. Ready to do this?" Patrick asked, still naked as he walked back into the kitchen after cleaning residual goo from places goo should never touch in the first place. With a smile a little too wide for David's liking, Patrick got the warm water and put it next to David's cylinder full of powder. Patrick stood next to him and wrapped a hand around David's cock, stroking slowly.

"You mix, I work you."

David supposed that was only fair when he had suggested that in the first place. Pouring the water in, David started stirring as Patrick worked his cock faster.

“Now…” Patrick breathed into the back of his shoulder, “I thought I could tell you what I plan to do with these when they’re done.” A shiver ran down David's spine, momentarily pausing the stirring of the mixture.

“Don’t stop, it said it needed consistent mixing to cast properly,” Patrick said. David could feel him smiling against his shoulder.

Patrick was a planner and David particularly liked it when those plans came to sex. Some of their best times were ones carefully planned by Patrick and he knew part of the excitement for David was telling him about it beforehand.

“Ok it’s at the right temperature, save that story for a minute after I’ve put my dick in wet cement.” David couldn't believe he'd postponed hearing Patrick's sex plans for this. How had this become more important than hearing how his husband planned to absolutely destroy him later? He was either stupid or love drunk, which some people would argue is the same.

Looking suspiciously at the cylinder of goo, David inspected it.

“David, just put your dick in already!”

“Mm, I feel like I’ve heard you say that to me before.”

“Shh!” Patrick said, laughing again. “Hurry up! I don’t want to have to buy another.”

Taking a breath, David shut his eyes momentarily, mentally preparing himself for what he was about to do. Opening them again, he gave his cock one last tug before angling the cylinder and sinking himself in.

“Oh. That’s different?”

“Strange, huh.”

“To put it mildly. It’s not… bad?”

“You like it?!” Patrick asked, confusion spreading across his face.

“No! It’s just not bad. It sort of feels like warm mud?" It wasn't as terrible as he thought it would be, as much as he hated to admit it.

"And you've had experience with that?" Patrick asked, staring at the plastic cylinder in David's grip over his dick.

"Yes, actually. I was dating a tantric yoga instructor who believed that the mud from geothermal pools would assist in rejuvenation of the skin and would insist on using it on my dick as aftercare."

"She'd pour hot mud on your-?"

"Basically, yeah. She'd ship mud from New Zealand just so I could have a really soft dick. Which, speaking of, I am getting closer to it right now." David said, motioning to the cylinder. "Enough about Juno Evergreen and her dick mud, tell me things!" David was growing more and more exasperated by the second. He was slightly panicked he was going to end up with a second rate mold and he knew he'd never hear the end of it. "Tell me what you want to do with these. Tell me why I'm standing in our kitchen on a Tuesday night naked with my dick in a container of paste."

Patrick smiled, resuming his position behind David, his arms wrapping around him. He started kissing along his shoulder as David sighed into his embrace. He’d never get sick of being in Patrick’s arms, even if it was like this.

“Well..." Patrick started, pulling him even closer so his dick was pressed up against David's ass. "I have two plans. I believe I told you earlier about fucking ourselves with our own cocks?”

David nodded, trying to stand as still as possible.

“I figured when the molds are done, we lie on opposite ends of the bed, you fucking yourself with yours, me fucking mine, while we watch each other.”

David let out a little whimper. Yes, a thousand times yes. Watching Patrick touch himself was on his top three list of favorite activities.

“As you said, it’s been awhile since we’ve watched each other masturbate. And I know how much you love watching me touch myself,” Running a hand up to tweak David’s nipple, Patrick continued, “Think about how much better it’ll be knowing it’s my own cock I’m thrusting into myself. All the little intricacies that you’ve told me about over the years, the little things you love about it, I’ll get to experience it for the first time with you watching.”

David couldn't help but let out a moan. Maybe this was a good idea.

