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Fiery Swordsman

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Chapter 1: Reincarnated
Note: alright my doods! Here is another story for y’all and this one is quite different then what I typically do, you know. Strong jaune goes to a beacon? Well this one will be different.

This specific story will have a certain theme, The Reincarnation Theme.
The Reincarnation Theme which is taking an anime character from a separate universe and using them as the current soul for our dorky knight.

Now then, the soul I’m using for jaune is one you’d probably never expect due to how immensely powerful he is in a sense, especially since his bankai alone would destroy the world just by standing.

If y’all haven’t already guessed, I’m using Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, the strongest and smartest of the soul reapers and in the latest arc of Bleach, had been done dirty for someone hailed to be the strongest of the soul reapers.
Killed by the very man who he thought he killed for a long time, only due to the fact that his bankai was stolen.
Honestly that moment of bleach pissed me off, for the fact that some cheap item was given to descaled the soul reapers power that had been a staple of the Gotei 13 for the whole series.
However Yamamoto in recent shows had always been an old man who focused on the rules, focused on his organization and ‘kids’ that helped run it with him at the helm. There’s had been no showing of what else he is like beyond that stone exterior except for a moment of unfurled rage when his old friend and lieutenant was murdered and attacked by his lieutenants *stolen* bankai.
-End Spoilers-

So in this story, I’ll mold him mostly to what jaune is aside from the fact that he has soul reaper captain level training(Physical and Kido), Intelligence and quite a powerful zanpakuto.

Now then Romance! Obviously we are going to be leaning towards a known classic, Ruby! Me and Unlimited felt she was the best for a romantic partner to Jaune/Yamamoto soooo here is a Lancaster Romance!

This story is made between me and my co author @unlimitedblades and Beta Read by my boy @ZergPsycho
So show this story some love, me and my boys had worked hard on it.

A Blonde Haired Kid seemed to be sitting criss-crossing in front of a calm watered pond where Koi Fish, a species of fish originating on the continent of Anima on the planet of remnant, to be residing and doing fish things.
The Kid was writing something in an old and worn leather journal while not pausing for second to take a breather which was common for the kid, having been editor and chief for his town's middle and high school along with accumulated experience in journalism along with cooking.
And that time spent in a required setting, as such the blonde kid was often spent conditioning his body to the point where he himself can hold against a grimm that is sometimes seen in the outskirts, and that was often since the town of Ansel was a frontier location.
Several huntsmen often come and go but with the Arc Family having settled into Ansel all those years ago allowed the town to grow more then it intended to which allowed several other hunter families to also settle in the town causing it to grow even more then it was supposed to for a frontier town yet with numerous huntsman and huntress living here, more people felt comfortable to walk around like normal citizens without having to fear that grimm would could around to ruin the day.
Perhaps someday, Ansel will end up similar to Argus in Mistral but alas that is a long way off especially since Argus managed to get so large to become a functioning city that was in fact due to the military protection from Atlas.

The Lone Figure that was on his knees drawing the idle koi fish was a blonde man, fairly tall which was around 6’3 which was an average size concerning the blonde man's family.
The Man’s outfit consisted of custom made blue jeans that also operate similar to military combat pants, the shirt was a nearly pressed basic white t-shirt while a black hoodie with the pumpkin pete's logo overlapped it.
The Boy’s blonde hair was unkempt and slightly messy with the strands of blonde overlapped a red bandana tied over his forehead, the primary reason for the bandana was that the kid utilized an unorthodox training method which is sensory displacement training aka training while forcibly removing one or more senses to greatly strengthen the other senses while including other types of training.
What else is unique about the blonde warrior was the sword laid next to him, a katana, this weapon is usually seen within the lands of Vacuo rather than the lands of Mistral but this particular weapon was special.
The purple colored grip.
The oval shaped guard.
And a purple sheath.
While pretty basic looking appearance wise, this sword is far greater than anything ever shown in both this world and in the next.
He is Jaune Arc, middle child of the Arc Clan and perhaps the strongest warrior to ever be produced in the family since it’s founding three hundred years ago.
But in truth, Jaune Arc was in fact the reincarnation of the former Head Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads and strongest soul reaper to ever live.
He was formerly Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto.
Yamamoto was reincarnated into his new body after having been slain by an old enemy who he believed had been dead for a long time.
So for that moment, the old reaper in a new body believed this reincarnation had been a blessing and a message that he should let go of his ties to the afterlife and embrace his now human life.
Jaune has chosen to do so, forgoing his old name and life while also training himself to encompass his former abilities to ensure he would never be caught weakened even if he was human once again.
Having forgotten that humans with soul reaper powers have a far greater growth rate then even reapers with centuries of experience

