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First Old Lady Series V - A Sons of Anarchy Fan Fiction (Juice I)

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Sarah POV

Nearly three weeks later, things between Juice and I have continued much the same. The tough bad boy with tattoos all over and a gun at his side holster is a complete sweetheart with me. I still struggle to understand how that can be, but I don't doubt his sincerity. Somehow, Juice is the exception that proves the rule. Or, perhaps the rule is just an old throw away wives' tale from another era. Either way, every moment I was with him, I was treated with such respect and caring that I sometimes felt the need to pinch myself.

We haven't talked about where we are with things. I fucking hate those kinds of talks, even if I was desperate to know if he loved me the way that I loved him. Rather than have the state of the union conversation, I tried to figure it out by his actions. The problem was, with the exception of our first meeting, Juice had always shown focused attention to me. Since he couldn't have been in love with me from the very beginning, I decided that had to mean that while he cared, he wasn't in as deep. Which, to be clear, was a total fucking bummer.

I've never been the type to shoot myself in the foot, so I haven't told him how I feel. If he paid attention - which, being real, he never doesn't - then he'd already know. However, if I don't say it then there would be no need for him to do the stupid male thing where they save you from yourself because they can't treat you the way you should be treated, or some other bullshit. Fact of the matter was, even if Juice wasn't head over heels for me, he treated me better than any other man has in my life and I wasn't going to be stupid and throw that away.

While things on the relationship front were going smoothly, things on the climbing and job front were a little more...rocky. Michele was still willing to climb with me, which was great. Clay, on the other hand, had decided that I was delusional and he "couldn't stand by and watch" when I crashed and burned "with that criminal." Eh. Clay could go suck a bag of dicks. I knew what I was getting into before I ever met Juice. Hell, we met because of Juice's illegal activities, which I participated in. The fact that it was as an unwilling accomplice would make no difference to the police now, seeing as I hadn't stepped forward to tell anyone the truth.

The new job wasn't awful, but it wasn't fun, either. I worked in a local insurance office and helped to process applications and initial claims forms with insured individuals. Although I'd never worked in a hospital, I had a feeling that being the claims person for one was only slightly less painful that working for an insurer. People rarely came by the office when things were good in their lives, which meant that I spent the majority of my day dealing with some really fucking cranky individuals. It was as I was trying to talk one of those types down from hysterical anger that three people in suits came in.

I'm shit with names and faces. I prefer computers and code for a reason. Seeing these three walk in, I couldn't place them, but that didn't mean that they weren't corporate big wigs of some kind. So, although I'd noticed them, I paid them no mind as I continued to do my job.

"Ma'am. I understand this is a tough time right now and I'm going to do what I can to help make it easier, okay?" I asked the irate woman, who had just told me her life story in order to get a simple claim form. I mean, I really didn't need to know that her dog was sick and her husband a bastard and her kid possibly on drugs. I just needed to know what the hell she needed from me so I could handle it and send her on her way.

"O-okay," she stuttered on a hiccup. Fantastic. Now, she was going to cry. I'm not good with crying.

"Here's the claim form you need. I've filled in all the information that I can, so you just need to put in this part - where it says narrative? - put there what happened to your house, alright?" I asked, handing her a pen. "If you want, you can do it here. But," please, I thought, let her take this option, "you can also take it home and think through everything before you fill it out so that you know you got it all in there. Make sense?" She nodded with a watery smile and started toward the door. Thank mercy.

Sighing, I turned back toward my computer, intent on completing the project that had been hanging over my head for the past three days, when I saw my boss come up to me. He was balding and slightly rotund, but a nice guy. He didn't throw his weight around, but he also didn't pretend to be anyone's buddy. He just asked that the workers do their jobs and he would do his. The perfect kind of boss, to my way of thinking.

As I looked up, I saw that the three suits from earlier were behind him. "Sarah?" He asked and my gaze went from the three back to him.

"Yes, Adam?" I asked.

"These people would like to speak with you." He said and gestured behind him. I looked at him, confused. He nodded toward my computer. "You should turn that off. This looks like it may take the rest of your day." He said and there was an underlying warning in his tone. What the fuck?

I booted the computer down and turned to grab my wallet and stood. "What's going on?" I asked no one in particular, since I didn't know if Adam or the three behind him would answer.

"Miss Jones, we need to speak to you about the Charming Police Department's computer systems." Said the man in the front and I nodded, turning to grab my car keys so that I had a moment to breathe without them seeing me sweat. I smiled at Adam and nodded toward the three.

"I think you're right. I'll call in tomorrow if things take longer than expected." I said and I could see that he was still trying to tell me something with his eyes, but I couldn't figure it out.

"It's alright, Sarah." He gave a quick glance at my desk and then continued as I started to walk around it. "I can call in for juice, if you haven't already." He offered and I looked at him, confused. He gave me another pointed look and I finally got it. Lord, I'm an idiot.

"Yeah, that would be good. I forgot to call earlier. If you can handle that, it'd make my life easier." I smiled, trying to cover the conversation with banal pleasantries. Although these three were clearly authority of some kind, I didn't know if they were feds or cops at this point, which meant I didn't know what they may know about the Sons or my connection to them. Adam nodded and in that moment, rose to the top of my favorite bosses' list.

I walked toward the three and asked what I'd been wondering since they got to my desk. "So, who are you?"

"FBI, Miss Jones." Aw, fuck me.