"Like when I'm fucking you and adjust your legs just so, and that strangled noise erupts from your throat… you know the one." Patrick reached up and pressed a kiss to David's neck. "The noise you tell me comes from the head of my cock dragging deliciously along your prostate."

David groaned, his asshole clenching involuntarily at the memory. Eyes flicking to the timer, there was one minute left.

"When you're away, you'll take my dildo, I'll have yours. I'll video call you Saturday night. Pretend we are together."

David let out a small whine.

"Pretend it's you fucking me."

"Patrick." David couldn't help but turn his head.

"Nope, gotta stay still, David." Patrick said, feeling him smile against his shoulder again as he lightly pushed David's chin forward. Patrick was right. This was a fun couples activity. Patrick pushed his hips against David's, feeling his rapidly hardening cock up against his ass.

"And I think tonight, we do what you mentioned earlier. You rim me with your two days’ growth," Patrick paused, reaching a finger up to trace along the stubble, his eyes briefly glazing over. "Then you fuck me. Let me have your cock, considering I won't have it on the weekend." Patrick ran a finger down David's crack, pressing gently against his hole. David gasped, automatically pushing back against it, his hand holding the mold moving with him.

"You know what I think you might like?" Patrick murmured in his ear.

David shook his head.

"If we put a plug in here later tonight. Fuck me with one in."

David let out a loud moan, right as the timer went off.

Ding ding ding

Pulling his cock out slowly, David put the cylinder on the bench and wiped away the goo that had remained, his cock slowly softening now it wasn't under such pressure.

"Thank god that's over."

David left Patrick to pour the silicone in his mold as he went and cleaned himself up.

"What do we do now?" David asked, returning to the kitchen as Patrick rounded their clothes up.

"We wait forty eight hours, wash them and then they're done." Patrick said, walking towards him. "As for right now, let's go to bed." Patrick smiled, pulling a naked David towards the door.


Thursday at the store was a busy one, filled with customers and stock arrivals, leaving them hardly any time to speak. That didn't stop the knowing glances. Tonight was the night their Clone-a-Willy kits would be ready for use.

As soon as they got home, they postponed dinner, taking their now set cloned dildos up to bed. Inspecting them both as they lay naked next to each other, David couldn't believe the intricacies of it. Every vein, every ridge, even the few stray pubic hairs at the base of his cock were molded perfectly. It really was a true representation of their dicks. Holding his against Patrick's mold, he compared the two. He knew he was longer than Patrick, but Patrick was thicker. Quite a bit thicker. Seeing them like this side by side was odd.

"We can't stare at them all night, David."

"I know but they're just so fascinating." David loved Patrick's cock and now he basically had two of them.

"See how perfect it is? Look at this Patrick!" David held up Patrick's dildo, pointing to the underside of the head. "The folds of your foreskin!"

"Yep, that's my foreskin alright," Patrick replied. How he wasn't more fascinated by this, David didn't know.

Patrick took David's mold turning it in his hands, before running a finger along the prominent ridge underneath. "I love this part."


"Love running my tongue along it." Patrick smiled, taking the dildo out of their hands and placing both of them to the side before rolling on top of David, their lips crashing together, their tongues intertwining. It wasn't long before they were grinding against each other, hard cocks desperately searching for friction.

"I'm going to finger you." Patrick said, pulling back, his forehead pressed to David's.

"I thought we were mutually masturbating?" David asked, running his hands up and down Patrick's back.

"We are. But I'm going to open you for your fake cock first."

Grabbing the lube lying next to him, Patrick moved down the bed and settled between David’s legs.

"You like to talk about how thick I am, but you're pretty thick yourself." Coating his finger, he ran it gently around David's hole as it clenched under his touch, eager for more. With one finger pressed against him, Patrick took David's cock in his mouth, swallowing him down, a strangled cry leaving David's mouth as he felt the heat pool in his belly. It wasn't long before David was pawing at Patrick's head, begging him to stop.

