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“What? Don’t frown at me,” Missandei says.

Daenerys looks at the amused face of her best friend on her phone’s screen. She is indeed frowning, but not without reason; what her friend just said is so absurd—

“You’re kidding right?”

“Why would I be messing with you?” Now Missandei is the one who frowns. Her friend takes a sip of her rosé and says, “I’m honestly baffled you haven’t considered it yet.”

“I’m not downloading Tinder or whatever other app you might suggest to me.”

Missandei scowls. “Why not?”

“First, I can’t see anyone right now—”

“No one can see anyone right now,” her friend points out.

“Right, but it feels like a downgrade, don’t you think?”

Missandei rolls her eyes. “Why do you think it’s a downgrade? It’s just a modern way to meet people. Lots of love stories are happening today because of it.”

“I—it feels so weird—any weirdo can sign up...fake profiles are a real thing these days, don’t you know?”

“And you have other social media to check if the person you match with is fake or not,” her friend said amusedly. “This is not an excuse.”

Daenerys sighs, knowing better than to argue with her best friend. When Missy sets her mind on something she usually gets what she wants. But, she is not giving in now. She may be single and alone on a Friday night, in the middle of a global pandemic no less, but downloading Tinder feels like a low bar, even for her.

“I’m not saying you should do it now, I’m just saying you should consider. We are locked in our homes without knowing when we are going to get out. It might lift your spirits to talk with some cute boys and girls,” Missandei says before she excuses herself to go get another glass of rosé.

Daenerys also goes to her kitchen and pours herself another glass of Arbor Gold, her favorite wine. She will need to order more soon, she thinks, as her stock is dwindling with all the stress drinking she has been doing as of late.

The air’s been filled with worry for weeks, ever since a group of scientists discovered bits and pieces of an unknown fossil that unleashed an unknown virus that quickly spread across Essos before reaching Westeros. Public health officials are calling the virus Raven flu as the fossil looked similar to the skeleton of a raven, though the actual species has yet to be determined. The government implemented a nationwide lockdown to prevent the further proliferation of the virus. Though it seems like there is no shortage of bad news, the death count has decreased, and remains fairly low, and she hopes it stays this way.

The week became a fortnight, which then became a month and now she was starting to wonder when life would actually go back to normal. But being at home also had its perks; she could work from home and avoid her commute through the busy streets of King’s Landing, thereby giving her another hour of sleep in the mornings, and she had more time to watch all of the TV shows and movies that she had saved in her watchlist.

Still, since she was single, and had decided to stay in Kings Landing instead of going to her mother’s house on Dragonstone like her brother Viserys did, she was alone.

She usually didn’t mind; she always preferred being single, instead of unhappy just for the sake of being in a relationship. But her brain, or maybe that part of her heart that hated being alone, wondered how it would be if she was dating someone. She didn’t mention it often, but she knew Missandei always saw through her; she couldn’t help it. They have been best friends for more than twelve years, always being there for each other when needed.

Dany knows that it’s more of a blessing than a curse, but in times like these she hates it, because Missandei is right, she is lonely. But she also stands her ground. Why would she download a dating app if she can’t go on a date with anyone right now?

When her friend returns, she tries once again. “At least let’s compromise and say that you'll think about it.”

Daenerys hates when she does this, because this is her way to make her do things she says she will never do.

“Fine,” she concedes. “I’ll think about it. Happy now?”

“Very.” Missandei gives her a bright smile.


Dany is bored on her Saturday afternoon, having already called her family to check in on them. She tidied up her apartment, did laundry, watched a movie and yet, she still doesn’t know what else to do with her free time. She doesn’t want to bother any of her friends, as they have spoken to each other nearly every day of the past week, even if she knows they won’t complain. She doesn’t want to burden anyone else with her mindless chats, not even her best friend.

Too lazy to go to the grocery store down the street, she opens her food app and orders more wine, snacks, and ice cream. And it’s not long after that her treats arrive at her door.

She puts on some music, grabs her glass of wine and a book and settles on the couch to read. However, after reading the same page three times and unable to focus on the words, she gives up. She takes out her phone, lurking on her social media again but there isn’t much new content from the last time she checked.

People are still sharing motivational quotes, celebrities like Cersei Lannister and Oberyn Martell are spending their time singing covers of "Imagine," like that will really help pandemic relief efforts, and the news is still reporting on the increasing impacts of the pandemic around the globe

Even the latest weird app that people use to share dancing videos isn’t enough to keep her entertained so going against her better judgement she downloads the dating app Missandei told her about. At least if nothing goes right she will have a story to tell when the pandemic is over.

