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Taehyung's plan for the night was to simply wind down with his two friends, drink and dance and celebrate the fact that he's got accepted into an internship at the same place they work, which also happens to be one of the biggest corporations not only in South Korea, but globally as well.

It's why he's not dressed in his I want to get rammed getup. His jeans, while well-fitting, aren't tight enough to accentuate the curve of his ass to its full potential, and he knows the oversized shirt and lack of makeup isn't really doing him favours.

He's all regrets now. He should've dressed better.

“Oh, come on!” Jimin encourages. “You're easily the hottest guy here without trying!”

Jeongguk clears his throat pointedly and Jimin turns and pats his hand. “Apart from you, love. You're always number one to me.”

“Gagging!” Taehyung calls. Jimin rolls his eyes at him then gestures with his hand towards the bar, where the real hottest man in the bar sits. His wide shoulders tapering down to a small waist that he's unfairly wrapped in a tight vest, what's left appearing of his pristine shirt is translucent where the lights hit it in patches of yellow. Taehyung follows the spread of his powerful thighs to a well sized bulge that couldn't be hidden by the tailored slacks or the dim illumination, and he nearly whimpers. A tumbler dangles from the man's hand, and he's talking to his companion and pointing with the index of the same hand holding the glass, his perfect jawline tensing up and pulling the tendons of his neck.

He's unbelievably hot, Taehyung is drooling a little.

“I can't get a man like that when I'm dressed like this,” Taehyung whines. Jimin points.

“Go talk to him or so help me God.”

Taehyung takes a long breath and gets up. He waits until Shoulders finishes his conversation and turns to the bartender to order another drink before he swoops in.

“Good evening,” he greets. Shoulders glances at him first then he swirls his stool so he's facing Taehyung completely. He arches a fine brow at Taehyung, and it would be rude if it weren't for the amused line his perfect lips shape.

Taehyung's face heats up. “I'm waiting for someone, do you mind if I sit here and chat a bit?”

Shoulder's smile widens and he makes a go ahead gesture with his hand at the stool next to him.

“I'm Kim Taehyung,” Taehyung says.

“Kim Seokjin,” 

Taehyung feels like he’s heard the name somewhere but Shoulders’ smile gets bigger, a little predatory and Taehyung’s stomach swoops, his brain picks that exact moment to remind him that he hasn't been properly fucked in two years and adds the notion that this man looks like he'd do a phenomenal job of dicking him down.

He crosses his legs and fists one hand on the bar. “Nice to meet you, Seokjin-ssi.”

Seokjin's friend taps his arm and Seokjin turns to him, giving Taehyung a few moments to breathe.

“I'll see you at work, hyung,” the man says. Seokjin tips his head in acknowledgement and faces Taehyung once more.

“Can I buy you a drink?” Seokjin says.

Taehyung puts on his flirtiest smile and supports himself on his elbow, cheek in palm. “Only if you guess what I'd like.”

Seokjin chuckles and leans back, tilts his head to the side and checks Taehyung out blatantly, his eyes go in a slow drag from Taehyung's legs up to his face.

“Virgin strawberry margarita,” Seokjin says confidently, motioning to the bartender with two fingers like he owns the bar. Taehyung chokes, a blush taking over his face. He straightens up in his chair and hides his hands between his thighs, ducks his head. All hopes of his black bangs covering the redness on his cheeks shatters when Seokjin coos at him.

“So I guessed right,” Seokjin says, amusement dripping from his voice. “Adorable.”

Taehyung's face flushes further and he curls his shoulders in. He's not usually so tongue tied, he's the best at flirting. Something about Seokjin has reduced him into a blushing maiden, and he's equal measures thrilled by this effect and frustrated. How will he lead Seokjin to bed if Seokjin's assuming he's a chaste virgin?

It is his favourite drink though, so he can’t even protest.

The bartender brings him the cocktail and slides Seokjin another glass of neat whiskey. Seokjin takes a sip but his eyes remain on Taehyung, that infuriating amused smile on his mouth and a matching glint in his eyes.

“Em,” Taehyung says. Good, he's embarrassing himself more. Great job, Taehyung. Seokjin seems to finally have mercy on him, he sets his tumbler down and leans closer to Taehyung.

“You said you're waiting for someone,” Seokjin says. “Your girl?”

Taehyung shakes his head. Seokjin's smile widens. “A man, then?”

“No. Well, they're men but eh...friends. They're my friends. I'm single.”

Taehyung wants to smack his forehead to the wood of the bar. Seokjin grins wolfishly at him.

“Hard to believe you're single when you're so pretty,” Seokjin whispers like a secret. Taehyung releases a small breath. Seokjin goes on. “So, Taehyung-ah, can I call you that?” Taehyung nods. “You come here often? I haven't seen you around.”

Taehyung shakes his head again. Truth to be told, the place is a little too fancy for him, his budget won't handle regular visits. “We're supposed to be celebrating,” Taehyung replies. “I got accepted into an internship program.”


“Hyundai,” Taehyung says. Seokjin loses his smile for a second before he picks up its pieces, but it's not genuine anymore. A little plastic.

“Something wrong with the company?”

“No,” Seokjin sounds a bit offended. “I'd say it's the best. Congratulations. Perhaps you deserve another drink.” He says it like he's offering a child a candy bar, and instead of feeling annoyed, Taehyung blushes again. Like he is a little kid waiting for praise he lowers his head and looks up at Seokjin from behind his bangs.

“You think so?”

“For sure,” Seokjin confirms. “Perhaps an entire dinner.”

Taehyung's gut tightens. Is Seokjin really asking him out? Before he can floats higher into hope, Seokjin crushes his dreams and says:

“You make sure to have your friends treat you, alright?” Then he stands up, picks up his discarded jacket and nods his head at Taehyung.

Taehyung blinks at him. Watches, breathless, as Seokjin swirls the jacket around as he puts it on, a fluid motion that belongs to a commercial. Something that he feels like he's seen before. Seokjin looks amazing even from the back, broad and elegant as he walks away.

Walks away .

He ends up staring in the general direction of the exit when Jimin's shocked face fills his field of vision, followed by Jeongguk's sympathetic curl of lips and wet eyes.

“You can do better!” Jimin says. Jeongguk nods and adds. “The guy is obviously tasteless. He's―”

“He rejected me,” Taehyung breathes. Groans and this time, doesn't stop himself from thudding his forehead against the bar. “I practically threw myself at him, dear lord. It was so embarrassing!”

“Hey hey!” Jimin rushes to stand behind him and rub his shoulders. “It's his loss! You're gorgeous and―”

“Maybe he's straight?” Jeongguk suggests, albeit hesitantly. Taehyung peeks from behind the curtain of his hair.

“You think so?” he says hopefully.

“Absolutely! He's a stinky heterosexual! Now cheer up, come with us!”

“But he flirted back!” Taehyung springs up and exclaims, too loud. Jimin and Jeongguk jump back and shush him. Taehyung rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. “Sorry.”

“What do you mean flirted?”

“He called me pretty boy. That's―”

“Nothing!” Jeongguk insists. “You're very pretty, and he has eyes. Could be just a remark. He's obviously straight as an arrow.”

Taehyung pouts but he accepts the explanation. A while later, he's dancing wildly with his friends like he's planned originally and a thought occurs to him.

This is the first time ever that he gets turned down. He has picked up straight guys before, who only remembered they were straight and freaked out after they fucked him.

