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Sidney: Billy!

(He looks at her and then down at the man in the costume then stands up to walk over to his friend and helps him up once he's up he unties him as they both look at the people there and see their guns.)

Stu: We'd say hi. Um.
Mark: There are so many questions and i can't seem to ask em.

(Sidney looks at him.)

Reagan: I can.
Mark: What?
Reagan: How the hell were they here not two weeks ago and they didn't see you?
Stu: We were brought here recently.
Mark: How recent?
Stu: Last night.

(Mark looks at Sidney who looks annoyed.)

Sidney: Why the hell would they bring you here of all places?
Stu: It's where i grew up and where you killed him.
Mark: Just him?
Stu: I survived her throwing a Television onto my head.
Mark: How?
Stu: I moved out of the way when she wasn't looking.

(Mark looks at Sidney who looks at him not sure of what to say to her.)

Sidney: You haven't said much.
Billy: You shot me.

(She laughs at him as Mark looks at Kate whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Sidney: You killed my mother and then watched as i put an innocent man behind bars for her murder.
Billy: I never said i made sense.
Mark: Clearly.
Billy: She was sleeping with my father. And I'm not about to call her names not after she shot me the first time.
Sidney: Yeah only this time i'd aim where it would hurt the most.

(He looks down and quickly puts his hands there.)

Mark: Do i even wanna know?
Sidney: My niece shot her ex in his groan.

(Mark makes a noise.)

Mark: I'm so glad I'm not the cheating type. Or well no i have a feeling with my wife I'd be to scared to even think about cheating on her.
Kate: How you think your friend Sarah's husband feels.
Mark: Yup.

(She laughs at him. Then they turn and walk up the stairs to kitchen as they walk up Sam and Tara look over and see both Stu and Billy walk up behind Sidney and Gale seeing Billy and Stu alive and well both sisters

look at each other.)

Tara: He's alive.
Sam: He is.

(They both look at him.)

Sidney: Sam!

(She looks over at her as she walks up to her with Billy right behind her.)

Sidney: I think you know who this is?
Sam: I do. I can't say it's nice to meet you.
Billy: I can't say that I blame you.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Gale: Anyway.

(They look at her.)

Tara: What now?
Mark: It's really up to the police.
Sam: What if we don't tell the police.

(Mark and Kate look at her.)

Mark: You serious?
Sam: Very.
Kate: You realize they did kill innocent people.
Sam: I realize that. But then again so did my boyfriend and her bestfriend.
Tara: Actually.
Sam: What?
Tara: Amber was my girlfriend.

(Sam looks at her and then to Sidney and Gale who look at each other.)

Sidney: Yup.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Mark: Boy have the times changed.
Kate: Yeah.

(He smiles at her and then looks off. Then the very person who Billy knocked out rushes out of the basement at him.)

Tara: Billy!

(He turns in time to grab a hold of his arms and throws him into the door as it closes behind as their fighting for the knife he elbows him in the face sending him back.)

Billy: Sid Gale get them out of here.
Sidney: Okay. Guys come on.

(They all rush from the house as both him and Stu fight off who their hoping is the final ghost face killer as their fighting him they manage to throw him over once he's down he turns and looks at them.)

Ghost Face: You two are once again dead.
Stu: Come at us you son of a bitch.

(He gets up and goes after them sending them both to the ground and he continues to try and stab Billy whose able to keep his knife from getting him as he's fighting him off Stu gets up and tackles him sending

him over and throwing the knife away. Outside as they other's get outside they turn and look at the house.)

Mark: Shit.
Sam: We gotta go in there and help them out.
Sidney: We can't. Billy wouldn't want anything to happen to you.
Sam: You really think if i care if anything happens to me.
Tara: Of course you don't. But i do. You just came back into my life. I don't want to lose my sister not after losing one of my bestfriends and the woman i loved.

(Mark and Kate look at her and then to each other.)

Kate: Yik's.
Mark: Making you rethink things?
Kate: Yup. And she's married to someone else. I can't break up a marriage.
Mark: Really think it's hard still being in love with a married woman?
Kate: Of course not.
Mark: Okay good. Because think about what Sarah's Floater is going through even if she is dating someone else.
Kate: Yup.

(Then they look up to see someone get thrown out of the house and onto the ground seeing who it is Mark keeps a hold of Sam to make sure she doesn't run up to him.)

Mark: This is his and Stu's fight with the bastard.
Sam: Mark I can't lose him.
Mark: Hey hey. If Billy came back just take care of this prick once and for all it's the least we can do to let him fight him off.
Sam: I can't.
Mark: Sam!
Sam: I want to get to know him and i can't do it if he's dead all over again.
Mark: You wanna get close to him?
Sam: He's my father.
Mark: I know he is. And i know how much you want a relationship with him. And i know how much you wanna help him. But this is his and Stu's fight let them take the bastard down once and for all.

(She nods her head at him as they continue to watch as both Billy and Stu fight off the final Ghost face to only to be joined by both Gale and Sidney who tackled him to the ground.)

Kate: The four original's.
Mark: Yup and those two started it all.

(As their fight with him continues Stu's able to get him to the ground and gets him in the side with his own knife sending him to the ground as he goes down he kicks him turning him over once he's turned over

they all look at him as Gale leans over and takes the mask off to show them who it is.)

Sidney: Isn't that?
Gale: Mark!

(He walks over to them and looks down at who it is.)

Mark: Son of a bitch.
Stu: Who is that?
Mark: Nelle Benson!
Kate: I thought she went over a cliff?
Mark: She did.

(Then they hear clapping behind them and turn to see who it is.)