“Here goes nothing,” she mutters as the app begins to download.

She sets up her profile fairly quickly, choosing her most recent pictures. For her bio she writes mother of a dragon (a black cat), likes to read and loves fantasy series.

Not given much thought to it, she chooses to “Go Global”, a feature that expands the geographic area of her matches, allowing her and people from all over the world to meet through the app.

Dany laughs as she scrolls through people’s profiles. Some of them are normal, others are weird and some of them are downright horny, which to be honest was what she was expecting when she downloaded it.

She can’t figure out why so many men have their friends' group picture as their profile pic, and why so many of them send ‘hey’ and never answer again after the match. She also laughs reading the worst pick up lines she has ever seen in her life.

Soon enough her evening becomes more pleasant than she had expected, her alcohol induced mind probably makes things more funny than they actually were, but she doesn’t mind as it is the first time in weeks that she has effectively forgotten about the outside world.

She is shocked when she looks at the time on the top screen of her phone, 2:30 AM, Dany looks at her coffee table and sees two empty bottles of wine on it, and after her momentary lapse of guilt she gets up from the couch, turns off the lights and falls into bed, remembering only to put her phone on the pink wireless charge that is on her bedside table.


Dany wakes up with the sunlight the next day; her head hurts and her mouth is dry. Her pillow is wet from her saliva and her head feels dizzy when she sits up. She puts her feet on the floor to ground herself and sees a pair of yellow-green eyes staring at her.

“I’m only twenty-nine, for fucks sake,” she says to her black cat, Drogon, who is looking at her from the dresser. “You can’t judge me,” she tells him when he narrows his eyes to slits.

Drogon jumps off her furniture and leaves the room, her eyes follow him before he disappears from her view.

“Gods, I finally lost it,” she says, cringing when she realises she is talking to herself.

It’s Sunday morning so she slowly walks to her ensuite bathroom to brush her teeth and take a shower. The hot water isn’t enough to clear her head, so afterwards she makes herself a strong cup of coffee. When she picks up her phone she is surprised to see it exploding with notifications, most of them from the dating app. Deciding to deal with it later, she looks at her texts.

She also decides to ignore most of them, answering only her mom and Missy.


Her phone immediately starts to vibrate with a facetime call from Missy, and she answers right away.

“Dany?!” Missandei exclaims. “What happened? Are you coughing too? Sneezing? You should go to see a doctor.”

She winces from her shrill tone and feels guilty at the same time for making her friend worried.

“It’s just a hangover,” she groans. “Sorry for worrying you.”

“Gods, you look awful. How much did you drink?”

She looks at her coffee table where the bottles from last night are still on it, and lies. “One bottle of wine.”

“One bottle of tequila more likely,” Missy rolls her eyes but chuckles. “I’m guessing you had a fun night?”

Not ready to reveal that she, in fact, downloaded the damn dating app, she lies again and tells her friend that she marathoned the new Star Wars trilogy, to which her friend frowns and mentions, “I can see why you drink so much then. It’s the only way to enjoy those movies.”

Drogon hisses at her feet, asking for food.

“Call me if you need anything.” It’s the last thing Missy says before Dany locks her phone and opens her fridge to start her lunch.

Later that afternoon, when she is just about to finish her dishes, she hears her phone ding again.

It’s from the dating app. Dany is almost locking her phone again when she reads the message. “Haha, his name is Ghost and he is…”

The message captures her attention and she unlocks the notification.

She looks at the guy’s name first, Jon Snow. His profile photo is one of him holding a white fluffy dog.

The man is very attractive though, that’s her second thought. He has black curls framing his face, his dark beard contours his sharp jaw, his eyes are beautiful, a dark shade of grey, the most beautiful pair she has ever seen. She doesn’t fail to notice his toned arms holding the white, enormous dog. She swipes his photos, but he has only two more; one photo with aviator sunglasses that looks straight out of a magazine photoshoot, and one of his back, where he seems to be trekking through a mountainous and wooded terrain .

Though her eyes focus on his arse, as it is beautifully shaped, toned with muscles, truly shaped by the Gods themselves. Even with his black trousers they are hard to miss.

Dany mentally congratulates herself, even her drunk-self has taste it seems. Her insistent headache is completely forgotten, along with the rest of the dishes she has on her sink while she has the biggest grin on her face looking at his profile photos.