Taehyung frowns and dances the thought off. Maybe Seokjin is already in a relationship, and maybe Taehyung's ego needed the reality check.



His attempts to tame his hair take half an hour before he's successful. He looks good and professional, his bangs parted in the middle and slicked backward over his ears.  The baby blue shirt is formal, but not as stuck up as white, and he's coupled it with dark gray slacks cut to compliment his figure. He tucks the shirt in and smiles. Jimin would say something about how thin his waist looks in this fit but Jimin isn't here to feed into his ego.

Taehyung thinks, perhaps he doesn't need help on that front. He's not arrogant but he knows he looks good. He makes faces at the mirror, lifts his chin up and gives a smolder, then makes a V with his index and thumb under his chin.

Yup. He looks great.

He carries his briefcase and smiles one last time at his reflection, more than an intern he looks like he's a department manager. Hoping to get a position like that somewhere down the road, he jumps and kicks his feet, whistles a happy tune as he walks out of his small studio.

The building is tall and magnificent. Several stories with glass front, and their brand mark high and center. The sun glints off of its corner, and Taehyung looks up and up at it until the reflected light blinds him and he has to squint. He's ecstatic for this chance, he's one of five interns competing for one job and he has only two months to prove himself. A start with this kind of a big name is good even if he doesn't get a job here. Marketing is a hard job anywhere but with a company as big as Hyundai and as well-known, competing in the global market, the stakes are much higher and the work is more challenging.

And exciting.

Taehyung is breathless, he has tons of ideas and projects. He's studied the target audience, he's done tons of research and he's confident he has something to contribute if he were to be given the chance.

The man who approved them for the job, Min Yoongi, greets them in a small conference room. He's dressed in a classic suit and tie, wearing glasses and pinning each of them with a sharp calculating look that makes Taehyung's spine straighten on its own.

“Welcome all aboard,” Yoongi says. “We're very happy to have new, raw talents like you for the next two months. The competition is hard, and you should know that the five of you were picked out of three hundred applicants, so just being here is a win.” Yoongi's voice is calm, his no-nonsense tone speaks of years of experience. He's collected but not cold, he's praising them without being doting. A perfect teacher for a group of newbies.

“I'll be here to help monitor you for the next two months, but this is a special program so you'll be in contact with other managers, and of course the CEO himself. I'll help you the best I can, but I won't be the one who'll decide who ends up with us on the team. I'd like to thank you all for giving us the opportunity to teach you and learn from you, I hope you have a pleasant stay here.”

The door behind them creaks open but Taehyung doesn't dare peek at the newcomer. Yoongi's expression turns more serious and he squares his shoulders.

“Allow me to introduce our CEO, Kim Seokjin.”

There's a fraction of a second where the entire universe stills and Taehyung's thoughts hang in limbo. The name, the familiarity.

Pieces of reality scatter into shreds in his mind, and a handsome man in a suit steps in front of him and reassembles them into a clear picture. The earth resumes its turning and Kim Seokjin, the very man who rejected Taehyung yesterday, stands tall and proud and commanding at the head of the table.

This is why he felt he knew him. Seokjin appears in his own promotion ads, the one where he puts on his jacket is a popular one. Taehyung had watched it mindlessly as he researched the company, had read the name.

He didn't think it'd make a difference, a name and a face. Now he feels like he's stuck in a ridiculous hidden camera prank and no one is jumping up to end it.

Seokjin's eyes scan the interns with keen interest, but they don't stop on him. They don't flash with recognition. Taehyung shrinks in his seat, sure he's radiating red. He'd love for the ground to open up and swallow him whole. Seokjin speaks with confidence, his charisma has a physical presence.

He has everyone entrapped for the few seconds he talks, and he says nothing but his name and a simple welcome. Taehyung only glimpsed this aura, and now that he's witnessing it fully, he's breathless and entranced.

“This program is the first of its kind,” Seokjin says. “You'll be taken more seriously than our usual interns, you'll be monitored by me directly and you will have the opportunity to contribute feedback and even give suggestions to our upcoming promotional campaign. This, as you well know, is an important step but I'm confident you are all talented enough to help us launch our new model.

“I promise I'll keep up with the details and review your progress personally. Here, we pay attention to all our employees, knowing that they're our driving power. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to schedule a meeting with me.” He turns and catches Taehyung's eyes for a split second, and he smiles.

“Welcome aboard,” he says and Taehyung's breath hitches. As soon as they're dismissed, Taehyung stumbles out of his chair and runs out of the room, almost falling on his face many times on his way to the elevator.

He places a hand over his galloping heart and tries to catch his breath. He hits the elevator button and leans his forehead on the wall. 7th floor. Jimin and Jeongguk work on the 7th floor, engineering and designs.

“Hello, pretty.” A smooth voice calls and Taehyung jumps and turns. Familiar amusement glitters in Seokjin's eyes. He looks more fetal all suited up, with his hair pushed back and his leader aura. Taehyung's knees feel weak and butterflies flap their wings in his abdomen. Seokjin smirks and Taehyung doesn't manage to say anything before the elevator dings. His relief is replaced by dawning horror when Seokjin steps into the lift beside him and hits the button for the exact same floor Taehyung is headed to. 10 floors below them.

“Hi,” Taehyung finally squeaks.

“Welcome aboard, Taehyung-ah. I can't wait to see what you have in store.”

Taehyung's attempt at a smile comes out as a grimace. He buzzes with nerves, his eyes fixed on the changing red number, waiting for absolution. The ding sounds and Taehyung rushes forward, nearly hitting his face on the door if it's not for the arm around his waist.

“Careful,” Seokjin whispers in his ear. Taehyung closes his eyes, shivers then slumps down on spot, leaning back onto Seokjin's chest for a breath before he jolts and jumps out of the hold.

“Thank you, sir!” He yells, winces then runs out again.

He doesn't know what kind of expression he's making, but when he arrives at Jimin's cubicle, his friend hurries to him, shouts “I'm taking ten!” over his shoulder and drags Taehyung to the coffee room by the wrist. Like he has an internal sensor for Jimin's whereabouts, Jeongguk steps in after them not a second later.

“What's wrong?” Jimin says. Taehyung smacks him on the back of his head.

“Ouch!” Jimin yelps. Jeongguk scowls at him.

“What the fuck, hyung! Don't hit him.”

Taehyung turns to Jeongguk and smacks him, too.


“Seriously? He's the CEO? And you idiots didn't fucking tell me?”

Jimin is confused for a second before his eyes widen. “The CEO? Are you talking about Shoulders?”

“Fuck you, I told you his name!” Taehyung shouts. Jimin clamps a hand over his mouth, same time as Jeongguk makes a shhhhhhh.

“No, you didn't,” Jimin protests. “And before you say anything. I only had a glimpse of his back and the lights were dim and I was not wearing my glasses.”

Taehyung glares at Jeongguk, who raises his palms. “I was looking at Jimin.” Taehyung makes a pathetic sound behind Jimin's hand and Jimin removes it.

“What will I do?” Taehyung moans. “This is a disaster!” His voice gets higher with every word. “It's the worst thing to ever―”

“Shhh!” Jimin and Jeongguk admonish.

“You're not going to do anything. You will do your job and get the position!” Jimin says. Behind him, Jeongguk nods with every word like a bobble-head. 

“This is a special program!” He wails. “I'll be seeing lots of him for the next two months.”

“So?” Jimin curls his lips. Taehyung pouts.