Pulling off with a pop, Patrick wiped his fingers on the towel. David pulled him up the bed quickly, dragging him on top of himself. Rolling their hips as they moaned into each other's mouths, David finally pushed Patrick over onto his back.

"My turn."

They knew this routine well. Opening each other in turns, whether it be to orgasm or because they were both going to bottom at some stage that night, there was something sexy about the comfort in familiarity. However the two copies of their dicks lying next to them wasn't familiar. A week ago David would never have guessed he'd be working his husband open to take a cloned version of his own cock. But again, that was something David loved about Patrick. Knowing what to expect while still having no idea what to expect.

With Patrick now lying on his front, David squeezed the globes of his ass, spreading his cheeks as a tiny moan escaped Patrick's mouth. He knew what was coming. Lightly scratching his stubble along his thigh first, Patrick whipped his head around at the sensation.


"Oh yes." David replied, rubbing his stubble a little closer to his ass. "You didn't notice I shaved Tuesday night after we fucked?"

Watching Patrick staring wide eyed back at him, putting two and two together.

"You knew the molds took 48 hours and purposely timed your shave for it?"

"Yep." David said, grinning wildly up at him. Who's the planner in this relationship now?"

With Patrick now eagerly pushing his ass towards David's face, his hole clenching in front of him, David couldn't wait any longer. He knew Patrick liked a dry scratch, so he started by running his chin slowly along his perineum, dragging it up to his hole, leaving traces of the lightest red marks on his skin. Patrick was gripping the pillow, muffling into it as he pushed his ass back, searching for more. A few more light scratches around his hole and David buried his face between his cheeks. Starting with a long, slow lick up his perineum and over his hole, he pushed against the skin just enough so the stubble would drag as he went.

Tightening his grip on a squirming Patrick's hips, he hoped there'd be some delightful bruises there he could touch tomorrow, reminding him of tonight. David never got sick of rimming Patrick. He enjoyed feeling every little fold and crevice of skin under his tongue, like he was trying to commit to memory the most intimate part of his husband.

"Ohhhh," Patrick moaned, as David licked down his perineum, soothing the skin he'd just marked. "David…"

"Yes, Patrick?" David asked, lifting his head.

"If you keep going, I'm not going to get a chance to use the dildo."

"You will," David said, rubbing his thigh. "I know you will," David replied, smiling against his ass as he pressed a kiss to his cheek. "I've seen what you can do, Patrick."

Patrick groaned. David hadn't intended for tonight to be a two rounds for Patrick type of night. He was planning to just work him open but he was enjoying pulling him apart with his tongue too much to stop. Besides, feeling Patrick come around his tongue was something David felt he didn't experience often enough.

"Fuck, David."

"Mm, soon," David said, tapping his hip, "Flip please."

With Patrick on his back, his hand automatically reached down for his hard, leaking cock lying on his belly. "David, I'm so close."

"I know, I know," David replied, hoisting Patrick's legs over his shoulders. "Not long now and I'll feel you come around my tongue."

Patrick moaned again, his thumb collecting the precum and smearing it over his shaft.
David's tongue was back on Patrick's hole, lapping at it while dragging his tongue along the sensitive skin, it wasn't long before Patrick let out one final groan, David's signal to spear his tongue in. Tightening his grip on Patrick's hips again, David felt Patrick's hole clamp down around his tongue as he came with loud, guttural moans, his hands clenching the bedsheets.

Crawling up the bed, David lay down next to a breathless Patrick, kissing his cheek before wiping a finger through Patrick's come on his chest.

"That wasn't part of the plan," Patrick smiled, watching as David sucked the come off his finger.

"Sometimes I like amending the plans," David smiled back, grabbing a towel to wipe Patrick down.

David knew it wouldn't take long before Patrick was ready again. David started to stroke himself, his hard cock aching for release. The sex drunk look on Patrick's face as he watched David touch himself was one of his favorites. The one where Patrick had already come and knew he wasn't far off doing it again.

"What are we going to do about this?" David asked slyly, watching Patrick's eyes widen as he reached down to tug on his balls.

