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Magical Girl vs Villains World

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The girl was an average sixteeen-year-old teen who was raised by her adopted mother who gave her a diamond brooch to become a magical girl of light to fight off these inky monster called “blots”. They were inky shadowy creatures that would drain peoples negative energy to take a life away. It was up to Hana and her five friends to stop the blot from taking over. Hana is the light diamond of the light that keeps everyone in peace and harmony. Her best friend, sixteen year old Aimi Morrison diamond guardian of storms. Her close friends Yuko Sevilla Guardian of the ocean and Allen Woods diamond guardian of flames both are seventeen. Who Hana looks up to as a big sister, Kira Albero, eighteen diamond guardian of nature.



An unfortunate mysterious scenario happened. Hana couldn’t remember but she heard a voice calling out to her.


(1) Aah, my dearly beloved

A lovely and noble flower of evil

Truly you are the most beautiful of all

Magic mirror on the wall, who is… ()


She could not remember. But a fragment of her memory does remember a hand reaching out to her from a mirror…


(1) Those who are guided by the dark mirror

As long as your heart desires,

Take the hand that appears in the mirror. ()


It was all dark and foggy until she met a creature by the name of Grim who had woken her up from her slumber. Wearing unfamiliar robes.

She then came across Dire Crowley, the headmaster. She slowly discovers she is not part of this world when she approaches to the dark mirror revealing her name, Hana Fuma

After Grim’s chaos and the male students leaving.

The mirror would not allow her to leave. Her homeland does not exist.


Hana told the headmaster about her being a magical girl. He was confused of the concept. Transforming and all of sudden having powers? It’s sounds very odd. However, he was interested about her pendant. Also, he couldn’t just let a penny less teenage girl off on the streets! So, she was kept in campus.


What boggles her mind after Grim was able to stay at the Ramshackle after ghost incident. Ace being a jerk. A chandelier broken by Deuce who was trying to catch Grim by Ace flying from midair. Trying to get crystals for the chandelier is that the blots seem to be in Twisted Wonderland as well…


What makes her worry is that these blots could be even more powerful. Twisted Wonderland is filled with way more magic than Earth. She wished her team was with her to help… but she must be brave. She will fight off the blots to help cure these students and to hopefully through the course of it, trying to figure out way back home!


Was it really a mistake?


Why her out of anyone?

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Back at Earth, there was an alert from their diamond brooches from their Magical guide, Terra. The guardians were fighting off four blots that they sensed off from around a plaza. People were either running or were knocked out from the attack. The blots caused a lot of damage to the stores or the people. It was difficult but the girls led the blots into a trap!


"I got them!" tanned faced girl, Kira, swift her arms crossed to her chest with her white gloves in a tight grip! Wearing a pink magenta like poncho that watched her skirt and boots. Underneath the poncho was a light pink turtleneck underneath. A diamond jewel boho chains around her head like the others.

Giant vines wrapped around the four blots as they struggled.


"Light Guardian! Now!" 


The pale faced girl with long brown hair pigtails hopped from the ground as a magical small wand appeared that a blue shimmering diamond on as did her the diamond from her boho chain around her head.


"Luminesce Flash!!" Hana shouted.


With a glittering flash striking the blots at them, they flare and the inky blot fled their vessels.

fair skinned girl, Allen, wearing a red like poncho, and inside a pink orange turtleneck. The red diamond boho gloweed from her forehead. Using her fist to spew through flames at the blots that few off from the unconscious as she shouts,


"Inferno emerge!!"


Her blonde short hair flows through the wind as she jumps with her red heels to strike the blot down.

Aimi also jumped, wearing a similar outfit but in black, her vest inside the poncho was a purple turtleneck. Her purple diamond boho glowed a spark from her head. Her long black hair flowing from the air flew from her pale face.


"Thunderous strike!"


Aimi shouted her unique power for the Purple lighting striking down the blot as it started to vanish off. They gave each other a high five!


Yuko straightens out her dark skinned arms, having her gloved hands out palms closed together. Her indigo diamond glowed,




She shouted with a smirk as she twisted her arms as swirling water shot through and hit down the other blot into a huge whirlpool like a tornado. Vanishing into nothing.

Kira conjured her plants to grab the blot as it was struggling. Her pink diamond glowed from her forehea, before she could conjure her unique magic the blot slithered down to hit Kira down.


"Kira!!" Aimi shouted as she tried striking the blot but it dodged her lighting strikes.


"It's getting away!" Allen cried angrily, shooting her flames at the monster ink slithering by Hana as she jolted back. The ink was slithering away down the plaza.


"I got it!!" Hana ran after the blot before her friends could call to her. She was running after it like a predator and prey. Using her wand to shoot the blot but it continues to dodge the creature. It was leading to a store where it all took place when the blots were first spotted...




"Hana! Wait!!" Allen shouted before she could hear. She looked over to Kira slowly getting up.


"I'll be back! Make sure the people are okay!"  Allen said, the three nodded before she ran after the leader.

"I swear this girl..." She mumbled.


She stopped midway to whip her head around to see any sign of the young girl. She analyzed the area with her blue eyes. Then in the blink of an eye, a flash came from the damaged store. She sighed a bit of relief seeing that Hana must have gotten the creature down. She ran into the store to look for her. It was a beautiful clothing shop.


Or so it was until the blots damaged it.


"Hana! Are you okay? Where are you?" Allen shouted and analyzed the store. Damaged and burned clothes. Area looked wet from the fight before they led them into a trap. She made a sheepish smile at that.


"Hana?" Allen ran around the store, picking up some damages in case. But thankfully, she wasn't there. But that also another problem.


Where is Hana?!


"Hana! This isn't funny! Where are you! It's Allen!" She shouted again but her tone sounded as if she were to panic. She looked again, some things were damaged and some of the items look like they never were touched. She was startled to see a mirror laying on the side of the wall. 


Could she have left to go back to the others? She hoped so.


