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Plans cut open: a little bit louder and a whole lot worse

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This would be her therapy to cure the anxieties that plague her mind. She needs Snow to suffer and if she can couple that mental pleasure with physical pleasure then she’s all the wiser. He’s not unattractive she surveys him in appraisal. She has been staring a him, smiling at him the whole meal.


The tension lingers heavy within herself, she knows why she had invited him in. And he was gracious and just so charming enough that he allowed it to get this far. Things are causal full of freely given smiles and carefully constructed ones.


He’s true to his nature, offering to help with dishes, despite her faux objections. They’re talking about how she ‘found’ him and she feels so giddy in her perversion of ‘I’ll always find you.” He really listens when she speaks, he watches her intently as she sells her dramatics.


They stand in her kitchen, her indigo dress clinging tightly to her hips. They are standing close, so close she can see the rising and falling of his chest accelerate. Can he feel what she’s about to do?


His eyes flit down to her lips as she speaks about how something inside her told her to go back. And he falls into the trap, “It’s almost - it’s like the universe wanted you to find me.”


She leans in towards David. Her hand bracing against the sink board. He almost looks comically surprised by their sudden closeness. She will enjoy corrupting this man.


She closes the distance, her eyes flicking up coyly to his face, a move stamping on destiny and true love. She knows what she looks like in this dress and after all he’s just a simple farm boy who would he be to say no? Who would he be to wait for a Snow he doesn’t know?


Their lips meet. Hesitant at first, until she takes complete control, dominating the kiss. Shoving her tongue in his mouth, pulling him tighter with a hand to the back of his neck, she lets him revel in the taste of her.


His hand finds penchant on her hip, as she starts playing with the hairs on the back of his neck. Her mouth moves over to his ear to whisper, “Grope me like you mean it.” Her husked words accompanied by her sliding his hand from her hip down to her ass. When he doesn’t grab a fistful, she rolls her eyes, “You’re too chivalrous.”


“Sorry, my liege,” he jokes, touching Regina like she asked, causing her body to arch forward into his.


“Now that I could get used to,” she husks back, as she drags her bottom lip slowly across his face to meet his in another deep kiss.


He uses the hands on her ass to lift her up onto the counter, stepping between her legs, he then starts kissing down her neck and she leans to give him better access as her hands run down his arms. His open mouthed sucking on her throat keeping her brain lucid. He holds her back gently to keep her balanced.


Regina props herself up on her hands, outstretched on the counter behind her body, so she can canter her hips and press herself more purposefully against David’s abs. At this point his attention moves from her pulse point down to the exposed tops of her breasts, and her lulls back in extastacy, his hand coming quickly up to support her.


Setting herself back on the counter to regain the use of her hands she roughly grabs his chin tilting it up to hers before crashing their lips together once again in a clanging mess of tongues and teeth.


His hands tangle in her hair, pulling her ever closer. She wraps her legs around his waist to do the same, and she can feel just how much he wants this. Her brain drifts momentarily towards her revenge until David sucks her ear lobe into his mouth and all is lost in a lustful haze.


His lips find hers again and he’s sloppy now. Their mouths moulding together like a life boat guiding them safely from darkness. He knows what love is. He knows this isn’t it. He doesn’t care. In this moment all they were were two people who are missing something in their lives. Why can they be each other’s something?


He can tell the petite woman in his arms has a past, from the way her eyes nervously flick away to how ever so slightly she will tense away from his touch as much as she seems to crave it. He’s not here to dig. He’s not here to pry. So endeavours to makes her feel good for these fleeting moments they spend together.


Soon she’s all but panting in his ear, “Bedroom, now.” She’s bossy and part him loves to not have to think. All he does is think, trying to remember his life is so stressful. And if it releases her stress to take charge of him, the union could be a mutually beneficial agreement.


She’s dragging his hand up the stairs urgently. Rough skin meeting soft. Stopping every so often to shove up against a wall as they embark down the upstairs hall, her leg wrapping round his waist not wanting to lose the connection.


Once they enter her bedroom. He’s shoved against the door and she’s sliding off his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it out from where it’s tucked into his pants. Her hands running up his torso as her eyes fill with darkness. She kisses him hard, both hands holding his head in place. She slides down his body to undo his pants, before crawling back up for another heated kiss. He pulls her closer this time and she moans into his mouth.


She suddenly pulls back, his body leaning into the missing space, before she reaches behind her unzipping the deep dress letting it fall until it pools at her feet.


She stands on her tippy toes to even their level and his hands slide down from where they had tangled in her hair to pick her up again. He’s carrying her over to the bed as she kisses his neck devouring. He lays her on the bed so gently, it’s unnerving for her.


But the gentleman is soon replaced, as she rugs him closer by the back of the calves. Her heels digging in the skin there, as his hands take in her body below him.


Their bodies flush together she grinds up into him. Her body alight as she feels him against her. His hands come up to feel the fullness of her breasts and her moans carry loudly into the next room as he nuzzles into her cleavage. Her hands bracing him there, until she requires his mouth else where. “I need you,” she whispers into his lips between kisses.


Her hands snaking between them to touch him though his undone pants. She purrs into his ear as she pets him.


It’s not long before he’s pulling himself out and pushing her drenched panties to side to just brush against her, teasing for the both them. She huffs frustrated. He sticks only the very tip in as he holds her hips down to the bed.


He pulls out sharply. His motions freeze and in his eyes flash many emotions. He pulls himself up and backs away slowly. Regina sits up in disbelief, hurt written across her face. “I can’t do this,” he replies sombrely as he begins gathering his clothing.


Time seems to stand still for Regina as she tries to process the mental slap and collapse of her plans.


“Get the hell out of my house, Charming!” Regina stands yelling, seething, throwing on her robe in haste. Her face hot and flushed from not just the actives that were just about happening but embarrassment.


“What did you just call me?” he asks genuinely confused as he’s sliding his shirt back on.


“Charming, it’s sarcastic,” Regina flusters. Her hair sticks sweatily to her neck as she tries to regain normal breathing patterns. “You’re being so- it doesn’t matter, get the hell out!” She regains her strength of mind, wrapping herself more tightly in her robe.  “You- you’ll regret this! Nobody says no to me!” she threatens, but it just sounds desperate, not intimidating.


“This isn’t you Regina,” he replies gently, looking her in the eye. He almost wants to reach out and comfort her, but he knows it wouldn’t be welcomed. He feels horrible about how this all played out, but from the moment he touched her like that. He knew this wasn’t right. It was a feeling he couldn’t fight.


“Who are you to tell me who I am or who I am not?” she says darkly. “You don’t even remember who you are!”


“That’s true,” he agrees with a small smile, “but I can just tell this isn’t you.”


“Don’t make me tell you again, just leave, Charming.” She sighs feeling defeated and small. Her grand plan of revenge making her feel worse after all.


She sucks in a calming breath. She picks up the water from her nightstand, she takes a sip as she walks around the room. When she catches a glance of herself in the mirror she chucks the cup shattering them, creating a pile of sharp shards in their wake.