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―Oh crap! ―Ava cleaned with her palm the drop of sweat falling from her forehead impatiently. ―No, I’ll get it! ―She watched as Deborah yelled at Josefina after she offered to help. Ava tried to speak but noticed her boss wasn’t paying attention to her anymore.

Entranced, she couldn’t find the words to tell her how little time they had to work on the set for tonight. It was ridiculous. Who had a drinks fountain in their kitchen anyway?

Ava stopped in her tracks as Deborah rolled up the sleeves of her flowered shirt and knelt in front of her.

The shirt was glued to her skin in the middle of her back, and Ava watched as her defined muscles tightened. I suppose getting up at six in the morning to exercise really pays the bills, Ava thought. The heat made her dizzy and she licked her lips when she noticed the muscles in Deborah’s arms flexing to get the valve open. She followed the path of a vein along her right arm until it reached her hand, moving with strength and determination. Her skin was dewy and tanned, filled with little freckles and a few sunspots that she never saw before; Ava briefly wondered how it would feel against her fingers. She imagined it would feel hot and wet, and she cleared her throat.

She didn’t try to speak again as Deborah got up and walked past her not bothering to look and picked up the replacement tank. When she walked past her again, Ava felt the heat emanating from her body and shuddered.

She watched mesmerized as Deborah raised her leg and stepped on the base to hold it and placed the replacement in. Suddenly aware she had been staring, she looked around nervously, trying to see if anybody was witnessing the same thing as her, but no one was.

Deborah’s hand movements were expert and precise on the hottest day of the entire summer, and it made Ava feel like her body was about to combust. She was hyper aware of every single move Deborah made, so much so, that she didn’t notice Deborah looking at her questioningly from the corner of her eye. And she definitely did not notice Deborah’s little side smirk at her reaction. Ava was too busy watching the red plastic cup rise to meet her boss’s lips, her head tilted back and the cold liquid going down her throat to notice any of that. What she did notice, however, was the over-the-top sound of pleasure coming from those lips and the subsequent pull on her lower abdomen that she chose to hide by putting her trembling hands together.

Ava looked away, missing the humor in Deborah’s eyes.  

―Okay, let’s go.