Allen quickly hurried out of the store to go find the others. But She stopped midway from the entrance to see the three.


"Kira called the ambulance! Some people are okay! Well.. minus the people that got possessed by the blots." Yuko said with a nervous smile twirling her long light lavenderish blue hair in a high ponytail.


"Is Hana alright?" Aimi asked, looking at the blondes' worrisome eyes.


"She's not in there. She's not with you?"


The braided bun pinkett looked to the black haired girl then back to Allen.


"No, we didn't see her."


"Guys! This is Hana we are talking about! She may be clumsy but she wouldn't have ran off too far." Yuko tried to excuse it. However, they were not sure. They all started to search around the plaza, shouting out her name, even bringing up her favorite food to lure her back. Not even that, they used their diamond brooches to try to track her down. But nothing. It took two or three hours of looking as soon as the ambulance and the police came.


They were on the other side so the police wouldn't find them. "I-I can't find her anywhere!" Aimi said shakily.


"She can't just vanish! This is insane!" Yuko perplexed


"I'm worried. The blots could have kidnapped her..."Kira breathed, not looking at the three. 


"I think so too." Aimi said.


"We have to report this to Terra!" Allen insisted, they all nodded.



The four de-transformed to their normal forms and were at Hana's house. They were sitting on a sofa in front of a woman with long blonde wavy hair, dark brown skin wearing a pink shirt and long white skirt. Her green eyes were concerned hearing what happened.

Allen was in her casual shorts and sweatshirt her hair became shorter and more dirty blonde. Yuko's hair was shorter from long to tail bone to shoulder length, and as wearing her uniform for a café she left early from. Aimi was wearing all black pants and shirt. Kira's hair was more redish than pink and was wearing her preppy white blouse and dark blue skirt.


"Are you sure that you all checked around the area?" Terra asked.


"Yes! We tried tracking her diamond with our diamonds but... nothing!," Allen responded, she ended up looking down and gripping her knees.


"I'm sorry guys... I should have ran after her sooner!"


Kira looked over to Allen, "Don't beat yourself up. We'll get her back."


"But how?! We don't know where they could have taken her!" Yuko cried, looking so puzzled as she slouching a bit.


Terra began to spoke as they all looked to her, "I will try to track her down. You four must keep an eye out for blots. We may get some clues of what they are doing."


The four nodded, but there was a distress look upon their faces.


"But... without Hana, it won't be easy to remove the blots from the vessels." Kira said.


"I'll try my best to help out. It's going to be a lot but we can't have anymore chaos like before..." Terra answered as if she were unsure. She helped Hana to become strong on the way when she became a magical girl for the first time when her mother gave her away to her. But, with trying to find her and fighting the monsters. It's a lot. Making Aimi cringe a bit. She stood from the couch.


"We can do it," They looked to Aimi, "Hana never gave up on us. She never gave up on me when I overblotted..." She looked away a bit before she shook it off, "We must fight for her!"


The guardians nodded and stood up and nodded. Aimi held her hand out as they placed their hands on hers.


"For our guardian of Light!" They all said with a smile. 


Aimi made a brief smile, but she continued to cringe inside about her friend that she knew since middle school.




Where did you go?

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A short girl wearing a black blazer with a striped bow around her collar blouse. Wearing a long skirt down to her ankles following two guys who are a year older than her. One had bluish dark hair with a spade mark on his left eye. A redhead next to him with a heart mark on his right eye. He had a big heart collar lock. From his dorm leader as a punishment for eating his tart.


“Our next class is…” The blue haired boy mumbled looking at the school schedule.


“For a magic school, I’m glad it’s not so different. I was worried.” Hana smiled a bit.


Ace nodded, “Yeah, well for you,” he looked down at his collar, “I would use magic but with this stupid lock on me I can’t even. But I do agree...” Ace looked down next to Hana…


“What about you Grim?” He blinked to notice that the space next to Hana was empty.


“Uh? Grim?” Ace looked around.


Hana whirled her head around as her long brown two high pigtails swift side to side. “Grim?!”


Deuce’s eyes widened to see out the window, a familiar speck running down the courtyard.


“Ah! Look! He’s out there!” Deuce shouted. Hana looked over through the window in a panic.


“I’m not sitting through any more boring classes! As a genius as myself! I don’t need to learn all that stuff! I got my magnificent powers!” Grim grinned and started running down the courtyard that made Hana rise with anxiety.


“Not again! Even after trying to get the crystals for the old chandelier he does this?!” Hana mellowed with a sad sigh.


“He’ll never learn…” Deuce shrugged with his head shaking side to side. 


Ace cracks a snicker, opening up a mocking smile, “For a prefect, you sure don’t really keep an eye on him. Do you want us to help you out?”


Hana looked over to them with pleading eyes, “Yes, please! I don’t want him to cause any more trouble!”


“Hmm…  Buy me a chocolate croissant!” Ace grinned.


“Huh?! Deuce?” She looks over to the bluenette.


He crossed his arms with an open smile, “I’ll help you out, if you get me an iced latte from the cafeteria.” 


Hana started to frown at the both of them as her fists tightened. I can’t believe this! She thought.


“Hurry! I think he is getting away.” He made a mocking smirk looking out the window.


“Fine! Deal!” Hana cried out.


Ace still had his mocking smug up as he crossed his arms, “Good! Now then Deuce, let us help our pathetic little prefect to get Grim!”


Deuce laughed and made the same smug tone as well, “Sure thing, Ace. I look forward to lunch.”


Hana looked out the window, “Can we hurry please!” 


They three hurried out in the courtyard, Ace grabbed a butterfly net from the janitor’s closet.


“GRIM!!” Hana shouted as he halted his movement to look over to the three. Hana had her fists on her hips, “We have class to go too! We can’t waste time!”


“Fyna! No way! I’m not gonna sit around and watch some sessions! I want excitement!”