The Blonde Man continues to draw the koi fish in a sketch pad as a way to pass time while his mind continues to quell his raging thoughts of his next move.
The fiery swordsmen had made plans to pursue is former occupation of a warrior, warriors who fought for the greater good and to defend the light from the dark.
But Author Arc, Jaune’s Father had been highly adamant that he pursue a safer occupation though the grizzled huntsman is highly protective of his family though very supportive to what his children wanted to do.
Saphron, who was the eldest child of the family, was a former military bullhead pilot before retiring and becoming a mother to Adrian Arc with her wife, Terra Arc-Cotta.
Violet Arc, the second eldest, was a huntress herself for several years now. She was trained by Author himself and graduated in beacon which is one most sought after academies since it produced hunters that has a higher life expectancy then the other three academies.
Artoria Arc, was a writer and a highly popular one to which her pen name was Ulysses and was famous for a variety of fiction based stories, which the most popular had been ‘Ninja’s of Love’, Jaune himself loved that series as well due to its combination of exquisite story narrative and spicy sexual scenes that ties the whole plot together in a sense of realism, the idea of ninjas and samurais had always peaked the blonde man's love for eastern culture.
and Jaune’s Twin Sister, Joan, had been on an apprenticeship with a well known huntsmen in mistral and has been traveling for a full year now.
The Swordsmen had been known for his patience but such thing has grown thin years prior after explaining his desire to pursue the greater good as a huntsmen seemed to have rubbed the Arc Patriarch the wrong way and ranted to him that he shouldn’t think of such things as of his age, seemingly forgetting that Joan was his elder twin but both of them are the same age.
Due to that little argument, along with that fact plus his own timed honed stubbornness and his desire to continue where he left off as a way to help others, the flame swordsman has chosen to defy his fathers wishes.
So Jaune has attempted to achieve his dreams utilizing several ideas such as purchasing forged transcripts to attend Beacon Academy, purchasing bullhead tickets since Ansel was large enough to host a bullhead docks.
Jaune intended to leave for the Vale Kingdom as soon as tonight as to avoid most of the emotional traffic coming from his father or remaining sisters still at home, the one person whom the reincarnated reaper hoped to never be confronted by was the boy's new mother.
Juniper Arc was by far the most terrifying woman in the entirety of the huntress community, a combination of an equally terrifying semblance and unsurpassed skill and someone who is not to be disobeyed.
Juniper was often mentally compared by jaune to an equally scary woman and that is without age factoring, Retsu Unohana.

