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morning ride.

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Hoseok’s lips are soft against your own and you melt a little inside. His hand tenderly cups the back of your head and pulls you a little bit closer to him, the pressure of his kiss indicating that he wholeheartedly approves of your decision. You moan when he licks at the entrance of your mouth and you grant him access immediately, circling your arms around his shoulders and threading your fingers through his silky hair.


You had never understood the sentiment “the world seems to disappear around you” until you kissed Hoseok and your heart briefly aches at the memory of your ex and the fact that it was something you unknowingly failed to experience with them. And, although you know your choices up until this point have been a direct result of you wallowing in your heartache, you decide that now isn't the time to do so.


Especially when Hoseok’s fingers trace the nape of your neck and send shivers down your spine.


The fact is, you’re heartbroken, hungry, and horny; three adjectives that you know should not be the dictating source of your actions but ultimately are. Besides, you rationalise, isn’t this what the college experience is all about?


“Do you think― mmph―”


Hoseok is the first to pull away, albeit reluctantly, and the pout on your lips shows that you very much disagree with him doing so. He laughs at your expression, tenderly running his thumb over your bottom lip. “We should probably get in the car―”


You raise your brows suggestively.


“Not like that, you perv.” He mockingly scolds. “But I distinctly remember saying that we were going to get breakfast and then have uninterrupted car sex. If we keep standing here,” he gestures to the house where the party is still going on, “We will definitely be interrupted. Unless you’re into that kind of thing?”


You playfully shove him before opening the front passenger door. “Don’t lie, Hoseok. You just want a free meal.”


“And I was trying so hard to hide it,” he jokes, sliding into the driver’s seat. “Any particular place in mind?”


“I could be keen for a bacon and egg mcmuffin.”


“Really? McDonald’s?”


“What’s wrong with McDees?”


Hoseok raises an eyebrow. “You just won five hundred dollars and you want to eat McDonald’s?”


You shrug. “I’m a simple person. Money doesn’t phase me.”


“Or you’re just a tight ass,” he mumbles teasingly, putting on his seatbelt.


“My tight ass is something I am very proud of, thank you for noticing,” you reply, also securing your belt. “Though, I don’t know if I appreciate the sarcasm. I guess you’ll be paying for your own breakfast then?”


“You’re breaking my heart, Princess.”


Unlike the first time, the nickname sends a tingle straight to your core. You tug your bottom lip between your teeth, hoping Hoseok doesn’t notice the way you’ve clenched your thighs together and the red tint flooding your cheeks. Unfortunately―or fortunately , you internally confess―he does notice and the chuckle that leaves his lips as he starts the car is dark and promising.





The drive to McDonald’s seems to take far longer than your patience allows. But that can also be due to the fact that you’ve been playing with your hands in your lap since the drive began, in an attempt to distract yourself from Hoseok’s gaze as he drives. You are not sure how he does it ― focusing on the road but also glancing at you every so often with a hungry glint in his eye.


If you were to put your Poker winnings on it, you would bet that it isn’t food he’s hungry for.


However, the feeling is mutual. Despite the awkward twiddling of your thumbs, the thoughts that roam your mind are anything but innocent. Hoseok is so hot and the memory of his lips on yours is enough for the chemicals in your brain to send a signal to your throbbing core. The two of you have barely said anything, the low hum of a familiar reggae slow jam playing on the radio filling the silence, but the moment you lock eyes with Hoseok through your peripheral vision, you say to yourself “fuck it” and decide that the rest of the ride to the fast food restaurant does not have to be palpable with anticipated sexual tension.


“We’re going to play a game,” you announce with faux nonchalance and facing your body towards Hoseok. He arches an eyebrow, silently encouraging you to continue. “I’m going to suck your dick while you drive, and if you can hold off from coming until we pull into the drive-through, I’ll buy you breakfast elsewhere.”


“Is this a game or a proposition?” he laughs.


“To- may -to, to- muh -to.”


“Interesting…” he murmurs, eyes focused on the road. “I am one hundred percent into this, but what would be the point of us going to McDonald’s if I’m just going to win?”


You shrug, eyeing his denim-covered crotch hungrily. “Regardless of the outcome, I’ll get my mcmuffin and you’ll get road head. It’s a win-win situation.”


“Is uninterrupted car sex still on the table?”


“It never left.” Your hands inch over the centre console towards his thighs. Before you can put your hands where you want to most, Hoseok halts your movements with a gentle grasp of your wrist. You look at him questioningly.