“Well, this will be some excitement you’ll get!” Ace grinned holding up the net. Grim starts running as They all chase him down. Deuce tried to use his red gem wand to shoot at Grim to stop him.


“Fyna!! Watch it, jerk!” Grim yelled trying to dodge the shots. He jumped back as soon as Ace threw down the net, missing his catch.


“Argh! Stop being annoying!”


“You’re the annoying one!” Grim argued 


“Grim! C’mon! We must get going! We’ll get into trouble and Crowley will not like it!” Hana urges Grim as she ran over next to him.


“No way am I sitting through another class!”


Hana tries to think of something that popped into her head, she crossed her arms with her head up. “Fine! Then you won’t become the great wizard then!” 


Grim grumbled, glaring at Hana. “Fyna! I hate that you’re extra strict today!”


“Because it took us to fight a blot from a cave to get those crystals. To replace the chandeliers for Crowley. For that, he lets us enroll in this school! He may be a bit odd, but we should be thankful!” Hana blurted out to him as he looked away grumbling a bit. Not only was Crowley kind of enough to have Hana supervise Grim. He is trying to figure out a way for Hana to go back home. She hopes maybe through the semester she can figure out with him from the classes. She is eternally thankful for the help, but why does Grim have to make things harder...


“Are you coming?” Hana asked.


“Yes! Yes! Jeez!” Grim groaned.

Hana looked to Deuce with a smile, “What’s our next class?”

Deuce looks at this schedule, “Let’s see…”



After the class that they successfully made it too, they went to lunch. Only to have a little scenario of Grim trying to take food and two seniors trying to pick a fight and lose to Deuce. This school gets even more chaotic than earth…


Hana got her lunch and sat with the trio. Grim was eating his food like he had it for the first time. She looked up to one of the chandeliers in the cafeteria. She was glad it looked the same before Deuce used his magic to throw Ace to get Grim. She could not believe that it happened but like she said, if that didn’t happen. She and Grim would probably still be janitors. 


Grim was busy describing the food he was eating in a bliss as if he were a professional chef. It was almost funny to Hana as she smiled. She looked to the heartslaybul duo to change the subject, “Oh! I wanted to ask. Since Grim and I saw ourselves what Heartslabyul earlier was like. What are the others like?” Before Deuce could answer...


“You know the Great Seven displayed outside of the main street, right? They represent those dorms!” Hana blinked to who was speaking was the guy from where she met along with the duo at Heartslabyul. His orange hair was long to his jawline, upper hair was pulled into a half ponytail. He had a red Diamond mark on his right cheek. Next to him was unfamiliar to her, with dark green hair and glasses. He wore a pair of black glasses on. She could see his clover mark on his left.


“Hey! You were the guy from this morning that let us do the work for you!” Ace snapped the orange haired guy.


“Yeah! You tricked us to paint those trees for you!!” Grim glared at him who still smiled but sighed. They were talking about the guy, Cater, who was letting them paint the roses red for him because he wanted help. As he asked.


“Saying it was a trick is so mean~!”


Deuce frowned to point out, “You were grinning the entire time…”


“Now, now little Deuce! We must obey the rules inside of the Heartslabyul dorm as always! I’m just your kind upperclassman.” Cater chimed.


“Don’t add the “little”!” Deuce cried.


“Haha, that’s how Cater shows affection.” Trey smiled.


Hana looked at the guy, “Not to be rude but, who are you?” She asked. 


Trey looked at her, “Oh, my bad! The name is Trey Clover. I am part of Heartslabyul as a third year like Cater. And you’re the freshmen put in charge of that ramsh-,” he coughed a bit, “unused dorm, am I right?” He asked.


She nodded, “Yes!”


“I heard about it from Cater. Sorry for all the trouble these guys from our dorm have caused you.” He chuckled looking at Ace and Deuce then back to her.


“I’m sitting right here…” Ace murmured.


She giggled a bit, “It’s okay! It’s not just these guys.”  She looked over to Grim who was finishing up his food.


“We should put that aside and make up!” Cater said, pulling out his smartphone. “We’re from the same dorm after all! Let’s exchange numbers with each other.”


Hana would like to, but since she mysteriously was brought to this world. She has no phone or anything. Except, luckily, her diamond guardian powers for her to transform. She didn’t understand why exactly… Perhaps her Diamond saved her from something?


Hana made a nervous laugh, “I don’t have a phone at the moment, I lost it...” She smiled sheepishly.


“Eh!? Really?! I never heard of someone losing their phone before!” Cater then sat down next to her. “I’ll tell you what! I know a place to get the newest models for a good, cheap price! How about we go on a date to choose one?” he gave her a grin.


Hana’s blue orbs widened at the sudden move, “I-I— I don’t w-wa— Uuh I-I mean!! Ah—“she nervously stumbled over her words. She’s never been asked out on face front.


“Cater, look at this freshman.” Trey insisted with a sheepish smile. Cater blinked with a sheepish smile too while leaning back.


“Ah, sorry! Sorry! We were talking about the dorms, correct?”


Hana shook it off and nodded with a smile, “Yes! Can you please explain them to me and Grim?”


“Of course! What would you like to know?” Cater smiled.


Ace then speaks up, “I would like to know about our dorm. About those insane rules of “Laws of the Queen of Hearts?”


Trey responds, “You know all about the legend of the Queen of Hearts? She created a Wonderland of Madness built on strict adherence to her rules.”


Cater adds in, “Out of respect for the lovely Queen of Hearts, those of us in Heartslabyul we traditionally wear red and black arm bands like the colors of her dress! We uphold the laws that she made.”


“Sounds stiff.” Grim frowned.


“I don't think I would be able to survive there… Are each leader of Heartslabyul dorm leaders always so strict?” Hana sighed.


“How strict we follow the rules depends on the dorm leader. Last year, He was pretty chill about it.” Cater said.


Trey then adds on, “Riddle is the serious one among the serious of all dorm leaders. So, he really stands by them.”


