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Didn't See Jocelyn Around

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Parking at the café on a Thursday night was always a gamble. Their lot in the back was always full from the Senior Center’s weekly Salsa Night next door, even though they’re not supposed to use that lot. So let it be known that now a pregnant woman in her 40s was having to walk all the way across the street from Rose Apothecary on a dark summer’s night just to meet with Marsha for an excuse to get a bowl of french onion soup and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Darn these pregnancy cravings.

Jocelyn put the car in park and took the key out of the ignition, already a little peeved. As she exited her car the glow from inside the store illuminated her trip, but the dull beat coming from inside drew her attention. 

She was taken aback by the sight in front of her, David was slowly approaching Patrick seated on a chair in the middle of the store. David's shoulders were jumping with the beat of a muffled and unrecognizable song. He got closer and closer, his head lowering slightly, leaning right into Patrick’s gaze. Oh! They’re about to kiss, Jocelyn thought, but right at the last minute, David faked to the side, making Patrick smile widely as he followed David’s movements. 

They looked smitten. They were laughing openly with each other without a care in the world. 

This was in direct contradiction of what Roland had shared with her earlier this week. Based on what Roland had assumed from Patrick’s demeanor at the store this week, Jocelyn was under the impression that David and Patrick had sadly parted ways. From what she was seeing, however, it looked like they were either in the process of making up, or had already done so earlier.

She sighed, thank goodness, it’s great to see them back together.

After watching Patrick serenade David a few weeks ago at the open mic, Jocelyn knew there was something special here. David seemed more relaxed, as if he was more comfortable in his skin. He definitely smiled more, too. Jocelyn noticed that not too long after the store opened.

As David brought himself to his knees, Patrick’s arms were raised, as if cheering for his favorite team. I bet David and Patrick are his favorite team, Jocelyn thought. She’d seen enough silly high school romances blossom between cheerleaders and quarterbacks to know that as cheesy as it sounded, cheering each other on was a fundamental part of every good relationship. 

Patrick was touching David’s neck now, bringing him up into a blistering kiss, when suddenly Jocelyn’s phone rang in her purse. The noise startled her out of her thoughts, and she felt as though she was caught in the act of watching something she wasn’t supposed to. 

Digging through her purse, she finally found the light of the incoming call and reached to pick it up. It was from Marsha, the Jazzigal she was meeting for dinner, “Hi Marsha!”

“Hey Jocelyn, I got us a booth at the café, are you still coming?”

“Oh goodness, yes, jeez, lost track of time, I’ll be there in a few! Just walking across the street now. See ya soon!”

A little embarrassed, she put her phone away and continued her walk, finally making her way to Marsha inside. Not more than a few moments later she saw David and Patrick enter through the doors, hand in hand. She couldn't quite hold back her smile and Patrick seemed to blush under their eye contact.


The soup hit the spot, and perhaps the sight of two grown men playing footsie under a table made the chocolate ice cream taste a bit sweeter, too.