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Play Me Like a Video Game

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You padded into the living room and sat down on the floor next to Okuyasu and set two bottles of beer on the coffee table in front of you, pushing aside the paper plates of pizza to make room. “Okay, okay, I think we need some better rules this time—we got way too drunk last week.”

“I mean I guess,” he shrugged. “It was pretty fun though, don’t ya think?”

You paused as you recalled the highlights of the evening, which included drunkenly screaming at Okuyasu for blue-shelling you at the last minute, constantly throwing popcorn at each other as a distraction, and accidentally falling sleep on the floor together, both waking up with pounding heads and a craving for hash browns. “I mean yeah that was dope as hell, but let’s try to stay alert enough for most of the night, okay?”

“Oh okay, fine,” he pouted. “I guess maybe no shots this time?”

You sighed. “Okay, let’s stick with no shots, at least not til later. First rule—write this down, Oku—if you get red-shelled, you gotta take a drink. Okay, now you come up with one.”

He held the pencil to his lips while he thought. “Uhm, if you fall off the course, you gotta drink.”

You nodded. “Of course, that’s a must. How about if you get blue-shelled, you have to finish your drink—”

“And if you lose the race, you have to take something off!” He immediately clapped his hands over his mouth, realizing what had escaped his lips.

“Oku…what?” You were momentarily shocked, but not entirely surprised—you had thought that there was a weird energy between you last week, as your drunken shenanigans turned vaguely flirtatious. Was this what he had on his mind when he had playfully kissed your cheek when you pulled out a last-second win, or when you caught him staring when he thought you weren’t paying him any mind, or when he’d lingered just a little too long when he hugged you goodbye the next morning?

“N-no! I just thought it would be funny, I was just joking!” His tan face was beginning to flush.

“Oh really,” you said, eyebrow raised and arms crossed. “Well if that’s the case, then now we’re serious. That’s getting added to the rules.”

“Wh-what? Really?” What looked to be a wave of panic but with a hint of excitement washed over his face. “Why do we gotta add it?”

“Well, you said it so now it’s a rule. And rules are rules. Write it down.” You looked at him expectantly and sat in strained silence for a few moments while Okuyasu stared straight down at the piece of paper, occasionally looking up at you, hoping you would say you were kidding, until he scribbled it down.

“I…I think that’s probably enough to start with,” Okuyasu said quietly.

You smiled and grabbed your controller. “Well then let’s go, gamer! See if you can keep your clothes on.” The first race came easy to you—you’d been playing at home after work most nights, in preparation for your weekly race nights with Okuyasu, and learned a few tricks—you easily drifted and dodged your way to a win. “Alright loser, take it off!” you exclaimed as you leaned back against the couch, casually sipping your beer and tossing a pepperoni into your smug mouth.

“Okay fine,” he sighed, unzipping his hoodie and ripping it off, throwing it on the couch behind you. His t-shirt clung to his muscular body, and you found your eyes drifting over his well-built shoulders and were fascinated by how his forearm muscles twitched as he messed with the game controller. You quickly glanced back at the screen and got back to the game, realizing you were enjoying yourself a little too much—this was just supposed to be about getting to him, right? The next race was a more challenging course, and you both found yourselves swigging your beer as you got destroyed by the game’s NPCs. Still, Okuasyu managed to pull out ahead of you at the last moment, first pumping in the air as his character crossed the finish line. He turned to you, grinning widely. “Okay, your turn!”

You winked at him as you took a gulp of your beer and removed your bulky sweatshirt, revealing a soft white t-shirt underneath. You realized that as you had pulled the sweatshirt off, it had tugged your shirt up, exposing a sliver of belly. You started to pull your shirt down and glanced up, only to see Oku’s eyes trained on that hint of skin. “Don’t worry, there’s be plenty more where that came from,” you said teasingly.

“Wh-what? I wasn’t—I didn’t—I wasn’t lookin’ or nothin’!” he protested, his face turning a deeper shade of scarlet, as he quickly glanced back at the TV. You knew he would be easy to tease, but not this easy—a sliver of your tummy turning him into a mess? You decided to change your strategy and make it easier to give him what he clearly wanted. You entered the next race and found yourself “accidentally” falling off the course a couple times, and gosh, how did you keep managing to hit every banana peel on Rainbow Road? It was like you were cursed! After the race, you sat forward and pulled your t-shirt off over your head, pausing to stretch just a little more than was necessary, making sure that Okuyasu could get the best view of your soft cotton bra and naked torso, the slightest bit of the underside of your breasts peeking out under your bra. “How do I look?” you asked, twirling a strand of your hair between your fingers.

“Um, you look—oh wow. Y-you look good.” You saw his breathing quicken as he struggled to find words.

You started to feel a warmth growing between your legs—seeing Okuyasu reduced to a stammering mess was stirring something inside you, and you wanted to keep the tension growing between you. You put your all into the next race, and found yourself speeding past him to the finish line. You rolled back on the floor and kicked your legs in the air, celebrating your victory. “Alright Oku, your turn! Take it off!”