Ace then groans in disgust,” Ughh oh great.”


Grim looks at Trey, “What are the other dorms like?”


Trey explains about each seven of the dorms leaders, Heartslabyul founded by the Queen of Hearts who was a strict queen. Savanaclaw founded by strong minded of the Beast King, Ocatvinelle founded by benevolence of the Sea Witch, Scarabia founded by the deliberation of the Sorcerer of the Sand, Pomeifore, one of the oldest dorms, founded by the strenuous efforts of the Beautiful Queen, Ignihyde was founded by the diligence of the King of the Underworld and lastly the Diasomnia founded by on the elegance of the Witch of Thorns.


Grim groans, “Names are too long! No way am I gonna remember each of them!” 


Cater laughed, “Just get the rough idea and you’ll remember them eventually!”


Trey then explains again, “Which dorms you enter is based on the judgement from the old dark mirror when he looks into your soul. So each dorm has their own quirks about them.”


“You’re so right! It does!” Cater chimed.


“What do you mean?” Deuce asks.


“Look over there,” Trey motioned head a bit for the freshmen to look like a macho guy having lunch. He is well built for an athlete shown through his uniform. Dark skin, his hair was silvery white with wolf ears sticking up. Hana's eyes analyzed his ears twitched. This was the first she has seen anyone with actual animals other than cosplay.


“Woah! His ears are real!” Hana breathed. She couldn’t help but wish she had some animal ears too!


Trey laughed a bit at her reaction, “The tough look definitely means Savanaclaw.”


“Totally! That dorm has a lot of people who are good at sports and martial arts! They’re the buff and gruff big guy types. Savanaclaw wears yellow and black armbands!” Cater adds onto the information.


Grim looked around and pointed with his paw, “Hm what about the guy with the grey and lavender thing on his arm?”


Hana looks up to see a guy with waving grayish lavender hair sitting from a far with two twins in front having a conversation.


“He’s from Octavinelle. At the table in front of us with the dark red and yellow bands are Scarabia.” Trey pointed out. Hana saw two guys sitting with each other. One had a beautiful white and gold band wrapped around his head smiling while a guy with long black hair braid back into a low ponytail had a poker face on.


Cater adds, “they said both of the dorms are really smart. Those two dorms are in a dead heat for written tests. Though the Scarabia dorm leader isn’t that great at studying.”


Hana saw a light purple haired person from afar with a blonde bob cut with a brown hat with a feather.


“Who’re those guys with the purple and red band?” Hana asked.


“Practically sparkling are the members of Pomefiore.” Trey explained.


“Woah!” Grim’s enthusiasm made Hana jump to look at the creature. “There’s a super cute girl over there!” Hana’s orbs widened shock to Grim for his comment to the girl. She never thought he would be attracted to certain people other than food. Deuce eyes widened as well.


“What?! Another one in a boys school?!”


“Idiot! We would have known by now. There is no way that’s a girl.” Ace spoke up.


Deuce and Grim both were flabbergasted to look at the pretty boy. Deuce shook his head.


“You’re right, the dark mirror did reveal Hana’s Uh gender in front of everyone at the ceremony…” Deuce added a fact. Hana’s gender as a female was revealed in front of the ceremony when the dark mirror looked into her soul. 


No dorm. Not a boy either.


Dire Crowley didn’t want to simply send this girl off on the streets, so he had her to stay for a while trying to figure out how to get her home. Dire Crowley was strict about the girl’s protection when he decided to let her and Grim go to classes now. Anyone who tries anything on her shall face great punishment! Anyone who slips from the outside about a girl at NRC will be expelled. He doesn’t want a bad reputation around letting a girl in an all-boys school. It was morbid! However, if someone did find out, Crowley will say it’s his daughter, trying out if one day that Night Raven College will become a unisex school one day!... If that’ll make sense to anyone...


“Oh? If you wanna see girls, the portrait in the west building, Rosilia, is pretty high level! Not that you’re not cute, Hana.” He added, she nodded with a sheepish smile.


Ace shook his head, “No thanks, I am not interested. Even if Rosalia was cute, she’s still a painting.” 


“Anything goes if you’re good looking! Pomefiore always scores high for their good looks and their beauty! Their dorm leader is a magicam-grammer with over 5 million followers!” Cater explained when he was on his phone to show an account of a user of the name, Vil_Schoenheit account. His pictures contain beauty brands and pictures of the blonde hair with purple ombre man himself. Hana admits that he does look very pretty. But something about through the pictures he looks intimidating...


“Hey now, Pomeifore are not always about looks.” Trey pointed out, “Pomefiore has many members skilled with creating sorts of potions and curses.”


“Ooh!! That’s so cool!! I wonder if I can do that in other classes...” Hana smiled in a gleam.


“It has no magic involved. I don’t see why not.” Deuce said.


“Next would be Ignihyde dorm buuut,” Cater turned his head whirling around, “I don’t see any of them around. They usually have the blue and black arm bands.” Cater explained. “Everyone in that dorm has their guard up almost all the time, not all of them even have any friends. They’re like the opposite of the extroverts in Heartslabyul.”


Hana nodded understanding.


“So, they’re dull?” Grim blurted.


“Grim!” Hana exclaimed to him.


“Though they do have a very quiet image.” Trey said, “Many of them are good at building equipment that use magic energy or digital things.”


“That’s really cool!” Hana grinned.


“So, what about ...Dia-Diablahblah dorm is left.” Deuce said, trying to pronounce the last dorm to talk about making Hana and Grim friend in confusion


Ace frowned to Deuce. “You mean Diasomnia?” He said with a snicker. 


Deuce grumbled and nudged Ace with his elbow, “I bit my tongue okay!”


“Ah, Diasomnia is…” He looks around until he spots a table very far at the back. “There! They’re all shoved into that booth in the back.”

The freshmen looked over to the table. Hana caught a glimpse of two guys with a short guy with them.


