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Hungry Like The Wolves

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Night fell as the bright moon watched Chisato. She walked on the path most people wouldn’t dare to take. The one with a treacherous road that would cause her to trip, making her vulnerable to dark creatures that would rip her to shreds as their next meal. She would have brought her loyal, golden-haired friend who would be able to protect her from such threats, but perhaps she liked the danger of being in such an area all alone. She felt little shocks going down her spine, her heart beating faster than usual in her chest.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the snap of a fallen branch, followed by rustling and heavy footsteps that belonged to one of the beasts of the woods. She turned around to the source of the noise, and saw a pair of red eyes stare at her. While others would run, she approached them instead with exasperation. She knew very well the monster they belonged to and was not afraid.

“Kaoru!” She yelled, “Get out of the bushes, I know it’s you!” A lithe young woman then emerged from the shadows. Her ears and claws showed she was not human, and her red eyes lost their harsh glow and instead glinted with a sort of playfulness.

“My apologies, I did not mean to frighten you, my love.” She said in her usual elegant tone that belied a sense of wildness. “I merely wanted to be sure it was you.” She added, with her ears folded down as she said it.

She sighed and patted her head, smiling as Kaoru’s expression changed from sheepish to delighted.

“Where is Sayo?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Racing around with Hina. It’s her way of releasing excess energy, as she gets very nervous during the full moon, and not to mention this...” Kaoru paused and took a deep breath. Chisato noticed her face was red and beaded with sweat. Did she have a fever?  Did werewolves even get sick? She placed a hand on Kaoru’s forehead, who flinched for a moment before leaning into the touch.

“Kaoru, are you okay? Why are you feverish?” Kaoru answered her, “My apologies, for worrying you,” she paused again as her cheeks reddened even more, “‘tis a natural cycle of us lupines to ah--- feel the need to mate.”

“Is that why you’re half-transformed right now?” 


Kaoru nodded, “Until the time passes, or if we have satiated our desires, we will not have much control over our transformations.”

Chisato felt her cheeks heat up even more at what Kaoru had just said. She had remembered how her mother warned her that some young girls had been seduced by Kaoru and Sayo’s kind. They would release pheromones to look for potential mates and would whisk them away, never to be seen again. But she knew these two very well. They would not hurt a fly, much less her.

Besides, her experiences with them showed that she was in charge. 


Without hesitation, she asked, “Do you need help?”


Kaoru, surprised at her directness, blushed and sputtered, “I-It is not really necessary---.” Still, Chisato was concerned about leaving her alone like this. She wondered how Sayo was holding up with her sister, and hoped that she was doing fine too.

Well, might as well take care of problems that she can right now.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

“But, we haven’t exactly done it yet like this…” Kaoru said.

Kaoru did have a point there, but right now she cared more about her comfort than her own.

Setting down her basket, she pulled out a blanket and laid it down on the grass and sat down, gesturing for Kaoru to join her. The wolf gulped and hesitantly joined her on the ground. Chisato immediately straddled her, and Kaoru let out a yelp at the action. She began to unbutton her shirt and eased it off of her semi-transformed body, which was followed by her trousers, revealing the wolf’s cock.

It was thicker than what Chisato was familiar with. Kaoru was long and her girth was decent enough, but this? This was something else entirely. Whereas she could easily wrap her hand around it when she was in human form, this one she could barely wrap her fingers around it. She also saw the bulge near the base of it, and remembered that when wolves mated, they had a “knot” to tie down their partner. She gulped, and wondered if she would be able to take it in completely. She was distracted from her thoughts by a tug on her blouse as Kaoru asked. “May I?”

Chisato nodded, and watched as Kaoru fumbled with the buttons with her half-transformed hands. Kaoru growled as she grew frustrated over the blouse, barely undoing the first button. Chisato let out a small laugh and said, “Don’t ruin my clothes now.” She gently pushed away her hands and undid the blouse herself, throwing the garment into the basket. Her skirt followed shortly, and she was left naked and vulnerable in the dark forest, at the mercy of the wolf.

Kaoru’s body was more honest with what she wanted, with her cock standing at attention. While she had her share of such wanton encounters with Sayo and Kaoru, she never really saw them like this. She felt heat rise in her core the more she stared at it. She wrapped her hand around it and began to slowly stroke the member, eliciting whimpers and growls from Kaoru.