“How did I know you’d end up here Jaune, you’ve always been obsessed with Koi Fish. Anything from mistral really is up your alley. How many times did I find you sneaking in bundles of Manga past your parents” A feminine voice spoke up, causing the concentrated blonde man to stop his sketching for a few minutes.
He looked behind himself from his right shoulder to find another figure in the area.
She was a red headed woman, red hair up to shoulder length, her face was blank aside from a slight smile that made her look even more beautiful than before along with passion filled crimson eyes.
Her outfit was plain at best, simple grey sweatpants and a basic white t shirt that covered her more developed chest along with pink crocs, Jaune himself felt partial to sandals
Ellie Crimson, she was a colorful character with a unique diverse set of skills that would cause any with authority to look at her curiously.
And she was the first woman whom Jaune loved in this world, having been together for a collected 2 and Half Years before mutually breaking things up since the two planned on leaving towards two separate kingdoms and Ellie didn’t believe in long distance relationships.
“I find sketching Koi Fish to be highly relaxing” The Blonde Swordsmen commented as his eyes returned to the pad revealing the sight of a highly realistic sketch of the fish.
The red girl seemed to giggle slightly then laying down on the ground her with Ex-Lover to stare at the aquatic creatures “Yeah, you tend to do something relaxing before you end up doing something stupid” she exclaimed with her eyes looking at the blonde man.
A known fact of said man is that he always does something calming before ending up doing something that will undoubtedly make his parents very mad, like the time where jaune dumped bright purple paint on his sleeping mothers face and head before earning a beating of a lifetime, so hard that it left mental scars of that time even someone as strong as Jaune in the former life couldn’t overpower the might of an angry woman and mother.
“I suppose that I can’t fool the woman whom I shared a portion of my life with, yes. I plan to leave in the cover of darkness to continue my passion” He explained his plan for the future, Ellie looked over with a blank ‘serious’ look especially since their time together knowing this will end up blowing up in his face
Jaune looked over with a brow raised unsure of what the face she’s making meant but knew it wasn’t in support of his idea “What’s with that look?”
“Because leaving in the middle of the night is probably the dumbest idea you’ve had since you tried to sneak in a bucket of leeches to the old folks home, ohhh boy Mama Arc was Pissed!” The Crimson Girl exclaimed with a hearty laugh at Jaune’s misfortune especially since Juniper beat his ass again after that time with a wet salmon.
Despite the numerous beatings after the blonde ended up doing something stupid, the bond between them was strong, stronger then the father since Juniper despite being an active huntress and a loving mother, though often going overboard with physical punishments when called for, the Arc Mother often supported his desire to be a huntsmen.
Which often became a sore spot between the parents trying to decide what would be best for him regardless of his thoughts on any matter.
Jaune chuckled to himself knowing that he’d probably be tracked down by the Arc Matriarch and punished badly for leaving in the night but again no one knew where he would be going.
Arthur would immediately assume he’d be going to Haven since Ansel was located near mistral so that would’ve been a natural choice.
Juniper however theorized that he would go to Shade instead as that allowed far greater personal freedom for huntsmen and huntresses who attend.
Either or, Jaune believed he had enough time to situate himself before he ends up fearing for his life at the hands of a pissed off mother and a huntress.
Jaune sighed as he sat the pencil down and the realistic koi fish drawing showed though despite such work of a clear competent sketch artist, his mind was filled with uncertainty “True, but unfortunately it’s the only way to proceed from this point forward. If I try to get my mothers support, she will end up fighting with father and that will take away to much time for them to settle things especially since I only have a month to reach vale and send in false transcripts''
Jaune hated that he needed ‘Legal’ Transcripts to attend a guardian school, The Reaper Academy had no requirements and the only barricade was an entrance exam akin to human collage. Schools were there TRAIN the students, not bar untapped potential with a piece of paper, Jaune also hated that the kingdoms had laws from people awakening aura since such power could effectively protect and strengthen the normal civilian populace.
“Of course, you never took the time to go to an actual combat school” Ellie exclaimed still looking blank at her Ex-Lover only for the blonde man to stare back annoyed then speaking back to her “First off, going to a ‘Combat School’ when your not a registered citizen of the kingdom has proven to be difficult. I had to spend 3 Continuous months alone to get myself to be a registered valean citizen, secondly; the money alone to put myself through sanctum is mind boggling especially since mother has to deal with 7 others.”