“I hit on him,” he says miserably. Jimin rolls his eyes. “He rejected me!” Taehyung whines. “He probably thinks of me as a dumb kid, he'll never take me seriously! I'm just humiliating myself by staying, I shou―” 

Jimin's hand shuts him up again. “Just, breathe for a second.”

Taehyung inhales and exhales. Jimin removes his hand. “You're very talented, and you know you can get this position. He's not going to judge you based on one meeting outside of work. Seokjin-nim is a wonderful boss, he treats us all well.”

Taehyung's pouts get bigger. Jimin purses his lips.

“What?” Jeongguk says. Taehyung covers his face with both hands and mutters.

“I'm still helplessly attracted to him.”

Jimin sighs. Taehyung peeks from between his fingers, his words still muffled.

“So, is he really straight?”

Jimin and Jeongguk exchange a look, and Jeongguk is apologetic when he informs Taehyung that Seokjin is not in fact straight.

“He's bi.”

Taehyung stomps his foot. “I can't accept this!”


“No!” Taehyung says. He crosses his arms. “I will not accept this! He can't be into men and not want to fuck me, that's ridiculous! He can cut me off this program, but he will fuck me!”


“Just watch,” Taehyung says. Jimin and Jeongguk have mirror bored expressions on their faces before they both turn away and walk out of the room.  As soon as he's alone again, he recalls his last two (and only) interactions with Seokjin and he groans.

He needs to step up his game if he wants to end up in Seokjin's bed.

Their only task for their two months stay is the upcoming release of a new car model. Taehyung wants to be brilliant enough to get the position, and he thinks that's also sexy so it's two birds in one stone. But he firmly believes he also needs to look sexy.

Seokjin has called him pretty, so he assumes that's Seokjin's type. So next time he steps into the corporation's building, he's ready to seduce.

Sadly, the place has a dress code, so he cannot go all out slutty but he makes do. He puts on the tightest slacks he has, and he keeps the first two buttons of his shirt open, he wears concealer and a subtle lip-gloss and he arranges his hair so it falls in his eyes instead of the sleek look of his first day.

He looks prettier and more gullible and as Jimin so eloquently put, ready to be taken advantage of. He sure fucking hopes .

Their first meeting with Seokjin is surreal. Seokjin is smart and formidable but he's also patient and giving. He guides them and gives them knowledge freely, like he's unconcerned that they won't all be on his team later. He's liberal with deserved praise, but he keeps his reprimands short and gentle. He speaks about the company like it's a part of him, like he's so very proud and humbled to be working here. His love for his profession colours every word. It's not hard to see why he's so successful despite his young age, why the shareholders and the board trust him with important decisions.

More than just intelligent, he's passionate and it's inspiring in ways that makes Taehyung tingle.

Seokjin in his element is breathtaking.

He also doesn't spare Taehyung a second glance apart from the brief, expected eye-contact as he guides them through what can be considered a lecture.

There are many seduction methods that have worked for him in the past, all subtle and safe to a degree. Taehyung keeps his eyes on Seokjin, smiles softly whenever their eyes meet. He purposefully glances at Seokjin's lips, traces his fingers over his neck and collarbone in an absent-minded manner.

Seokjin takes it all in without batting an eye, unfazed or perhaps clueless. When the meeting is done, Taehyung wastes time gathering his papers until everyone but him and Seokjin are out of the room before he drops his pen.

He bends down to pick it, slow and artful, but fluid enough to appear as an unassuming gesture. He then walks to the door like nothing happened and risks a glance at Seokjin.

Seokjin isn't looking at him. His eyes are glued to the papers in front of him as he skims and shuffles through them. Taehyung fights the urge to stomp his foot and walks out of the room.

Two weeks pass in the same fashion. Taehyung drops hints all over the place, his back hurts from all the bending over he's doing and still, Seokjin isn't getting the hint.

Taehyung's frustration mounts into immeasurable levels. He's never pursued anyone for this long without results. His tired and true methods have been the road to many hookups.

So why isn't any of it working on Seokjin?

“Are you sure he's bi and single?” Taehyung asks. He's having lunch with Jimin and Jeongguk in a small restaurant near their office building. Jeongguk and Jimin sigh, long and suffering and they nod. Scarily in unison.

“He doesn't care for me one bit!” Taehyung announces. Jimin pats his shoulder in sympathy.

“I don't know,” Jeongguk says. “I'm a little amazed. I didn't think sexuals can be not attracted to you.”

“I know!” Taehyung blurts, then blushes. “I'm sorry, that sounds…”

“No no,” Jimin stops him, his mouth full of food. “You're right. Have you seen the ass on you? Dude!” He swallows and goes on. “I'd be totally offended if someone asks me to top but I'd still fuck you.”

Jeongguk nods. “You're very attractive, hyung. It's not even about how pretty you are, it's just…” He makes a vague gesture with his hand and Jimin nods empathetically.

“This is not helping,” Taehyung complains. “I'm super flattered of course, and maybe a little creeped out and hoping like hell you weren't seriously hitting on me. But I'm going insane!”

“You're just being dramatic,” Jimin says. “I'm sure he wants you, maybe you're just not noticing. Or not coming on strong enough. Maybe he's just clueless!”

“No way!” Taehyung says. “I all but shoved my ass in his face. Anything more and it's sexual harassment.”

“Hmmm,” Jimin taps his finger on his chin. “We have a party coming up. Big event, we'll invite everyone who can help us in the market and suck up. It'll be mighty boring.”

“And?” Taehyung says.

“And, it might be a good place for you to make a move. A different setting from the usual meeting. You can doll up to the max, since the party is casual and we have a bar reserved. There will be dinner and dancing and drinks!”

“I do like the sound of that,” Taehyung says.

After that, he spends the week up to the party trying not to obsess about what to wear. Despite Jimin's reassurance of casual wear, Taehyung knows he can't be too casual. He doesn't want to appear out of place or over the top but he wants to turn heads.

He puts on rules, the biggest one is to not buy anything new. He's not a rich person and can't afford buying clothes for specific occasions. He ends up deciding on a pair of tight black jeans and a black silk shirt with gray and white paisley pattern. He makes sure he's showing a healthy amount of collar bone, arranges his hair into an artistically messy look, just barely parted on the middle of his forehead, and with curls on the ends. He puts on short, jade green earrings and very subtle makeup then calls Jimin so he won't change his mind on the outfit at the last minute.

Jeongguk and Jimin arrive to pick him up and it takes them less than thirty minutes to be in the agreed upon place.

The bar reserved for the occasion looks like a ballroom out of a Victorian movie. High ceiling and shiny chandeliers, the illumination is bright and the music is an honest to god symphony. Taehyung is very glad he's wearing something that could be in line with a dress code, everybody else is.

The place is spacious enough to contain the numerous guests without appearing crowded. All of them are wearing lavish clothes and jewelry, women in tasteful, beautiful dresses and men in suits. Clustered in small groups with waiters orbiting them, trays of  Champagne, Whiskey and wine floating around. Taehyung scans the crowd, catches sight of Yoongi with one of his fellow interns, then glimpses Namjoon. The man who was with Seokjin the first time Taehyung met him, and his first assistant.

Taehyung makes his way toward Namjoon, waving to Jimin and Jeongguk. He knows Seokjin can't be far, Namjoon always shadows him after all.

