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“Go fuck yourself you Damn Stupid Monkey!” Yata growled out glaring at the trailer in front of him. The person who used to be his best friend. (Still was if you asked anyone else in Homra.)  

Fushimi glared back at him, his sword drawn in front of him where it was blocked by Yata’s own skateboard as he used it as a shield. “Tch you coward. Why don't you fuck me yourself hmm, Misaki?”  

Now normally Yata would be blushing blubbering mess as he backed away from Saruhiko Fushimi at his words. But he thinks that after having spent years with the calm collected Saruhiko as to why he simply raises a red eyebrow at him and says nothing. And watches as it’s Fushimi who’s eyes quickly widen and a blush that fills his cheeks as his mind catches up to what his mouth just spat out. (That Yata is trying very hard at not calling cute in his head… he’s failing.) Fushimi sputters out some words that don’t sound like any language that Yata knows and his sword wavers in his hands.   

Panic. He's panicking.  

Yata sighs softly and clicks his tongue much like how Saru does often enough and drops his skateboard as he knocks Fushimi’s sword from his grasp and with a simple flick of his wrist the hilt settles into his own hand easily. “Stupid monkey.” He says, clicking his tongue again as he steps forward and he sheaths the sword onto Saruhiko’s hip holster where it belongs. “Didn’t quite think that one through hmm?” He asks with a smirk. A smirk that doesn’t fit his face he knows. It’s a smirk that usually belongs to Saruhiko but somehow right now their roles are reversed and he’s got an idea why Saru likes to tease him so much. Because this could be  fun…  Could   be being the key wore   if Saruhiko wasn’t looking like he wanted to run away and die right then.  

Even though they have been rivals for a while now it never erased how much he  knew  Saruhiko. He eyes his ex-best friend seeing his tense shoulders wide eyes and clenched fists to tight and release in quick succession.  He’s panicking . His mind reminds him again. It flows off the other in waves and it takes everything in Yata to not pull the taller male into his chest to calm him.  This is how he acted when that man was around . Like he was expecting to be belittled or talked down to like that man had done to him all that time he had grown up. “Saru.” He calls softly, his hand raised towards the other as he steps closer very much in the Blue clansman’s personal space. But he didn’t dare touch him. Not unless he wanted a knife buried somewhere deep into his flesh. And even with that thought he’s thinking he wouldn’t mind that as long as he could get Saruhiko to calm down. “Hey Saru, calm down. It’s just me. It’s Misaki.” He says in a soft voice not even caring that there are other Homra clansmen around or the ones from Scepter 4. He does glare at them when one of the Blue’s makes a move towards them and literally bares his teeth at them in warning to stay back like that of a feral dog over food.  My Saru. Stay away.  His mind growls and he’s half sure he does feel a growl rise in his chest.       


Yata looks to Saruhiko in front of him, completely ignoring the others near them again. “I’m here. Come on. Let’s get out of here, okay?” he says, keeping his voice in that calming tone he used to use when they were in middle school. He never thought he would be using it again. Saruhiko is shaking his head at him and Yata clicks his tongue. “Come on Saru.” He said changing his tone to more match the one Fushimi had tended to use when he thought Yata was being too stubborn on doing something when they were younger. That got the other to pause and take a shaky breath before nodding. “Good. Come on, I know just the place for us to go.” He says gently taking the other’s hand in his and kicks his skateboard up into his free hand. “See you guys later!” he hollers over his shoulder toward the two different sets of clansmen that are both looking at them with confusion. He doesn’t let any of them reply before he’s pulling Fushimi behind him quickly.  

Fushimi was quiet the entire time they walked and really Yata hadn’t expected anything different from the other. Still, he was surprised the other hadn’t snatched his hand back at all while they were on their walk. But he wasn’t going to complain or take his own back either. Yata led them through the city until they came to an all too familiar park that they had frequented when they were still living together. He heard Saruhiko click his tongue behind him and he couldn’t help the smile that spread on his face as he walked them to the tree they used to hangout by.   

He had Saruhiko sit first and after a tongue click and telling him that he was sitting wrong he sat down beside the other, his back pressed against the taller teens' own. He could still feel all of Fushimi’s tension in his back and Yata leaned his head back slightly to lean it back on Saru’s shoulder like he had back in middle school and all the other times before the other male left the red clan. Yata wrecked his brain for anything to say to get his friend (he wasn’t going to deny it right now that Saruhiko was still his friend) to calm down before settling on words not being enough. He moved his hand back slightly, finding Saru’s hand again beside the other and gripping it before he started humming to a random song.   

Yata was on the second verse of his humming when he finally felt the tension start to leave the other's body and he smiled, feeling him press back against him slowly. He kept humming softly until he felt Fushimi’s own head tilted back across his own shoulder. He looked over at the other, his humming coming to a slow stop as he saw Fushimi’s calm face and eyes closed. He reached up with his free hand and started running his hand through the other black hair smiling when he felt the last of Saruhiko’s tension leave his body with a sigh.   

He’s not sure how long they stayed like that. Long enough for him to feel sore in some places but it is worth it to have Saruhiko pressed against him and calm again… and to just be near the other without anger being between them. “Saru?” he gets a questioning hum in response to the others' eyes not opening. “Do you want to talk about it?”  

