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First Old Lady Series V - A Sons of Anarchy Fan Fiction (Juice I)

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Juice POV

I'm a moron. As I stared into my beer nearly an entire week after the last time I'd seen Sarah, that was the only conclusion that I could come to. I'd dropped her off that night after another round of heated kisses and I'd been proud of myself for acting like a fucking gentleman. I scoffed at my ego as I took another swig. This idiot gentleman hadn't seen his girl in a week. Her new job had demanded that she go for in-house training at their corporate offices. She'd been three states away and only available for short periods of time and all I could do about it was be patient, because I wanted nothing to do with the croweaters that were traipsing all over the clubhouse.

I'm not good with patience. That fact, of course, was made all the worse by the near constant ribbing I'd been getting from the guys, who had smelled blood in the water the first time I told a random chick to get lost. The fuckers all knew what I was going through and they'd been taking sadistic pleasure in torturing me with it. Assholes.

"When does she get back?" Jax asked from the stool beside me. Although he'd been in on the hazing, he had gone slightly easier on me.

"Tomorrow morning." I muttered and he bumped my shoulder.

"Just one more night, then? You can handle that." He predicted and I wasn't so sure.

"Aye, lad. Yer lass will be home before ya' know i' and then ye can quit being such a cranky arsehole." Chibs chimed in and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"She's not mine," I muttered and took another drink, catching the looks of disbelief on the two brothers' faces as I did.

"Hell she isn't," Jax said and I shook my head.

"It's too early for that." I said and Chibs gave me that shit-eating half smile he does and I wanted to hit him.

"The way ya been actin', Juicy boy, there's no' a man in the club tha' doesn' know she's yers. Doesn' matter how long is' been." He said and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Look, man. Here's the thing. If you want her to be yours, then you better fucking make sure she knows it. Women don't like waiting around for men to figure their shit out. Trust me." Jax said, a self deprecating smile on his face. I nodded. I knew that. It was why I'd said what I had to Sarah before I took her home.

"Yeah," I muttered and I stared back at my glass. I was being a fucking pussy but I couldn't help it. Sarah had gotten under my skin. The brothers must have recognized that they weren't getting anything else out of me, so they drifted away to their own things while I continued to drink beer and think about hazel eyes and sassy mouth.


The sound of my phone ringing tore me out of a deep, dreamless sleep. I looked around, trying to get my bearings, before figuring out what had rousted me. The display on the clock showed that it was five in the morning. Shit, that's early. I picked up, my voice rusty with the fog of sleep.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hi, Rocky." I heard Sarah say on the other end of the line and, although it was still too early to be coherent, I could feel my mind calming at just the sound of her voice.

"It's early, baby. What's going on?" I asked, letting the endearment slip again. The first time it had happened, it had been a total accident. I hadn't even realized I'd done it until Hap and Chibs had given me shit for it. Now, I noticed it, but didn't care.

"I have good news and I didn't want to wait." She said and I could hear a smile in her voice.

"Good news? Where do you get good news at this time in the morning?" I asked, still really confused.

"Uh. Let's not worry about the hows and such for right now, yeah?" She asked and I became more fully awake. I've been around Mia and Erin enough now to recognize what was happening. There was a back story to whatever good news was going on that was going to piss me right the fuck off and Sarah knew it.

"Sarah?" I asked, and I tried not to get too demanding on her, but really, what did she expect?

"It's fine, Rocky. Now," she breathed, "to the good news:  I'm going to be back in Charming at eight and I have the next three days off to spend however I want."

Three days with no interruptions sounded pretty awesome right now, and I said as much.

"Good. I'm glad you agree." Sarah said and I could have sworn I heard a man's voice in the background.

"Who is that?" I asked, my mind going to all kinds of dark places.

"What? Oh," Sarah answered. "That's the steward. I'm being told to shut off my phone. Should I get a taxi, or will you be able to get me at the airport?"

I sighed in relief and smiled. "I'll come get you baby."

"Okay. See you soon, Rocky." She said and the line cut.

I leaned back in my bed, my hands behind my head as I stared at the ceiling. Sarah was getting back a hours earlier than was originally expected and it involved something that she didn't want to tell me. However, I had to take something from the fact that she called to let me know that she was coming in so soon. I could tell that she was excited to see me.

I glanced about the room, trying to decide what to do. Now that I knew I was going to be picking her up in three hours or less, there was no way I was getting back to sleep. Charming was still asleep, so there wasn't anything that I could really go out and do that wouldn't likely end with me on the wrong side of some bars. I looked at my laptop. I could dink around on it while I waited for my girl. 

I smiled to myself. The guys' talk last night had an impact. I may not have talked to Sarah about it too much, but they were right, she was my girl. Acknowledging that fact to myself brought a sense of calm and rightness that I hadn't experienced before. I was beginning to understand Chibs and Happy a little bit more. It was as if just the thought of seeing Sarah again was enough to center me. The club was my family, that wouldn't change. But Sarah; I was pretty damn sure she was going to be what made my days worth it. I'd seen the change in my brothers. Rather than an Old Lady becoming their weaknesses, they'd become their inner strength. Knowing that they had the women who made their world brighter by their side was enough to push them through the harder parts of living the life we do. Knowing how twisted up I was over Sarah, I didn't doubt that she was the one. What remained was making sure she felt the same.