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First Old Lady Series V - A Sons of Anarchy Fan Fiction (Juice I)

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Sarah POV

"You're telling me that you have absolutely no idea why all of the systems at Charming P.D. were destroyed?" Asked the douche bag fed again. It'd been about three hours since they picked me up from my job and we'd gone over the same questions so many times that I was getting close to telling them to stop the tape and listen to it, because my answers weren't going to change. Of course, that kind of reaction wasn't likely to lead to good things, so I was working hard to keep a hold on my temper.

"No. That's not what I'm telling you." I said. "As I said before, I went out to the Charming P.D. to check their systems on two occasions. The first time I was there, I had to stop because an officer was threatening me and holding me against my will." I paused and tilted my head at him. "I called 9-1-1. There was a report made. You know all that." I looked to his buddy, who was standing behind him. "My boss at Wildfire threatened my job if I didn't return, despite the fact that I was worried for my safety. I needed my job for rent, so I went.  When I got there, I was so emotional about being in that tiny room, just after having been pushed to the ground and threatened by a cop, that I wasn't thinking clearly. I must have done something to the systems, but I can't remember what. I took full responsibility for the mistake with my boss and the P.D. I lost my job as a result."

"I don't believe you." The fed across the table from me said and I sighed. "I don't think what happened was an accident."

"You can think what you like, but that's what happened." I answered and I was proud of myself. Despite how long they'd kept me here and despite the number of times this asshole had tried to intimidate me, I hadn't lost my temper once. I deserved a damn cookie.

A knock came at the door and I saw the familiar face of Chief Unser. "Hi, Sarah." He said and I smiled at him slightly.

"Hi, Chief." I responded and looked at my hands. I didn't want to give anything away to the feds in the room. Looking down meant they wouldn't be able to see my face.

"You two done with Miss Jones, yet?" He asked and the fed at the table shook his head.

"No, we want to ask more questions." He responded and I took the opportunity that was there.

"Am I free to leave? Because I feel like I've answered all your questions." I said, looking at Unser.

The fed standing by the door spoke up. "We can detain you for questioning as needed for our investigation."

I nodded. I knew that. But I also knew my damn rights. "Yes, you can and you have. My question is whether I am free to leave right now." I gritted, slightly losing the rein on my temper.

"No, you are not free to leave." The fed at the table said and I nodded and turned to Unser.

"Chief, you're my witness. I want a lawyer and I am not speaking further without one, as is my right." I then crossed my arms and raised my eyebrow at the other two fuckers in the room. They could say whatever the hell they wanted, but I wasn't going to say shit. I'm a woman, for fuck's sake. I know how to give someone the cold shoulder.

Unser POV

I was quickly learning that I liked Sarah Jones. After announcing to the room that she was not going to speak any more without a lawyer, she shut up with a cross of her arms. Almost another hour later, she still had her arms crossed and her expression blank. The only thing that seemed to give away what was going on in her head was her foot, which was tapping. Given my experience with my wife, I took that as a pretty clear expression of a pissed off woman. Nevertheless, she kept to her word. She hadn't said a single thing, despite the two feds taking turns trying to get her to.

When she'd requested a lawyer, I'd nodded and told her that I'd go make a call. The feds were using our building for this investigation, and so I'd been privy to what she'd said before she'd gone radio silent. I had no idea what actually happened, but she was taking full responsibility for the crash to all of the Charming P.D. systems. Given her connection to Juice, I had a feeling it wasn't that simple, but I understood her position.

I stepped out of the room and went to my desk and placed a call to Jax, since I didn't have Juice's number. I was pretty sure the Sons would want to handle getting Sarah her legal representation.

"Jax?" I asked when the line picked up. "The feds have Sarah here and she's refusing to say anything more without counsel. You lot going to get her a lawyer, or should I call the public defender's office?" I continued and I could hear the sigh of relief on the other end.

"Thank God, man. Thanks for the call. We'll get someone lined up." He said and hung up.

It took a little while for Sarah's counsel to arrive, but when she did, she came straight to me. She wasn't accompanied by any of the Sons and I gave her a look. She shrugged and I nodded. They must not want the feds to realize Sarah's connection to them just yet. I walked with her down the hall to where the feds were still attempting to get Sarah to talk.

"That's enough, gentlemen." The lawyer said as she entered. "I'm Ms. Jones' counsel and she will not be talking until she and I have had some time to discuss things." The feds looked at me with anger but I raised my hands.

"You know the law. She asked for a lawyer." I said and they huffed and moved to leave the room. The one that had been seated the whole time looked at Sarah and spoke.

"You should think about whether you want to keep to your story. You're a pretty woman. Lots of things tend to happen in prison to pretty women." He said and Sarah responded for the first time since she'd gone silent, though not in words. She smiled at him and pulled two fists together in a tapping motion - a silent fuck you to the fed who had been hassling her since she got here. Now, I was sure I liked her.

I gave her and her counsel a nod as I closed the door and walked the two feds down the hall. "You really think she did something like this on purpose?" I asked. "She doesn't have a record to speak of." I noted and waited for their response.

The one who had been standing the whole time, Agent Davis, ran a hand through his hair and blew out a breath. "Don't know. It looks fishy as hell, but she says that she was so upset about being back in the server room after your officer had threatened her that she can't remember what she did. We don't have any solid evidence that there was an intentional destruction, and her story would pass with a jury." I nodded, knowing that the Sons would be relieved to hear this.

"She's hiding something. No one clams up like that unless they are." The other one said and I raised my brow at him.

"Or, maybe she doesn't trust cops, given her recent interaction with one." I offered as I walked back to my office.