Seokjin isn't anywhere in sight and Taehyung holds in a disappointed sigh and greets Namjoon politely. Namjoon engages him in a short conversation about the party, compliments his look then very helpfully points Seokjin out to him.

Taehyung blushes up to his hairline. Namjoon just winks at him.

He doesn't give himself the time to be embarrassed; rather, he bows to Namjoon, mutters a thanks and hurries to where Seokjin is. Halfway through, he loses momentum and stops.

He doesn't even know what he'll talk about. Ask about the strategy behind such a party? It's an obvious thing, he wants a starter but he doesn't want to seem dull. He's mulling it over when someone tabs his arm.

“Hello, there. Taehyung-ssi, right?”

“Yes, hello sir!” Taehyung bows deeply. It's one of their shareholders, Lee Jinmo. He's in his mid forties, perhaps. White hair peppers his temple and brows and the shadow of his beard. He's as tall as Taehyung but more built, and he offers Taehyung a full glass of Champagne before he picks himself one from the many passing caterers.

Taehyung takes it and lifts it up when Jinmo does, but he takes only a small sip. Jinmo eyes him up and down, a leering smile on his face. “You're very beautiful,” he says. Taehyung forces a smile. He gets a lot of compliments, enough to know which are sleazy. The tone of this one makes him take a small step back.

“Thanks, sir.”

“No need for the formalities, Taehyung. You can call me Hyung,” Jinmo says, smile getting wider. Taehyung keeps his smile small and polite.

“I'd rather we keep the formalities, sir. I don't want to overstep.”

“Oh, not at all! I'd like it very much if we...get closer,” he says. It's very suggestive. Taehyung would have no problem shooting him down but he knows something like this might damage his chances of getting an actual job here. He stays rooted in place, uncomfortable but still wearing a polite mask as Jinmo rambles on and gets steadily more forward. He extends his hand and Taehyung is ready to say fuck it all and slap it away but thankfully it doesn't come to that.

Seokjin appears out of nowhere, stands right next to Taehyung and takes Jinmo's hand in a formal handshake.

“Hello, Jinmo-nim.”

“Seokjin-ssi, good evening!” Jinmo seems genuinely happy to see Seokjin and Taehyung sighs in relief and stands behind Seokjin.

“Do you mind if I steal Taehyungie away?” Seokjin says with a smile. Jinmo's eyes widen at the familiar tone and he throws Taehyung a questioning glance that makes Taehyung blush.

He did give Seokjin permission to be informal, but it was before he knew who he was. Unfortunately, he can't take it back or explain now.

Or Fortunately.

Jinmo nods and smiles. “Of course not, Seokjin-ssi. It's good to see you.”

Seokjin bows slightly and motions for Taehyung to follow him. Taehyung complies, and once they're in a relatively calm corner Seokjin rounds on him with a concerned expression.

“Are you alright?” Seokjin says. Taehyung is too breathless by their proximity to do anything but bob his head dumbly. Seokjin lifts his hand, slowly like he's giving Taehyung the chance to move away if he needs to, and settles it on Taehyung's arm, squeezes reassuringly before letting go.

“I hope he wasn't too much. He's not bad, I promise. He's very good about taking nos, you just let him know you're not interested and he won't bother you again.”

Once again, Taehyung only nods.

He's thought so much about what to say when they were alone in the party and now that they are, he finds his mind wiped clean of anything interesting or smart. In the end he says what's been bothering him before Seokjin showed up.

“I'm afraid telling him off would affect my chances of staying here.”

Seokjin considers him for a few moments then glances at something behind Taehyung. “I promise you, that won't happen here. Ever. And if you at any moment feel unsafe, you can tell me. Or Yoongi, or Namjoon. Anyone you're comfortable with.”

“Thank you,” Taehyung breathes. His heart picks up speed and along the familiar lust and frustration, something sweeter blooms. A gentle fire that warms, a subtle throb between his ribs.

Taehyung rubs at his chest, ducks his head. They stand silent for a few moments, and Taehyung doesn't know why but he's not in a hurry to say anything this time. Seokjin stays, calm and gentle and neither of them utters a word.

They watch the party for a while, people nod and chat with Seokjin but he never moves and Taehyung takes it as a permission to stick by his side. Seokjin takes a step forward and Taehyung's heart squeezes but before Taehyung can force himself to give up for the night, Seokjin looks at him over his shoulder. The light reflects in his eyes like scattered stars and Taehyung feels his breath stumbling in his lungs. Seokjin tips his head and Taehyung grins and hurries to fall in step with him.

Seokjin introduces him to many important people in the business, all of which surprise him by being courteous and taking him seriously and Taehyung spends half of his night listening to the most interesting conversations. He's sure any worker starting in their line would kill to gain this kind of experience.

Two old men are discussing the desired cost for their marketing campaign when Taehyung's stomach rumbles loudly and brings them to a stop. They laugh but it's not mean, Seokjin regards him with soft eyes and Taehyung burns with embarrassment.

“You're right,” Seokjin says. “It's high past dinner time. Gentlemen, if you'll excuse us.”

The men nod and Seokjin bows politely and guides Taehyung to one of the buffets. He hands Taehyung a plate and takes one for himself, flashes Taehyung a heart-stopping smile before he piles his plate up. Taehyung feels lost, looking at the various types of food and feeling indecisive. His stomach would not appreciate eating a little from four or five different dishes like Seokjin is obviously doing.

“If in doubt go for meat,” Seokjin whispers conspiringly, pointing at the lamb skewers.

They take their food to an empty table, Seokjin motions for one of the many caterers with trays and takes a glass of wine, lifts a brow at Taehyung in question. Taehyung shakes his head and Seokjin smiles, the same amusement from their first meeting makes a reappearance.

“I guessed right,” Seokjin says. Taehyung tilts his head and Seokjin explains. “Not big on alcohol. Strawberry margarita.”

“Oh.” Taehyung eyes the glass of wine and points with his chopsticks. “You're obviously a fan,”


“I do like the sweet ones, but I'm a lightweight so I don't drink on occasions such as this one,” Taehyung says. He lowers his eyes to his plate, flushing. It's good to know he's at the crush stage where he starts offering random information about himself. He steals a glance at Seokjin, discreetly watches him eat. He's gorgeous performing the most mundane of tasks, Taehyung didn't ever expect to find eating so attractive but here he is.

He wants to be a part of Seokjin's daily activities, eating together and talking together and laughing. He wants to know things about Seokjin, too, even more than he wants Seokjin to know him.

“Do you like what you're doing?” He asks. Seokjin pauses and lifts his eyes to Taehyung, surprise written on his face. Taehyung blushes. “You look like you do.”

Seokjin gives him a soft smile and nods. “I inherited this position along with the biggest share of the company, so most people usually don't bother asking me this.”

Taehyung shrugs. “I think you do like it, inheriting it doesn't mean you can't choose it and,” his cheeks burn, he's almost sure he'll melt by the end of the night. “You're so good at it. You're so wonderful at it, it's inspiring. And I'm not just saying this because you're the boss.”

Seokjin throws his head back and laughs, a clear boyish sound. Happy and carefree and loud and Taehyung's heart grows too big for his chest. This is the most unrestrained he's ever seen Seokjin, the most genuine. It makes the throb in him take over, makes him ache deep in his bones.

“Thank you, Taehyung-ah. You're right, I do love this job. I love the company and the market and the thrill that comes with new releases. I love everything about this job except the hours.”

Taehyung nods in sympathy. “I can't imagine, you always stay last. Or so I heard.”