Cater continued, “Their symbol is their green and black arm band! They’re kind of like celebrities around here. They’re got this aura that makes it hard for us regulars to approach them. Their dorm leader has max “don't come near me vibes.” Cater finished.


“There’s a child with them? UH! Not that-- I mean!” Hana ushered.


“Don’t worry about it.” Trey shook his head with a smile, “You can skip grades and still enter this school. But he isn’t a kid. He’s a third year just like--”


Hana heard a sudden whoosh then heard a deep voice, “Lilia, Lilia Vanrouge.”


The table jolted from the upside down floating short guy who was supposed to be far away. He lifted himself down landing perfectly.


Hana froze up, “H-He just teleported right over here!” Hana whirled her head to the table from afar and then to Lilia.


“Curious about my age are you not?” He shortly chuckled, Hana was thrown off by his voice. He didn’t exactly sound like a kid. Trey was right. “I have this baby-faced facade but like glasses said, I’m not an age one would call me a child.”


“Baby-faced?” Hana cocked a brow at that.


“There is no need to look on from afar, you can come up and speak with us. Are we not all students of the same academy are we not? We at Diasomnia always open up a warm welcome.” Lilia urged with a kind smile, Hana’s blue eyes glance over back to the other table but only with the two the freshmen looked back to their table. Seeing the two intimidating teenage boys watching Lilia. Hana couldn’t see very well but they did give her the shivers.


“Those guys don’t look like they are very welcoming…” Deuce murmured.


“D-Deuce!” Hana hushed him, making Lilia chuckled again.


“Apologize for dropping in on your meal. Until we meet again.” He nodded before disappearing off to go back to the table.


Ace started to whisper, “Our table is easily 20 meters away from their table but you’re telling me HE can hear from that far? Freaky.”


“A-At least he was nice!” Hana tried to add a positive comment.


“True. The Diasomnia members can be peculiar. Many of them excel from magic in general. Their dorm leader Malleus Draconia is counted among the top five members in the world.”


Hana’s eyes were in awe, “That’s crazy!”


“Honestly, Malleus is super super super crazy. Well, our dorm leader has his own brand of crazy.” Cater added.


“So true!” Ace snapped, “All I did was eat his stupid tart and he collared me! His narrow mindedness is super crazy!” 


“Hmm? I’m super crazy?” 


Hana jumped with her eyes widened even open enough to pop out, it was the redhead short guy himself, Riddle Roseheart behind him. Ace sadly continued as Hana was waving her hand to have him stop, “Yeah! He blew right past “strict” and is just a tyrant— Now Hana looks crazy! What’re you doing?” He frowned at Hana.


Deuce leaned in, “Ace! Behind you!” 


Ace jumped up from his seat as the dorm leader was glaring at him with his gray eyes.


Hana put her hands on her face.


“Oh... OH! Hey Dorm leader!” Ace shouted.


“O-Oh my Riddle! You’re super cute today!” Cater chimed with a nervous smile.


“Hmph, Cater you talk too much. It’s going to cost your head.” Riddle said


“Ah~! Gimmie a break.” Cater sighed.


“Fyna! That’s the guy who collared me during the exam.” Grim exclaimed.


How could Hana forget about what happened?  She sighed from the bits of memory of the chaos.


Riddle glared over to Hana and Grim, making the girl flinch a bit “You’re the freshmen that caused all the fuss yesterday. A girl too...,” He shook his head, Hana flinched at the comment. 


“For goodness' sake. The headmaster has gone soft,” Hana removed her hands down to look at him. “If you forgive rule breakers the whole system will collapse.” 


Hana’s brow raised. That’s a little much. She admits that they shouldn’t be in the school by now. But something about the way he said it gave her an uneasy vibe as he continued,


 “All you have to do is cut the head off of those who don’t follow the rules.”


“The things he says doesn’t suit his look at all...” Ace sighed.


Riddle continues, “The headmaster may have forgiven you, but the next time it happens. I will not.” 


Ace opens up a smile, “Y-Yeah… By the way, dorm leader. Is there a way to remove this collar?”


“I was going to if you had learned your lesson,” He then frowned, “But the way you acted just now changed my mind. Keep it on longer. Don’t worry, as in the first years you’ll be learning simple fundamentals. Not to use actual magic. You also won’t be able to cause a scene like yesterday, isn’t that great?” 


Hana thought at least he was considerate. 


“Now don’t just chat among yourselves, finish lunch and get to class. Laws of The Queen of Hearts, No. 271 “One should eat lunch and leave their seat within fifteen minutes.”


Oh gosh 271? She wonders how many there are…


“If you break the rules… Surely you know what would happen.” Riddle said.


“Ugh another weird rule…” Ace sighed


“The answer is “Yes, Dorm leader"!'' Riddle demanded


“Yes, dorm leader!” Ace and Deuce both said.


“I will look after them for you.” Trey insisted.


“Hm, you're the vice dorm leader, so I expect you not to act foolishly. Following Law of The Queen of Hearts, No. 339, “After a meal one must always drink lemon tea with two sugars.”


That’s oddly specific… Hana frowned.


“I’ll be on my way to get some from the school store. Letting the sugar run out is a huge offense, I can’t believe…” He grumbled. Hana blinked with an uncomfortable vibe coursing through around her. An aura she was way too familiar with… She looked to the dorm leader who walked off. She looked at the students,


“Aaah! That was a close call…” Cater sighed in relief.


“He is so obnoxious!” Grim huffed.


“Woah! That’s rude!” Deuce glared over to Grim.


Hana wasn’t paying attention at the moment. She must be the only one who felt this dark aura... Could this be…


“Did the dorm leader leave?” Hana looked to her side to see the other students talking to each other. “I broke one rule, Law of the Queen of Hearts, No. 186 “One must never eat a hamburger steak on a Tuesday!” I was terrified if he found out!”


“Ugh at least he lets us eat whatever we want…”


Hana started to frown, worried.