“Are you sure?” His voice is soft and genuine. “I don’t want you to feel like I’m pushing you to do something you’re not comfortable with.”


You’re touched by the concern laced in his tone and verbally reassure him of your willingness. His breathing hitches and his knuckles clench around the steering wheel when your fingers graze his lap and you can’t hide the smirk on your face. “So,” you lean in dangerously close to his ear and purposefully lower your voice to a sultry whisper as your hand runs over the prominent tent his pants, “What do you say, Jung? Wanna play?”


“Fuck―yeah, okay.”


Grinning wickedly, you undo his jeans and Hoseok sighs loudly in relief when you free him from the confines of his briefs. His cock is warm and velvety in your hands, and what he lacks in girth he makes up for in length. You swipe your thumb over the slit of the red, leaking tip and when you taste him on your tongue, you can’t help but rush to put your mouth on him.


The sound Hoseok makes in response is low, deep and drawn out as he puts his free hand on the back of your head. His fingers thread through your hair, slightly tugging, and you moan around his cock in satisfaction.


“Oh sweet baby Jesus,” he whines, forcing his eyes to focus on the road. Your mouth feels so good around him and he is thankful that there is no one else on the road because he is driving way below the normal speed limit. “Fuck you feel so good, Princess.”


You hum happily as your head bobs up and down around his cock, your tongue dragging along the shaft. Your hand pumps what your mouth cannot fit and your eyes water every time his tip hits the back of your throat. Having him in your mouth is such a pleasant feeling and you try to imagine how he would feel inside of you, the thought being enough to make your panties even wetter. Drool leaks from the corner of your mouth and you use it to coat Hoseok’s cock with your hands. He tugs on your hair a little bit more and you moan again, the vibrations from your throat making him gasp.


“Baby,” he chokes, his eyes glancing between the road and the speedometer on his dashboard, “God, please don’t stop.”


You pull off with a ‘pop’, making him whine in frustration, and you take in your surroundings. “How far?”


“At the speed I’m going? Five minutes tops.”


“Think you can hold it?”


Hoseok catches his breath and eyes you with a raised brow. “Only one way to find out, isn’t there?”


You smirk and put your mouth on him once more, adding more vigour and urgency to your moves. Your hand moves in tandem with your mouth, licking and slurping all you can to bring Hoseok closer to the edge. His hand returns to your head and the sting from his fingers pulling your hair only drives you more to make him come. He curses loudly, grunting your name and struggling to not thrust himself into your mouth.


“Almost there,” he murmurs, and you’re not sure if he’s referring to the restaurant but you force him deeper into your mouth and swallow. The noise he makes is so fucking hot and it turns you on even more. You can feel him swelling inside of you and grin to yourself as you bob your head faster. He curses between clenched teeth, flicking on the indicator to turn, and in a final effort, you push yourself to take him fully in your mouth once more, gagging when he hits the back of your throat again, and swallow around him. Your eyes water and you struggle to breathe but the sound of him yelling “FUCK!” followed by the warm, salty liquid sliding down your throat somehow feels worth it. You want to smile, but instead, you concentrate on swallowing every drop of cum and licking him clean.


When you finally release him, he is staring at you in absolute awe and lust. You also note that you have pulled up outside of the McDonald’s drive-through.


“So,” you begin, wiping the corner of your mouth for any remainder of his spend, “I guess that means you lose, right?”


His eyes are wide and his breathing is heavy, and before you can say anything else, he pulls you in for a deep kiss, his tongue sweeping the crevices of your mouth and tasting himself. When he pulls away, the two of you are both breathless, your panties are soaked, and you note that he is semi-hard again.


“That,” he breathes, stroking your cheek gently, “was the hottest fucking thing I have ever experienced.”


You smile giddily and wait for him to tuck himself back into his pants before he proceeds to drive to the speaker.



“Wh-who knew that― ohmygodohmygodohmygod ―a twenty-four hour f-fast-food restaurant would― that feels so good ―be closed at four-thirty in the morning for a s-scheduled maintenance clean― FUCK!


According to the customer service rep at the drive-through window, they were still taking food orders, but there was a twenty to thirty minute wait on the food. Decidedly, you and Hoseok weren’t in any rush to eat, and being it that you won your little game in the car, Hoseok had no choice but to wait so you could get your mcmuffin.


