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First Old Lady Series V - A Sons of Anarchy Fan Fiction (Juice I)

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Sarah POV

There was no doubt about it now. I was certifiable. All that needed to happen next was that a large white van with padding inside would come by and scoop me up. Really, that could be the only way this went because I was sitting here, pressed flush against the back of a man who was clearly dangerous, and all I could think of was how his muscles flexed when the bike moved and how the air flowed past us as he drove faster and faster.

Now, he didn't have me hostage, so I couldn't claim Stockholm Syndrome. But, I did wonder if there was something else that would explain why I took delight in slightly running my nails over his abdomen as he drove. I wasn't an idiot. I knew I was playing with fire. Juice wasn't going to think that I was just lazily moving my fingers around without any intentional thought. However, as I rolled my fingertips over the muscles I could feel through his shirt, I didn't give two shits. There was something about this man that drew me to him and I wasn't interested in sane self-reflection right now.

So, it was with abandon that I continued to feel the pulse of him move as we rode into the night. My hair was only barely contained in the low bun I'd been able to wrap up at a stoplight before we hit the outskirts of town. The night air was warm and inviting and the stars were sparkling above us and I just couldn't contain the laughter that bubbled up within me. I felt like we were flying. It was the best high I'd ever had.

Juice looked over his shoulder at me on my laugh and gave a huge smile of his own. He had to know what I was feeling. He'd purchased this monster on two wheels for a reason, after all. He reached down with one gloved hand and squeezed mine before returning his to the handlebars and punching it. Now, we were more than flying. We were zooming down the desert highway and it was like everything fell away. I was no longer worried about my new job, my rent, or my car. I wasn't worried about anything. Instead, I was swimming in the feel of freedom so potent that it was difficult to imagine that I would ever be okay passively riding in a car ever again.

After a while, Juice turned the bike at an off ramp and took us down a road not as well maintained. I was about to ask him where we were headed when I saw the faint sparkle of water in the distance. It reflected the light of the stars and the moon, which was now fully out. Juice pulled into a small lot near it and cut the engine. He got off the bike and held his hand out to me and I took it as I dismounted.

"I found this place a couple of months ago." He said, still holding my hand in his and frankly making me feel like a teen on her first date. "I thought you might like it." He continued with a half smile at me and a tilt of his head. I smiled back and nodded.

"It's gorgeous," I said quietly, enjoying the play of light across the ripples of the water, which had been caused by the breeze that was also ruffling the bits of hair that had come loose from my bun. I leaned into Juice as we walked closer to the water, smelling the leather and maleness of him.

There was no doubt about it. I was screwed now, and it had nothing to do with knowing what illegal activities Juice would get himself into. Every woman in Charming knew what they'd get with a Son - heartache. If the biker didn't choose you as his Old Lady, then you were going to end up pining away for a taste of something that he was going to share with any other willing woman. And there were plenty willing.

Now, the club had recently had a rash of more solid relationships that had been noticed by the female population with both hope and dismay. It gave women the idea that there was a chance to secure the dangerous bad boy who, from most indications, was fiercely protective of and in love with his woman. But, that idea was a double-edged sword:  there are only so many Sons to go around and the numbers of single ones were dwindling. So, while tonight was downright magical, I needed to keep at least a little of my senses together if I wanted to come out the other side of this without a giant hole in my heart.

Juice directed us to a little dock and walked us out to it, pulling me in front of him and wrapping his arms around my waist as we stared out over the water. I'd instigated this with my roaming hands, so I couldn't and wouldn't pretend shock at the feel of his mouth pressing a small, wet kiss behind my ear.

Instead, I leaned back into him, enjoying the feel of his lips and the whoosh of his breath as I felt him take in the smell of my hair. I gripped his hands around me and leaned back further, silently tilting my head so that he would have more access for that wonderful mouth to continue making me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet.

The way he kissed was slow and deliberate. I hummed in the back of my throat as he moved from my ear to the top of my shoulder, his movements causing goosebumps to rise on my skin. I could stand all night, feeling the pressure of his hands and lips on my body. But, I still hadn't tasted him, and I wanted to.

I turned in his arms, reaching mine up behind his neck, and stretched against him so that I could reach those magical lips. He leaned down and pressed them to mine, slightly open so that he could capture first my top and then my bottom lip between his. When his tongue swept past the point where my lips came together, I pressed into him more, silently begging for him to deepen the kiss.

Juice's kiss was much like his attention to my neck had been. It was as if he needed to explore each and every bit of my mouth, to touch it all, to feel every bit. He was thorough and soft, but firm and demanding. I had enough wits about me to recognize that I'd never been kissed like this in my entire life and I didn't want it to stop anytime soon. Instead, I worked to give him as good as I got and I felt a flash of feminine pride streak through me when I felt his hands grip me tighter as he pulled me against him hard. I could feel every muscle in his chest and the strength of his arms around mine and there wasn't anything in the world that I wanted more than to just keep feeling it.

After some time, though, Juice pulled back slightly for air and looked into my eyes. His were dark and swirling with an emotion I couldn't place. "I want you to come home with me," he said and I almost jumped at the chance to say yes before he continued. "But I want this to be more than that, so I'm going to take you home right now." He kissed my lips softly and then spoke again. "But don't you dare do that woman thing where you question my interest, Sarah. I'm trying to be fucking noble and it's nearly killing me."