After they were through with lunch they left to go to their class. Planning now for Ace to make a tart for Riddle as an apology and for Cater not to kick him out from Heartslabyul. Hana still couldn’t stop thinking about that bad aroma that happened from Riddle… It’s happening too soon. Not only that, but she is also the only guardian at the boy's school. She just hoped that the school knows how to deal with blots. If not, she has to figure it out. She reached into her chest pocket from the school’s blazer to hold her blue diamond brooch. She hasn’t transformed since Earth. Not only was she worried about the school, but she was also worried about back at home, earth.


Looking down at the diamond. Her brows wrinkled a bit as her lips twitched.


Mother must be so worried… She thought. Then she thought about her friends… Aimi... Allen... Kira… Yuko…


“Hey Hana, you okay?” Hana shot her head up as she quickly placed the diamond in her pocket. Deuce looked from behind his shoulder as Ace started to do the same. Grim even looked up to her curiously.


“Y-Yes! I’m just worried about you guys.” Hana kind of lied, she was indeed nervous about Riddle blotting soon, she must hang around Heartslabyul to help him.


“I’m hoping it’ll work out, and to get this stupid collar off to let bygones be bygones.” Ace complained.


“You just have to make sure not to break the rules from now on.” Deuce reminds him.


“That's going to be a lot more troublesome…” Ace groans.

She really hopes so. Not just about Ace actually following the rules. But for Riddle to forgive and move on…

Chapter Text

Earth: Terra’s Condo


Terra was a nervous wreck. It’s been days since Hana’s disappearance. Allen said that they’ve been looking, but for them starting school it may be difficult. They agreed to wait for an overblot happening to go after and get answers… To Terra, it’s eternity...


She was vacuuming the hallway of the small condo. She slowly looked over to her right of a bedroom door. She slowly opens the door. A bright blue and pink bedroom for a teenage girl who loved pastel colors. Terra looked to Hana’s bed. White sheets were folded nicely. Her desk from her bed. Wooden chair was tucked under the desk. Her study book was on the side while her fantasy books were on the side too. If only she would come home...


Terra briefly smiled as she quickly closed the door. She took a deep breath and tried to continue vacuuming away from the hallway to the kitchen connected to the tv room. She didn’t dare to look at the photos of child Hana with her mother Terra at the beaches or the family photos of them.


It was sick to her stomach to think that those inkly blot monsters have her daughter captive.




Truly disgusting!


Once she gets her daughter back, they will pay!


She promised that.


What got out of her consciousness was a knock on the door. She turned off the vacuum and gently placed it down. She patted her long pink skirt and white shirt all the way to the door. Tucked her blonde hair behind her ear.


Opens the door to see a pale face with long dyed red hair slicked back, her thick long hair all the way down to her leather pants that watched her sleeveless turtleneck. Her arms were crossed as her red eyes looked bored to the woman in front of her.


Terra’s brown eyes slightly frown to her, “Aeron.” She said,


“Good evening to you, Terra.” The woman’s brow raised.


“Would you mind coming in?” Terra stepped aside for her to come through.


She walked in without a word as Terra closed the door.


Before Terra could place a word in, “I’ve heard Hana has gone missing.” she blurted.


Terra quickly closed the door before take a deep breath and to speak, “We think the blots have taken her.”


Aeron squinted, “Do you know where?”


“We--We don’t exactly know where yet--.”


“Then what’re you doing?” Aeron said as if it were spiteful.


Terra began to glare back at her, “Don’t do that to me, Aeron. You have no right to make me look careless when you handed her away as a baby!” She snapped.


Aeron raised her hand for Terra not to speak but she continued, “I’ll never forget that. A baby. That was yours until you gave her to me like she was a ragdoll walking away--!”


Look,” Terra halted her words to go any further, “the past is the past. I can’t change it back. I want to help.”


The blonde woman raised a brow to her as she continued. “Hana and I were starting to get closer. For her now to be gone, it’s been….” Aeron hesitated trying to find a word.


Terra whirled her hand as if she was waiting with curiosity, “Scary?”


“Irritating.” Aeron said. “If you’re going to argue with me about the past, I’ll be leaving. It’s a waste of fresh air.”


“I do agree.” Terra said, making Aeron raise a brow.


“It would be. I want to find her as much as you do. The four have been searching day and night. I feel awful for them to search around when they have families…”


“Hana is the one with the gifted to get rid of blots. Without her, we’re going to struggle a lot more,” Aeron said before sighing, “It is truly troublesome.” She shook her head looking to the ground.


Terra crossed her arms, “Well, do you want to hear our plan?”


Aeron looked at Terra, “I’m listening…”


“We need to sense a dark aura around.”


The redhead raised a brow, “The usual?” unamused.


“Yes. If those ink monsters took her, we may find a key to where they have taken her. That is the only plan we have so far. If we find one, we need to capture it before it disappears or gets away.”


Aeron tilted her head back a little before looking at Terra, “Alright. Sounds tedious but it’s worth a shot.”


“It’s worth saving Hana,” Terra looked down to the floor with her hands on her chest to her heart, “That poor girl… She must be so scared…”


“Ugh,” Terra glared over to Aeron who made the comment. “To this day you still treat her like a toddler.”


“Because she is a child, Aeron.”


“She is supposed to be a warrior. Treat her like one.” Aeron rolled her eyes before walking away to the door to leave. “She’s strong. She faced her friends overblots and saved them. Wherever she is. I know she can pull it off. Until we meet again, Terra.” Aeron leaves the condo outside before Terra walked over to close the door,


“I do hope you are right Aeron… I really do.” She walked away to grab the vacuum to clean again.



Twisted Wondelrand: Night Raven College


After class they went behind the botanical garden. Deuce insisted on getting baskets from the inside. They split up to go find the caretaker of the garden. Hana couldn’t help but look at it’s beautiful paradise-like garden as she walked with Grim.