That’s it, until she shifts her focus back to their texts. Dany sees that she was the one to send the first message.

What’s the dog’s name? The pet, not you.”

It’s one of the worst things she ever read, and she only has her drunk-self to thank, but Jon doesn’t seem bothered by it. His text reads, “Haha, his name is Ghost and he is a wolf actually, even if he does act like a dog.” He follows up with another text asking if she has a dog too.

Dany stares at her phone stupidly. No way a man as attractive as Jon would want something to do with her after she used the worst pick up line in humankind on him.

She closes his text for a moment, looking at the other app message. She has an endless scroll of them to read, opening one and immediately closing it, finding an unsolicited dick pic in there. After she blocks the guy, she opens another text finding another terrible pick up line, “do you like bagels? Because you’re bae goals.”

Dany doesn’t remember sending those messages at all, her cheeks burn reading the incoherent things she said to people.

She closes the app after making sure she didn’t do something insane like send her address to some stranger or worse, one of her nude pics. Thinking that she has embarrassed herself enough for a lifetime, she moves to click the button to delete the app, but another notification prevents her. It’s from Jon again, she opens and reads, “oh sorry, I guess you’re a cat person, like your Bio said. I like cats too :)”

She feels bad for ignoring him, he seems nice, the fact that he has the most beautiful arse she has ever seen is absolutely not a thought on her mind when answers him.


She also sends a pic of Drogon that is perched on her clean coffee table sleeping. Jon answers that her cat is the opposite of his dog, “a black cat and a white dog, we’re a match don’t you think?”

Dany grins and answers, “didn’t you just say he is a wolf, actually?”

“Touché,” Jon replies.

He is surprisingly easy to talk to and tells her a bit of his life, that he is as a professor of political science at the University of the North at Winterfell, with a research focus on the political relations between the Freefolk and the Northerners south of the Wall, but has been working from home since the pandemic hit. That his wolf is indeed a wolf and not the only one in his family, that each one of his siblings have one too. He lives in the city but ever since he had to stay at home, he has been thinking of moving to the countryside to be closer to his mom. He has been stressing and worrying about himself, his family and his students.

Dany tells him that she is a lawyer and contrary to what she thought, being at home makes her even more anxious with the outside world.

“But ever since we started talking I feel like I can forget the world outside,” he texts her.

She rolls her eyes; they have been talking all day and Jon is shamelessly flirting with her. It’s nice actually, as she laughs when he makes a clever joke or sends a funny meme. At the end of evening they move to actual texts and she thinks it is a very smart way for him to ask for her phone number, but she doesn’t give it a second thought.


As the days go by he is the first person she talks to in the morning and the last one she talks to before sleep. He still flirts with her every opportunity he has, but she also discovers he has a calm, serene presence that she can even feel through her phone screen.

They share cooking tips, tv show recs, and wine suggestions. They both agree that there are too many streaming services nowadays, but disagree which one is the best.

“Netflix is clearly better,” Jon’s text reads.

“Clearly, you are delusional,” is what she answers, “everyone knows HBO has better shows.”

“Not after they butchered the series finale of For the Throne.”

Dany obviously agrees with him, but just because she doesn’t want to admit she is wrong she quickly changes the subject. He has good book recs though and she is impressed when he sends a photo of his small library in his office.

The mahogany bookcases are filled with hundreds of books, old and new. Jon is methodical, as he tells her, sorting out the books by the author’s last name. Unlike her, who has her bookshelf organized by color, he is utterly horrified by this.

Soon they are sending audio messages to each other. In hindsight she should have expected his Northern burr, but the first time she heard his voice...her legs quivered. It’s not that she didn’t expect him to have an accent, since he lives in the North, it’s just that she wasn’t expecting his deep, rich, smooth voice.

She couldn’t help but shiver a bit the first time she heard him call her Dany, her traitorous mind conjuring all kinds of scenarios in which she would like to hear him say her name.

But that was a ridiculous thought. Jon lives on the other side of the country and she has her life established in King’s Landing, not to mention the pandemic wouldn’t let her meet him in the foreseeable future any time soon.

She can’t help but talk with him all the time. When she shares her worries about the future and about how the pandemic is going, he has a comforting, soothing presence. Even though she's never never met him in person she believes him when he says everything is going to be alright.

He is a friend, that’s all, she tells herself. Though it is weird since they met on a dating app and have been constantly flirting ever since, it’s the truth all the same.

