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Always You and I

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Law and Order: SVU and Law and Order: Organized Crime are both amazing shows and the characters do not belong to me, they both belong to Dick Wolf and to NBC. Established Elliot and Olivia Relationship.



Fin sighed as he entered the Organized Crime squad room. His eyes immediately found Elliot sitting at his desk. This wasn’t going to be good.


“Elliot.” He called out.


Elliot’s gaze snapped to his, the paperwork he’d been filling out completely forgotten. His eyes dropped from Fin’s gaze to his blood-stained shirt. Fin saw the look of fear, of panic, pass over his face.


He abruptly stood, causing his chair to topple over, drawing the attention of others also in the room. Sargent Bell started to walk towards them.


“What happened to her?” Elliot demanded.


“She’s ok, but she is hurt. She got shot in the left shoulder, it caused her to fall down a few stairs, possible concussion, maybe a few broken ribs. “She asked me to come and tell you, she didn’t want you driving and worrying about her.”


“Damn Liv. How typical of her to worry bout me when she is the one hurt.” He said shaking his head. “Mercy?” he questioned looking to Fin.


“Yeah. I’m going to bring you to her.” Fin replied.


“Stabler go!” Bell said. “Please keep me in the loop on how she is doing.” She reached out and squeezed his arm.


Elliot nodded. He grabbed the chair he knocked over and placed it upright and reached for his suit jacket that fell on the floor when the chair toppled over.


“Noah is with your girls in Jersey right?” Fin asked.


“Yeah” Elliot replied. “They left early this morning.” He sighed and brought his hand up to his eyes.


“You ok man?” Fin asked with concern.


“Yeah, just… yeah I’m ok. Come on, I need to see for myself she’s gonna be ok.” This wasn’t how he was expecting this day to go at all.


“Tonight, was the night. Huh?” Fin asked as they hurried out to Fin’s car.


“Yes. That’s partly why Noah is with Maureen and Kathleen.” He replied. Despite Fin’s assurance she was ok, he couldn’t help but still feel the panic. “How’d this happen Fin?” Elliot asked waiting for Fin to unlock his car.


Fin unlocked the car and they both got in before he answered. “It was a domestic. Husband has been abusing the wife for a long time. He found out she was leaving with the kids, he got violent. Then said he wasn’t allowing anyone to leave. We showed up, we talked him down. Liv and I were inside, we had everything under control. Then ESU shows up, they were supposed to go in with us, but Captain Chambliss plays by his own rules, after telling us they weren’t gonna come, he shows up trying to play hero, and It went to shit. They busted in the door and husband started shooting. She took a hit to the shoulder and fell down the front steps.” Fin said shaking his head.


“Of course, it was fucking Chambliss!” Elliot growled clenching his fists. “He likes to fuck things up, doesn’t he?”


“You’ve had some run ins with him?” Fin asked. He started the car and pulled out of the garage. Flipping on his lights and siren to aid them in getting through the midday traffic.


“Yes. The day we arrested Wheatley, he bailed on us just as we were about to make our bust.” Elliot growled.


“Well, he and Liv have also had issues in the past. Not sure if you know, but the guy has been trying to get in her pants for years.” Fin said shaking his head.

“Well, now I hate him even more.” Elliot growled.


Fin laughed. “How did I know you were gonna say that? I’m gonna drop you off at Mercy, then I’ll come back and take care of your car and bring it to you, just give me your keys.” He said.


“Fin you don’t have to do that.” Elliot said.


“I do have to do it. Captain’s orders.” He replied with a shrug. “Phoebe is already in an Uber heading to meet me at Mercy then we’re coming right back here for your car.” Fin replied. “Liv wouldn’t let the EMTs take her until she made me promise.” He said with a chuckle.


Elliot shook his head. She had gotten shot and fallen down a flight of stairs and still thought of him first. He reached over and deposited his keys in the cupholder. “There’s my keys.”



“Detective Stabler? I’m Dr. Garrity.” The doctor approached Elliot as he was waiting at the nurse’s station in the emergency room.


He nodded. “How is she? Can I see her?” He anxiously asked


“Unfortunately, Captain Benson had a panic attack while we were assessing her in the trauma bay, and we had to sedate her. We warned her we would have to cut her clothes off due to the gunshot wound and she started to panic and tried to get up off the gurney.” Dr. Garrity said.