Besides, there were plenty of ways you and Hoseok could pass the time in an empty parking lot. One of which included you lying on your back on top of the roof of Hoseok’s car with his head between your thighs, licking your clit and thrusting his fingers inside of you.


“Princess,” he purrs, bringing his head up with your juices glistening on his chin, “I know I said ‘try not to come’ , but this isn’t exactly sexy talk for either of us.”


You pout. “But I don’t want to come.”


He smirks and drags the pad of his finger against your g-spot, and you arch your back with a sinful moan. “Are you sure?” You shake your head stubbornly, clenching your fists at your side, as you grind against Hoseok’s hand. “Because your body is responsive and it’s telling me that you want to come.”


“Want to come on your cock,” you mumble.


“What was that, baby? Tell me what you want.”


“I want to come on your cock,” you say a little louder with a pout. “Please?”


Hoseok smirks and bends down once more. “You will, Princess, you will. But first, I want you to come on my tongue.”


You cry out when his tongue makes contact with your clit again and you forcefully pull his hair as you grind your pussy against his face. His fingers are relentlessly thrusting in and out of you, a teaser as to what is to come, and you curse loudly when the combination of his tongue and fingers trigger a delicious feeling in the pit of your stomach. Your walls clench a little tighter, Hoseok smirks devilishly when they do, and your juices flow even more when you feel your climax building.


“Hoseok, I’m gonna―”


“Come, Princess.”


Your climax is explosive and heavenly all at the same time as you coat Hoseok’s tongue with your essence. Your toes and fingers curl as your orgasm courses through your body like a rush of adrenaline, leaving you panting heavily as sweat dots your forehead and pools at the nape of your neck. The feeling is prolonged with each swipe against your clit and every thrust of his fingers inside of you. The feeling is oh so deliriously glorious, but soon the pleasure collects into over-sensitivity, and you tap Hoseok’s head in surrender.


“Too much,” you stutter helplessly, wincing when he finally yields and withdraws his fingers from your soaking core. Wetness spills out onto the car and Hoseok watches in a trance.


“So fucking sexy,” he whispers before bringing his fingers to his mouth and noisily sucks on them. You’re embarrassed at the show he puts on but the look on his face tells you he isn’t finished with you. “Inside the car. Now.


Sluggishly, with a hint of clumsiness, you manage to haul yourself off the roof of the car, ignoring the wet puddle you leave behind, and slide after Hoseok into the backseat. The moment you close the door, Hoseok is pulling you on to his lap and crashing his lips against yours. The act of tasting yourself has never been something you have personally indulged in, but you ignore the tangy taste of you on Hoseok’s tongue and focus on taking his clothes off. With his upper body bare, you pull back and rake your gaze over his lean muscles, appreciating his fit figure.


Not one to be outdone, Hoseok peels off your clothes and licks his lips seductively when he takes in the nude-coloured bra covering your chest. Self-conscious, you bring your arms to cover your chest, but he is quick to grab your arms and lace your fingers.


“Is this okay?” His voice is surprisingly soft, and you can’t help but giggle at the juxtaposition of events. “What’s so funny?” he asks, smiling.


“Nothing,” you reply. “I’m just laughing because not even two minutes ago you were telling me to come on your tongue, and now we’re sitting in your car, half-naked, and you’re asking me if this is okay.”


“I’m nothing if not a gentleman, Princess.”


You duck your head shyly. “So you’ve shown me.”


“Well,” Hoseok releases one of your hands and brings your gaze back to him with a gentle hand on your chin, “Let me show you just how much more of a gentleman I can be, hm?”




Undoing his pants and pulling himself out of his boxers, Hoseok retrieves a gold foil packet from behind the driver’s seat pocket, tears it open, and expertly rolls the condom on before pulling you back onto his lap. Pulling your drenched underwear to the side, he guides you over his cock, coating his tip with your juices, then slowly slides you down onto him. The two of you groan at the contact, the burn deliciously igniting you inside, and when you’re fully seated in his lap, he sends you a dangerous smirk that has your walls clenching around him.


“Here’s what’s going to happen, Princess. You’re going to come on my cock twice before I finish, okay?”


“What’s in it for me?”


“Two mind-blowing orgasms?”


“How gentlemanly of you.” you deadpan.


“What can I say, babe,” he thrusts up sharply, and you cover your mouth with your hand to muffle your scream. “Ladies first.”


