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Mary: Is that?
Luke: Nina Reeves.

(Mark keeps a hold of Circe as Alice and Safiyah rush into the room.)

Alice: Oh my god.
Safiyah: Circe!

(She rushes over to her and helps Mark try and keep pressure onto her wound.)

Alice: Where was she stabbed?
Mark: In the back.
Safiyah: Damn.
Alice: You can save her right?
Safiyah: I'm afraid not.

(Mark looks at her and then down at Circe whose still got his hand.)

Mark: You can't be serious?
Safiyah: I'm sorry Mark.

(He looks at her and then down at Circe.)

Mark: Not as sorry as Nina's bff will be.

(Circe keeps ahold of his hand getting him to look at her.)

Circe: Hey I'm gonna be okay.

(He looks at her and smiles as Kara rushes over to them.)

Mark: Gotham General.
Kara: Okay.

(She picks her up and quickly takes off with her as Mark turns and looks at the body on the floor glad he finally got raid of one pain in the ass now all they had to do was to find the other one and get raid of that

one and finally end their troubles with Ghost face once and for all.)

Hours later.

(Over at the hospital everyone there is waiting for news on Circe as Roman rushes into the hospital quickly followed by Moria.)

Moira: Reagan!

(She looks over at her then gets up to walk over to her.)

Reagan: Mom.

(As she gets to her she hugs her getting her to smile at her then she pulls away from her as Reagan looks at her father.)

Reagan: Dad.

(He smiles at her as she hugs him getting Kate to smile at her then she pulls away from her as Ares rushes up to them along with her men.)

Ares: Reagan!

(She pulls away from her father and looks at her wife.)

Reagan: Hey babe.

(She kisses her then pulls away from her as Kate looks off still upset over giving up her chance at being with Reagan when she did but still managed to keep it together in front of everyone.)

Ares: Hey. How is she?
Reagan: We haven't heard anything yet.
Mark: The bitch put the knife through her back.
Roman: What?
Mark: Nina put the knife through her back.
Roman: You telling me?
Mark: When Supergirl brought her in she was barely breathing. Roman if she lives it'll be a damn miracle.

(He looks at him and then looks off.)

Moira: And you said it was Nina Reeves?
Mark: Yes i did.
Moira: How you?
Mark: We unmasked the first person wearing the fucken Ghost face Costume and that home wrecker was wearing it.

(She looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Roman: Where is the bitch?
Mark: I put a bullet through her head.
Roman: Good. It saves me trouble.

(Mark looks at him and smiles as he stands up and walks off to go and stand off on his own.)

Reagan: I haven't seen Mark like that since Kate's plane came down.

(Moira looks at her and then looks over at Mark whose sitting off on his own.)

Moira: She's his bestfriend.
Reagan: Yeah i know and Circe's the love of his life.
Mary: Seeing her go down like that. I never thought I'd ever have to see it again.
Roman: Again?
Mary: I watched as my mom died in my arms.

(Alice looks off knowing what she did and at the time not really caring if she had killed anyone.)

Alice: I know.

(Safiyah looks at her and laughs.)

Safiyah: We all do things we wish we could take back.
Alice: Name one thing for you?
Safiyah: How about agreeing to help keep Circe alive away from Roman while he used your sister as away to screw with everyone.
Alice: You did it for a reason.
Safiyah: Not for the reason everyone is thinking i did.

(Alice looks at her.)

Safiyah: I haven't told anyone the real reason why i kept the fact that Circe was alive.
Alice: Why didn't you say anything?
Safiyah: Because Nina Reeves was working with Peter August.
Alice: We figured that.
Safiyah: And they were both threatening the life of one Beth Kane.

(Alice looks at her and then to Kate whose talking with Reagan and Ares as their talking Alice turns and looks at Safiyah again.)

Alice: You kept quiet all because the bitch threatened to kill me.
Safiyah: Yes.
Alice: What about Roman Safiyah he had a right to know his daughter was alive. Before he had my sister's plane brought down.
Safiyah: I know.
Alice: You told Kate didn't you?
Safiyah: Yes i did. And the reason she never said anything is because she knew that the minute he knew about Circe being alive. He would go after Peter and Nina.
Alice: Which would of put me in danger.
Safiyah: You and Mary.

(She looks at her and then looks off.)


(To a year ago. Over at the Sionis Mansion Safiyah walks up to the room Kate's staying in as she gets there she knocks on the door.)

Kate: Yeah.

(She opens it and walks into the room as she walks in she closes the door behind her.)

Safiyah: Settling okay?
Kate: I might be. What you want?
Safiyah: There's something i need to tell you.
Kate: You mean I'm not really Circe Sionis and that this is all to good to be real.
Safiyah: Now you know that you're Kate Kane. Wise ass.
Kate: I'd rather be a wise ass over a jackass.
Safiyah: Okay look smartass.
Kate: I'm sorry. What?
Safiyah: This involves the real Circe.