Elliot sighed, squeezing his eyes shut for a moment. He already knew she was going to insist he take her home. “She has PTSD, from a past trauma. How bad was the gunshot wound? And her ankle was recently fractured prior is that ok? I’d like to see her now.” Elliot demanded. Instantly he didn’t like Dr. Garrity.


Dr. Garrity held up his hand. “Yes, I’m aware of the PTSD I saw it in her chart. The gunshot wound to her left shoulder was luckily just soft tissue, we debrided it, stitched it up and we have immobilized her arm in a sling, she does have a concussion with laceration on her left temple, but she does also have two rib fractures and some more cuts and scrapes. The ankle appears to be fine, we didn’t see anything on the xray. She is just through the doors in bay 3.” He said pointing towards a set of double doors. “Straight through and to the right.”


Elliot muttered a thanks before hurrying away. He pushed through the doors and turned to the right. Through the sliding glass door, he could see her laying on the gurney, her left arm secured in a sling. IV tubing protruding from the bend of her right elbow.

He slid the door open and walked in. He sighed, rubbing his hand across his face. This wasn’t how he expected the day to go. He was going to take her out to dinner, then at some point over the course of the night hopefully he’d be sliding the ring in his pocket onto her finger.


He stepped forward and wrapped his right hand around her right hand and gently caressed her face with his left hand.


She leaned into his hand; eyes still closed. “El?” She mumbles.


He leans down and kisses her forehead, and then her cheek. “I’m here Liv” He says.


Her eyes open, searching for his. “They wouldn’t let me wait for you.” She says groggily when her eyes finally settle on his.


His hand tightens around hers and his other hand moves to the side her face. His thumb caresses over her cheek bone. “I’m here now with you, I’m not going anywhere.” He said in a low soothing tone. “What do you mean they wouldn’t let you wait for me?


Something hanging from the bedrail catches his eye. He lets go of her hand and reaches for it. He recognizes it as soon as his hand grasps it. It’s a padded restraint. “Son of a bitch” he mutters letting it go.


He reached for her hand again. “Did they restrain you?”


Her eyes filled with tears and she nodded. “They told me they’d have to cut my clothes off, and I said I wanted them to wait until you got here, and they said they couldn’t wait. When I saw… when they started to… They…. I just wanted you here before they did that.” She cried, tears now spilling down her cheeks.


He kept his hold on her right hand and reached and wiped the tears off her face with his left. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Liv. I know that must’ve been terrifying.”


“Don’t make me stay here. Please take me home with you. Don’t leave me here.” She sobbed. She let go of his hand and gripped at his arm trying to sit up. She gasped in pain when her movements hurt her shoulder and her ribs.


“Liv don’t try and get up.” He eased her back into her reclined position. “If you don’t want to stay here, then of course I’ll take you home, but for right now you need to lay back and relax.” He reached out and tucked her hair behind her ear.


He was furious that they had restrained her. Of course, that had brought up her past trauma. The door opened and he turned his head to see a nurse come in. He felt her hand tighten around his.


“How’s the patient doing?” She asked. “Are you feeling any pain Olivia?”


Olivia shook her head and closed her eyes. Elliot knew she wasn’t being honest. She hated to show vulnerability to others, but she allowed herself to be vulnerable around him, that spoke volumes for how much she trusted him.


“Hmmmm” the nurse said looking at the monitors displaying her vital signs. “Your blood pressure is a little elevated and given you have no history of high blood pressure that is an indication of pain. You sure you’re not feeling pain?”


“She wants to go home. So, what do we have to do to get that ball rolling?” Elliot asked.


“We’ve admitted her.” The nurse replied. “She’ll be transferred to a room very soon.”


Olivia’s eyes popped open. “I’m not staying here.” She insisted. She turned her head towards Elliot. “I can’t stay here Elliot. I can’t!”


“Liv, it’s ok. I’m going to get this straightened out.” He said squeezing her hand.


The nurse shook her head. “You can’t speak for her though.” She replied. “Transport is on the way to bring her up to her room and she’ll be released tomorrow.”


“He can speak for me, he can always speak for me. He is my medical proxy, and I am not staying here.” Olivia demanded.


“She wants to leave. She will be better off at home with me than here. She appears stable, I can ensure she rests, and I can take care of her. Should anything change overnight I can bring her back if need be. My son is an EMT, and he is a resource I can also use if the need arises. Please inform Dr Garrity that she wishes to be discharged and will sign whatever paperwork is necessary, and if she isn’t considered to be competent because she was sedated and restrained, I can sign those papers.” Elliot looked at the nurse, his gaze conveying that they were not staying.


