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Mischievous Kiss

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“Have you seen him walking earlier at the school corridors?”

Takemichi heard one of the female students gushing at her classmate as Takemichi passed them by. He paid no attention to them as he kept walking ahead with his backpack slung on his left shoulder.

“Yeah! He looked kinda hot in that varsity jacket that he was wearing not gonna lie.” Her fellow classmate gushed back in a high-pitched voice which made Takemichi grimaced slightly.

“I mean this is Wakasa we’re talking about. You know one of those guys who just won being the prom king during our school prom last month and now being chosen as the face who will represent and advertise the seniors of this school in our school website.” Another female voice piped up from their conversation.

It made Takemichi paused in his tracks. But only briefly. He went back to walking again, going to his designated classroom.

Right. Imaushi Wakasa being the hot topic once again in their school for more than 2 years now. Ever since Wakasa transferred in their school as a sophomore high school student more and more people took notice of him and his presence became more visible. Takemichi was only a year under him so he was still a freshman back then when his popularity arose. Even if the guy himself was not that extraverted and conversed pleasantly with the other people, it’s his comely looks and intense yet alluring aura that pulled the attention on him. His glistening and short flaxen locks always held a gravity every time he walked, and his intense, mauve eyes held a glint beneath them that would make person crumble because of his penetrating gaze that could bore right through your soul.

But the most attractive part of his face was his smile. His damn smile that could raise some hell and heaven simultaneously.

Most of the time it was his lopsided grin and devious smirk that would make his fangirls swoon in delight and gushed like some mindless drones in high pitched voices because it added to his notoriety and reputation in school as the resident bad boy and his devil may care attitude.

Nevertheless, it was his winning smile that would made people flocked over to him like bees. It always worked especially in the advertisements of the school where his face was the chosen one to grace their website and urged people to enroll or even join their extra-curricular activities. Just a simple curved of his lips upwards and his entire face would transform into an ethereal beauty. His eyes would also crinkle and light upon his face. And no one could resist that features who beckoned them to try whatever he was advertising on.

If the word captivating would be in the form of a person, it would be in the form of Imaushi Wakasa.

And Takemichi had decided a long time ago that Wakasa was way out of his league and he probably didn’t know he existed as well.

Not that he minded of course. He was content with being a nobody in the school and he was still surprised that Hinata Tachibana, a popular classmate of his as well decided to confess to him ages ago.

And he had the audacity to reject her. He felt guilty with it. But what could he do? He wasn’t attracted to her and it doesn’t feel right to accept her feelings if he doesn’t feel the same way towards her.

He was still an ordinary high school student in the school although his junior years were now filled with strife with other students because of how the news spread that he rejected Hina and it wasn’t taken well by some of her classmates who clearly adored the school resident’s sweetheart.

He just thought to himself that he was going to graduate soon after he passed his junior and senior year with flying colors and he would be away in this place soon and start a new life all over. And it does help that his best friend Chifuyu was here to accompany him and made his days brighter and more bearable.

This was one of his days that was supposed to be ordinary, peaceful…and a bit boring to say the least.

But it wasn’t.

Since Takemichi had a bad habit of being ensconced inside his head when he was deep in his thoughts that the noises around his surroundings dwindled into nothing.

Chifuyu had warned him in the past that it’s a dangerous habit of his because it can land him into unnecessary situations or even accidents.

But would it make this an accident if he just landed right into the arms of the notorious bad boy into their school and slotted his lips directly against his own?

Takemichi will never forget this day. Because this marked the highest level of his stupidity and clumsiness.

In broad daylight at their school corridors, he tripped over his loose shoelaces and was on the verge of landing unceremoniously into the ground when someone caught one of his arms just in time making him automatically pulled that person down with him for support and leverage.

But only it didn’t.

What happened instead was they both came tumbling down into the ground with that person enclosing his arms on his body as if to protect him from the impact of the fall with Takemichi closing his eyes tightly and leaned clumsily on him making him smacked lips accidentally right into the other that made him froze in an instant.

The other guy stilled in his arms as he felt his warm lips slotting perfectly against his own.

With heart beating wildly inside his chest, Takemichi slowly opened his eyes only for it to widen for a fraction of seconds as he realized on who it was.

Those familiar amethyst orbs that could penetrate your soul with just a single, intense gaze. And those signature, messy golden locks of his that added a hint of alluring sensuality to his captivating face whenever he threw those mischievous grins along their way.

Imaushi Wakasa. The popular senior student in their school.

“Mmphh…!” Takemichi felt like his entire body shuddering in his arms as he felt the tight yet gentle grip on his waist.

Wakasa’s intent gaze was focused on Takemichi as Takemichi stayed trapped beneath him. He wasn’t moving away but he could feel Wakasa’s soft and warm lips synchronizing against his own, his hot breaths sent a dizzying sensation through his veins that almost made his senses drunk and dazed because of that delicious sensation spreading all over his body.

The faint murmurs of the people surrounding them and the snapping sounds of the camera jolted him out of his haziness and felt as if a cold water had been doused on him.

Takemichi broke away from their ‘accidental kiss’ and pushed Wakasa away, quickly standing up and dusting himself off while his face was burning in mortification.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

‘Why did this have to happen?!’ Takemichi’s mind was racing with mortifying thoughts as he tried to ignore the stares of the students and the snapping of photos right in front of him. He felt like a goddamn celebrity who’d been caught in a scandal with a high-end star.

Except that he wasn’t.

And he was already preparing a poor excuse of having a fever so that he can take an absent for the whole week just to save the remaining pride and dignity within him.

Even though he felt his knees were weak and jelly, Takemichi tried to keep them firm and was prepared to leave when Wakasa’s bored yet firm baritone voice made him stopped on his tracks and looked at him with wide eyes.

“Oi. Everyone shut up and stop taking pictures.” Wakasa eyed the unexpected audience in front of them disinterestedly but his expression told them on how serious he was.

The students automatically shut their mouths and quieted down as they put their phones and cameras away.

Well damn. Wakasa’s authority can rival that of their class president or even a principal.

That’s how charismatic he was.

Wakasa’s full attention was now trained on Takemichi which made him swallow thickly as he stayed there rooted on his spot as the other approached him leisurely.

“You okay?” His voice was airy and light which was in stark contrast on how authoritative he was earlier with the audience.

“Ah y-yes…” Takemichi wanted to slap himself for stammering like an idiot.

‘Damn it. Save some dignity for yourself you moron!’ Takemichi berated himself inwardly as he tried in vain to stop himself from blushing even deeper.

“That’s good. You should be more aware of your surroundings next time so that you won’t end up getting into an accident. But still, I’m sorry for that unexpected kiss. Didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” Wakasa replied soberly.

Takemichi quickly waved his hands away. “Ah no! No! you don’t have to apologize! It’s an accident as you say. Nobody wanted it to happen. Also, thank you for saving me from that fall…” Takemichi rubbed his nape sheepishly.

“I see…” Wakasa nodded before walking past him but not before stopping midway and whispered something in his ear that sent a jolt of delicious electricity on his nerves and heart hammering loudly inside his chest.

“But those lips of yours really felt heavenly against mine. Guess it’s my lucky day after all.” Wakasa shot him a devious smirk and a playful wink afterward leaving Takemichi dazed and stupefied.

Maybe Takemichi’s day wasn’t so bad after all. And this was one of those few times that he was thankful for his stupidity and clumsiness because it landed him to the arms of the captivating blond where it feels right.