“Hey Hana! Look at this! There are some fresh-looking fruits!” Grim exclaimed looking at the fruit.


Hana sighed, “They do look good but let’s focus!” She walked over to Grim, felt a lumpy smushy step underneath her heel as she heard a loud ground in pain.


“Huh?” Hana looked down to see it was a tail. A lion-like tail! She hops off nervously as she sees someone standing up.


“Oi, you got the nerve to step on my tail without saying anything.” He was a tall guy with wavy brown hair and skin. White blouse with a yellow vest. 


Grim looked up to him. “Oh, are you the caretaker? You seem impolite--”


Hana quickly covered his mouth and picked him up. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you there!” She quickly apologized.


“Hmm...” He analyzed the girl with his poker-faced expression, “You’re the girl that dark mirror rejected... Hmm…” He leaned down to sniff her that made her flinch in fright making her squeal a bit.


“Hm, I smell some speck of magic. But it’s different. It's not from you but from your pocket.” He crossed his arms


Hana lowered Grim a bit, “Are you talking about my Diamond?” 


“If that is where it is coming from. Interesting...” He crossed her arms making Hana raise a brow. He seemed to hesitate for a second. He looked down to look at her before speaking, “I, Leona, can’t just let you go after stepping on my tail. I was having such a lovely nap until this.”


At her making her flinch back as he gave a slight glare, Hana took a few steps back shaken up. “A-Ah!! I said I was sorry!!”


“Fyna! Let’s get out of here!” Grim urged her.


Hana then thought about using her diamond to transform. Leona analyzed her hand to try to grab her Diamond. Before she could try to grab it quickly a voice to his voice making, he glanced over to a dirty blonde boy running over to him.


“There you are! It’s time for class y’know!”


“Ugh, Ruggie...” Leona groaned with a sigh in annoyance.


“If you keep skippin, we’ll end up being classmates next year.” Ruggie reassured him.


“Jeez, I don’t want to hear anymore lectures.” Leona said.


“Well, I don’t enjoy nagging you! Whatever, let’s go.”


She jumped a bit, but Leona’s green eyes were not glaring at her. “Watch your back next time, Herbivores.” Hana’s lips were tight shut as he began to walk away. He didn’t seem angry, but he was indeed intimidating with his stare! But was he interested in her diamond? She was glad he was gone with that blonde boy with the ears.


“Man! What’s with that guy?!” Grim whined a bit, Hana hushed him.


“Keep it down please!”


Hana flinched again hearing footsteps, she spun her head to see it was Ace and Deuce approaching them.


“Hey guys! We found some tongs to grab the chestnuts!” Ace grinned, Deuce noticed Hana’s legs were shaking a bit.


“You alright there Hana?” Deuce asked with a raised brow.


Hana nodded her head trying to smile, “I’m fine! Just had an encounter.”


“An encounter?” Ace raised a brow.


Grim slipped from her grasp as he landed on the ground, “We’ll tell you while we get the chestnuts! We need a lot of those!”


After a while of chestnut picking, Hana and Grim explained what happened earlier after Ace and Deuce left. The four were walking outside on their way to Heartslabyul with buckets of chestnuts.


“That was not a caretaker.” Ace said.


Hana hesitated, “He was wearing a yellow vest! He must be from…”


“Banana dorm!” Grim said.


“It’s Savanaclaw!” Hana giggled a bit at that as she corrected the small creature.


“Is it me or are there a lot of delinquents enrolling in Night Raven College…” Deuce commented.


Hana sighed and looked down at the chestnuts she was carrying, “It seems like it to me…”


The girl’s mind wandered about the delinquents; this is bad. If there were blots around and there would be a lot of delinquents around this school. Meaning dark aura popping from left and right. And a lot would outnumber her! 


This is so bad, she thought! For now, not only does she want to help Ace to make a tart with Trey, who was kind enough to help, to help out with ingredient to get. But to watch out for any dark auras that could lead to an overblot situation.




They’ve made it to the school's kitchen.


Trey was there with his sleeves rolled up with the bowls and some ingredients. He opens up with a friendly smile. “Welcome back! I see you guys got the chestnuts.”


“Yes! Like you said!” Hana smiled back to him to place the buckets with Ace and Deuce.


“With these! We can make a huge tart!!” Grim said with enthusiasm.


“Peeling these will be a challenge but let’s start peeling!” Trey said.


Trey, Ace, Deuce, Grim and Hana were peeling off the chestnuts for a while. They threw away the skin shell and placed the nut onto another bowl. After a while they’ve had section jobs to start up the recipe for a while. Their arms were starting to hurt after a while until they were finished up. Ace and Deuce sighed in relief to rest their arms as well as Grim.


“Good job guys! Your hard work will make the tart tastier!”


Hana grinned excitedly. “What do we do next?”


“Next we’ll mix the butter and sugar into the chestnut paste. Add the oyster sauce as the secret ingredient.”


Hana’s excitement turned into horror as Ace and Deuce’s turned shocked as they both cried out,


“Oyster sauce?!”


Trey’s smile was genuine, “Yep. The savorness of oysters adds depth and richness to the cream.” He explained shortly as he held a small bottle of oyster sauce. “Here’s some young oyster sauce with the walrus seal of excellence! Famous pastries all use this in their tarts!”


No way!  Hana thought.


“That’s pretty ...salty for a tart...” Deuce was in deep thought.


“Hey, even chocolate gets put into curry all the time… it might be good?” Ace mentioned.


“I-I trust you, Trey!” Hana encourages this strange idea to Trey.


Trey opens his mouth to start laughing, “It’s a joke! It definitely doesn’t belong to anything sweet!”


Hana laughed sheepishly as she rubbed the back of her head, “O-Oh! Haha…”


“Screw you! You said in such a straight face!” Ace snapped.


“Don’t just accept it without being skeptical about next time. Better study up.” Trey added withe smile.


Hana will keep that in mind then. Grim frowned at him with his paw across another.


