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Magical Girl vs Villains World

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Back at Earth, there was an alert from their diamond brooches from their Magical guide, Terra. The guardians were fighting off four blots that they sensed off from around a plaza. People were either running or were knocked out from the attack. The blots caused a lot of damage to the stores or the people. It was difficult but the girls led the blots into a trap!


"I got them!" tanned faced girl, Kira, swift her arms crossed to her chest with her white gloves in a tight grip! Wearing a pink magenta like poncho that watched her skirt and boots. Underneath the poncho was a light pink turtleneck underneath. A diamond jewel boho chains around her head like the others.

Giant vines wrapped around the four blots as they struggled.


"Light Guardian! Now!" 


The pale faced girl with long brown hair pigtails hopped from the ground as a magical small wand appeared that a blue shimmering diamond on as did her the diamond from her boho chain around her head.


"Luminesce Flash!!" Hana shouted.


With a glittering flash striking the blots at them, they flare and the inky blot fled their vessels.

fair skinned girl, Allen, wearing a red like poncho, and inside a pink orange turtleneck. The red diamond boho gloweed from her forehead. Using her fist to spew through flames at the blots that few off from the unconscious as she shouts,


"Inferno emerge!!"


Her blonde short hair flows through the wind as she jumps with her red heels to strike the blot down.

Aimi also jumped, wearing a similar outfit but in black, her vest inside the poncho was a purple turtleneck. Her purple diamond boho glowed a spark from her head. Her long black hair flowing from the air flew from her pale face.


"Thunderous strike!"


Aimi shouted her unique power for the Purple lighting striking down the blot as it started to vanish off. They gave each other a high five!


Yuko straightens out her dark skinned arms, having her gloved hands out palms closed together. Her indigo diamond glowed,




She shouted with a smirk as she twisted her arms as swirling water shot through and hit down the other blot into a huge whirlpool like a tornado. Vanishing into nothing.

Kira conjured her plants to grab the blot as it was struggling. Her pink diamond glowed from her forehea, before she could conjure her unique magic the blot slithered down to hit Kira down.


"Kira!!" Aimi shouted as she tried striking the blot but it dodged her lighting strikes.


"It's getting away!" Allen cried angrily, shooting her flames at the monster ink slithering by Hana as she jolted back. The ink was slithering away down the plaza.


"I got it!!" Hana ran after the blot before her friends could call to her. She was running after it like a predator and prey. Using her wand to shoot the blot but it continues to dodge the creature. It was leading to a store where it all took place when the blots were first spotted...




"Hana! Wait!!" Allen shouted before she could hear. She looked over to Kira slowly getting up.


"I'll be back! Make sure the people are okay!"  Allen said, the three nodded before she ran after the leader.

"I swear this girl..." She mumbled.


She stopped midway to whip her head around to see any sign of the young girl. She analyzed the area with her blue eyes. Then in the blink of an eye, a flash came from the damaged store. She sighed a bit of relief seeing that Hana must have gotten the creature down. She ran into the store to look for her. It was a beautiful clothing shop.


Or so it was until the blots damaged it.


"Hana! Are you okay? Where are you?" Allen shouted and analyzed the store. Damaged and burned clothes. Area looked wet from the fight before they led them into a trap. She made a sheepish smile at that.


"Hana?" Allen ran around the store, picking up some damages in case. But thankfully, she wasn't there. But that also another problem.


Where is Hana?!


"Hana! This isn't funny! Where are you! It's Allen!" She shouted again but her tone sounded as if she were to panic. She looked again, some things were damaged and some of the items look like they never were touched. She was startled to see a mirror laying on the side of the wall. 


Could she have left to go back to the others? She hoped so.


Allen quickly hurried out of the store to go find the others. But She stopped midway from the entrance to see the three.


"Kira called the ambulance! Some people are okay! Well.. minus the people that got possessed by the blots." Yuko said with a nervous smile twirling her long light lavenderish blue hair in a high ponytail.


"Is Hana alright?" Aimi asked, looking at the blondes' worrisome eyes.


"She's not in there. She's not with you?"


The braided bun pinkett looked to the black haired girl then back to Allen.


"No, we didn't see her."


"Guys! This is Hana we are talking about! She may be clumsy but she wouldn't have ran off too far." Yuko tried to excuse it. However, they were not sure. They all started to search around the plaza, shouting out her name, even bringing up her favorite food to lure her back. Not even that, they used their diamond brooches to try to track her down. But nothing. It took two or three hours of looking as soon as the ambulance and the police came.


They were on the other side so the police wouldn't find them. "I-I can't find her anywhere!" Aimi said shakily.


"She can't just vanish! This is insane!" Yuko perplexed


"I'm worried. The blots could have kidnapped her..."Kira breathed, not looking at the three. 


"I think so too." Aimi said.


"We have to report this to Terra!" Allen insisted, they all nodded.



The four de-transformed to their normal forms and were at Hana's house. They were sitting on a sofa in front of a woman with long blonde wavy hair, dark brown skin wearing a pink shirt and long white skirt. Her green eyes were concerned hearing what happened.

Allen was in her casual shorts and sweatshirt her hair became shorter and more dirty blonde. Yuko's hair was shorter from long to tail bone to shoulder length, and as wearing her uniform for a café she left early from. Aimi was wearing all black pants and shirt. Kira's hair was more redish than pink and was wearing her preppy white blouse and dark blue skirt.


"Are you sure that you all checked around the area?" Terra asked.


"Yes! We tried tracking her diamond with our diamonds but... nothing!," Allen responded, she ended up looking down and gripping her knees.


"I'm sorry guys... I should have ran after her sooner!"


Kira looked over to Allen, "Don't beat yourself up. We'll get her back."


"But how?! We don't know where they could have taken her!" Yuko cried, looking so puzzled as she slouching a bit.


Terra began to spoke as they all looked to her, "I will try to track her down. You four must keep an eye out for blots. We may get some clues of what they are doing."


The four nodded, but there was a distress look upon their faces.


"But... without Hana, it won't be easy to remove the blots from the vessels." Kira said.


"I'll try my best to help out. It's going to be a lot but we can't have anymore chaos like before..." Terra answered as if she were unsure. She helped Hana to become strong on the way when she became a magical girl for the first time when her mother gave her away to her. But, with trying to find her and fighting the monsters. It's a lot. Making Aimi cringe a bit. She stood from the couch.


"We can do it," They looked to Aimi, "Hana never gave up on us. She never gave up on me when I overblotted..." She looked away a bit before she shook it off, "We must fight for her!"


The guardians nodded and stood up and nodded. Aimi held her hand out as they placed their hands on hers.


"For our guardian of Light!" They all said with a smile. 


Aimi made a brief smile, but she continued to cringe inside about her friend that she knew since middle school.




Where did you go?