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First Old Lady Series V - A Sons of Anarchy Fan Fiction (Juice I)

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I was working on a beat up Ford when a nicer, dark sedan drove into the lot. It stopped just shy of the garage bay doors and I walked out with a rag in my hands, curious. While we get all manner of cars here, the newer cars tend to go back to the dealerships for work. This one looked to be this year's model, so it was a bit odd to see it in the TM lot. When I saw who got out, however, it made a little more sense.

Adam Alderson was a local insurance guy in Charming. He'd been the Sons' agent for years, handling everything from the members' homes, to bikes, to buildings. He was a good man. He knew what the Sons were about, but he didn't judge. Instead, he seemed to take the view that the Sons were a good addition to the town. Whether that opinion was formed by years of grudging acceptance or by greed, no one knew. Either way, he was friendly toward the club and always considered welcome.

"Adam, man. Haven't seen you in a while." I said as he walked up and I reached my hand out for a shake. He nodded at me and scanned the lot. He seemed concerned.

"Yeah, Jax. It has been some time, hasn't it?" He asked as he kept looking. Something was off.

"You look tense, Adam. What's going on?" I asked, moving right to the heart of the issue. He sighed on my question and stopped looking around, instead focusing on me.

"One of your guys, Juice, is seeing a gal that works in my office." He said and I nodded.

"Yeah, Sarah." I answered and looked up to see Hap walking our way. I gave him a nod and turned back to Adam.

"She was just taken out of my office-"

"What?" rasped Happy, and I could see the anger simmering just below the surface.

Adam raised his hand, asking us to let him finish. "She was just taken out of my office by the FBI."

"Oh, fuck." I muttered and blew a big breath out. "Do you know what for?"

"They told her and me that it had to do with the Charming P.D. computer systems." He answered and I gave Hap a look.

"Alright. When did they take her? Do you know where they took her, or if they planned to arrest her?" I asked and Adam shook his head.

"They picked her up about an hour ago. I waited so that I was pretty sure no one would watch me come here.  I don't know where they took her, but she wasn't under arrest when she left. I just figured that if anyone can help her, it'd be you lot. I like her. She's a good worker. I didn't want her to be on her own in whatever this was." He said and I nodded.

"She's not. We'll handle it. Thank you for coming to us." I said and nodded to Hap. "We should call church."


About forty minutes later, we had almost all of the necessary members around the table. I'd given Clay a little bit of a heads up about the reason for this, but he needed the details, as did the other members. Juice had been out on a ride, so he was the last into the room. He was going to blow a gasket and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to make that not happen.

As Juice strode in and took his seat, Clay began to speak. "Jax requested that we call church to address a recent development." He said and looked to me. I, on the other hand, was looking straight at Juice, who was confused by my focus.

"Our insurance guy, Adam, came in today." Juice sat up straighter in his chair on my words. He knew where Sarah worked.

"The FBI came in to pick up Sarah almost two hours ago." I said and a round of surprise hit the table, including Juice's yelled, "What?"

I waited for a minute for things to die down and continued. "They told her and Adam that it was about the computer systems at Charming P.D." I saw Juice mutter a 'fuck' under his breath.

Clay picked up on Juice's reaction and looked to him with a nod. "You need to give us the background."

Juice nodded and spoke. "A month, maybe more, ago, I got a call from someone disguising their voice. It was Sarah, though I didn't know it at the time." He paused. "She'd been working as an outside computer tech for a company that was called in to fix an issue the Charming P.D. was having with their systems." He paused for a minute. "She figured out that I had been in and was warning me to get it cleared up before they sent someone else in." Clay raised his hands in frustration. He'd always been hard on Juice. Juice swallowed and continued.

"The day after the call, I went in and wiped their systems. Sarah caught me doing it and actually covered for me so that I could get it done. Later that day, I-" I broke in, because I wasn't letting him take this all on himself.

"We," I inserted and he nodded.

"We," he continued, "went to Sarah's place and had a discussion with her. She made it clear that she didn't know anything."

"You started dating the woman after you threatened her?" Bobby asked Juice and I saw him shift in his seat.

"It wasn't like that." He muttered and looked away, no doubt not a fan of how it could come across.

"What have you told her about the club?" Clay asked Juice and he shook his head.

"Nothing. She and I tend to focus on other things when we're together." I smirked at that. I bet they did.

"So, what do we do now?" Tig asked and I looked around the table. Clay's response was almost certainly going to be one that Juice wouldn't be cool with, so I had to get my suggestion out there, first.

"We get her a lawyer and talk to her. We see what it's going to take to get her clear of the feds. She's in love with Juice and she's in deep herself. There's no way she's talking." I said and I saw Juice look at me with hope. I knew he hadn't had the full Old Lady discussion with Sarah, just as much as I knew that he adored her. He'd been holding back on that because he wasn't certain of her feelings for him, which was fucking stupid. It was time for him to realize what he had in her.

Clay nodded, but I could see he was pissed. "Vote on Jax's suggestion?" He called and every man at the table agreed, much to Juice's obvious relief. He'd been worried that his woman was going to be on the losing end of this.

"Alright. Jax and Juice, you two handle this. I don't want any blow back on the club. You got it?" Clay asked and I nodded. Clay hit the gavel and we all stood. We needed to find out where Sarah was and get a lawyer to her soon. I looked at Juice. We needed to get him to her soon,too, by the looks of things.