The nurse sighed before turning and leaving the room.


“I don’t have clothes to wear home now.” She said.


“Don’t worry about that. Fin went to get my car and I have some things we can put on you to get you home.” He said releasing her hand to adjust the hospital gown that had slightly slipped down.


“I’m sorry.” She said looking up at him.


“Why are you sorry?” He grasped her hand again.


“I just don’t want to be a bother.” She said squeezing her eyes shut and sighing.


“Baby if you get hurt, you’re not a bother to me.” He brought his free hand up to stroke her cheek. “I’m taking you home, we’re gonna get you something to eat, and get you into bed and I am going to take care of you, and I’m doing all of that because I want to, because I love you.”


A little over an half an hour later, Elliot walked out the doors of the emergency room and he saw Fin leaning against his car.


“I told that punk” Fin gestured at the hospital security guard, a tall skinny guy in his early twenties. “If he gives you a hard time for parking here, he and I would have a problem” Fin said looking the security guard up and down. “He already tried to get loud with Phoebe, you know I wasn’t having that.” He shook his head. “He starts off saying we can’t go in because of COVID protocols then starts bitching about your car despite me parking it in the NYPD reserved spot. Guy thinks only unis are real cops.”


“I’m already fed up with this fucking place, looking to let my frustration out on someone and if he wants to try running his mouth, I’m down.” Elliot said shaking his head. “Fin they cut off her clothes, restrained her, and sedated her. She is signing out AMA.”


“Shit.” Fin said “I know that brought up some things for her.” He shook his head.


“Yeah, I’m sorry to rush but I don’t want to leave her too long.” Elliot said apologetically.


“Oh no apologies needed. You take care of her and call me if you need anything. Make sure she doesn’t worry about work” Fin replied reaching into his pocket and retrieving Elliot’s car keys, and handing them to him. “Here’s her gun and holster.”


Elliot reached out and took her gun and tucked it into his suit jacket pocket. “Thanks for everything Fin.” Elliot watched as he turned to get into his own car. “Thanks Phoebe” He called out.


“Anytime, take care of her Elliot.” Phoebe yelled back.


Elliot turned and opened the back of his SUV. He reached for a duffle bag and unzipped it. He searched through it and grabbed a pair of sweatpants, he’d noted she still had a cami on so he reached for the grey zip up hoodie before zipping the bag back up.



Olivia had her head leaned back against the pillow with her eyes closed.


The sound of the door sliding opening startled her and she opened her eyes. Dr. Garrity walked in.


“Ms. Benson, I urge you to stay overnight, then we will reevaluate you in the morning. How does that sound?” He asked with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.


She shook her head. “I want to leave tonight” she replied. “Please bring me the discharge papers. I am leaving.” She was feeling frustrated and anxious, she couldn’t stay here. She needed to leave. Where was Elliot? What was taking him so long? She hated to appear weak and needy, but in the past few months Elliot had been extremely helpful with her panic attacks, he was able to bring her back from them quickly.


“I hear your upset about having been sedated….” He began


“Sedated and restrained.” Olivia replied angrily.


“It was necessary to assess your condition and begin your course of treatment.” He replied, his palms up in the air.


“It had already been established in the ambulance I wasn’t critical, if you had waited like I asked, I wouldn’t have had the panic attack.” Olivia responded defensively.




He could see Dr. Garrity in talking to Liv as he approached. He watched as her right hand darted up to her chest and pull the hospital gown up higher. Her eyes met his through the glass sliding door and he saw relief flood her features.

He slid the door opened and walked in and shifted his gaze to the doctor. “There a problem here?” Elliot asked, crossing his arms over his chest.


Dr Garrity looked to Elliot. “No problems here, I was simply suggesting Ms. Benson stay the night….”

“Like I told you earlier, it’s Captain Benson. She wants to leave, so I suggest you get her discharge papers in order, and any prescriptions she may need.” He strode towards Olivia’s bed without breaking his gaze with the doctor. He grasped her hand and quickly looked at her, “You good?” he asked in a softer tone.


She nodded. “Now I am.” she replied.


Dr. Garrity cleared his throat. “I’ll get those papers and send a nurse into remove your IV.” He said before quickly exiting the room.


“I brought you some sweats from my bag in my car.” He said reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ear.


“Thank you.” Olivia said with a small smile. “I can’t wait to get out of here.”