“How cute…” She remarked.

Kaoru folded her ears once more and hid her face in her neck and began to nuzzle it, and nip at it, and said, “You smell quite lovely, dear.”


Chisato’s cheeks reddened, “Quiet, you,” she said and pulled her in for another kiss.

She sat on top of Kaoru’s lap and grinded against her cock, holding onto her shoulders for support. Kaoru let out a satisfied groan as Chisato moved on top of her. Preparing herself to take in her cock, Chisato noticed Kaoru’s tail wagging excitedly as she sank down onto the length. Kaoru whimpered as she felt the tight, wet, heat surrounding her cock.

“Kaoru!” Chisato gasped as she took in the enlarged member. 


Kaoru held on to her, “You feel so good…” she growled, savoring the tight feel of her.

Chisato steadied herself, placing her hands on Kaoru’s fur-covered stomach and began to move, with Kaoru bucking up intermittently. 


Chisato felt herself being stretched by Kaoru’s thicker than usual length, taking a slow pace for now to adjust properly and rode her gently. Kaoru was usually patient and tender, letting her take the lead and caring more for her pleasure than her own. Tonight, however, she was unusually impatient. Kaoru gripped her hips for more control, and built up a slow, unsteady rhythm that gradually became faster and more frantic. Chisato felt so full, and while she would prefer it if Sayo were here with them, she did not mind if it was just the company of one of her favorite dogs for now. 


Kaoru was also rather nippy today, as she bit at her neck and left marks all over her breasts and collarbone.

“Hey, behave a little now.” She teased. Kaoru could only growl and kiss her in response as she continued her fast pace of thrusting. Chisato could only moan as she felt Kaoru’s cock slam into her over and over again.


Kaoru’s tail wagged as her thrusts became more erratic. Chisato slammed herself down and took in all of Kaoru, tears pricking her eyes as she first felt pain which was then quickly overtaken by pleasure. Kaoru pulled her into a heated kiss, as she felt a warm flood inside of her as her vision went white.

As she came down from her orgasm, she tried to lift herself off of Kaoru, only to feel her movement being restricted.

Shit, she thought. Kaoru had knotted her.


She felt the thick member stop her from removing herself from her lap. Tied down, she winced at having the knot grow at full size in her. Kaoru rubbed her back and asked her, “Are you okay?” Chisato nodded, as Kaoru partially transformed herself to make herself warmer so that Chisato wouldn’t get cold.

Chisato laughed, “I’m glad to see you’re able to transform again,” then she tried to separate herself again from Kaoru. “But you can’t get this thing down?”


“I’m sorry, it will be there for a while.” Kaoru said. Chisato then leaned on her as she left gentle kisses along her neck and collarbone. 


“Are you in any pain?” Kaoru asked.

“I’m fine, I’m just not used to... well… this.” Chisato gestured to where they were currently attached. Kaoru, with a hint of sheepishness in her voice said, “As am I…”  She lay down with Chisato on top of her and they decided to relax for the moment. Then Kaoru’s ears perked up.

Chisato heard a rustling noise again, and she felt a shiver run down her spine. She looked at Kaoru.

“Kaoru, what was that?” She asked, a hint of worry evident in her tone.

Kaoru sniffed at the air and answered, “Worry not, it’s someone we know.”

“Who could be in the woods at this time?!” She asked, mildly panicked.

A voice called, “Seta-san!” Another werewolf emerged from the shadows, this one with a teal coloration and mint green eyes. 


“Sayo, you’ve arrived just in time!” Kaoru greeted her energetically, as if she wasn’t winded from her earlier activity.

She noticed the naked form on top of Kaoru, “Shirasagi-san!?!?”

At that, Chisato remembered her lack of clothing and awkwardly greeted Sayo, “H-hello, Sayo-chan...” She sheepishly said.

“It is quite inappropriate for the two of you to be here!” Sayo exclaimed.

Sayo looked away, her cheeks red, and asked, “W-Why is Shirasagi-san... naked, exactly?”

Kaoru’s cheeks reddened as well, “A-ah, um, Chisato just helped me tide over the effects of our wilder nature.” Sayo blushed and was rendered speechless, then quickly regained her composure as she proceeded to scold them.

“Seta-san!” Kaoru folded her ears.

