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Breezier Hedgehogs

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Disclaimer: I do not own Sonic the Hedgehog, or any of its associated characters and lore.


Breezier Hedgehogs


Under Ground Zone, South Island, Acorn Archipelago, Earth

A hot mining area underneath the surface of South Island, the Under Ground Zone had become the battleground between Sonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Eggman's Badniks of his Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad. Thankfully, the S-6, even with the Egg Antlion, were no match for Sonic as always, and he even rescued a damsel in distress to boot.

"You okay, Miss?" Sonic asked the rescued victim without turning to her direction at first, confidently enjoying the way he took out the S-6 members holding her hostage in quick fashion as ever.

"I am now, thanks to you!" The young lady answered enthusiastically to her hero, prompting the Blue Hedgehog to turn to her direction at last.

"Cool." Sonic started to say before he finally got a good look at his newest rescue and noted that the slightly taller Hedgehog with aqua green fur, long quill gatherings that resembled long hair, and purple irises in a red dress, white undershirt, and red high heels was a real beauty to behold. Quickly restraining himself from expressing a blushing look, especially when he remembered that Eggman captured his best friend, Miles ''Tails'' Prower, Sonic then said with a grin. "I gotta go save my best bud from a fat maniac, so see ya!"

"No!" The female Hedgehog yelped in seeming dismay which brought Sonic's surprised attention back to her. "What if these terrifying Badniks come after me again?" Before the Blue Hedgehog could respond to her fear of the S-6 of all things, or even why they were holding her hostage in the first place, the female added sweetly with flushing eyelids. "Take me with you? Please?"

Getting his thoughts back in order once again at the sight he was seeing, Sonic finally shrugged. "Eh, all right." Holding the female in his arms, he then said before running at superspeed. "Hang on tight!" As he ran, however, he then realized something. "By the way, you probably already know who I am, but my name's Sonic the Hedgehog."

Showing an apparently sincere smile, the Aqua Green Hedgehog replied. "My name is Breezie. Breezie the Hedgehog."

"Breezie, huh? Pretty name for a pretty girl." Sonic could not help but say, and winced a bit at his words before hearing Breezie laugh good-naturedly.

"I get that a lot. You're pretty good-looking yourself, too."

Feeling energized from her compliment, Sonic then continued to be on his way to rescue Tails from Eggman with a new companion alongside him.


Aqua Lake Zone

Having passed their way through the Sky High Zone together, where they honestly enjoyed the gliding in-between the Badnik attacks, Sonic and Breezie soon found themselves in the Aqua Lake Zone. Although Sonic admitted that the local fountains were nice to look at, as a non-swimmer, he was never comfortable in watery areas, information Breezie took to heart seemingly innocent, when in fact, she was saving that knowledge for the right opportunity to strike, if the Doctor needed her to act.

It was not meant to be personal, but Breezie expected Eggman to reward her a fortune for her troubles, and so long as she took care of herself, then everything would be fine.

However, for all her scheming, Breezie did not expect the Aqua Lake Zone to be challenging to travel through. While the two were making their way underwater to the next Zone in an Air Bubble, she accidentally slipped out and hit her head on the surrounding cavern walls. Having fallen unconscious, Breezie was understandably surprised to wake up back on the surface drenched yet alive.

"You okay, Breezie?" She heard Sonic's voice ask her in concern. Turning to his direction, Breezie saw the Blue Blur similarly soaked.

Breezie could almost feel her jaw slacken at the sight as she uttered. "Sonic? You swam? To save me?"

Sonic turned away sheepishly as he replied. "It felt more like pushing myself through water than real swimming, but I somehow managed." As an afterthought, he then added. "I actually thought you weren't breathing, so I gave you mouth to mouth." Upon realizing what he just admitted, the Blue Hedgehog then got flustered at Breezie's look of surprise. "Well, that is, I hope you're fine with that?"

Hearing how unsure Sonic was, Breezie's expression was replaced with a more positive one as she stood back on her feet and then leaned down to kiss him on the lips. Once the kiss broke up, she showed the stunned Blue Blur eyes of gratitude and affection. "Thanks for saving me, sweetie."

Sonic turned away embarrassed. "Uh, no problem. Always happy to help."

While Sonic was not looking, however, Breezie, immediately feeling guilty for her manipulation, throw her Eggman listening device, waterproof as it was, into the nearby fountain. While she did not know how to confess her role to Sonic right then, she did promise to herself to admit it to him once Tails had been recognized. For a brief moment, Breezie could not help but think about the payday she had thrown away, but upon looking back at Sonic, who genuinely smiled at her, she instead thought better of it.

'I guess money isn't everything, after all.' She summarized to herself.


I guess this one-shot can be considered to take place in Archie Sonic's Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity, but with Breezie the Hedgehog following the footsteps of her Adventures counterpart as you can read here. Lost Hedgehog Tales would be an appreciated sight to see, if I may add.

I thought about adding more scenes from the 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game and then wrapping this up at Casino Park later in the Post-SGW timeline, where Breezie's Breeze Media still became a thing, but I ultimately decided to cut back for the sake of argument. I just have so many other things to do.