"Well," Patrick said, pausing to visibly swallow, "Good thing I had a plan, even if it was amended." Pushing David's hand off his cock, Patrick rolled on top of him, slamming his lips onto his and tongue fucking him frantically. With his cock desperate to be touched again, David pushed up into him. David could feel Patrick was already half hard again. Running a finger slowly down his crack, David circled around Patrick's slightly softened hole. Pulling back with a gasp, Patrick's eyes widened as David enjoyed feeling how much of a red and tender mess he'd just left.

"Fuck." Patrick buried his head into David's shoulder, mumbling something incoherent. "David…"

"Yes, Patrick?"

"I'm ready to fuck my own cock now."

"Good. I am too."

David moved to the end of the bed, lubed, black dildo in hand. He lay down along the foot of the bed, raising his leg to slide the dildo in. He knew he was long, but feeling it was something else. Patrick often remarked how deep he could go and now David believed him. Patrick sat up against the headboard, knees bent sliding his own in with a groan.

"You're right. I am thick," Patrick said breathily, readjusting his legs to let it slide in further.

David chuckled, "Feel good?"

"Very. How about you?"

"Good. Very good," David replied, moving it in and out slowly, adjusting the angles.

David's cock was aching, desperate for attention as it leaked onto his stomach. Wrapping a hand around it, he shut his eyes briefly, enjoying the feeling of the cock in his hand being the same one in his ass. It was strangely hot, knowing this is what Patrick feels. And Patrick was right, he could go surprisingly deep. Opening his eyes again, they focused straight on Patrick, who was now stroking his cock too. Patrick's rolled up forearm muscles rippled as one arm worked his cock, the other working the dildo. David loved Patrick's forearms. From the beginning, David would take advantage of Patrick's rolled up sleeves to sneak glances at that enticing bit of skin. Even when he was granted access to much more skin, those forearms were still a particular lure to him.

Patrick was adjusting himself slightly, like he was trying to find the perfect spot. Watching his mouth suddenly drop and his eyes shut, a low moan escaping him. He must have found it. He didn't have it very far in, almost like he was trying to feel the head on his prostate, just like David loves.

"So good, David," Patrick moaned, working his hand faster. David followed, quickening his pace too. With David getting louder and louder and Patrick nearly matching him, it wasn't long until David was spilling over himself, the feeling of Patrick's dark eyes intently watching him as he breathed through the aftershocks.

Wiping a finger through half the cum on his chest, David licked it up, swallowing purposefully. Scooting up the bed to Patrick, who was still going, David wiped up the rest of it, offering it to Patrick who hungrily licked it all off. Moving between his legs, David put his hands on Patrick's hips, pulling him forward until he was nearly lying down, shoulders still on the pillow. Taking his legs, David told him to keep the dildo still before he bent them just so, causing Patrick to let out what David could only describe as a yelp.

"There it is," David said, pressing a kiss to his ankle. The same position Patrick puts him in to fuck him sometimes. The one that quite possibly counts as his favorite.

"Fuck, David."

"Fuck Patrick, more like," David replied, holding his legs as Patrick worked the dildo into his greedy, red hole. Looking down at him, he put one leg on his shoulder and moved his free hand to Patrick's cock, tugging at it as Patrick's strangled cries got louder and louder. With his eyes nearly rolling back in his head, Patrick let out one last cry as he came, come spurting up his chest, some even hitting his chin. David removed the dildo slowly, throwing it onto the towel they'd laid out earlier.

After wiping Patrick up, David collapsed on the bed next to him.

"So? How was your own cock?"

"Do I really need to answer that?" Patrick laughed, still catching his breath. "I see why you like it so much."

"Don't go getting a big head now."

"Oh but David, I already have a big head. I just experienced it," Patrick said, face serious.

"No, nope. No," David replied, indignantly. A smile breaking through his exterior. "Besides, I learnt I have a pretty good dick myself."