“Too much to do,” Seokjin agrees. The conversation gets more relaxed after that, Taehyung not stressing too much over what he says. It's surprisingly easy, falling into a comfortable babble with Seokjin, and they talk about things they like and dislike about tons of things that don't matter at all except for them to talk about.

They laugh and find things in common and many differences and Taehyung wishes they're doing this somewhere else, so he won't feel like he's on a time limit. Soon enough, someone comes to collect Seokjin. It's a little solace, that Seokjin looks disappointed too.

“Enjoy the rest of your night,” Seokjin says. “I'll see you on Monday.”

Taehyung watches him leave with a heavy heart and a held breath. He still wants Seokjin to pin him down and rearrange his insides, but he wants long conversations too. He wants the chance to make Seokjin laugh like they're the only people in the world. He wants to hold his hand, and he wants to kiss him.

He's in way over his head.



He's moping first thing on Monday morning when Jimin sees him and frowns. Taehyung tries to pretend he didn't see Jimin and run but Jimin has keen eyes and he can catch the gloom from all the way across the room. He makes a beeline for Taehyung, takes him by the elbow to the staff's coffee room and closes the door behind them.

Jimin eyes him up and down and whistles. Taehyung huffs and hugs his torso. He perhaps went over the top with the vest and how tight his slacks are, but dammit he's getting desperate. He needs Seokjin to look at him, just a second of lingering would be enough to give him hope.

“He really isn't interested,” Taehyung says, voice wet. Jimin's expression softens and he rushes to hug him.

“Now, don't say that. How can he not? You look like a snack!” He says as he pets Taehyung's hair.

“Yes but he won't eat me!” Taehyung complains, breaking the hug and flailing. The implications of the line dawn on them both at the same time and they burst into laughter. Jimin shakes his head and wipes away an imaginary tear.

“My dear Taehyung, all you need is patience, and maybe a more direct approach?”

“No,” Taehyung protests. Shakes his head. “I already feel like I lost my magic, if I say anything and he rejects me I will cry for at least three days or a year.”

“A year?” Jimin says, and now he seems really worried. Taehyung sighs and lowers his head.

“I maybe, kind of just a little bit in love with him?” He mumbles. Jimin remains silent for a few moments then steps in and hugs him again.

“It'll be okay, Tae,” he says. Taehyung exhales and holds him back.

After that, he drags himself to the meeting of the marketing team. Yoongi has told them Seokjin expects them all to have ideas and suggestions available, along with explanations on why the company should work on them. Taehyung has spent the weekend moping, has barely gotten a wink of sleep and he had to use concealer to hide the circles under his eyes. He's quaking by the time he's in front of the conference room, and he wracks his brain for any last minute ideas but the only thing he finds is Seokjin's eyes and the soft words they shared during the damn party.

The sad truth crystallizes in his mind. He's not getting Seokjin's attention, and his hopeless crush will ruin his chances of getting a permanent job here. He actually stops to consider if it'd be best not to get a job here after all. He can foresee days upon days of pining for his boss, fucking things up then getting fired.

Might as well give up now.

He's not the last one to arrive, but Seokjin is already there. Taehyung stutters a greeting and gets a small smile in return before he hurries to take a seat. He feels eyes on him but when he looks up everyone is minding their own business. Seokjin is texting someone on his phone and the rest of his colleagues are reviewing their ideas. He pretends to be busy too, places his notebook on the table and idly surfs the net on his phone while the others arrive.

Yoongi is the last one there. He closes the door behind him and takes a seat beside Seokjin. 

“Good morning everyone,” Seokjin greets. “Let's get right into it.”

The senior workers offer their plans first, Seokjin doesn't say anything. No encouragement or discouragement. He nods attentively while each one talks and motions to the next one when they're done. After the current team finishes their presentations, Seokjin turns to the interns and Taehyung shrinks in his chair.

“Who wants to go first?” Seokjin asks. Everyone seems to go deaf suddenly, and none of them answer. They look at each other and nudge and Taehyung sighs and lifts his hand up.

Seokjin laughs softly. “Not a school, Taehyung-ah.”

Taehyung blushes and lowers his hand, clears his throat. Seokjin's glowing all of a sudden, a smile on his face and eyes sparkling. The amused line of his lips drives Taehyung insane.

“I have an idea,” Taehyung says. Seokjin leans in his chair, eyes on Taehyung. Taehyung loses his breath for a second, blinks. Had he known this is how Seokjin would look at him if he had something for work, he would've made a killer presentation. He gulps, his on-the-spot idea doesn't seem so brilliant anymore.

“I thought we could do a carwash event. Like, all the employees washing cars, naturally only Hyundai cars and we do it for free. But we film ourselves having fun and present it with those over-emotional we're a family…” He runs out of steam fast. Everyone is looking at him differently now, and he fights the urge to lean down and hide his face in his folded arms.

“What does this have to do with our new model?” One of the senior employees asks. Taehyung flounders for a second but the taunt in the employee's tone makes him determined.

“It has nothing specific to do with it as a general thing, but painting us in a good light right before its release is an important step, and this won't cost as much as any of the other ideas offered, so it could be used alongside any plan.”

Seokjin smiles at him but says nothing. The same employee protests again. “Who'll agree to wash cars? We'll have to offer something, money is the best choice and that will in fact, make it expensive.”

“I'll do it,” Taehyung says.

Seokjin laughs. “Could be fun. I'll wash.”

The silence that descends on the room is one for the books. There's nothing but a figurative, collective gasp. Taehyung stares at Seokjin, who's still composed and has a charming smile on his face.

Yoongi clears his throat. “I'll wash too,” he says. Seeing this, some murmurs arise, then the interns hurry to follow the boss's lead.

“Me too! I'll wash.”

“Great!” Seokjin announces. “We already have seven people and we didn't even announce this yet, I think it'll be a good day to relax and enjoy. We can make it a Friday and count it as our team building event.”

Taehyung's heart skips a beat then stumbles into a painfully quick rhythm. He's breathless, cheeks hot and legs shaking. Seokjin smiles up at him.

“Thank you, Taehyung. Who's next? Taehyung is right, we can use another plan with this one.”

Taehyung collapses into his chair and stares blankly at his notebook. His heart keeps drumming the entire meeting and he can feel the sideway glances he's getting. Can sense the hostility from the other interns when they walk out of the conference room.

He rounds the corner to the empty hall when someone pushes him to the side. He trips but doesn't fall and before he can tell himself it's an accident, he gets another shove. His shoulder hits the wall and he grunts. He turns to see two of the interns glaring at him.

“So this is how you chose to do it? Spreading your legs?” One of them spits. Taehyung recoils. They sneer at him.

“Cheap whore.”

They walk away and leave him in a daze and he stares at them for so long his eyes tear up.

He has been hitting on Seokjin at every chance he's gotten and so far he's never thought of what it might look like to others. Reality hits him too hard and he sways forward, a step then the other and he ends up running to the elevator. He has to leave now or he'll throw up.

He slams face first onto someone and the collision sends him back and makes him lose balance. An arm extends and steadies him and a familiar smooth laugh fills his chest with tight warmth.

“Are you always so clumsy, pretty?”

Taehyung jolts back, comes eye to eye with Seokjin. “I...I'm,” he stutters. Seokjin tips his head to the side, retreats his arm and Taehyung's chest constricts further. “I'm sorry,” he says at last before he sidesteps Seokjin and marches to the elevator.