“Okay fine, that was a good win,” he said as he hurriedly started pulling off his grey t-shirt.

“Hey hey! Take it off…slowly,” you purred, feeling your own anticipation continuing to build, wanting—needing—to see him undress even more.

“Oh yeah?” he said, encouraged by your ever-more-obvious desire, with the level of bluster and confidence you were used to. “You wanna see all this?” He slowly, teasingly peeled his t-shirt off, pausing for a moment as it reached the top of his abs so you could get an unobstructed view, then took his shirt off the rest of the way and threw it behind him on the couch. He looked at the floor, a little embarrassed. He looked up at you and could clearly see the enjoyment on your face. He gave a wide grin, clearly not too mad at the attention to his physique. “Oh, what, you like what you see?” He chuckled and flexed his bicep. You reached over and gave his arm a squeeze, biting your lower lip as you softly moaned. You felt that ache between your legs grow even more the longer you teased each other, and you locked eyes for a moment, feeling yourself instinctively leaning into him, eyes closing slightly, your face nearly grazing his.

“H-hey okay, let’s get back to the game,” he gulped, pulling away from you a bit. “Maybe I’ll let you win one this time.” It was hard for him to let you win, as you did everything possible to stay in last place—including fumbling with your controller, stopping to eat pizza while your character sat motionless on the raceway, and driving in front of every red or green shell you saw start to whiz past you.

“Aw, shit!” you exclaimed as you came in dead last, “I can’t believe I lost again!” You shrugged. “Oh well, guess I gotta find something else to take off!” You got up on your knees and unbuttoned your jeans, then slowly unzipped them while you looked Okuyasu directly in the eyes. You slowly slid them down over your hips, then sat back on the floor to peel them off your legs. You watched out of the corner of your eye as Okuyasu scanned down the length of your legs, clad in striped knee-high socks, as you undressed. You gave a little kick to toss the jeans across the room, and turned to see that familiar blush taking over Okuyasu’s face. “Wow,” you said, teasingly pushing against his leg with your foot, “I don’t have much left to take off, Oku. Hope I don’t lose another one, I’ll end up naked.”

“I…but you...” He was at a loss for words, and put one hand behind his head as he was reduced to a quiet nervous laughter. “I guess ya gotta try harder then or else you’ll be…you’ll—you’ll be…well ya know…”

Somehow, despite your best efforts, you won the next game. This wasn’t according to plan—you had intended on your bra being the next thing to go and were aching with excitement over how he would react—but seeing Oku strip wasn’t half bad either. “Come on, you lost,” you said, “you gotta take something off.” He reached down to start taking his socks off and you stopped him. “Really? I’m sitting here in next to nothing and you’re gonna take your socks off? C’mon, you can do better than that.”

“Just give me a second,” he said, as he rested his arms on his knees, his legs pulled close to him.

“Okuuuu! Come on, take it off!”

“I said just give me a sec!”

“Oh come on, I’ll help you.” You crawled over on your knees and pushed at his legs which were now pulled tightly to his chest. “Come on!” He slowly lowered his legs and you realized why he demurred at taking off his pants—he had a very clear bulge in the front of his pants. His head was turned to look away from you, his face the most flushed it had been all night. You felt your core throb with longing at the sight, but tried to keep yourself composed. “So, I guess all this teasing worked?”

“Oi! You don’t have to make fun, you just look really good.” He turned to gaze at you. “I—I can’t help it.”

“It’s okay, I consider it a compliment,” you said, still eying the erection straining against his jeans, as you laid one hand on his chest and felt his heart racing. “Can I touch you?”

He nodded and grabbed your hand, pressing it against his clothed member. You gently rubbed your hand over the hardness, feeling his cock noticeably twitch under your touch, and he sighed deeply as he shut his eyes. He thrust his hips just slightly up into your hand, as you continued to palm him and feel him throb through the rough denim. “Hold on, let me take these off,” he said. He quickly slid his jeans off and you admired the tent in his boxers, seeing it bob a bit as your hand returned to his thigh and inched upwards.

“Do you want to keep playing, Oku?” you asked, your hand drifting ever closer to his aching manhood.

“I don’t—I mean I guess—uhm should we…” he trailed off.

You placed your hand on his shoulder. “What do you say we just pretend we raced again, and I lost?” You reached behind your back to unhook your bra, and clumsily fiddled with the hooks, putting on quite a show that you were struggling so much with this darned hook. “Gosh, Oku I’m having the hardest time with this—can you help me?”

He gulped. “Y-yeah, okay.” He wrapped one hand around your back, and started groping to undo the hooks.

“Do you want me to turn around so it’s easier?” you asked.

