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First Old Lady Series V - A Sons of Anarchy Fan Fiction (Juice I)

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Juice POV

It was nine the next morning when Unser came to the clubhouse. I'd been waiting at the bar, having talked to him yesterday about how we'd get the information on cutting Sarah loose. He had planned to head in and make whatever calls were necessary to get her status and then come see us here to explain what had been decided. I'd heard the engine of his car and so, as he pulled in, I stepped away from the doors of the clubhouse, feeling the presence of Opie and Hap behind me. Opie had been on an extended run for Clay and had only gotten back last night. He'd heard about what was happening with Sarah and had made sure to sit with me once Gemma and I returned to TM.

As Unser got out, I felt my stomach drop. There was something in his face that told me things had gone wrong.

"What happened to Sarah?" I demanded, knowing that he wasn't going to be telling me that she was being released from custody today. He walked toward us and glanced back at Hap and Opie before sighing and speaking.

"Sarah had a diabetic episode last night." Unser said and I could feel my knees start to weaken. I hardly noticed when Chibs was standing next to me, his hand on my arm. "She told the agents on the drive that she needed food, but the one that wanted her head wouldn't let her eat until she changed her story. He drove them around for hours, not taking her in for holding, trying to get her to talk. She passed out and the other agent ended up having to pull his weapon to get the driver to take her to the hospital." My knees buckled and I felt Chibs catch me. As if in a tunnel, I heard Opie speak.

"Where is she?"

Unser looked at me again and then back to Opie. "She's been admitted at Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield. It was the closest one to where they were."

"She'll be alrigh', lad. But, she'll wan' ta see ya. Les' go to 'er." Chibs said to me and his words connected with my brain, but I was in a fog. "Ya need a clear hea' to ride." Chibs reminded me and I swallowed and nodded, closing my eyes before opening them and turning to Unser.

"She being charged?" I asked and he shook his head no.

"No. The federal prosecutor is livid. Whatever case they thought they had went up in flames when the agent pulled this shit. Her lawyer could use it a couple of different ways, but they all end up with Sarah being free." I nodded and moved toward my bike. I needed to get to Bakersfield.


It's almost four hours to Bakersfield, but we did the drive in three. Hap, Chibs and Opie came with me, knowing that I was in no shape to ride but that there was nothing that was going to stop me. As we pulled into the hospital lot and parked, all I could think of was talking to my Sarah. If she hadn't proven herself with this, I couldn't think of what it would have taken for her to.

"Sarah Jones?" I said as I walked in and straight to the desk holding a nurse or receptionist of some kind.

"Relationship?" Came the response and I didn't think, I just blurted the first thing to come to me.

"Fiance." I said and she nodded and looked in the computer. She looked back up and answered.

"Room 345. Take the elevator to the right over there to the third floor and then down the hallway on your left. Visiting hours are from now until seven." I hardly heard the last part, moving swiftly to the elevator once I had a room number in mind.

When the bell dinged our arrival to the third floor, I broke into a jog, searching for room 345. When I got there, I burst through it to find Sarah asleep on the bed. There was an I.V. hooked up and she had the room to herself. She looked so pale.

I heard my brothers come in behind me and I walked with unsteady feet to her side and ran a hand down her cheek. When I pressed a soft kiss to her mouth, I pulled back to find her beautiful eyes opening to me. She smiled at me sleepily and I felt like I could finally fucking breathe.

"Hey, Rocky." She whispered and I kissed her again.

"Hey, baby." I said against her lips and I felt her sigh and then start to lift up in the bed. I moved to help her and she saw the other three brothers, who were all standing near the doorway still, giving us a little privacy.

"Hi, guys." She said with a wave of the hand not hooked up to the I.V. She looked around the room in confusion for a minute and then back to me with a raised eyebrow. "Did you forget my pizza?" She asked and Chibs lost it while Hap and Opie looked on with a smile.

I shook my head at her. "Well, it got a little cold all the way back in Charming." I said and she leaned her head against my shoulder.

"So, how was your night?" She asked and I sat down next to her while the other three moved to chairs around the room.


A couple of hours later, the hospital staff told us that they were releasing Sarah and we were on our way. I desperately wanted to get her home and comfortable. I didn't know what all came from what she'd gone through, but I had to believe that the stress of the last twenty-four hours alone was enough to make her want to lay down. Fuck, I needed it just as much as anyone, and I hadn't been starved by a power hungry federal agent.

We had to stop on the outskirts of Charming for gas and I watched as Sarah wandered into the convenience store. When she was fully in, I turned to my brothers, who were all looking at me with similar expressions.

"What?" I asked and it was Opie who spoke.

"You taking her home?" He asked and I nodded. "Good. When you're there, fucking talk to her. She deserves to know how you feel." I looked back at him, surprised to hear him say this. He and I got on well, but we've never really had this kind of talk before. I looked to Hap and Chibs, who were nodding.

"She's go' tha club approval, Juice." Chibs offered and then Hap chimed in.

"Damn right." I nodded and looked back to the doors before turning to them.

"We won't be back to the club tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I'll let you know." I said and they all smiled.

I saw Sarah come out and she hopped back onto my bike, wrapping her arms around me. It was close, but not what I needed. I wanted to feel her skin pressed against mine and I needed it soon. On the thought, I throttled up and drove her to her apartment. It was time for me and her to have a talk, preferably naked.