“You should know that Shirasagi-san will get cold easily!” Chisato’s cheeks reddened.  

“And what if the two of you were still like this, and someone else sees you!” She gestured to the two, still attached by the loins. 

Chisato shivered at that point. Sayo stopped her lecture and walked over to them, and her face was full of concern. Kaoru wrapped her arms around Chisato, and said “You were right Sayo-chan, she is getting cold,” and then said, “Do help me keep her warm.”

Sayo nodded and immediately embraced the both of them. They switched into a comfortable position with Chisato sandwiched between them for warmth while waiting for the knot to go down.

Some minutes later, Chisato felt something poking at her. “Sayo? What’s that poking me?” Sayo blushed, and Chisato remembered that she was experiencing her rut too. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you too.” At that statement, Sayo hid her face as her own erection began to rise.

When Kaoru finally managed to pull out, Chisato wasted no time lavishing attention on Sayo. It seemed that Kaoru had the same thought as her, as she helped Chisato settle into Sayo’s lap.  Chisato began to unbutton Sayo’s shirt and tossed it into the basket as well. She helped Sayo out of her own pants and saw her erect cock, and noted that it too was bigger than what she normally saw. While Sayo was a bit shorter than Kaoru, she was a bit thicker as well, and Chisato could not wrap her whole hand around the length. Kaoru noticed this and wrapped her furry hand around Sayo’s cock and stroked her as gently as possible.

“Come, Sayo-chan.” Chisato wrapped her arms around Sayo’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss. Sayo reciprocated enthusiastically and moaned into the kiss as Kaoru sped up her hand slightly. Chisato leaned onto Kaoru’s fur-covered chest as she and Sayo continued their heated kiss. When she felt a hand play with her clit, she moaned into the kiss and felt herself grow wetter. When Chisato was ready, she sank down onto Sayo and heard a growl from her. She noticed Sayo's tail wagging as she entered her, and remarked, “You’re quite adorable, Sayo-chan.”

“S-Shirasagi-san…” Sayo blushed, and Chisato gave her a small kiss. Kaoru let out a small whimper, causing Chisato to giggle as she turned around to kiss her too. then Kaoru leaned in to kiss Sayo as well. Sayo’s face reddened even more. Sayo then began to move under Chisato, and started to kiss her neck. On top of the marks Kaoru had already made, Sayo decided to leave more as well, biting her roughly but leaving soothing kisses after. She was also impatient tonight, and after a few gentle and slow thrusts, she started to thrust harder and faster, hitting deeper into Chisato each time. Were it not for Kaoru holding onto her, she surely would have collapsed on top of Sayo’s lap. Chisato moaned loudly as Sayo gave a particularly deep thrust, to which Kaoru said, “You’re doing wonderfully, Sayo, don’t stop now.” Sayo blushed furiously, and hid her face in the crook of Chisato’s neck.

Kaoru praised her again, “Do you hear that? Chisato is making all those noises because of you.” Sayo felt herself turn into a puddle as she took pleasure in the tight wetness of Chisato and Kaoru’s compliments.

“Seta-san… t-that’s quite enough.” Sayo’s cheeks turned redder and before Kaoru could praise her some more, she kissed her. Sayo pulled away to smile at Kaoru’s blushing face.

“Focus on Shirasagi-san first, Seta-san.” She said,


Kaoru nodded, and Sayo kept up a quick pace as Kaoru left playful kisses on Chisato’s nape. Kaoru used one hand to steady Chisato while the other roamed up and down her body, fondling her breasts and playing with her clit. Chisato felt painful bites on her neck as Sayo mercilessly rutted her over and over while Kaoru stroked her clit. Despite being a little bit rougher than usual, Sayo and Kaoru were still gentle all the same, as they left soothing licks and soft kisses. They whispered into her ears and to each other soft declarations of love which brought Chisato closer and closer to the edge.


With one particularly hard thrust, Chisato was down, and she no longer had the energy to lift herself off of Sayo. Noticing this, Kaoru lifted her by the hips and helped her move on top as Sayo continued to thrust without mercy into her. Sayo gave another deep and hard thrust and felt the knot swell inside of her as Kaoru steadied Chisato on Sayo’s lap building her up to her second orgasm of the night as Sayo knotted her down and flooded her with warmth. It took a minute for the three of them to catch their breaths as they got into a comfortable position while waiting for Sayo’s knot to go down.