The door dings but he's stopped by a hand on his wrist. He turns and Seokjin's concerned face feels like a punch in the gut.

“Are you alright?” Seokjin whispers. Careful. Taehyung glances at the grip around his wrist and Seokjin takes his hand back slowly. A lump forms in Taehyung's throat and his eyes burn. He ducks his head and keeps his expression hidden behind his hair.

“I just got some bad news,” he says. It's not exactly a lie but he still feels guilty about it. His heart screams at him to say the truth, to confess everything and seek comfort from Seokjin but his brain shuts it down.

He knows now why Seokjin looks at him with nothing but amusement. He probably thinks the same as those two. That Taehyung sees him as a chance to move forward. He swallows back tears and remains in place.

“Do you need to leave?” Seokjin asks finally. Taehyung nods. “Okay, leave then. Take care, alright?”

Taehyung bows politely and mutters a “Thank you, sir.” before he whirls around and rushes to the elevator. He lifts his eyes up, catches Seokjin's glassy eyes and down-turned mouth for a second then the doors close and Taehyung has no more will to hold the tears at bay. He sniffles as they rain, cascade down his cheeks like waterfalls and he can't stop them.

It's better however. Now he knows what he has to do. He wipes away his tears when the red number reaches 0 and the doors swoop open. His legs are strong now, and he walks out of the building with a heavy heart but a strong resolve.



They reserved a huge park for the carwash day and Taehyung shrinks when he walks in and gets the looks. His idea was expensive after all. He inhales and shrugs it all off.  Seokjin didn't accept his suggestion because they're sleeping together, they aren't, and he certainly didn't accept it because he wants in Taehyung's pants.

If he wanted to, Taehyung would be moaning for him right now. So obviously, Seokjin must believe the idea is good. Taehyung sucks it up and shows up for the event.

Jimin and Jeongguk run to him when they see him, both dressed properly for the day. Jeongguk in a white shirt and denim overalls and Jimin with a white sleeveless shirt and faded jeans. Taehyung chose denim shorts that he made from a pair of old jeans, a white tee that he topped with a light yellow shirt, which he left open. He's wearing his work shoes, laces up tight so he won't trip.

Jimin eyes him up and down and raises two thumbs. “I thought after you managed to create an entire event where no one would think twice if you wear little clothes, you'd finally show up with real short shorts and a tight crop top, and yet here you are being respectable!”

Taehyung rolls his eyes and walks to one of the spots supplied with buckets and sponges and other cleaning equipment. “I'm not doing anything about it anymore,” he says lightly. From the corner of his eye, he catches Jimin and Jeongguk exchanging bewildered looks.

“Something happened?” Jimin ventures. Taehyung shrugs, pours the liquid soap into the bucket and busies himself with preparing everything for when the cars arrive. Jimin harrumphs behind him and Taehyung's shoulders drop. He knows his friends won't drop the matter until they know what's wrong.   

He turns to them and loses his breath. Seokjin strolls into the park with an indigo denim jumpsuit, his waist wrapped by a bandana and his hair falling over his forehead. He's absolutely gorgeous, and he talks with Yoongi and Namjoon with a small smile on his face like he's not aware he's the most beautiful man to ever walk the earth.

Taehyung whines. Jimin lifts both brows.

“I really wish he was at least a little less breathtaking, this is so horrible and unfair!” Taehyung goes on.

“Would you just tell us what happened?”

Taehyung's shoulders slump. He relays a short version of the meeting on Monday and the events after. Jimin's eyes flash dangerously and Jeongguk cracks his neck, like he's getting ready to physically fight. Taehyung knows them well enough, they would actually fight and make a scene. He lifts both palms up.

“But! I have a plan, which does not include beating them up!”

Jeongguk pouts and says: “But they seem like they will really benefit from being beat up.”

Jimin nods fervently. “Jeongguk will look so hot hitting them, too. Everyone's a winner!”

Taehyung clicks his tongue. “No.”

They yap more insults about the interns and Taehyung turns his face away, gets distracted by the way the sun reflects off Seokjin's brown strands, crowning him with light. Even with the jumpsuit and trainers, he stands out. Jimin nudges him with an elbow and points his chin to the oncoming cars.

The place turns hectic, they work and laugh and play with water. Jimin starts it, and the entire park erupts into chaos, workers carrying hoses around and fighting with water. Taehyung gets soaked, hair plastered to his temples and his t-shirt see through.

“That's it Park Jimin!” He roars, slaps the sponge on the floor and yanks a hose from someone nearby. Jimin squeaks and runs, his laughter following him like a gentle melody. Taehyung grins and points the hose just as Jimin takes a turn. The spray ends up on Seokjin.

Seokjin's eyes widen, his clothes soak and darken, stick to him and Taehyung sputters an apology and takes a step backward. His foot slips on something and he yelps.

He squeezes his eyes shut, but Seokjin catches him before he connects with the ground and Taehyung instinctively throws an arm around Seokjin's neck and grips his shoulder with the other hand.

They end up nose to nose, eyes held. Like they were dancing and Seokjin dipped him. A drop from Seokjin's hair splashes on Taehyung's cheek and he breaks out of his haze and straightens up, but it happens too fast. He knocks his forehead with Seokjin's and winces. Seokjin laughs and it hits Taehyung square in the chest, they're closer now.

“Are you always this clumsy, pretty?” Seokjin whispers. From this close, Taehyung can see the sun breaking on the water crystals clinging to his lashes, he can see the little imperfections on his skin and the hint of teeth behind his smile.


Seokjin grins, tightens his arm around Taehyung's waist and lifts the hose up. Taehyung squeals as he's showered with water, he has to hold his breath and close his eyes. Seokjin laughs freely, and Taehyung pushes at him with all his might.

They both fall, the hose drops to the side and they end up tangled in each other and dripping wet. Seokjin's laughter is too genuine and happy for Taehyung to do anything but join him.

Seokjin stands up and offers him a hand, and Taehyung's heart breaks as he takes it. He's in too deep, and there's nothing he can do about it. Seokjin is sweet to him, but no matter how sweet he is, Taehyung is just an intern.

He squeezes Seokjin's hand before he lets go and walks back to his friends. Jimin wiggles his brows at him and Taehyung pushes all his negative feelings and thoughts to return his smile.



There's only one week left of his internship. Taehyung's heart aches as he hands his resignation letter to Yoongi. Technically, he isn't required to do it. He doesn't need to hand in a notice, but it's the least he could do. It's not right to just up and leave and despite how he can't stay here, he doesn't want to ruin his chances everywhere. He still has dreams he wants to achieve.

He walks away but Yoongi calls him. “Before you leave,” he says. Taehyung faces him. “Spend the last day here, you can still learn a lot. I'll write you a good recommendation letter.”

Overcome with gratitude, Taehyung bows down. Yoongi gestures with his head and Taehyung follows him. 

He's not wearing formal clothes today, because he didn't come to work. Dressed in a black tee and high waist faded jeans, he sticks out like a sore thumb, turns heads and gathers looks. He ignores it the best he can, and does everything Yoongi asks him to do. Help finish plans and give suggestions and point out weaknesses. It's the most work he's done in a single day, and by the time he finishes everything Yoongi has asked him to do, the sky is dark and the building is deserted.

The windows show his reflection instead of the outside world, many halls that he passes have their lights off. It's like a ghost city, and he grins and takes pictures. It's the perfect setting for a horror movie, his mind supplies as he eyes the empty cubicles and the long, dark hallway to the elevator.

