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Calling my Husband

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Travis let out a small hum as he removed the cigarette from his lips, huffing out a heap of smoke as he kept the phone close to his ear.

“Yeah, no, I’m seeing that crazy chic I told ya about.” he lamented to his friend, “Vaggie. Yeah, she’s a real freak.”

To call her a freak was putting it lightly. Ever since he ran into the goth girl she had been interesting, it wasn’t just her attractive appearance or the way she dressed, but also how she acted. Unfazed by violence, quick to anger, humorless at times, and all at the same time radiating this caring energy that almost came across as unnerving at times.

His friend rambled on but he couldn’t care less, putting out the cigarette he continued to walk down the almost abandoned-looking path. 

She lived really far and away from most civilization, in a little trailer in the middle of the woods. According to her she and her late husband had a cabin in the same forest way back in the day before it caught fire. Though part of him doubted that she was actually married in the first place as what she told him about her husband seemed….unlikely.

“Yeah,” he confirmed to his friend knowing it was only a matter of time before his connection faded out, “She claims she use to be married to the Smiling Man, yeah, the killer from Louisiana.”

It had been almost what? Five years ago when that killer up and vanished from the public eye? He had never been caught, so it was likely he died, went into hiding, or simply just stopped killing. He had been the public’s number one sadist as he butchered his victims, ate them, and always did it with a grin according to the very few that caught glimpses of him.

Vaggie claimed that had been her husband that died in a house fire five years ago.

Again, he highly doubted it. Not only would confessing that your former husband use to be a serial killer was a risky move, but also all the other stuff she said about just didn’t line up really. One is that he was a radio host and fairly popular at that, as well as a hunter on the side, which made it unlikely that he had time for slaughtering anyone. 

Travis would admit though that regardless of what delusions she convinced herself about her late husband (if they were even married, she might be completely making EVERYTHING up) he didn’t care that much. She was attractive and after seeing her for a few weeks he might finally her to nail her. At least that's what he was hoping anyway

“Yeah and-..hello?” he sighed realizing he finally lost connection with his friend, oh well, he’ll fill him out on the detail later.

Continuing down the dark path, pulling his trench coat tighter around him, he noticed the light of her trailer finally coming into view, encouraging him to continue to jog down the path, making his way up to the door. 

“Vaggie!!” Travis yelled out, banging on her door, “Hurry up!!”

Rather quickly the door was opened, Vaggie glaring at him with a clear grimace. Travis would admit he paused, taking in all of her beauty, a tight black latex corset that showed off her figure perfectly, a light pink short skirt with fishnets, and a red bow in her dark brown hair. One of her eyes was covered by her long hair, but her single piercing green eye felt like it was burning right through him.

“Pipe down will ya.” she said bluntly, “You’ll wake the dead yelling like that.”

Travis rolled his eyes, “There’s no one for miles. I could scream all night and no one would hear me.”

She chuckled stepping aside to walk him in, quickly closing the door behind him and making sure to lock it.

“You’ve added more stuff,” he remarked casually as he looked around the trailer, the only real source of light being candles keeping it dimly lit. Pictures littering the walls, plenty of taxidermy animals, and other occult things all over the place.

She giggled, “Yeah, but I got somethin’ to show ya.” she said walking over across the room and rummaging through something. 

Travis secretly hoped that it was something kinky or otherwise sex-related but found himself very disappointed to see her holding some old musky shotgun.

“Look!” she said happily, holding it up proudly.

He raised a skeptical eyebrow at it, tilting his head, “Ya collectin’ guns now?”

She rolled her eyes, “No!” she said exasperated, “It’s Alastor’s old shotgun! His favorite...I was rummaging around in the remains of our old house and I finally found it! I thought it was lost forever.” 

“Ah..” he remarked with faked interest, “Y’know I know we ain’t official but uh, talkin’ about your dead husband constantly kinda kills the mood with me sometimes.”

“Oh hush,” she said keeping the gun close to her running over and picking up a nearby book, “With this, I finally have what I need to get him back.”

He frowned, “What?”

“Oh, Alastor was always a strange man, part of the reason why I liked him so much. He always told me that even after death nothing could separate us, all I had to do was contact him. And now I think I finally can.” she said walking over to her bedroom door and opening it.

Travis followed behind her, surprised to see more candles placed in a circle and an odd symbol draw on the floor. Along with various other strange things in the room. 

Was...was she actually serious right now?

“Look I’m not opposed to doing weird stuff with you, but I thought this was a booty call.” Travis huffed, a little put off and frankly annoyed.