You find purchase on the top of the backseat as Hoseok pistons his cock in and out of you, his hands holding your hips. Erotic noises escape your lips when you roll your hips against his own. You’re a panting, moaning, wanton of a mess and Hoseok has never seen anything hotter.


“Christ, you’re so fucking gorgeous, Princess,” he sighs as he watches his cock disappear in and out of you, “Maybe I should start calling you ‘goddess’ instead because the sight and feeling of you bouncing up and down on my cock is nothing if not a religious fucking experience.”


You try to chuckle at the pun but the sound becomes a sharp whine when your clit grazes against his pelvis. Nonetheless, his words ignite a fiery burning of want and need to make sure that this is the best fuck of his life. Invigorated, you tell Hoseok to stay still before sliding off his hard member, discarding your underwear, and then with your back to his chest, you climb back on to his lap and use your hand to guide him back into you. Your juices make it easy to slide on, and the groan he releases mixed with squelching of your pussy when his cock drags against your inner walls is loud, making you grin widely. You ignore the burn in your thighs and use his knees as leverage as you rise and sink down on him. You hear him curse before you feel his hand on the clasp of your bra.


“Can I?”


You’re nodding, wanting to feel his long fingers around your hardened nipples desperately, and before you know it, he has undone the clip and you’re sliding your arms out of the straps and depositing the garment next to him. One arm comes to your chest and the other slides down towards your clit, and when both his hands make contact with their predetermined destinations, you gasp aloud and catch yourself before you fall forward.


“Hoseok― oh god!”


You tremble in his arms, willing yourself to keep moving your hips up and down but the feeling he creates with his fingers playing with your nipples and clit in tandem is so distracting and before you know it, your second orgasm is crashing over you in waves of euphoria.


“That’s it, Princess,” he coaxes huskily, still rubbing at your clit, “Soak my cock with your juices. Fuck ―you feel so fucking good. Keep riding me like that, baby, it feels so fucking good.”


You whimper at the oversensitivity but obey, slowly riding out your high. When he feels you begin to sag forward, Hoseok gently removes his fingers from between your legs and lifts your body like you weigh nothing. He tells you to put your knees on the seat and lean on the centre console before bringing your ass up and slowly sliding back into you. You hiss at the slight stretch, a stuttered cry in your throat. He murmurs sweet words ― praising you for how well you listen, how pliant your body is in his hands, how good you feel ― with his hand resting on your lower back as he guides your lethargic form back and forth. You allow yourself to sink into the feeling of being used in this way, noting the exhaustion and relief is the most relaxed you have felt in months .


Steadily, Hoseok’s pace increases as does your breathing. You sob when he hits a particular spot that makes your toes curl in pleasure and you feel the sure-tell signs of an incoming orgasm. Your walls clench around his cock once more and Hoseok smirks.


“Are you gonna come for me, baby? Come for me one more time before I do?”


You nod fervently.


“Fuck yeah, come for me, Princess. You’re so fucking good for me, I know you can give me one more.”


His pace quickens and you bring your fingers to collect your dripping juices before softly rubbing at your bundle of nerves.


You are so fucking sensitive , but you want to come ― need to come.


“Yes, baby, touch yourself. Make yourself come. Please.”


The hitch in his voice and the stutter in his hips tell you that he is just waiting for you, ready to let go, and with only a few more circles around your clit mixed with the pounding of his cock, you come again; your walls squeezing him and triggering his release.


“Oh― FUCK!”


The curse word is drawn out in a long, salacious moan and his fingers grip your hips so tightly against his own that you hope they leave marks. Your orgasm is not as explosive as the first two, but it still courses through your veins and you are exhausted and satiated all the same. Your body slumps, sticky with sweat, and you pant heavily. You feel Hoseok softening inside of you and as he slowly pulls out, you ungracefully collapse against the backseat.


“That was―” you inhale deeply and close your eyes with a dreamy smile, “fucking incredible.”


You hear Hoseok laugh and open one eye to see him tying his condom and discarding it in a food wrapper. He reaches over into the glovebox compartment and pulls out a packet of baby wipes before turning to you. “Is it okay if I…” your eyes drift between his gaze on you and the wipes and nod. His hands are tender when he cleans you and you avert your gaze, noticing the car windows have fogged up.


“Looks like we pulled a Titanic ,” you joke, pointing at the windows when Hoseok looks up.


“At least there’s no handprints on the window.”