He pushes the down button and waits. The elevator's doors open and he freezes.

Seokjin's not looking at him, he's glaring at a paper, gripping it so tight his hand trembles. Taehyung considers backing away and using another lift when Seokjin raises his eyes and holds him captive.

“Good evening, Sir,” Taehyung greets, taking a hesitant step in. He keeps his eyes forward, trying to ignore the ghost warmth of Seokjin on his arm.

“Why?” Seokjin says out of nowhere. Taehyung frowns.

“Why what?”

“This!” Seokjin snaps, shoving the paper in Taehyung's face. Taehyung needs one glance to recognize it as the letter he gave to Yoongi this morning.


“We chose you,” Seokjin tells him. “You got the position.” There's too much anger and frustration underlining the words, an out of place emotion beyond Taehyung's ability to comprehend.

“I'm honored,” he says. “But I can't stay here.”

Seokjin takes a step closer. “Why?” he says, eyes intent on Taehyung's. Taehyung's breath is trapped in his lungs. He glances to the floor's number, relieved to see it's the ground floor. The doors open and Taehyung makes a run for it. He doesn't make it out of the elevator, Seokjin grabs his wrist and yanks him in, closes the doors and slams the out of order button, locking them in.

He pushes Taehyung against the wall and pins him in with his body, glaring at him with sparks in his eyes.  

“I can't stay,” Taehyung repeats. Seokjin's fingers squeeze around his wrists, and the sound Taehyung makes isn't just hurt.

“Why?” Seokjin hisses. “Why can't you?”

Taehyung gulps, he can't hide now. Not with Seokjin this close to him, holding him immobile, his heat melting through Taehyung's defenses.

“I want you,” Taehyung breathes. Seokjin's eyes dart between his and he presses closer, his thigh nudges Taehyung's apart and settles there. Taehyung's mouth dries.

“A lot of people want me, Taehyung-ah,” Seokjin tells him. “But none of them looks at me the way you do.”

Taehyung slumps against the wall, forcing Seokjin to support more of his weight. He has no answer for that, he turns his face to the side and lets his lids fall shut.

“Do you have any idea how much will-power it took me not to pounce on you the first night we met? how much harder it's gotten as you kept dangling yourself in front of me like an offering?”

“But you didn't!” Taehyung protests, confused now.

“I was waiting for the end of your program, I didn't want anyone to say that you hooked up with me to get further ahead.” Seokjin inhales. “And now that everyone agrees that you should get the position, and I feel like my waiting is finally coming to end, how can you do this?”

Seokjin's voice trails off softly and he lets go of Taehyung's wrists, sneaks his arms around Taehyung's waist and hugs him, same time as he presses his forehead to Taehyung's shoulder. Taehyung's eyes water, he can't believe what's happening and he stays exactly how he is, arms on the side of his head on the wall, afraid that one move will make this wonderful moment disappear.

“I don't care about what everyone thinks,” Taehyung whispers. “They're already talking.”

“Then why?” Seokjin tightens his hold more, and Taehyung winces but doesn't fight him.

“Because I don't want you to think that.”

Seokjin chuckles. “Tae, you didn't know who I was in the bar. I know you didn't hit on me for the job.”

This has Taehyung opening his eyes and struggling, Seokjin pulls back enough to look at him but he still has his arms around Taehyung, trapping him between his chest and the elevator wall.

“You knew?” Taehyung says, indignant. “Then why the hell didn't you say anything!” Taehyung's annoyed now. Everything that's happened in the past five minutes tells him Seokjin wants him too, but there's no reason for him to not work on it if he knew Taehyung's true intentions. He couldn't have really cared that much of what people would say, they'd talk regardless.

“Because,” Seokjin starts, leans so close only a hair of space remains between their mouths. Every word he lets out wafts on Taehyung's lips and his lids fall half shut, like he's being drugged. “I don't go into so much trouble for just want .”

“Sir, I'm―”

“Seokjin,” Seokjin interrupts him. 

“Seokjin,” Taehyung tries. Seokjin huffs a laugh.


“I don't just want you.”

His head thuds on the wall from the force of Seokjin's kiss. Taehyung moans and opens his mouth for it and Seokjin doesn't hesitate licking into him, kissing him so deep and right it's like they've been doing this forever. He gasps into the kiss, Seokjin presses his thigh up on Taehyung's groin, pushes him further onto the wall. Their chests a line of heat and their lips moving together.

Taehyung threads his fingers in Seokjin's hair and deepens the kiss and Seokjin bites on his bottom lip. He yelps and Seokjin drags his lips in a trail of fire to Taehyung's jaw, nips on the bone before he grazes his teeth along the curve of Taehyung's neck, attaches his lips on the pulse and sucks hard.

Taehyung keens, bucks into him and Seokjin slams him back to place, eliciting another high moan. He kisses and bites marks all around Taehyung's neck, and Taehyung cranes his head back and gives him more space, imagines the hickeys as a choker around his throat.

His blurry eyes take the emergency lights in the elevator before a surge of pleasure forces him to squeeze them shut again.

“Seokjin,” he whines. Seokjin hums, his hand hooks below Taehyung's thigh and lifts up, Taehyung pushes his hips forward, keens at the contact of their hard cocks. Seokjin curses onto his neck, bites down again as he ruts on Taehyung.

“Fuck me,” Taehyung groans. “Please, Seokjin, please. I can't take it anymore.”

Seokjin growls. He untangles them for a split second, spins Taehyung around and crushes him face first to the wall, pinning him with his chest to Taehyung's back. The bulge of his cock rides up against the swell of Taehyung's ass and Taehyung moans and curves it outward, pushing on Seokjin.

“Fuck,” Seokjin breathes. His hand comes around Taehyung's waist and opens his jeans. Taehyung whimpers as he's exposed, cock springing free, dripping and flushed and his ankles trapped in his jeans and underwear. Seokjin gropes his ass cheeks, mutters another curse before Taehyung hears the thud of his knees on the floor. 

Taehyung's breath gets stuck in his lungs as Seokjin parts his cheeks open and licks right on his hole. He keens and rocks back and Seokjin grips his thighs and spreads his legs as wide as his jeans allows and pushes deeper into him. His tongue hot and wet and insistent, stabbing into Taehyung then licking around his hole.

Seokjin doesn't slow, he hooks his thumbs in Taehyung's rim and opens him up, licks inside him and Taehyung's beyond any shame or embarrassment, it feels so good he can't bear it, the sounds falling from his lips are inhuman and guttural, he's begging and mumbling Seokjin's name, trying in vain to open his legs more.

Seokjin bites at a cheek before he goes back to eating him out, he's messy and eager, his spit drips down Taehyung's balls, tickles. Seokjin pulls back and blows on his hole and Taehyung shivers and bows his spine, offering his ass up. Seokjin grumbles and tugs at his jeans and Taehyung obediently lifts his foot, his shoe leaves and he's stripped of the jeans on one side, the other remains bunched up around one ankle. It doesn't matter because now he can really spread his legs. Seokjin grips his hips and pulls him down onto his mouth, and Taehyung yells and rocks back, rides Seokjin's tongue and claws at the wall.

Seokjin inserts two fingers into him and he hollers and wails, the stretch isn't painful, he's already wet and loose from Seokjin's tongue. Seokjin screws them around and licks between them, and Taehyung can feel his spit pushing in, opening him up further.

