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First Old Lady Series V - A Sons of Anarchy Fan Fiction (Juice I)

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Juice POV

I couldn't seem to get Sarah out of my head. Her slim form and sassy mouth reminded me a bit of Gemma, except that she was more snarky than Gem, and I didn't want to get Gem between my sheets. Thinking things like that was sure to get one buried up to their neck in sand in the middle of the desert.  Sarah, on the other hand, was intriguing.  It had been a week since we'd talked with her and I still couldn't help but picture that ass in those shorts. My fingers were practically tingling with my desire to find out if it was as tight as it looked. It sure as fuck didn't help that it was 100% clear that she was smart. Tits and ass are fine and all, but they can be bought, and they aren't exactly scarce around the club. Finding a woman who looked the way Sarah did and who made you think - who was herself a thinker - that was a combination that was downright dangerous.

My distraction hadn't gone unnoticed. Chibs, who was like the fucking relationship guru these days, had been eyeing me. He knew something was up, especially when I wasn't too interested in how things were going at Cara Cara. He hadn't put the pieces together, but all it was going to take was a talk with Jax, who'd given me a look when we left Sarah's place last week. He'd seen the way I was with Sarah. At the time, I'd just grinned at him, figuring he would think that it was just a passing interest. I didn't really know if it could be more, so better that he think that anyway. I had pulled a gun on her, after all. What were my chances that she'd just look past that?

It was late afternoon and I had some time to myself, so I decided to go for a ride. I was enjoying the air and the rumble of the engine, just tooling around Charming, when I saw a group of guys walking behind a woman up a ways. From their postures, I'd guess they were giving her a hard time. She was in a black skirt and white top and her heels made her legs look amazing, so I couldn't fault their taste. That wasn't going to stop me from stepping in, though.

I pulled past the group and came abreast to the woman and surprised to find it was Sarah. She saw me and nodded, but it looked like she was stressed. I glanced back at the group of guys; there were four of them. They'd stopped when I'd pulled up alongside Sarah and were eyeing her and I. Nothing good was going to come from the way they were looking at her.

I nodded to her by way of greeting and spoke. "Hop on. I'll give you a lift." I offered and she looked like she was considering whether the devil she knew was really better than the devil she didn't. "Come on, Sarah." I said. I didn't want to force her onto the bike, but I would if I had to. There was no way I was leaving her with those assholes back there salivating. She nodded and stepped closer. As she was putting her leg over the back of the bike, using my shoulder for balance, I heard one of the guys call out.

"Oh, come on, honey. You'll get a better ride from us than you would him." And, that was all it took. I took off my helmet and handed it to Sarah as I put the kickstand down and cut the engine.

"Put that on. I'll just be a minute." I told her and I saw her wide eyes. She knew I was pissed.

I stalked toward the four, finding that the loud mouth was in front and making a show of being tough. The other three were behind him, talking shit but looking a little green around the gills. If I had to guess, the ringleader wasn't big on using his brains and it often got them into shit. It sure had today.

"You being disrespectful to my woman?" I asked quietly, waiting to pounce. Now, Sarah wasn't mine, but these assholes didn't need to know that. Besides, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the anger coursing through me right now was fueled in part by possessiveness.  While Sarah and I might not be anything at all, she sure as fuck wasn't going to be shit to these douche bags. 

"And what are you going to do about that?" The leader asked and I sneered and gave a slight nod. Looked like I was going to get a little bloody.

I didn't give him my answer in words. Rather, I took his distraction when he looked to his buddies for support as my opportunity to strike and got him square in the jaw when he turned back. Fucker had a glass jaw. He dropped, out like a light, on one hit. I turned to his buddies, who stared in shock for a moment before responding. I was raging enough that I didn't care that it was three on one at this point. I knew I'd come out the other side on top. As one took a swing at me, I heard Sarah yell.

"Juice! Keep 'em busy for a minute." I didn't look at her, but really, what the fuck did she think I was trying to do? It's not like we were sitting down for tea. As I took and gave several hits from the three, I heard the rumble of Harleys.

That's my girl, I thought for just a split second before I focused back on what I was doing. Half a minute later, I saw the flash of leather as one of my brothers came to join in on the fun. I was being held by one of the fuckers at this point, almost clear of him, when another came at him from the side. As I got my bearings back, I looked around to see that Hap and Chibs had come to the party. In short order, the three assholes were in a heap near their still-unconscious friend, and me and my brothers were walking toward our bikes.

Sarah was off mine, and I saw that she had my burner in her hand. She must have called the cavalry in when she saw what was about to go down. Where some women may have called the cops, she called my brothers. The woman was quickly clearing space in my loud brain for a place of her own. 

As I got back to her, she reached up with something soft in her hand and wiped at my lip. "You had to take on all four?" She asked with a quick glance to my eyes before focusing back on the blood that was there. I shrugged.

"Never know what you can do until you try, baby." I joked and she chuckled. The sound was soft and sweet and made my chest a little tighter.

"Well, knowing is half the battle." She murmured and I grinned at her.

"Ya wan' ta tell us wha' tha' was all abou'?" Chibs asked, interrupting our moment. Sarah turned to him with a twist of her lips.

"Hot head here was defending my honor from the morons back there. They challenged his...abilities... to keep me satisfied and he thought it made sense to explain things to them with his fists." Sarah responded and I saw the twinkle in Chibs' and Hap's eyes as they laughed. In just a few words, Sarah had told both brothers all they needed to know about what was going on in my head.

I saw the understanding in each of their faces, despite the grins they were giving Sarah. Fuckers knew that she was like a lodestone for me, which was just perfect, considering all the shit I'd given them with their own women.

I grabbed at Sarah's hand, which was still trying to clean me up, and looked at her. "I'm okay, baby." I said and I saw her eyes widen. She'd already told me she thought I was hot, but it was good to see that my touch affected her. I could work with that. "Have you eaten yet?" I asked and she shrugged.

"Nah, I was going to scrounge up something back at my place." Before I could say anything more, Chibs piped up.

"Well then, lass. Les' get ya somethin' ta eat." I gave him a look and the asshole returned it with innocence on his face. I didn't want fucking company. I wanted Sarah to myself. Sarah, however, didn't pick up on that and smiled at the Scot, who was moving his way up on my list of people to push into the ring.

"Sounds good. I know a great place for burgers." She said and I was only slightly mollified when she put my helmet on her head and climbed back onto my bike. At least she knew whose body she was supposed to be wrapped around.