The Crimson Haired Girl seemed to giggle at this “True, you’ve always been one to be cheap. I still remember the time that you tried to pass off eating at a food stand to be our first date” she giggled more at the memory while the blonde man grumbled to himself “ just have no taste for Ichiraku Ramen…”
The giggles turned to full blown laughter that got on the blonde man's nerves “Alright enough! I get it! I’m cheap! And that’s how I like it. What’s the point of going to a fancy place where it’s over the top and useless utensils. I use chopsticks for almost every meal aside from ones that require a fork or spoon, nor do I need to waste time learning the difference between 5 fucking spoons!!” Jaune ranted though his hatred for the rich experience got him to exude some spiritual pressure that heated the air around him.
The Girl waved her hand bypassing the swordsman's apparent hatred for the rich people’s culture “Yeah, yeah. Now shut off your semblance before you burn the grass and your precious fish”
Jaune immediately cooled himself as he realized that the grass around his seated form seemed to have slowly browned due to the sudden extreme heat ‘Hm, I suppose this isn’t the first time I had lost control of my anger for a time but I must be careful. Ryujin Jakka is as strong as she has been even in the event of reincarnation, her power hasn’t diminished in the slightest’
“I apologize, I suppose in my anger. I have forgotten my control” Jaune apologized to Ellie even bowing his head to her, The Crimson Girl seemed to nod her head to accept the apology.
“Yeah, anyway. Which academy did you plan to attend? Since you obviously leave and your parents will chase you down, I suppose that leaves Atlas and Beacon as your only options” She asked curiously to him
“Beacon, not because Atlas isn’t good, it’s considered second on the international scale but beacon has a way of letting you look at a situation from a different angle. And it’s also known to allow its students to achieve their hidden potential” Jaune explained his reason for wanting to attend the top huntsmen school world wide, however his eyes widened as he seemed to have remembered some information.
“If I recall correctly, weren’t you going to attend Atlas?” Jaune asked, looking over at the crimson girl who nodded at that.
“Yeah, I wanted to be a specialist there and they have an amazing CQC Instructor so it’s right up my alley” Ellie said.
“You could’ve asked me for unarmed combat lessons, I like to think I'm more skilled than most,” The Former Reaper said to the red haired lover, which is technically true for the blonde having been unsurpassed in the art of Hakuda.
Ellie covered her mouth while suppressing a very unladylike snort while also trying but failing to suppress a giggle “Yeah, I know. The fact that you can punch a tree in half is any indication of how skilled and strong you are. I’d settle with someone more on my level who’s not going to snap my spine during a demonstration”
Jaune seemed to give off a slight smile obviously remembering the time he had with his crimson sweetheart but alas all good things must come to an end eventually no matter how much of a train wreck life ends up being “I suppose your right, it wouldn’t be fair if you were hauled off to the hospital after five minutes of our training session” The fiery swordsmen chuckled to himself knowing most wouldn’t have been able to match himself especially since he’s been training his body to reforge himself since he was very very young.
Ellie nodded as she got up from her spot while taking one more glance at the sketched drawing, seeing that it was a fluent and realistic drawing. “Don’t forget Jaune, don’t do anything stupid like you usually do when you end up in Vale because sooner or later probably the Vytal Festival, you’ll be broadcasting your location to everyone” She warned the swordsmen, obviously worried for his safety especially since the Arc Matriarch was one scary bitch.
Jaune frowned but nodded knowing that sooner or later he will have to face the music of abandoning his own family, however that’s one of the many mistakes that he was allowed to make as to continue with his ambitions.
The Blonde Man gets up from his spot on the ground while dusting off his pants from any excess dirt “I suppose you are right my dear, it’s best I prepare to leave. I would recommend the same for you especially since I hear that Atlas takes well to those who are punctual”
Ellie snorted once more before walking away and saying “you best call me once every week, we may not be together anymore but I still care for you a lot” The crimson girl leaves the pond while the blonde man grabs the purple gripped sword, putting underneath his belted jeans on his left side so he doesn’t have to hold it for a while.
‘Well then, tonight, I’ll begin the next chapter of my life…I’m beginning to understand Ichigo Kurosaki now’ Jaune begins to think as he closes up the sketch book before walking towards the Main Street of Ansel.
‘A human's growth when wielding soul reaper powers…truly astonishing, it is no wonder Kurosaki managed to best some of my old comrades as well as he did.’
And with that Yamamoto, renamed Jaune Arc has begun his first steps to become a huntsman of this new world.

Alright my doods! I hope you enjoyed this story, me and unlimited worked very hard on this story so show some love if you can.

Now some of you may think Yamamoto may have been too OP for this exact story and while you may be correct, I have a specific plan for this story so bear with me as the story progresses.