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[PODFIC] Sanguine, by jaemyun

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Sanguine by Jaemyun: Chapters 1-50


Thank you all for listening and commenting along <3

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Zhao Jing now gunning for first place in Name Most Likely to make me sound like I don't know how to pronounce it (because I don't). 

I might cave and call him 'Bob'...*whine* I only just got the hang of 'Zhou-' waaaaah


So anyway, Part 2: Chapters 5-8


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Part 3: Chapters 9-13 is here!

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Part 4: Chapters 14-17 --WARNING: Chapter 17 is porny.

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Part 5: Chapters 18-20 :) (Google drive will soon be full, so I will host future chapters on Mixcloud and Internet Archive)


Part 5: Google Drive


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Part 6: Chapters 21-24 :)

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Double update day!
Part 7: Chapters 25-29




thanks as well to Astra and El for sending audio pronounciation files for me to practice with 👍🏾 

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RIP ZJ. Your name was so annoying...sorry not sorry.

Part 8 - Ch. 30-33 :)


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Part 9 is ready :) Note Chapter 37 is porn. Fair warning.


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Content warning for Chapter 40: two characters believe that another character has been sexually assaulted. See original story for more information.


Part 10: Chapters 38-41

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Content warnings for Part 11: Threatened prostitution and threatened sexual violence. (Neither occurs). General gore and violence. See Jaemyun's original text for detail.

Specific chapters flagged: 43 and 44 (from 15 min, from 33 min)


Part 11: Chapters 42-45


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FINISHED! Hot Damn That Was A Good Story! We should all go and make offerings at the altar of Jaemyun.

All music was by Zi De Guqin Studio.

...Ok excluding the drumming, which was Taiko.

(Chapter 13 will contain the fill audio of chapters 1-50 for 14h15min of Sanguine pleasure)


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