(Kate looks at her.)

Kate: What about the real Circe?
Safiyah: She's alive.

(Kate looks at her and then looks off. And then looks at her again.)

Kate: So why the hell am i here. Why the hell do i look like her?
Safiyah: Because Roman doesn't know.
Kate: Why not?
Safiyah: Because i only found this out right around the same time that he had your plane brought down.
Kate: So haven't you said anything since then?
Safiyah: Because the people who had her brought back. Are Peter August and Nina Reeves.

(Kate looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Kate: So their the reason why you won't talk. Hell does he even know that i remember?
Safiyah: No. And i wanna keep it that way.
Kate: Why?
Safiyah: Because if you remember that you're Kate. Then you can help Batwoman keep your sisters safe.

(Kate looks over at her at the mention of her sisters.)

Kate: What about my sister's?
Safiyah: I know something that could really ruin Nina's little fansaity of being with someone she's falling in love with.
Kate: And whose that? Herself?
Safiyah: Sonny Corinthos!
Kate: I thought Sonny was dead?
Safiyah: He's not. He's in a small town in Pennsylvania called Nixon Falls.

(She looks off annoyed.)

Kate: Shit.
Safiyah: I.
Kate: Why? Didn't you say anything?
Safiyah: Because they threatened your sister's lives.

(Kate is starting to get more and more pissed off at them.)

Kate: Where's the real Circe?
Safiyah: I don't know. That's the one thing they've never been stupid enough to talk about with me in the room.
Kate: Which one of my sisters are those two threatening?
Safiyah: All of them. And the one that keeps hitting me the most when they make the threats.
Kate: Which one?
Safiyah: Alice! Or as you and Veracity knew as Beth.

(Kate looks like she wants throw her fist into Safiyah's face but decides against it.)

Kate: What you want me to do?
Safiyah: Go back to your friends.
Kate: I.
Safiyah: I know he wants you to be Circe. But there's noway you can keep your sisters safe while being here.
Kate: I can't pretend to be someone I don't even know anymore. All thanks to that stupid crash. I'm not myself. I don't look like i use too. I look like my bestfriends ex fiancé.
Safiyah: I'm not asking you to keep pretending to be Kate. You are Kate.
Kate: Not when i look at myself in the fucken mirror. I look like Circe.
Safiyah: Yes i know that.
Kate: But okay. I'll go back to my friends.
Safiyah: And if we need you too?
Kate: I'll become Circe.
Safiyah: Okay. I'm sorry Kate for what it's worth.

(She looks at her and then looks off.)

Kate: I know.

(She smiles at her. End of flashback Safiyah's just finishing her story about how she told Kate about Circe still being alive Alice walked over to Kate.)

Alice: You knew about Circe being alive and didn't say anything?

(Kate looks at her confused.)

Kate: Huh?
Alice: Tell us the truth. Did you know that Circe was alive?
Kate: Not right away. Why?
Alice: Why didn't you say anything?
Kate: I promised i wouldn't and i know that's a stupid thing to say given what just happened.
Alice: That bitch stabbed Circe through the back Kate and because of it Mark could lose her again.
Kate: I'm well aware of that. Look the only reason i kept it is because yes i was asked too. But then she told me that the bitch and August had threatened yours Vera's and Mary's lives.
Sophie: Oh god.
Reagan: Kate!
Kate: I know keeping the fact that Circe was alive a secret was and still is the stupidest thing i could of done.
Alice: Yes it is.
Kate: Look I know I told everyone that I didn't want anymore secret between us and i meant and I'm sorry.
Mary: So you weren't faking?

(Kate looks at her.)

Kate: What?
Mary: You weren't really Circe?
Kate: No.
Mary: So Circe wasn't pretending to be you the whole time.
Ryan: She was pretending to be Circe.

(Kate looks at them and laughs.)

Sidney: New people here.
Mary: Kate had recovered her memories before we ever saw her again.
Kate: I didn't actually recover them until after Alice figured out who i am.
Gale: Still confused?
Mark: Two years ago Kate's plane had been blown out of the sky and her she had gone missing. And for a year we all thought she was dead. And then Alice was taken all because someone couldn't let the past lie and left her there with Kate so that Black Mask would kill her.

(Ryan looks at him and then looks off.)

Ryan: I don't regret doing that. Because if i hadn't we never would of known that Kate is alive. And well looks like your wife.
Mark: Oh i know. But she doesn't anymore.
Ryan: You know what i mean.
Mark: I do actually.
Ryan: Anyway.

(They laugh at her.)