“Please,” Vaggie said, that being her only response to that as she flipped through the pages of her occult book, “I know the chant, I have the symbols, all of his favorite personal items, now all I need is a drop of blood.” she turned to him, a little smirk on her face, "That's where you come in."

"I'm your blood donor now?" He rolled his eyes, "Come on. I've been doing crazy shit with ya for a while now. Don't you think I deserve something?"

She raised a single eyebrow.

"Y'!" he snapped, "Haven't you think that ya kept me waiting long enough?"

"Nope." Vaggie corrected, with a slight sigh. Truth be told though she humored Travis occasionally and spent a decent amount of time with him, she never give any real affection. Her heart only belonged to one man after all. But unfortunately, she needed him to actually complete this. "Look...just, do this and maybe we can a little fun. Okay?" she said motioning for him to come closer. 

He gave her a skeptical look. 

"It's just one drop of blood..." she pouted, "Please?~"

He groaned, "Fine. But I get to say I told ya so when this does jack shit."

"Noted." she grinned, opening the book as he came closer. "O dominum obscurum superi per venas male gyro."

Travis kinda stood there in what could best be described as weirded out awe, the symbol beneath them glowing a bright red and a dark chill came into the room. His body tensed up and briefly, he wondered if this was actually the real deal rather than just the rambles of an insane woman obsessing over her late husband. If they were actually going to summon something big and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

Vaggie continued chanting, things shaking in the room and what sounded static? The red aura continued to glow brightly, almost burning his eyes. 

"Veni, amica mea!" Vaggie finished and briefly, all Travis saw was white and the whole world seemed to go mute the only thing he could really hear was the faint, barely audible sound of static. 

When his vision came back into proper focus, he stood there stunned, while he fully expected that after all of this he see something monstrous yet...looking at the room now, there was nothing. The room certainly looked messy but nothing was there.

"What in the hell?" he muttered out, more than taken aback by this.

Vaggie herself frowned, looking at her spell book again and looking around the room visibly confused, "I don't understand..." she said a hint of anger in his voice, "It should have worked! After everything I-" she paused, seeing something fly across the floor.

Her green eye squinted as she stared at it intently, spotting a soft red glow as she saw the shadows shift. Having to stop herself from grinning.

Her husband wasn't going to come to her easily was he? Well if he's going to play with her, she'll play with him.

Travis meanwhile after snapping out of his shocked state laughed, "Ha! Knew it wasn't gonna work! Unless ya married the invisible man!" 

Vaggie paused, before letting out a dramatic sigh and turning to him, pouting, "Guess you're right...." she said sadly, "And after I tried so hard too."

He chuckled, "Hey don't be too upset babe, why bother with the dead when ya got a living guy right here?" he took a step forward and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Remember our deal toots?"

Vaggie pretended to put on a seductive smirk, only imaging how riled up her real lover would actually get. "Oh...right." she giggled, giving him a hard push and making him fall onto the bed, immediately placing herself on his lap, throwing her head back, and making sure to arch her back to further show off her breast. "You have been oh so good to me, and it's been oh so long since I've been with a man," she said her tone husky wasting no time to run her hands over his chest, and start to unbutton his shirt. 

Travis grinned wide like the stupid pervert he was, she could already feel him getting excited, "Oh yeah, let's change that baby~"

Her smirk widened for entirely different reasons, seeing the shadows flicker wildly at the corner of her eye, feeling the anger and jealously pulsating off him. She knew what would get him to come out and stop this little game of hide and seek of his.

 "Oh, Travis~" she all but purred, proceeding to grind hard against his hips, "Wanna make me yours?"

"Oh hell yeah-" 

And that's what finally broke the camel's back, a black tendril shot out and grabbed the man around his neck and pulled him back. Tightly wrapped around his mouth restricting the man's breathing, but of course, he didn't stop there. Black inky tendrils continued to pop out of nowhere wrapping around him and one pushing Vaggie right out of the way.   Each grabbing a hold of his limbs all pulling him in different directions, bones snapping, skin being torn, and Travis's muffled pained screaming. With one final hard tug parts of his body was ripped apart blood flying wildly, his now torn limbs being thrown in the air and Vaggie watched with some amazement before his scattered corpse collapsed onto the bed.

In a strange way, there was almost an elegant way how his body parts fell. Almost reminding her of a bird.

After watching she slowly turned around to see the familiar man standing behind her. 

He changed, he was taller, paler, his once blue eyes now a dark red, a red suit, a microphone, and were those deer ears on his head? Looks like hell did change a man in strange ways.

Meanwhile, she simply smiled, nothing but happy to see her husband after so long. "Welcome home Al..." she said happily.

"Vagatha..." Alastor said taking a step close and cupping her face in his hands,


"You look great my dear"