Once Sayo was able to pull out, they settled Chisato between them, both nuzzling her and leaving kisses on her neck. The two of them wagged their tails as they held her in their arms. The three relaxed in silence before Kaoru asked,

“Are you okay, Chisato?”

“Were we too rough?” Sayo followed up. The two looked at her with puppy eyes. She sighed and scratched both of them under the chin and smiled, she said “I’m fine, don’t worry.” Their ears perked up and their tails wagged even more. The two howled and they began to pepper her with kisses.

“Whoa!” Chisato laughed, “H-hey now, that tickles~.”

They briefly stopped and Sayo said, “Thank you, Shirasagi-san.” 


“Indeed, you have helped us immensely.” Kaoru said.


Chisato smiled at them, “Of course, but…” Inspecting the bite marks on her breasts, she said “Next time, I’m muzzling the both of you.” The two folded their ears and made small whimpering noises.

“Chii-chan!” they whined.

“I’m kidding, you two.”

Chisato scratched their ears and patted their heads, “Both of you are good girls.” Chisato cuddled her girlfriends, and thought to herself. “That wasn’t so bad, maybe I’ll do it again sometime.” She settled in between them, their soft fur warm to the touch. The more she relaxed in their arms, the heavier her eyelids grew and soon she slumbered off.



“Seta-san, she fell asleep.” Sayo gently nudged Kaoru, “She can’t sleep here.”

“Where shall we go?” Kaoru asked. 


Sayo thought for a while, then said, “Maruyama-san is one of her friends. She’s the closest one we can go to, right now.”

“Good idea, Sayo-chan.” She said, “We must dress with haste, then. She must wake up in a warm bed.”


The two dressed as quickly as possible, before Sayo asked, “Um… Seta-san? How will we dress Shirasagi-san?” 


They stared briefly at the naked Chisato, before opting to wrap her in her cloak, and packing her clothes in with her other belongings in the basket she carried. 


Kaoru carried the sleeping Chisato in her arms, and said, “Shall we go now?”

Sayo nodded, “Yes.”

The two sped away to Aya’s house as fast as they could without disturbing their tired lover. Once they arrived, Sayo knocked on the door and was surprised to be greeted by her sister...

“Hi, Onee-chan!”

… who answered the door as naked as the day they were born.

“H-Hina?!” Sayo exclaimed in surprise. “Sayo-chan, perhaps not so loud...?” Kaoru said, “... m-my apologies.”

“Hina...!” Sayo whispered as quietly as possible, being careful to not awaken Chisato.


“Oh, hey, Kaoru-kun!” Kaoru flashed a smile before averting her eyes away from Hina.

Hina looked over at Kaoru, and saw Chisato sleeping in her arms. “Is she the reason you two were howling tonight?”

The two blushed and didn’t answer. Hina took their silence as a yes and smiled widely, “Ooh! I knew you two had a girlfriend!”

Sayo changed the subject, “A-ahem. Where are your clothes?”

“Oh, I was busy with Aya-chan!” Hina said candidly. 


Sayo pinched the bridge of her nose. “... I see. Then, do you mind if--”

Hina grabbed Sayo’s arm, dragged her into the house, with Kaoru carrying Chisato in her arms following suit, and yelled. “Aya-chan! Onee-chan is here with Kaoru-kun!”

A figure then stumbled out of the bedroom into the living room, covered only by a bedsheet.

‘Hina-chan, what---” She paused, and noticed the three new guests, and decided to run back into the bedroom to dress up. She came back wearing pyjamas and noticed a sleeping Chisato, who was laid down on the couch by Kaoru.

“Chisato-chan!” Aya rushed over to Chisato, and checked her friend for any injuries. “W-who did this to her?”

“They did!” Hina pointed at Kaoru and Sayo, who nudged her. “The same way I do you!”

Aya blushed at Hina’s words. Sayo then coughed and got her attention, “Excuse us, but would you mind if you let Shirasagi-san stay here for the night?”

Aya nodded, “Of course, you can bring her to the spare bedroom.”

“Awwwww, I thought we were gonna do it all night!” Hina pouted. Sayo shot a stern look at her twin, before she and Kaoru brought Chisato to the spare bedroom. Putting her in the bed and pulling the covers over her, the two kissed her cheeks and said, “Good night.”