Elliot sighed. “honestly I’m just glad you weren’t hurt worse.” He squeezed his eyes shut and brought his hand to his head. “When Fin came to get me, his shirt was covered in blood, I was so scared.”


“El, I’m not going to lie; I am in pain, I feel foggy and confused but I am ok. That’s why I made Fin go and get you. I didn’t want you rushing to get to me and thinking the worst.” She said, reaching for his hand and squeezing it.


“I still did. I still wanted to rush to get to you as soon as I could.”



She signed the discharge papers as the nurse described how she should alternate the dilauded with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. She wasn’t paying attention to her, but she knew Elliot was. She was in a considerate amount of pain and being in the hospital bed was making her anxiety spike. She winced and squeezed her eyes shut as she was hit with a jolt of pain from her shoulder.


“Liv?” Elliot worriedly questioned.


“Why don’t I get you a dose of some pain medication for the trip home? We can give it right in your IV before we remove it.


She nodded her head. “Thanks.” She replied. She looked to Elliot. “I’m ok.”


The nurse left the room and quickly returned with a dose of morphine, that she administered through the IV before removing it.


Elliot glanced and saw Dr. Garrity standing in the hallway typing on his phone. “Liv, I’ll be right back, I’m just stepping out for a minute.” He opened the sliding door and stepped into the hall. “Dr. Garrity?” He called.


Dr. Garrity spun around when he heard Elliot call his name. “Detective Stabler.” He replied.


“I was wondering if there was a possibility of getting the pain killers and antibiotics prescribed in a liquid form.” Elliot said.


“We can definitely prescribe the antibiotic in a liquid form but normally we do not prescribe opioid medications in a liquid form except for children or hospice patients.” He responded shaking his head. “When she fractured her ankle recently I saw in the chart she was prescribed painkillers in tablet form.”


“Captain Benson’s PTSD stems from being held captive some years ago, she was forced to swallow a multitude of painkillers and sleeping pills with vodka during her captivity. She tries to avoid any type of pills because of this. During this time, she was also restrained to a bed and her clothes were forcibly cut off, so this may give you an idea of why the liquid forms are necessary.” Elliot replied. He held his hands palms up as he spoke. “When she fractured her ankle she wasn’t restrained and sedated so it wasn’t a source of a trigger, and I can almost guarantee she likely didn’t open that bottle.”


Dr. Garrity stared at Elliot with his mouth hanging open in shock. “I had no idea her PTSD was due to…” he shook his head. “I’m terribly sorry, if I had known I could’ve handled things differently.”


Elliot raised his eyebrows. “That’s why she begged you to wait for me.” He replied.


“I’ll get those prescriptions ready for you. If she is currently on anti-anxiety medications or sleeping pills, she shouldn’t take those while taking the oxycodone.” Dr. Garrity said pulling his prescription pad out of his pocket.


“I will be taking care of her and helping her so I will likely be giving her the medications.” Elliot said. He watched as he filled out three sheets from the pad and tore them off.


Dr. Garrity tore the sheets off the pad and handed them to Elliot. “oxycodone for pain, gentamycin for antibiotic, and zofran to help with nausea.”


“Thank you. I really appreciate this, and she will as well.” Elliot said placing his hand on the doctor’s arm.


Dr. Garrity nodded. “You need to make sure she keeps the shoulder immobilized, in the sling at all times except for bathing. There’s no damage to her bicep yet, but not immobilizing the shoulder could potentially cause damage.”


“I’ve personally been there. I’ll make sure she keeps the sling on and doesn’t use the arm.” Elliot replied.


“Keep an eye out for signs of infection, fever, oozing and inflammation. Because of the fractures to her ribs, she shouldn’t lay flat, a reclined position would be ideal for sleeping with the ribs and shoulder injury.” Dr. Garrity said. “I’ll type up my recommendations as well as dosages for the medications, just give me about 15 minutes.”


“Thank you, Doctor.” Elliot said turning back towards Liv’s room. At least having the medications in liquid form would not be triggering for her.


He walked back through the door and closed it behind him. She was leaning back against the pillows with a sleepy grin on her face. “Hey, how you feeling?” He asked with a smirk.


“I’m feeling ok.” She replied with a smile of her own.


He reached up and stroked her cheek. “How bout I help get you dressed and take you home now?” he asked.


“I prefer when you get me undressed.” She replied with a giggle.


A smile spread across Elliot’s face. “Well Liv, I prefer that as well.” He said with a laugh.