The two of you laugh but are quickly interrupted by the sound of soft tapping on the driver window. You share a look of mild horror and quickly rush to put your clothes on. You note that your underwear are ruined, and with a knowing smirk, Hoseok swipes them from your hands and stuffs them in his pocket.


“No point in keeping them if you can’t wear them.”


You debate arguing the use of a washing machine, but remembering that someone is standing outside the car and you’re pretty sure knows what the two of you are doing ― or have done ― you decide that losing one pair of underwear will be less mortifying than what is about to transpire and climb into the front passenger seat next to Hoseok. With a final once-over to make sure you are decently dressed, your male companion clears his throat and winds the window down to see an employee holding your order with a bored expression.


Hoseok lights up in recognition and greets them with a cheerful “Hey Yoongi!” that makes you stare at him in bewilderment.


“You know him?”


“Of course! He’s my flatmate.”


You’re mortified at Hoseok’s unperturbed reaction.


The employee, Yoongi , rolls his eyes and thrusts the food towards Hoseok. “One bacon and egg mcmuffin combo, one hotcake combo, one hotcake on its own and an extra hash brown with two coffees?”


“Thanks, Yoongles. Did you throw in extra butter?”


The blond male snorts. “Fuck off. You have sex in the parking lot of where I work and you expect me to give you extra condiments?”


“To be fair,” Hoseok argues as he hands you the drinks, “I wanted breakfast at the diner down the road.”


“And yet here you are.”


Your cheeks are flushed an embarrassing red and you sink down into the seat. “Oh my god…”


Before Hoseok can reply, Yoongi walks away but not before throwing a “don’t forget I finish at six!” over his shoulder. The brunet male, however, is not paying attention as he begins to unpack the bag of food.


You shake your head incredulously. “We just had sex in your flatmate’s workplace parking lot.” You can’t find it in yourself to be mad when he hands you your food with a heart-shaped smile.


“Yoongi’s not bothered by it. The amount of times I’ve walked through the front door to the sound of him getting his dick sucked outweighs this one incident.”


“’ve never done this before?” you internally cringe at how meek your voice sounds and take a bite of your mcmuffin.


Hoseok looks at you from the corner of his eye. “No, I haven’t.” The silence that follows is not awkward while the two of you eat, but he can see the gears turning in your mind. “Are you mad that I didn’t tell you my flatmate works here?”


You ponder his question for a moment, but you shake your head in response. “Not really. A little embarrassed, sure, but I guess it just adds to the ambience of this whole night. Makes for a good story to tell Taehyung later.”


You share a laugh and the rest of your meal is consumed with story-swapping and learning more about each other. When you both finish, Hoseok pulls out of the parking lot and you give him directions back to your place. The atmosphere during the ride back is comfortable and filled with idle chat mixed with the low hum of the radio, and when his car pulls up to your residence, the morning sun is starting to come up in the horizon. You see Taehyung’s car parked up and you internally sigh in relief that your friend is home safely.


“Thank you for bringing me home, Hoseok,” you say, undoing your belt.


“Thank you for hanging out with me tonight,” he replies with a wiggle of his eyebrows, making you laugh. “It was fun.”


“Definitely.” You climb out of the car, readjusting your clothes and remember that you’re not wearing underwear. Just as you are about to walk away from the car, Hoseok calls your name, and you look back.


“I don’t even know if people still give out their numbers anymore,” he begins, looking unsure of himself, “but would it be alright if I grabbed yours? Or some form of contact? Could even be a social media handle, it doesn’t really bother me. I would just really like to see you again. And I know that you’re still obviously processing a lot of things, but even if it means that we can just hang out like we’ve done tonight ― sex or not, if that’s what you’re okay with ― I think that would be cool.”


At this point, you know he’s rambling nervously.


“Plus, I have your underwear which, now that I say out loud, sounds kind of creepy and if it bothers you, I’ll give it back to you.”


“Give me your phone, Hoseok.”


A smile breaks out onto his handsome face and you melt a little inside. He hands you his cellphone and you do the rounds of putting your contact in his phone and then finding your social media account to follow yourself from his account. You pass his phone back and with a final wave paired with a “text me” , you turn and make your way inside. By the time you have settled in your room, after leaving a glass of water and two ibuprofen tablets next to a passed out Taehyung on the couch and then showering, there is a text notification from an unknown number on your phone.


Hey, it’s Hoseok. It was really nice to meet you.