Just a friend.


“Which movie are we gonna watch tonight?”

She reads Jon’s text as soon as she closes her laptop. She grins and answers.

“Today is my choice and I choose Mean Girls.”

He complains but she knows he secretly enjoys it, having watched and paid attention to the chick flicks she chose before. When she discovered that he had never watched ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘Clueless,’ she told him “This is unacceptable and we need to marathon the classics right now.”

“Did you buy the wine we talked about?”

Dany confirms and sends a photo to him as proof. They both agree to start their movie session at nine her time, since he is one hour earlier because of the timezone.

Having time to kill, she feeds Drogon, takes a hot shower, washes her hair and does her skincare routine. She doesn’t put makeup on, or wear a special dress, she is at home after all, but she usually puts on nice jeans and a pretty sweater.

But while she is drying her hair in front of the bathroom mirror she decides to wear her nightgown. It’s black silk with lacy details; it isn’t short but the fabric ends at her mid-thighs. Jon is only going to see her top half though so she doesn’t change from her sleeping dress when it’s time to watch the movie.

She texts him when she is ready, having her wine and popcorn at her side. Not long after he calls her from facetime and she answers from her laptop, she sees that he is also settled on his couch with a bag of chips and the same wine as hers. He is wearing a black tshirt and grey sweatpants. As usual, his broad shoulders and defined arms stretch the fabric and she bites her lips involuntarily.

He is a friend, she tells herself, only a friend.

However, it’s hard to deny the fact that he is one of the most attractive men she has ever seen. It was the reason, after all, that made her swipe right on his Tinder profile. His messy curls look soft through the screen and her hands clench as she imagines running her fingers through them, to feel the contrast of his hair and his beard between her fingers and—

“Dany, what are you wearing?” She hears him ask.

She was so focused on his face that she missed his eyes, finally focusing on her. Jon is looking at her with his lips parted and eyes slightly widened, his cheeks seem to be a bit pink but she can’t say for sure since the dim light of his house and the internet connection doesn’t allow her to see him clearly.

“Oh it’s my nightgown,” she says, blushing, “I was tired today and I’ll sleep as soon as the movie ends anyway.”

“Oh—yeah—sure,” he stammers his words. “There is nothing wrong with it—just different from what you usually wear.”

“Oh.” He is still looking at her in a way she doesn’t know how to interpret.

They look at each other for what feels like an eternity, her cheeks turn bright red and just as she is about to find an excuse to wear an old shirt, his tv makes a sound. They unfreeze and Jon says, “The movie is about to start.”

Dany nods, but doesn’t speak. She also doesn’t pay attention to the movie. It’s not only that she has the movie committed to memory, but she also can’t help but stare at him every five seconds. He seems uncomfortable somehow, every so often he shifts in his seat, at one point he places a pillow in his lap. His bag of chips is completely forgotten by his side along with his glass of wine.

She also feels self-conscious. Usually, she lays with her head on the couch’s arm so he can only see her face but today she remains seated, awkwardly watching both him and the movie, her wine warming with the body heat in her hand.

“Are you alright?” she asks after a painful thirty minutes of silence.

“Yes!” he quickly answers.

“You look...distracted.”

“Not at all,” he says, but she doesn’t believe in him for a second. Her facial expression must have shown because he quickly amends, “actually I’m not feeling great. Do you mind if we watch the movie another time?”

She feels relieved and disappointed at the same time. Their movie session is one of the things she looks forward to every week.

“Yeah sure,” she says and pauses her movie.

Jon looks apologetic but relieved. Whatever he got must have bothered him all night, she thinks. Since her laptop is perched on her coffee table, she bends closer to the screen to say goodbye. Jon’s eyes widen again and this time she doesn’t miss the way he looks at her cleavage.

Dany’s cheeks burn again while he says with haste, “I’ll text you later.”

When he gets on his feet to close his laptop, she sees, because she couldn’t not see, his boner. His massive cock was perfectly shaped against the fabric of his sweatpants.

The call ends a second later but she remains frozen in her seat. Her mind conjures scenarios she definitely shouldn’t about her friend.

Jon was having a boner while watching a movie with her. She wonders if maybe she wasn’t alone in feelings.

He is her friend, and for all she knew, he could’ve had a boner for someone else. They never talked about deleting the app, even though she never checked it anymore since meeting him. Her heart does a strange pull at the thought. She doesn’t like it, but they also don’t have anything going on between them since they are thousands of miles away from each other.

