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Put your lips close to mine, as long as they don't touch

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“And then I saw the cutest dog on my way, it was this little…”, Kara rambled on about her day. Across the couch with her head in her hand sat Lena, staring dreamily at Kara not listening to a word Kara was saying as her mind was faraway thinking when this dork she was head over heels over was finally gonna grow a pair and lean in again.

She wanted to let Kara take the first step because she knew Kara needed some time after her time in the phantom zone, the stress of Nyxly on top of that along with their recently healed relationship, Lena wanted Kara to be comfortable. And honestly it wasn't like she didn't make it clear where she stood with Kara since the start of their relationship, it isn't her fault that Kara was too oblivious for her own good.

After that hug from Kara's welcome back party (where Kara had literally leaned in!!) and the constant flirting going on since then plus all the time they're spending together every available minute, Lena thought Kara also liked her back; even the superfriends assured her of that much. But as more time passes she's not feeling all that confident about that now.

“Are you ever going to try to kiss me again?” Lena blurted out before her brain could actually process what she was saying.

Kara stopped mid sentence and gaped “Wha- Lena, what I- kiss you? I mean-”

“I mean I know you wanted to that day when you came back from you know where, but since then I've been waiting for you to make a move again but besides the normal flirting-”

“Flirting!?! Pfftttt! I'm not flir- I-wait- you know I wanted to kiss you that day when I came back from the phantom zone???” Kara asked, flinching a bit at the mention on the Phantom Zone even from her own mouth. Lena leaned forward and covered Kara's hands with her own, silently offering comfort.

“Kara, darling, you literally leaned in. it was pretty obvious, at least we thought so, Nia wouldn't shut up about it she made Brainy calculate how much you leaned in”

“Everyone else also knows?!?!” Kara said, still gaping like a fish.

“Everyone else was also there darling, did you forget that?”

“Oh, right. What do you mean she calculated how much I leaned in?”

“She asked brainy how much you leaned in and then wouldn't shut up about how you leaned in 8° on the group chat for weeks”

“I never saw any messages about that on the superfriends group chat?”

“Oh no, not that one its a separate group chat with Kelly, Nia and I”

“You guys have a group chat without me?” Kara pouted

“It's just a group chat where we complain about the idiots we are in love with” Lena said pointedly staring straight at Kara, raising an eyebrow.

Kara just tilted her head like a puppy and blinked at her.

“Nevermind.” Lena sighed and rolled her eyes, “Anyways we’re getting sidetracked, are you ever planning on kissing me?”

“I- yes, I mean no, no! Not, no, yes!” Kara groaned at her sudden disability at forming sentences, “ yes I will, I- I mean I want to, to- you know kiss you of course. God why can't I speak all of a sudden?”, she took a deep breath “ I want to kiss you. I always do, but I didn't even know you liked me?” Kara said that like she still wasn't sure if that was true.

Lena groaned internally, she's gonna have to spell it out for this adorable oblivious idiot. She's not even sure that's gonna work but she's gonna die trying.

“Kara, how can I be more obvious? I thought I was clear when I filled your office with flowers, I bought Catco for you, almost let phantoms take over national city to bring you back, literally asked you on several dates, you agreed to them with the exact words “it's a date” before you went on to say you loved our ‘friendship dates’” Lena rambled on exasperatedly, “I mean for heaven's sake I just asked you to kiss me!”

Kara just blinked at her, her mind going a million miles a minute. Lena just stared at her, and Kara could hear how fast her heart was beating.

There was just silence for what felt like hours but was probably just a few minutes.

Lena broke it when she finally couldn't take it anymore, letting out a huge sigh, picking up her chopsticks she just decided to change the topic, “Nevermind, forget about that. What were you saying about that do-”

Kara cut her off mid sentence by finally leaning in all the way and capturing Lena’s lips between hers.

Lena let out a squeak and froze, her brain shortircuited. She couldn't believe it, even after spending years dreaming about kissing Kara her brain still went into gay panic mode the moment Kara's lips connected with her. Her mind was loop of “KARA, KISS, LIPS, SOFT, GAY, GAY, GAY” set to a background on incoherent screeching.

She didn't even realize she had frozen when after a few seconds Kara started to pull away, apology already forming on her lip “Oh my god Lena I’m so sorry I thou-” that's when Lena’s brain finally kicked due to the fact that Kara's lips were no longer on hers, and that was just unacceptable. She reached out and grabbed the back of Kara's neck and pulled her back in. This time it was Kara's turn to let out a squeak of surprise before melting into the kiss.
They both sighed into the kiss as their lips slid against one another, fitting perfectly like they were made for each other. After everything Lena thought their first kiss would feel like the only word she could describe their kiss with was “home”, the kiss felt like coming home after a long day from work. She tightened her hand against the back of Kara's head as she tilted her head to deepen the kiss as a feeling of comfort, safety and belonging washed over, contrasting deliciously with the feeling like her whole body was on fire starting from the place where Kara had placed her hands on her waist and lower back. The sensations were so overwhelming yet so comforting that she felt like she was in a daze, only thought on her mind being ‘Kara’.

Slowly the kiss came to an end as they rested their foreheads against each other breathing heavily, huge smiles on their faces.

They stayed like that in comfortable silence for a few minutes before Kara broke it and asked, “would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow?” she paused “Like a date. Would you like to go on a date with me?

Lena chuckled, feeling giddy before answering, “Kara relax, I know what you meant and I would love to finally go on a date with you”

“Really?” Kara asked with a face splitting grin.

“Really. I can't even tell you how long I've been waiting for you to finally ask me that.” Lena said, doing nothing to hide her face splitting grin.

“I’m sorry it took me this long”

“For you I would happily wait another 5 years” Lena said sincerely.

Kara just looked at her tears in her eyes before softly whispering “Rao, I love you so much.”

Lena gasps, lips trembling, her eyes filling with tears too. She lunges forward and kisses Kara passionately again, whispering against her lips “I love you too. I love you so much”

In the end the wait was worth it, and she would do it all over again if it meant seeing the look on Kara's face when hearing those words leave her lips.