Mark: Kate!
Kate: I didn't ask for other details as to why she kept it from him other than the fact that stupid bitch and that fucken nutcase that Maxie was ready to marry threatened my sister's lives.
Sophie: Your dad know any of this?
Kate: No. Although i wish i had told him at least i would of felt better about.
Mary: Hey.

(Kate smiles at her.)

Mark: What other details are you leaving out Safiyah?
Safiyah: One other detail.
Mark: What?
Safiyah: The other person who knew about Circe being alive and said nothing.
Mark: Who else knew about Circe being alive?
Safiyah: Mark if i tell you it'll just make you hate the man even more then you are ready do.
Mark: Safiyah who the hell was it?
Safiyah: Sonny Corinthos!

(He looks at her and then to Reagan who looks off annoyed along with everyone else.)

Mark: Sonny knew about Circe being alive?
Safiyah: Nina told him when he thought he was someone else.
Mark: And he didn't tell her to do the right thing?
Safiyah: Before she told him who the person was she had told him about the crimes she had committed.
Mark: So she painted Circe out to be the bad guy?
Safiyah: She did.
Mark: What did he say?
Safiyah: He said he would keep quiet.

(Mark looks at her and then he looks at Reagan and Roman who look like they wanna kill him and then Mark sees him walk in and rushes over to him as he gets to him he grabs him and throws him into the nurses

station getting both Michael and Carly to look at him in shock.)

Carly: Mark!
Mark: You knew for months about Circe being alive and said nothing.

(Sonny looks at him that he knows the truth. Which then gets both his son and Carly to look at him not sure of what to say to him.)

Sonny: Now Mark.
Mark: You knew for months that she was alive. And said nothing. You took Nina's word for it. You did the same thing she did with you.
Sonny: I.
Mark: You kept Circe away from her father and her sister. And might i add you kept her from her.

(He looks at him and then looks off not sure of what to say.)

Mark: You're no better then Nina was.
Sonny: Was?
Mark: I put a round between her eyes when she stuck a knife into my wife's back.

(He knees him in the stomach getting him to double over. Then Mark shoves him away from him.)

Mark: You might of remembered who you are and became Sonny again. But Sonny you're still Mike through and fucken through.

(He kicks him in the ribs getting him to turn over in pain.)

Mark: I lied you and Nina are meant for each other and neither one of deserve to have any rights to either Wiley or Donna.
Ava: Or Avery.

(He looks up at her and can tell their all annoyed with him as Mark kicks him again getting him to roll over again.)

Mark: You're a bastard Sonny. You could of done the right thing. But no you had to go and make your home wrecking girlfriend happy and continued to lie to us.
Sonny: I know no amount of apologizes are going to take away the pain i put her family through. But I'm sorry.
Mark: No you're not. You only care about yourself and Nina.

(He looks at him as Mark kicks him again getting him to lie there.)

Mark: If i find out you're the reason why Ghost face is back in everyone's lives I'm gonna end you for good.

(He looks at him as Mark turns to walk off as Kate grabs him getting him to look at her.)

Kate: What if Sonny and Nina are the reasons why Ghost face is back in the picture.
Mark: What?
Kate: What if the attack in Tucson on your friend was him and Nina.
Mark: Nina wouldn't of gotten her hands dirty and neither would Sonny.
Kate: No but he'd hire someone to do it.
Mark: But why send Ghost face after someone who works at Baggin's?
Kate: Maybe it's still about the original's.

(She points over at Gale and Sidney. And it finally hits Mark.)

Mark: Oh god.

(He runs off back towards the FBI office.)

Minutes later.

(Mark rushes into their command center and over to the computer he was using when Ghost Face went after him as he's looking at it he brings it up onto the screen as the other's rush in behind him.)

Reagan: Mark!
Mark: Kate got me thinking and she's really not that far off.
Reagan: Hey.
Mark: She said what if it's still about the original's.
Reagan: You mean the ghost face attacks.
Mark: It could still be someone wanting to send out a message to both Gale and Sidney.
Sophie: They were both the original survivor's of the first attacks in Woodsboro.
Mark: Yes. Along with Dewey.

(They both look at him.)

Kate: Mark!
Mark: The ghost face attacks won't ever end until.
Reagan: The original survivor's are killed.
Mark: Yes.
Sophie: You kill the final two survivor's?
Mark: And ghost face finally disappears.
Reagan: Mark!

(Then the lights go out in the building as Sidney and Gale walk into the room and over to them.)

Sidney: What?
Mark: We're in the middle of another copy cat.
Sidney: Or we're in the middle of the fucken original.
Mark: What?

(She points up at the screen and they all look at it to see whose names are up there.)

Kate: Oh god.
Mary: Billy Loomis and Stuart Mocker are alive.
Sidney: Oh shit.