Saruhiko tensed slightly and Yata just simply kept running his hand through his hair until he heard Saru sigh. “Misaki is an idiot… you, you wouldn’t understand.”  

Yata rolled his eyes but he kept running his hand through the others hair. “Then say it so I will understand.”   

Saruhiko was quiet for a long while before he let out another sigh. “My father wasn’t a good man.”   

“I know” Yata answered in a quiet tone. Saru hated talking about his father.   

“You don’t know all that he did to me… You saved me once, do you remember? It was after I was sick and I didn’t show up to school and when you came to check up on me you found blood on the floor?” Saruhiko asked his eyes open looking up at the tree branches above them.  

Yata froze slightly and swallowed thickly. Of course, he remembers that day… It was the day he was sure that he had lost Saruhiko. He remembered the panic at seeing the blood on the floor, seeing his glasses just lying there, and the broken table. And he remembered the shape he had found his best friend in. He let out a breath slowly as he tried to banish those thoughts away. “Yeah, I remember.”  

“That wasn’t the first time he had hurt me.” Saruhiko took a deep breath before continuing. “Nor was it the worst he had ever done.”   

Yata frowned and glared up at the tree branches above them glaring at the leaves in the middle of changing their colors as if they had been the ones to hurt his friend.  It wasn’t the worst ….  That man  had hurt Saru… HIS Saru... worse than that day…  the bastard better be glad he was dead because Yata wanted nothing more than to go kill him and watch his body burn, consumed by his flames. “I’m sorry… I should have done something more back then.” Is all he said now.  

“It’s not your fault so don’t apologize. And I didn’t tell you so you wouldn’t have known either way… And I couldn’t stand the thought of him getting to you… What would I have done if he had tried to go after you? I didn’t have knives then. Or my sword… There was nothing I could have done against him if he had decided to go after you and that  terrified  me…” Saruhiko said his eyes were staring up again but they looked wet with unshed tears. “Once though… I had been looking some stuff up on my computer… Next thing I know that man is behind me yanking my head back by my hair… Seeing what I had been looking up… I…” he sighed and shook his head eyes falling closed. “I didn’t understand how I was feeling so I was trying to identify what it was.” Yata had a feeling he knew where this was going now. “And apparently that wasn’t what he wanted me to be… he didn’t want a kid to begin with but to have a kid that was gay was out of the question… I probably got beat for a good two weeks for that alone. Not to mention all the shit he’d say about me and to me and about how no one was going to love an ugly monkey like me.” Those tears were falling now and Yata pushed his face into Saruhiko's neck slightly as his hand still ran through the other's hair doing his best to comfort the other. “Anyways… I guess I just panicked once I realized what I said. I know it is not right how I feel so I just don’t acknowledge it and then sa-”  

“How you feel is right. Don’t let that bastard make you believe otherwise. If you are gay then you are gay and you can’t help how you feel Saru.” Yata says to his best friend, interrupting the other next words. “There is nothing wrong with being gay. NOTHING. Anything that man has ever told you is worthless and utter bullshit and you should not be listening to him or anyone like him on what they have to say. It’s not worth your time. Because you are perfect no matter who you like and you know what?” He said waiting until Saruhiko at least hums in question at him. “I’m Bi. I like both and yeah girls are scary to talk to but guys can be pretty too. But I'll be honest, I'm guy leaning most of the time. Is it wrong how I feel?” he asks, his hand pausing in the other’s black hair.  

“Of course not. You’re Misaki, nothing is wrong with you.” Saruhiko said quickly and without even looking Yata can feel and  see  the other slowly come to understand. “Oh.”  

“Exactly. If it’s not wrong for me to feel how I feel then how is it wrong for you? It’s not before you start to argue with me.” The red head says knowing very well Saruhiko would try to argue with him. He lets there be a few beats of silence between them before he speaks again. “Hey Saru? When you were trying to figure out how you were feeling... was what you were feeling about me?” He asks, able to hear the hope in his own voice.  

Saruhiko gulps softly behind him, beginning to tense up again, and Yata makes sure to start running his hand through his hair again letting out a soft comforting sound. “I-I.... fuck okay... Yeah, it was about you. Honestly it always comes back to you.” he says quietly as if he really hoped Yata wouldn’t be able to hear.   

“It’s fine Saru... I liked... well actually I like you that way still if that is alright. Always have and always will even if you never feel like that for me again. I’ll always be your friend and I will always help you when you need me regardless of our clan status.” Yata reassures cheeks tinted red in his embarrassment at finally telling the other how he felt and has felt since middle school. “Nothing has to change between us so we can continue as we were. But I really want you to understand that he was wrong. How you feel is alright and there is nothing wrong or bad with it.” he said to Saruhiko and blinked when the weight against his back shifted before disappearing altogether forcing him to put his hands down on the ground to support himself. The red head looks over his shoulder in confusion at Saruhiko. “Saruhiko?”  

The blue clansman's shoulders are tense before he turns around and faces Yata quickly. “Do you actually still.... Do you really still have feelings for me? Honestly?”  

Yata frowns at him and shifts around to fully face him grabbing at Saruhiko’s hands to hold them. “Of course, I do. Saru I've loved you since before I understood what love  was.  I will always love you.” he just barely has the words out before the air is pushed out of his lungs as the black-haired male barreled into him pushing him back onto the ground.   

“Me too. I never stopped.”