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13. Wish

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Alison pulled some ivy away from the rock hard surface, uncovering its weathered contours.  The assembled ghosts all leant forward for a better look.

“God, it’s ugly, looks like a Lib Dem after a night on the tiles.” 

“I think it’s adorable, like a cute little animal, I want to pet it on the nose.”

“It’s certainly unusual,” Alison said, “It’s like a little gargoyle or something but I wonder why it’s set into the wall like that.  And so worn away.”

“Is wishing stone” Robin said

“A wishing stone?”

“Rub nose, turn round tree times, make wish, always come true”

Kitty frowned.

“If I rub my nose and turn around all my wishes will come true?”

“Not your nose, dummy, stone nose.  Dat why so flat”

“Wow” Alison said, looking at it appraisingly. “Imagine all the wishes that have been made on it.  Do you know when it was put here, Robin?”

“When garden wall built.  Isabelle’s dad.  But it old, pagan, he found and put here.”

“About, what, 1800?  That’s so cool.” 

“Make wish”

“Me?  God, I wouldn’t know what to wish for.  Maybe I’ll come out another time when I’ve thought of a good one.”  She picked up bunches of ivy in her thick gardening gloves.  “Better crack on, guys, thanks though, you know I love hearing bits of the house history.”

“You welcome”

The ghosts started to drift away, each nonchalantly ignoring the new discovery and each silently plotting the moment they would come back and make their own wish on the Button House wishing stone.