“What’s actually next to do then?” Hana asked.


“Next is the whip cream-- Oh!” Trey looked to see the milk they had was half empty by using up too much of the maroon paste. “I got ahead of myself by using up the milk. We don’t have enough whip cream to mix into this.”


Deuce spoke up, “I’ll go out to buy some. Are they at the school store?”


“You’ll find everything there, could I ask you to pick up a few other things?” Trey aske as Deuce nodded, he listed 2 cartons of milk, a dozen eggs, aluminum cups and 5 cans of fruit!”


“I don’t think I can carry that amount alone…”


“I-I can help!” Hana raised her hand to volunteer.


“I’m going too! I’m tired of mixing flour!” Grim chirped in.


The three left the kitchen to go over to Mister S’s mystery shop to grab the ingredients from him. They were leaving the shop while dragging Grim out from the shop. She was trying her best to carry the groceries. Deuce took a notice that Hana was trying her best to carry them


“Hey, those bags of cans look pretty heavy for you. I can carry them.”


“O-Oh! I can do it!” She tried to convince but he insisted as she handed them to him.


“Don’t worry. I’m used to carrying heavy bags.”


“Oh really?”


“Yeah, my mom always buys more than what we need. Since I’m an only child, it was my job to require strength. Ah. I’ve been talking about myself…”


Hana giggled a bit, “I think that is sweet! I bet she is happy to have you to help!”


Deuce looked down frowning sadly, “...That’s not true. I’m the one that always made… ah!!” Without looking he bumped into someone having the bag with eggs dropped with a crack.


“Ah! Are you okay?!” Hana asked.


“Never mind that! Half eggs are destroyed in the bag!” Deuce opened the bag and half of the egg yolk and shells were cracked.


“Oh no!” Hana mumbled.


“Hey, watch where you are--” Hana looked up to the delinquent from lunch talking to them, “Hey you guys are the ones who wrecked the egg in my carbonara!” The guy said angrily.


No no no!, Hana thought. She sees another delinquent next to him.


“It’s you guys again. You can’t catch a break!” Another guy next to him smug.


Deuce and Grim were glaring at them while Hana was in panic mode.


“Please! We don't want any trouble!” Hana urged the delinquents. 


Deuce puts the bags aside as he looks over to the two guys, “You were the ones who jumped from behind the corner. Just now you destroyed half of our eggs.” Deuce said


“That’s right!” Grim said.


“And you’re saying it’s our fault?” The delinquent said as if he were to laugh.


“Yes, please pay for the eggs. Also please apologize to the chickens.” Deuce with his arms crossed.


Hana opened her mouth but raised a brow to the chicken part.


The other delinquent boy mused, “You’re fretting over some dull eggs?” 


“They didn’t hit the ground, did they? Ya still has some left so thank your superiors for that!” The two mocked them as they laughed.


Hana sighed a bit. This school is really troublesome. She thought back at home with some small number of delinquents from outside the school were bad. These guys come from left and right.


“This ain’t something to laugh about…” Deuce mumbled as Hana looked to him.




Deuce’s calm demeanor turned rough as his eyes widened with his lip up. Used his hand to hit his palm. 


“This ain’t something to laugh about!!,” He shouted. Making Hana jump and Grim too with the other two delinquents.


“D-Deuce?” Hana slipped his name.


“You don’t get to make decisions for us! These eggs were going to make a delicious tart instead of becoming baby chicks! You get it?! HUH?!” Deuce raised his voice at them making them step back.


“What the— what’s with this dude’s problem?!”


“If you’re not gonna pay for the six eggs, I’ll just punch ya six times!!”


“W-Wait! Deuce!” Hana tried to call out. But he wasn’t listening.


“Hana, I think you should leave it to him.” Grim eyes were widened.




Hana and Grim took a few more steps back as Deuce started to grab the both of them into six punches of pain. Maybe more than that.


The two delinquents were almost on their knees before running away. Deuce was shouting at them, he looked as if he were to run after them. Hana grabbed from behind for him not to go after them.


“Deuce! Please calm down!! They’re gone!!” Hana urged him. She felt him flinching as she quickly let go of him. His anger turned to ease as he was panting from shouting from the top of his lungs. His eyes widened, flabbergasted by what he just did.


“I-I… screwed up... I vowed that I’d definitely be an honor student…” he mumbled to himself. 


Hana furrowed her brows. “What do you mean?”


He looked at Hana. He explained that he used to be a full-fledged delinquent to disrespect teachers, skip classes, pick fights and hang around sketchy upper classmates. Went as far to use magic against people who couldn’t use magic. Hana couldn’t believe it. But…


“Just now you went full on bad boy!” Grim shrieked.


“I-I never thought you had such a past.” Hana commented.


Deuce looked away, “that night, everything changed when I heard my mom crying in tears as she was on the phone with grandma… questioning about me if she raised me wrong. That’s when I wanted to change for her...”


He really does care for his mother… Hana thought. 


“Mom… never did anything wrong. It was all me! I wanted to make my mom proud and then I did this...”


“Those delinquents deserved it if you ask me! I would have beaten them up too!” Grim smug with his paw up. “You don’t have to grin on everything ya know.”


“Well, sometimes you can’t. But for this incident. They did deserve it.” Hana said, she didn’t like violence, but these guys definitely got the message.


“You guys…” Deuce looked to them.


Hana smiled at him, “Honor students can get mad. If they can’t reason, do what you think it’s best! B-But not to go too far!! But even if you have a bad boy side, your heart is in the right place. You’re definitely a good guy, Deuce!”


“Really?”, Deuce's sad frown disappeared to a smile of relief with a small chuckle, “well may those chickens rest in peace then.”


Hana smiled sheepishly, “U-Uh Deuce,” he raised a brow to her, “…Th-There wasn’t any baby chicks in those…”


“What?!” He shrieked, “Are you serious?!” Shocked at this. Hana nodded while Grim frowned at him.