“No, lemme do it, I got it.” He finished undoing the clasps, and his breathing grew more rapid and his hands trembled a little as he slowly pulled the bra straps down your arms, revealing your soft breasts. You grabbed one of his hands and raised it to your chest. “Ffffuck,” he muttered quietly as he reached his other hand up and began massaging both of your breasts, delicately holding and kneading them in his warm, shaking hands. He rolled your nipples between his fingers, and you felt your cunt pulse and flood with wetness, your panties quickly becoming a sopping mess. You let out a soft moan as he continued to caress your chilled skin and knead you in his hands. He stopped and looked you in the eyes, asking huskily “Can I—can I kiss you?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

You climbed into his lap, his strong hands still gripping your chest, and straddled him as you hurriedly pressed your lips to his. His mouth was warm and inviting, his lips softer than you’d imagined, and he quickly plunged his tongue into your mouth. He raised a hand to your face and caressed your cheek as your tongues danced, and you started grinding your still-clothed slit against the erection that was straining against his stiff cotton boxers. He groaned loudly into your mouth as you moved your hips against him, feeling the growing wetness in your panties start to stick to his boxers, causing the coarse fabric to drag against his sensitive cock. “Oh please, please,” he said, barely above a whisper, his face pressed into your skin as he planted rough kisses down your jaw and neck, “can we?”

You briefly stopped pulled back to look at him; you could see the hunger in his eyes, the need to feel himself inside of you. “You want to do this?” you asked through panting breaths.

He nodded vigorously.

That was all you needed—you were desperate to satisfy the yearning deep in your dripping cunt. You reached down and unbuttoned his boxers, freeing his aching, rock-hard cock. You gripped him in your fist and gave him a few quick pumps, feeling slick precum coating the head; you were stunned at how thick he was, and felt yourself tremble at the thought of fitting him inside you. You slid your panties to the side and rubbed your soaked pussy lips over his engorged cock head, letting it push against your swollen clit, then rubbed your wetness along the length of him. He let out a deep moan, “Oh please doll, you’ve been teasing me all night, can’t ya please put it in you?”

You gladly obliged, and guided his cock to your waiting entrance, then slowly lowered yourself onto him, taking in every inch of his manhood; you shuddered as you felt him fill your greedy hole completely, a pained moan escaping you as you felt his fullness stretching every last bit of you.

Okuyasu grabbed your shoulders, and looked at you with concern. “Y-you okay? Did I hurt ya?”

“You did, but it’s okay, it’s a good hurt,” you whimpered.

He smiled and pulled you towards him for another hard, passionate kiss, his one hand tangled in your hair as he held the back of your head to keep your face pressed against his, the other placed lightly on the small of your back. You rocked your hips back, lowering yourself onto him, and began slowly rocking on his cock while you kissed, your rhythm picking up in speed as he grazed every one your most sensitive spots with his girth. He pulled you close, wrapping his arms around you, and started to push himself up into you along with your rhythm, trying to feel himself as deep inside you as you could possibly handle. You whimpered as Okuyasu more violently thrust up into you, his length hammering against your cervix, sending delicious shockwaves of pain through you as your needy hole flooded, and your juices coated his cock and drenched his thighs. “You’re so wet, fuck,” he said through clenched eyes and gritted teeth, letting out a low moan that you felt deep in your aching core.

He desperately kissed and sucked at the tender skin of your neck, leaving marks of where he had been, and growled as he bit into the soft flesh of your shoulder. The pain rushing through your body was what you needed to send you over the edge, and pleasure began to overtake you, your abdomen tightening up until you thought you would scream. Then sudden, explosive release, your cunt spasming as you screamed out for Oku, saying his name over and over again as he continued to plunge his hardness into you, your tremors gripping him and pulling him into you even deeper. As you rode out the last waves your orgasm, his aching cock pulsed and you heard a deep moan echo in his chest. “So close, ‘m so close,” he repeated as his thrusts became more jagged and frantic, and he panted hard as he reached down and gripped your hips with a painful intensity. “Oh shit oh shit oh sh—“ he groaned noisily as his hips bucked into you, and he throbbed hot ropes into your already soaking-wet hole. He threw his arms around you and pulled you tight against his sweat-covered chest, panting into your shoulder and covering your neck in small, gentle kisses as he continued to slowly thrust into you, making sure your depths received every last bit of his cum.

He pulled back and placed a hand on either side of your face and kissed you deeply and softly, a sigh escaping his lips as he stopped and grinned. You were both coated in a sheen of sweat, your thighs were warm and sticky, and your panties (as well as his boxers) were utterly soaked with each other’s juices. “Well, now what?” he asked, still working on catching his breath.

You smiled sweetly as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Wanna play again? Let’s say…the loser owes the other a kiss?”

“Shit yeah,” he smirked, “I’ll give you more than that if you win.”

“Ooh, like what?” you asked, biting your lower lip.

He reached down and grabbed both of your ass-cheeks in his hands and squeezed tightly, pushing his hips up into you as he did. “Well, let’s race and you’ll find out, won’t ya?”