“Come on, come on, come on,” he urges and Seokjin gives him another finger, fucks all three in angle and Taehyung moans and goes on his tiptoes, almost violent pleasure coursing through him.

“Fuck, you're so hot,” Seokjin breathes onto his hole before he goes back to licking at it. He's making obscene slurping sounds that make Taehyung's face flame. Seokjin is eating him out like it's the most important thing he's ever done, long laps and small bites and sucks, and he's fucking Taehyung so good with his fingers, nailing his sweet spot every other time and has him jolting and rocking down on them. Seokjin detaches his mouth from Taehyung's hole and licks at his tight balls and Taehyung keens. Pleasure explodes in him, his orgasm takes him by surprise and he hiccups, eyes tearing up from how good it is.

Seokjin's fingers leave him and Taehyung whimpers. He's ready to beg for more but Seokjin doesn't let him, he turns him around again and kisses him, deep and filthy and Taehyung has no choice but to open up and take it. Seokjin ghosts his hand on Taehyung's wet, flaccid cock and Taehyung whines and breaks the kiss.

Seokjin regards him with a heated gaze. “You still want me to fuck you?” he asks, voice scratched and deep. Taehyung can't find words so he clings to Seokjin's neck, touches their foreheads and nods.

He yelps as both his thighs are gripped and he's lifted up. Seokjin secures him against the wall and wraps Taehyung's legs around his waist and then finally, he unzips his pants and frees his cock. Taehyung drops his gaze, whimpers at Seokjin's size. Big, hard, the tip shiny with precome. He almost wishes he can get on his knees and worship him properly, but right now he wants nothing more than to get split open on his cock. Seokjin gathers Taehyung's come and slicks himself up and Taehyung whines.

“Taehyung,” Seokjin gasps. Taehyung lifts his head and his mouth is taken in another heart-stopping kiss. Seokjin maneuvers him upward, Taehyung grips harder on Seokjin's neck as he's slowly lowered down, his back sliding on the wall. The head of Seokjin's cock stretches him open and his jaw drops, letting out a soundless scream as Seokjin sinks in to the hilt, fills him up so good Taehyung can't breathe around the feeling of it.

Seokjin pants against his mouth, and it feels so hot and humid now. Taehyung claws at Seokjin's back, wiggles his ass down the best he could and Seokjin groans and presses him harder against the wall.

“Move,” Taehyung gasps out. “Please, hyung, I―” his words get broken, Seokjin thrusts up, slow for only a couple of times before he pounds Taehyung so hard Taehyung sees stars behind his lids. He lets out pitiful sounds, timed with Seokjin's fucks.

Seokjin's moaning into his ear, praises and curses and Taehyung's name and Taehyung closes his eyes and clenches his walls around him. It hurts now, but it's unbelievably good Taehyung doesn't care if he limps for days after this. A twisted part of him is wishing for it, so he knows he didn't make this up.

Seokjin's merciless pace drives him up and down the wall until he's quite literally bouncing on Seokjin's cock. Sweat flies from his locks, makes his t-shirt stick to him, his jeans scratching where they’re clinging to one ankle. Taehyung turns his head, attaches their lips together and sucks on Seokjin's tongue.

“Seokjin, so good, Seokjin,” he chants into Seokjin's mouth. Seokjin breaks it off, bites on the lobe of his ear before he sucks it in, then licks around the shell.

“You feel incredible,” Seokjin gasps. “Better than anything, Taehyung. So amazing and hot.”

Taehyung moans again, rocks down as best as he can. His cock is hard again, and he's desperate for release. Heat coiling tight in his gut and he feels ready to blow.

“Hyung,” he pants. Seokjin hums and kisses him but they're too breathless for it to be proper. It's messy and short, a series of pecks and licks. “Touch me,” Taehyung begs.

“Fuck,” Seokjin groans. He hefts Taehyung up further, frees one hand and reaches between them, jerks Taehyung up fast and messy and Taehyung moans. Spurting out white ribbons. He tightens on Seokjin's cock and Seokjin chokes out a moan before he spasms. Heat floods Taehyung and leaks out with Seokjin's jerky thrusts.

Seokjin's knees buckle and he falls down, taking Taehyung along. They end up on the floor, Taehyung's ass on Seokjin's lap and his back to the wall, his legs loose around Seokjin's hips. Seokjin's forehead is on his shoulder, his pants hot on Taehyung's skin.

His bones feel like jelly but he fights the fuzziness and lifts his arms to hug Seokjin's shoulders. Seokjin hiccups, hugs his waist and pulls him close. They stay like that for long, silent save for the sound of their breaths. Seokjin nuzzles his neck, plants a soft kiss below the angle of his jaw.

“I know people will talk,” Seokjin says, husky and spent. “I know their words might be too mean. I know because I lived through it when I inherited the position, I know how it feels for people to think you don't deserve what you have,”

“You do,” Taehyung interrupts. “You're great at it. You're inspiring, hyung.” Seokjin holds him closer and Taehyung closes his eyes and buries his face in Seokjin's sweaty hair.

“I learnt that they will always talk, the important thing is that you know the truth,” Seokjin goes on. “I'll understand if you still want to leave.” Seokjin's voice breaks a little, but his grip on Taehyung becomes painful.

“Hyung,” Taehyung calls. Seokjin kisses his shoulder before he pulls back to look at him. Taehyung smiles, cups his face. “Even if I'm leaving the job, I'm not leaving you.” Taehyung can't believe that he's the one reassuring Seokjin, after nearly two months of pining, he's here in his arms, on his lap and they're so close they're breathing the same air. Seokjin's feelings so clear in his eyes as he looks at him, his fear of the future the same as Taehyung's.

“But here, I'll see you every day,” Seokjin tells him, then he pouts. “And I'll know that a talented man like you isn't working for a rival corporation.”

Taehyung giggles, kisses him lightly. “Okay, Seokjin. I'll stay.”

Seokjin grins and kisses him again. It's sweet this time, long and deep but without the urgency their previous kisses held. Seokjin pries his mouth open and explores him gently, with tender sweeps of tongue and caring brushes of lips.

They untangle and stand up and Taehyung blushes at the state he's in. T-shirt messed up and pulled, one foot bare and the other still in his shoe, his jeans and underwear stuck there. Seokjin tucks himself in and grimaces, offers Taehyung a sympathetic look before he kneels down and helps him into his jeans again. Taehyung's heart grows ten times its size when Seokjin reaches for his shoe and holds it for him. He even ties Taehyung's laces before he stands up again.

Seokjin smiles at him, then he unlocks the elevator and steps out, extends a hand for Taehyung who takes it eagerly.

They sway their hands between them as they walk to the entrance. “Where are we going?” Taehyung asks.

Seokjin hums thoughtfully. “We'll go home and have proper naked sex, preferably on the bed, then we'll shower and sleep.”

Taehyung grins. “Which of our places is home?” he says. Seokjin stops and turns to him, a blush on his cheeks that knocks the air out of Taehyung. He looks so young, so surprised at his own choice of words. Taehyung steps to him, tiptoes to kiss the bridge of his nose.

Seokjin grips Taehyung's waist and clears his throat. “It doesn't matter,” he croaks. Taehyung smiles at him, feels impossibly mushy inside.

“It doesn't matter,” he repeats, a little dreamily. “Let's go.”

And if Taehyung limps the rest of the way to the car, it only makes his smile bigger.