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star crossed

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"The aircraft that the union leader was in successfully entered the Fourth Wall's territory barrier. In about five minutes, he will be landing near the fourth gate. " 

The man in a white coat listen attentively and smiled in satisfaction when he heard the report. He leaned back in his seat and cast his eyes towards the void outside his residence. The vast sky lit up with two silver moon, and countless stars dotted the sky. 

In a distance, he gaze at place where the four invisible layer that serves as a protective barrier of his personal subspace was at, and his smile widen. 

"Report to me his position." he said, eyes still lock on the place in the sky where the invisible barrier should be. 

Jang Hayoung nodded before tapping on the hovering semi-translucent panel in front of her. After a series of clicks here, she pulled out two another panels. 

"The aircraft will pass Sir. Simulation's barrier in less than a minute. Shall I grant entry, Dokja-ssi?" Hayoung ask as she tap on the system control panel of the barriers. 

The first barrier's indicator was flashing red, warning for the approaching foreign aircraft. Once the first barrier was breach, the protective measures will automatically turn on. 

‘Simulacre‘ and Mental Erosion will automatically be release in the first layer barrier, trapping the intruder in an illusion that will make or allow them to be subjected into an advance cognitive manipulation system, directly into the hands of Kim Dokja who holds the control over the manipulation system. 

For someone who has been into countless wars, this type of mental attack was very dangerous for Yoo Joonghyuk. With his SSS rank constitution however, it was possible for him to completely break free from the illusion but with his injuries, being under such torment will only result to his death. 

Kim Dokja did not want that. Not at all. 

"Tell all the layer masters to open the barrier for that aircraft. But immediately set it back up once he passes." 

Hayoung nodded in understanding. She first opened the communication panel for the four layer masters and told them about their master's decision. Though confused, the layer masters immediately opened up the barrier, but only around the aircraft as if making a gap to let it pass through. 

"The aircraft is currently passing through the first barrier. One minute before the second barrier." Jang Hayoung reported, and thoroughly watch the aircraft as it dive through the invisible layer. 

After passing through the first layer, the aircraft was less than five seconds from the second barrier. 

"Approaching the second layer. Layer master Nirvana successfully turned off the Eternal Nightmare protective measure. The aircraft successfully passed through."

"Aircraft approaching the third barrier. Layer master Eater of Dreams successfully turned off the third protective measure. The aircraft successfully passed through."

"... The aircraft successfully passed through the fourth barrier. Sang-ah-ssi's protective measure has been activated once again. The other three also has been activated."

Hearing the final report, Kim Dokja felt overjoyed. He stood up from his seat and walk towards the open terrace and gaze at the thick red colored vegetation up ahead where the aircraft was supposed to land and suppressed the excitement he was feeling. 

He look back towards Jang Hayoung and said, "Contact Jung Heewon and her team."

Hayoung immediately did as she was told and scrolled through the communication panel before tapping on Jung Heewon's. The call immediately connected and the screen lit up. 

Hayoung handed the screen to Kim Dokja. 

"What?" Jung Heewon ask, clearly irritated for some reason. 

Kim Dokja inwardly rolled his eyes, knowing why exactly his companion was feeling irritated. 

"Good job. " he praised half heartedly knowing that she wouldn't care anyway. Jung Heewon was feeling pretty upset because of one thing; she did not managed to catch the union leader. 

Well it's not that she did not but more like, she was not allowed to. The mission that Kim Dokja gave her was to block all the other possible place that the union leader's aircraft can land, and have him no choice but to land on Fourth Wall. 

Jung Heewon rolled her eyes when he heard Kim Dokja's words. She shifted on her seat and glanced at something from behind the panel. After confirming something from her subordinate, she turned towards Kim Dokja. 

"The other aircraft headed and disappeared near the Northern Star Alliance territory. Possibly they are heading towards Eden at the moment." Heewon said before pulling up a panel. "I've already contacted Uriel to inform me if a foreign aircraft is near their area of responsibility. As of now, there's still no news from her but we have already lose track of the aircraft."

Hearing this, Kim Dokja can't help but narrow his eyes. He was the only one aware of Uriel's acquaintanceship with the anti-constellation union so he was not surprised about Heewon's report. Frankly, he expected it. 

"Don't wait for Uriel. Her authority is still not high enough to get notified for something like foreign invasion. Contact Metatron or Micheal instead, they are the ones in charge of Eden's safety protocol."

Jung Heewon was startled when she heard Kim Dokja's words. Authority not high enough? Isn't Uriel the next in line for Eden's throne? She felt confused because she knows that Uriel was very much involve with everything concerning Eden, but did not say anything. 

She contacted Metatron silently. While waiting for the call to connect, she asked Kim Dokja. "Should I inform them about the union leader?"

Kim Dokja shook his head and in a firm voice, said, "No. Make sure that no one finds out about his whereabouts at the moment."

"Sure. But what about the other aircraft in the north? I think two of his most trusted people was inside there."

Kim Dokja pursed his lips. "Investigate who exactly those two people are and then forward whatever information you can gather to me. And then immediately locate the others who manage to slip away." 


Heewon then ended the call after. Jang Hayoung watched as Kim Dokja threw the communicator away with a frown in his face. The previous joy from before was completely wiped out of his face. 

Feeling like something was wrong, Jang Hayoung carefully said, "Dokja-ssi, should I inform Sooyoung-ssi to prepare?"

Kim Dokja glanced at the woman behind him and sigh. "No. Our priority right now is to capture all the higher ups in the union." he said before his frown deepened. "I didn't expect that Yoo Joonghyuk would take a different aircraft."

"Then what next, Dokja-ssi? There is no way that no one from the higher ups manage to escape. " 

Silently, Kim Dokja clenched his fist in dissatisfaction. The plan failed because the people from Olympus quickly heard about the union attack and was quick to send their people. Because of this, Kim Dokja's plan to capture the union higher ups for himself was destroyed. With Olympus watching him, there was no way he can take those people away. 

Thus, he can only ask for Jung Heewon to revise the plan and have at least one of the higher ups in their hand. Surprisingly, the higher up they managed to catch was the leader himself but regretfully, it was only the leader. 

Yoo Joonghyuk was known for being extremely vicious and biased against constellations so Kim Dokja's plans might fail again because of it. 

And the possibility of Uriel hiding away the other union members and higher ups under Eden's nose.. it was too dangerous. 

He signed. "Where did the aircraft land? Tell whoever in charge to immediately surround the vacinity and don't let the union leader to slip away."

"The aircraft landed near the fourth tower. Layer master Sang-ah-ssi already sent her people to inspect the aircraft. The union leader was found unconscious and heavily injured so they sent him to the tower's infirmary."

"Good. Then go and prepare, I have to go to the fourth tower right now." 

Jang Hayoung closed all the open panels. "Right away."