Despite her thoughts and her heart, Dany touches herself before sleep, imagining it’s his hands touching her. His lips covering her body with bruising kisses, and she, licking his chest and sucking his cock. He looks so big she thinks she would choke on it, and the thought alone almost makes her cum, but it is the image of her riding him while his big hands grab her ass and help guide her movements that makes her see stars. Her skilled fingers caress her core, and she cums hard with his name on her lips, rubbing her clit and fingering herself.

She is breathless after it and glad for the dark room. When she closes her eyes to sleep, the last thing she sees are Jon’s eyes staring back at her.


Their texts for the next few days are sparse and Dany doesn’t know what to make of it. She feels a bit ashamed that Jon and his big cock have been the only thing she thinks of when she pleasures herself but she tries to not think too much about it.

They don’t mention what happened again, though he says that they should watch the movie again on their next movie night. She agrees but changes the subject quickly so both of them don’t need to rehash the events from last Friday.

Her Tuesday starts as a total nightmare. She presses “snooze” on her phone too many times and joins the first meeting of the day thirty minutes behind. Later she burns her lunch and sees that she forgot to buy more food for Drogon. After work, she is so stressed and bored that she decides to draw herself a bath, it’s scalding hot as she prefers.

Dany choses her favorite bath bomb, lights some candles, pours herself the wine she didn’t drink with Jon, and opens the book she has been procrastinating on reading ever since he recommended it to her. She feels herself relax as the minutes go by, the dim light and the book making her sleepy but a ding from her phone alerts her before she falls asleep.


She stares at her screen in shock. Does he? Does he want to—

But she is hot and bothered by their cold conversation from the last few days, and a bit horny—or maybe very horny from his suggestion—so she clicks on the camera icon on his contact.

Jon doesn’t miss a beat, answering right away. He looks beautiful, as always, and he is shirtless, she notices.

Dany doesn’t hide her stare when she looks at the screen. She bites her lower lips a bit before she says, “Hi.”

“Hey,” he answers, grinning.

“Are you still bored?”

“No, no I don’t think I’m bored anymore,” he says and flashes her a smile showing his white teeth.

She is aware that from the position she has her phone he can see a good portion of her breasts, her nipples are hidden by the foam but he still has ample view of her bosom. He also doesn’t hide his stare this time, even if his cheeks are slightly red. He licks his lips and with one of his hands he combs his black messy curls showing his muscled arms.

Dany immediately feels the heat pool in the pit of her belly. It’s ridiculous how fast he makes her wet, considering they have only seen each other through their screens.

She shifts in the bathtub, pressing her thighs together to relieve the tension building in her cunt but taking care not to show too much of herself to him.

“Don’t mind my greasy hair,” she says, looking at her messy bun at the top of her head. “I was too lazy to wash today.”

“You look absolutely beautiful,” he answers without missing a beat.

She blushes and smiles and sees his arm going down again. Jon is sitting on his bed if she would guess from the headboard. He has a warm yellow light on his face, making his eyes jet black; either that or his pupils are so dilated that she can barely see the grey of his iresis.

His arm moves, up and down, and it looks distinctly like he is—

“Are you touching yourself?” She blurts out.

Jon is so close to the screen she can see his cheeks turning even more pink, but he still holds her gaze while he says, “Do you want me to?”

“Yes,” she says with boldness, though her tone is breathy.

“Then I am.”

Dany gulps, the hand that is not holding her phone goes down her wet body, she pinches one of her nipples and gasps. The sound makes Jon grins.

“Touch yourself,” he commands softly, but firmly, and Dany follows his instruction.

Her fingers find her clit, and she starts to rub. She moans softly and he says, “that’s it, Dany, touch yourself for me.”

The way he says her name, voice husky with arousal, is so much better and sexier than the fantasies she touched herself to. She closes her eyes and gasps again. She sees his arm increasing in pace, and feeling more brave than she actually is, she sits upright in the bathtub and lowers her camera, seeing how his eyes darken while he bites his lower lips.

Fuck, Dany.”

Pleased with his reaction, she gets on her feet, being careful with the water and soap and gets out of the bathtub.

“Where are you going?”

“You’ll see,” she smirks. “But I want to see you first,” she adds boldly.

That gives him pause, and her heart skips a beat or two, thinking he is gonna end the call but Jon moves on his bed and changes the front camera to his back camera.