Mark: You've got to be kidding me.
Sidney: Who the hell is that?
Kate: My sister's dick of an ex.
Billy: Oh this should be fun.

(Mark looks down at Nelle and knows how she's still alive.)

Austin: All of you back inside.

(They all walk off inside of the house as they get in there they all turn and look at him.)

Austin: I must tell ya. I didn't think it ever be this easy to get you four together again.

(The four original's look at each other.)

Sidney: What you want?
Austin: For all of the original's to be dead for good.
Mark: Expect both Stu and Billy were dead.
Austin: Expect Stu wasn't dead. See i hired someone to come and find him then hide him away for over twenty-five years. And then all i had to do was get into the head of that military reject Richie that Sam there was dating. And then he could get into the head of Amber your little sister's girl toy.

(Sam and Tara look at him look at him.)

Mark: Well you wanted all of the original's here.
Austin: I did. And i also wanted the bastard who stole Veracity from me here.
Mark: Me and Veracity haven't been together in four years Austin.
Austin: But you still stole her from me.
Mark: You're a nut case. Hell you're even worse then my wife.
Austin: See I've heard that and that still doesn't hurt my feelings.
Billy: You have feelings?

(Mark looks at him trying to keep from laughing.)

Austin: Oh you're funny.
Billy: I try to be.

(He walks over to him only to have both Mark and Stu step into his line of sight.)

Mark: You want a fight Austin?
Austin: Yes as a matter of a fact I do.
Mark: Okay fine.

(He tackles him sending him to the ground as he goes down he starts beating on him only to have Austin get the upper hand and punches him sending him over once Mark's turned over starts beating on him until

he's about to him stab him and Mark gets his arms up trying to keep him from stabbing him as their fighting Mark's arm nearly slips and he's nearly able to get him until someone yells out at him getting him to

look up at her.)

Austin: Veracity!
Veracity: Anyone ever told you to stop trying to fuck with the original's.

(Then he gets shot from either side of him sending him over dead for good as he goes down the other four see who it is and rush over to them.)

Calamity: Fucker.

(Mark gets up and rushes over to her and looks her over.)

Mark: You are right?
Calamity: Oh yeah I'm fine.

(He hugs her getting her to smile at him as Nelle rushes into the house and over to Sidney who goes over and Billy acts quickly and pulls her off of her once she's off he throws her away and she falls over only to

get back up to go after them as someone fires at her getting her in the head sending her over as she goes down they turn to see who fired at her and killing her once and for all seeing who it is Sidney stands up

and looks at him as he comes out of the shadows and nearly falls over when they see him.)

Sam: Who the hell is that?
Sidney: Randy!

(He drops the gun and looks at her.)

Randy: Hi.

(Gale rushes over to him and helps him remain standing.)

Tara: Sam he's Mindy and Chad's uncle.

(She looks at her and sees him.)

Sam: He's Martha Meeks brother.
Randy: I am. Hi again.

(Sidney walks over to him and hugs him getting him to laugh at her.)

Mark: I thought.
Gale: So did we.
Mark: Wasn't he killed when Billy's mother started up with the murders over at the collage?
Gale: He did. Someone else Austin kept hidden?
Mark: Wouldn't surprise me.

(Then they pull away from each other.)

Randy: Why's the house spinning?

(Mark walks over to him and helps him sit down as he looks at his shoulder wound.)

Mark: Were you fighting someone?
Randy: Yeah. I fought that bitch outside before she went after them in the kitchen.
Mark: You still fight like a girl Randy?
Randy: Hey. I'll show you fighting like a girl.

(He smacks Mark getting him to look up at Sidney and Gale who laugh at them.)

Randy: Yeah okay I still fight like a girl.
Stu: Hey what you know he finally says out loud.
Randy: Ha ha ha. You prick.

(They start laughing as they help him up and he leans on him as they go to walk out of the house as Austin sits up only to have Billy get him in the forehead sending him over. Once again and then they walk out of

the house as they walk out their greeted by the cops and medics as they get up to them the cops walk into the house to go and see if ther anyone else there to try and stop them from finally ending the ghost face

murders. As the other's walk out the other's walk over to Kate and Sophie.)

Sophie: You guys are right?
Mark: Yeah.
Kate: And them?
Mark: They should be fine. Now that the whole thing with Ghost face is finally done with.
Sophie: We can only hope.
Mark: Yeah.
Reagan: You guys ready to get back to Gotham?
Kate: No.

(Mark laughs at her as he grabs her and they walk off towards Reagan's rental as one of the girls walks up to them.)

Sam: Mark!

(He stops walking then turns and looks at her.)

Mark: Hey.
Sam: Hey.
Mark: You okay?
Sam: Yeah. I was just coming over to thank you.
Mark: For what?
Sam: Talking me out of going after Nelle while she was in the ghost face costume.
Mark: Well you're welcome.
Sam: You guys have done a lot for us and for that. We thank you.
Mark: We didn't really do anything?
Sam: You helped us get raid of Ghost face again.
Mark: Yeah well those two deserved it.

(She laughs at him as she hugs him then pulls away from him.)

Sam: Seriously Mark thank you.
Mark: You're welcome.

(Then she turns and walks off as Mark grabs Kate and they walk off to go back to Gotham and get their lives back as their walking off Sam watches them and smiles as she walks back over to her sister and kisses

her head then pulls away from it and wonders if their lives will ever be the same after the whole thing with Ghost Face and now knowing that her birth father is alive and well along with his friends. And with them

alive she just wonders what comes next for everyone in Woodsboro. Will it be good or will it be bad who knows when it comes around to Ghost face but all Sam knows is that Ghost face is once again dead and

she's hoping for good.