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First Old Lady Series V - A Sons of Anarchy Fan Fiction (Juice I)

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Juice POV

Sarah was laughing and squealing as I carried her into her bedroom, which was a mix of purples, silvers, and blacks. Along one wall was a television and under it was an Xbox. If I hadn't already had a specific idea of what we were going to be doing in here, I'd be looking over her games. But, that was for another time. Right now, I had an invitation I planned to accept.

I tossed her onto her mattress and saw the light sparkling in her hazel eyes. Hazel seemed to be such a poor description for them. They were more like the golden eyes of a lioness. They followed my movements as I removed my kutte and placed it on her dresser and then pulled my shirt over my head. I was already hard in my jeans, but by God if I wasn't in near pain from the appreciation in her eyes as they swept over my chest. I could feel the touch of them on every tattoo, every bit of skin and I can honestly say I've never been looked at like that in my entire life.

I stalked closer to her, noting with satisfaction that her pupils were dilated and her lips moist from the running of her tongue over them. She wanted me. This goddess with a sassy mouth and a beautiful mind wanted me. I kneeled onto the bed and shifted to cage her in, each of my arms by her shoulders as I stared into her eyes. She'd find desire in mine, but also adoration.

"Don't I get to see my present?" I whispered as I leaned down to her ear and all her laughter died as a shiver ran her body. I pulled back to see her lick her lips again and then, because this was Sarah and she can't possibly not be sassy, she spoke.

"Have you been a good boy?" She said huskily and I smiled down at her before leaning in to her neck to nip and then lick it. I knew she liked it from the clutch of her hands at my waist and the sigh of her breath.

"No," I murmured against her skin and saw the goosebumps rise. "I've never been a good boy."

****Mature Content Follows****

She sighed again as I continued to only kiss the skin that was visible from the top of her shirt. She pulled at my waist, trying to get me to lean into her fully. I resisted, though, because I wanted to see my gift.

"It's a good thing I like the bad boy, then, isn't it?" She whispered and I felt her hands shift from me to her shirt. I leaned back on my knees, either on the side of her hips, and watched as she removed the simple shirt and showed me heaven.

Her breasts were encased in purple and black lace and I swallowed hard at the sight of them. Just visible through the lace on the left side was a small beauty mark that stood out from her naturally tanned skin and my lips ached to taste it. But, before I did, I wanted to see all of my woman.

I looked at her, my hunger no doubt to the forefront, as I shifted back and reached my hands to slowly pull her sweats down those firm legs to her ankles. I tossed them off the bed without looking where they fell because I was too enraptured by the view. Sarah's panties matched her bra; they were purple and black lace and they hinted at the world waiting for me. My eyes strayed back to hers and I knew that whatever else may happen in my life, my goal had to be to make sure she knew that she was exactly that - the world.

I leaned back down, my hips coming to rest between her thighs and my chest grazing her breasts as I kissed her slowly, savoring the taste and feel of her mouth. I could feel her hands touching every bit of my back and sides.  A sound that was part moan, part hum came from her and it was music to me. I wanted more - needed to hear her satisfaction with me, to know that she took pleasure from my hands.

On the thought, I lifted enough to run a fingertip over the strap on her left side, kissing the skin exposed as I pulled it down her shoulder. Her breasts were full in this lacy contraption and they called to me. I shifted further down, raining open, wet kisses along the line where lace met flesh.

"Juice," she whispered as she moved restlessly against me and I smiled into her skin. My woman likes it when I touch her.

"Lift up baby," I said, looking up from my position and reaching a hand around her back so that I could unclasp her bra. She did and in one motion, the clasp was released and her bra was flung away. That beauty mark a siren call, I was helpless to its draw and placed my mouth on it, loving it with fervor.

Her hands were splayed on my back as I moved and I could feel them clench and open as I moved from one breast to the other, taking each dusty rose peak into my mouth and laving them with my tongue. Those delicate digits moved to my head and her "ohs" and "ahs" increased as I put more pressure on each breast. But, there was more to explore.

I pulled back further, running a hand under her to squeeze that beautiful ass while my mouth trailed down her navel. I closed my eyes as I got closer and closer to her sex. The smell of her skin was nearly overwhelming as I ran my nose along the lace covering her. With slow movements, I pulled the fabric down, kissing each millimeter of skin on the right. As I came back up her length, I repeated the process on her other side until my mouth found the junction of her thighs and I spread her legs.

I looked at her watching me, her chest heaving with want as I moved down and traced my tongue over each fold. "Oh God, Juice." She moaned and I kissed her - as deeply as I had her mouth - reveling in the cries of pleasure coming from her as I devoted myself to worshiping every exquisite bit. When her legs began to shake, I knew I'd done right and I smiled with pride.

She reached for me, her hands coming up from where they'd been placed on my head. "I want you, baby." She said and her voice was husky and smooth and I couldn't have denied her anything when she spoke to me like that.

With quick hands, I stood and undid the button and zipper of my jeans and pulled them and my boxers off and wrapped my shaft. Her arms were raised to me and I kneeled back to the bed, my hands coming to rest on either side of her face as I kissed her again. She wrapped one leg around my waist and I moved with her, teasing my cock with the feel of her sweet, wet pussy, but not entering her.

I lost all breath for a moment when one of her hands reached between us and grasped my length. I groaned into her mouth as she pulsed her hand. Her lovely mouth was on my neck, leaving small bites.

"Please, Juice." She whispered and I couldn't hold out any longer. Instead, I pressed into her, a moan escaping my lips as I felt her wrap around me. "Ooh," she said and I saw her eyes close. I waited for her to open them again before I pulled out and pushed in again. Her eyes sparkled at me and I drank them in, craving each look as if it were air.

Her other leg came up and wrapped around me and my rhythm increased, as steady as a heartbeat, pushing us closer and closer to the brink. I could feel the world start to fall away as all that was left was the feel of my beautiful woman wrapped around me, her arms encasing me and her hands at my back. "Sarah," I whispered as I got closer and closer and she leaned up to kiss me hard and deep, moaning against my mouth.

"There, baby. There," she moaned and I increased the tempo and force, soaking in her words. Tingling took over from the base of my spine to the top of my head as her walls clenched around me and we both cried out the other's name.