His cock is hard and heavy in his hands, glistening with precum. He moves his hands slowly along its length, teasing her, his thumb doing small circles along his throbbing head.

Fuck,” she whispers.

Yes, that’s what I want to do to you.”

She can’t see his face but his voice alone makes her shiver. Dany sits on the sink counter and opens her legs, one at the ground and one on the marble, and touches herself again. His cock is so big that it can barely fit on her phone screen.

It’s not nearly enough but she puts her index and middle finger inside her, imagining it is Jon’s cock instead. He strokes himself more firmly when he hears her groans.

“I want to see you too, Dany.”

She nods, not that he can see much since her phone camera is focused on her breasts, but she moves her leg a bit and changes her phone camera. He pauses again and curses under his breath. She smirks looking at the square on the screen.

She is showing all of herself to him, the bathroom mirror reflecting her naked body touching the middle of her legs. It’s a bit fogged because of her hot bath but he doesn’t seem to mind as he begins to pump himself again, more quickly than before. Her mouth waters at the sight.

“I want to feel you in my mouth,” she moans.

“Can you be a good girl and take all of my cock?”

“Yes,” she groans, feeling the way her cunt pulses at his praise.

“Yeah? What else do you want to do?”

“I want to lick your chest—ahh—and have you pull me by the hair and fuck my mouth.”

He curses under his breath again, hands moving to mimic hers, having his back camera turned to a mirror. She almost faints when she sees him all naked in front of the mirror, his defined abdomen clenching and contracting, his strong, muscular thighs open and showing his huge cock in his hands.

“And what else?” He asks, tone gravely.

“I want—fuck—to ride you—while I feel your hands all over my body—”


“And to sit on your face—ahh—and to feel your mouth on my skin, licking my breasts and licking my—”

Fuck—I want to know your taste, Dany.”

Jon.” she whines.

“And to—fuck you from behind—and feel your pussy clenching around my cock when you cum.”


“Yeah, and to have you scream my name.”

Dany moans again, starting to feel the telltale signs of her orgasm. Tension growing taut at the base of her spine, she increases the pace on her clit. A drop of sweat falls from her back but she continues her task, feeling more wet and hot than she has ever been in her entire life. It feels incredibly illicit and dirty to watch, and hear, and speak with him while they’re both masturbating.

His wet sounds spur her on, “Jon, I think I’m gonn—”

“Are you gonna be a good girl and cum for me?”


“Show me—let me see you from close.”

She lowers her phone then, but doesn’t slow down, her wet fingers working fast, pumping in and out of her while her thumb rubs her clit in a furious pace. She changes to her front camera again showing him what he wanted.

“Fuck, Dany, you’re so wet,” he says in a strangled voice, panting.

“Because of you,” she pants, “fuck—I want to sit on your cock so bad.”

I can’t wait for it.”

Jon,” she moans when she cums. She closes her eyes and sees little fireworks behind her eyelids, feeling goosebumps all over her skin. Dany makes an exceptional effort to not fall down from the counter, and not to let her phone fall from her hands.

Her fingers start to slow down but she doesn’t stop until she rides until the last wave of pleasure.

Jon is still going, though she can tell he is close. She’s mesmerized by her screen, from the close up view. When he frowns and scrunches his nose, his lips slightly parted and moans her name. The white, milky liquid spills all over his belly, but Jon doesn’t take long to focus on his face again.

His messy curls cling to his sweat-slicked skin but he looks sated and he has a stupid grin on his face as he lays on his bed with the phone in his hands.

She closes her leg and fixes herself on the counter, still sitting on it but now with her back to the mirror. She feels like coming down to earth again with her ragged breath returning to normal and feeling cold from her sweaty skin, but just like him she also has a goofy grin on her face.

“Hey,” he says to her again.


“That was amazing,” he tells her and quickly adds, “you’re amazing.”

Dany laughs, out loud, alone in her bathroom and Jon follows her. After a minute she catches her breath.

She feels slick between her thighs, her hair is down, sticking to her sweaty skin.

“I need to take a shower,” she says to him.

“Can I join you?” He says cheekily and as much as she wants him to see her wet and soaped up she knows it’s impractical to take a shower and hold her phone, and probably touch herself again.

“My phone’s battery is about to die.”

“Call me before you fall asleep, then?”

Dany smiles and nods, she puts her phone in its charger before she gets in the shower to clean up. Later, when she changes into her pajamas and tucks herself into bed, she calls Jon, just like she promised. She falls asleep to the soft lulls of his voice.