"Yeah? You were worried?"

"Well I mean, compared to you…" David rolled to face him.

"David, I love your cock."

"I know, and now I love it too. It's long. Goes so deep."

"Yeah it does," Patrick smiled, kissing him deeply. "It's perfect."



"You ready, David?" Patrick asked through the phone screen on the bedside table, precariously leaning against the Bible and corded telephone he found in the hotel room.

"One sec," Shuffling onto his side, David raised his leg slightly, "Ready."

David had called Patrick as soon as he got back to the room. They'd already prepped themselves and Patrick was now lying on his back, angled slightly towards the camera so David had a spectacular view of his hole. Watching Patrick slide it in, David was a little in awe watching him thrust a dildo that looks exactly like his cock into himself. He couldn't help but think of when he's fucking Patrick like this, looking down and seeing his cock move in and out. But this was somehow totally different. It was strangely exhilarating and David couldn't quite place his finger on why. There was something about his husband being at home, not only masturbating over FaceTime together but using clones of each other's cocks to do so… it made picturing being with Patrick so much easier. Instead of using his hands or an ordinary dildo, which he still loved and would definitely still use, he could use a copy of the cock that he craved so much. The cock that could pull him apart so expertly. It was a pity that the person who did the pulling apart was not attached to it, but this would easily make do.

Working the slick dildo into himself, David could feel his cock steadily leaking as Patrick's wet hole was taking the dildo greedily, working it in and out.

"David," Patrick moaned, staring into the camera.

"Yes, Patrick."

"You feel so good."

"Mm, I could say the same for you," David replied, lifting his leg higher. "So thick." Wrapping a hand around his leaking cock, David worked quickly.

"This is so good," Patrick breathed, starting to moan again as he pushed the dildo all the way in, "And so hot, knowing it's your cock I'm using."

Patrick was slowly getting louder and louder and David was grateful he was the one at home this time and not at this hotel with probably very thin walls. David opened his mouth to reply but before he could, Patrick slid a finger in alongside the dildo, and any noise he was going to make escaped him. David knew he wasn't far off. He upped his own strokes, tightening his grip on his cock. With both of their breaths now coming in short, sharp bursts, David came, come shooting all over himself and the towel underneath. Patrick quickly followed, David watching as come spattered over his chest. Wishing he was there to help clean it up, he slid a finger through his own instead. Holding it up to the camera, Patrick focused on him as he wrapped his lips around it, hollowing his cheeks.

"Pretended it was yours."

Wide eyed and mouth agape, Patrick collected some of his own on his finger, licking it up.

They stayed on the call while they wiped themselves up, David picking his phone up to a view of their bedroom ceiling. Lying back on the bed to wait for Patrick to return, a notification dropped down from the top of the screen. It was a message from Stevie that merely said "🍆🍆".

"Patrick," David said slowly, as his husband returned.

"Yes, David?"

"Why do I have a message from Stevie that is two eggplant emojis?"

Patrick cracked into a laugh, his eyes lighting up.

"She knows, doesn't she?" David asked, staring down the camera.



"Ok, ok, I mentioned to her a couple of weeks ago that you were going away for the conference. She suggested these."

David groaned, trying to suppress a grin. Of course Stevie knew.

"I'm not sure I want to know how-?"

"Jake. Turns out his whiskey and whatever nights have a nice selection of different colored Jake dildos. She said he likes to share himself around."

"Well I could have told you that," David said, his lip curling. "What's in this for her, anyway?"

"The knowledge that I somehow managed to convince David Rose to put his dick in a cylinder of warm goo," Patrick replied.

"I'm never going to live this down, am I?"

"Nope," Patrick laughed.

David couldn't help but soften as he watched his husband laugh, wishing he wasn't 200 miles away.

"I miss you."

"I miss you too," Patrick replied.

It was fun being the one away for a conference however he didn't know how Patrick did it frequently. All he knew now though, was that whenever he did go away, he'd have a little friend to keep him company.