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Ghost Face: It's time for you to die Buchanan.
Voice: You think so?

(He looks up at her as she gets him in the face sending him over as he goes down Mark quickly moves out of the way as Mary rushes forward and helps him with his hand before the other comes in only to be

thrown into the wall as they hit she knocks the knife from his hand and elbows him in the face sending him over as he goes down they both look at them and quickly run off and out of the room as they run off

Reagan and Kate run of after them they search both ends of the building but can't find them anywhere. Then walk back to everyone. Back in the clinic Mark's sitting there holding his hand as Mary looks it over.)

Mary: Let me see.

(She let's her look at his hand and quickly gets to work on closing up the wound. Once she's done she wraps it up and tapes the bandage as Mark remains on the floor and Circe rushes over to him and kneels down

in front of him.)

Circe: Hey.
Mark: Hey.
Circe: He gonna be okay?
Mary: Yeah. He'll just need that hand to heal before he goes after Ghost face again.
Mark: Yeah well i have a feeling after this last fight with Ghost face my wife won't let me go after him.
Circe: Now you know damn well i couldn't stop you even if i wanted too.
Mark: True. God this hurts.
Circe: I know.
Mark: Now i know how Roman felt when Kate stuck that knife into his hand.
Circe: I'm sorry what?
Kate: Yeah not my proudest moment.
Sophie: You sure about that?
Kate: Of course not. How is he?
Mary: Good. He'll have to stay out of anymore fights with Ghost face but he's okay. And hey you are wow.

(Mark and Kate start laughing then calm down.)

Mark: Hey Sid.
Sidney: Hi. And Hi Sidney Prescott.
Mary: Oh i know who you are. You are gorgeous.

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Sidney: Uh thank you. My husband thinks so as well.
Mary: Oh wow. Okay then.
Mark: Oh my god.
Mary: Shut up.
Gale: Hey you okay?
Mark: Yeah. I'm use to having my ass handed to me as far as Ghost face goes.
Kate: Mark!
Mark: It's true. My hand hurts like a bitch.
Kate: You got any pain meds for him?
Mary: Yeah.

(She walks over to the cabinet with her meds in it and grabs some out for him once she has them she closes the door on it as two other people walk into the room.)

Sam: Sidney! Gale!

(They both turn and look at her.)

Gale: Sam!
Sam: Yeah. I know you told us to stay in Woodsboro but we really wanna help you guys take this son of a bitch down.
Sidney: You sure?
Sam: I am. Because of him i nearly lost my sister.
Sidney: Okay.
Mark: Wait i know who you are.
Sam: And i know who you are.
Mark: Nice to meet you Sam.
Sam: You too.
Tara: He's cute.

(They look at her and laugh.)

Mark: Well thank you. My wife thinks so too.

(She looks down at Circe whose trying to keep from laughing as she kisses Mark's head then pulls away from it as he looks at her and smiles.)

Tara: For how long?
Mark: A year.
Circe: Yeah.
Mark: Yeah. She forgets so easily.

(She smacks him getting him to laugh.)

Mark: Sorry.
Circe: It's fine.
Mary: Here you go.
Mark: Thanks.
Mary: You're welcome. Take two every eight hours.
Mark: Should i start taking these tonight?
Mary: I would. And then take them again when you get up in the morning.
Mark: I can do that.
Mary: Okay.

(She walks off as Mark remains there holding his hand.)

Kate: So it looks like Ghost Face has disappeared again.
Gale: He has for now. But i wouldn't hold up hope he's gone for good.
Circe: What's nut case want?
Mark: Me and Kate figured out he wants Sarah.

(She looks at him.)

Sarah: Why?
Mark: We were talking about how Ghost face has a motive for what he's doing. A meaning.
Circe: What's his motive?
Mark: To kill off the woman whose trying to take back her store.
Sarah: You think Austin's behind this?
Mark: Wouldn't surprise me. I mean look at how easy it was for Nina and Peter to go after you and your floater.
Sarah: True.
Mark: Sid the first Ghost face attack happened in Tucson.

(She looks at him and then to Gale.)

Sidney: Who'd he attack?
Sarah: One of my assistants.
Sidney: He okay?
Sarah: He's fine. For the most part.
Michael: Gee thanks a lot Sarah.

(Mark stands up in pain from the beating he took including his hand he walks over to his friend and hugs him getting him to smile at him then he pulls away from him.)

Mark: You good man?
Michael: Yeah I'm are right.
Kate: So what we do about this whole thing with Ghost Face?
Gale: Well he's gone for now. But believe it or not the bastard will strike again. As to when we don't know.
Sidney: I have a question.
Mark: What?
Sidney: Did he stab you?
Michael: No but he cut my ribs.

(He pulls his shirt up and shows her the bandage.)

Mark: What's up Sid?
Sidney: Were you attacked before or after work?
Michael: After. I had just locked up the store when i got attacked from behind.

(Mark looks at Sidney.)

Gale: Sid!
Sidney: He's known for cutting people. But he's also known for stabbing them seven times.
Mark: You think?
Sidney: No. But i do think the ones who attacked him in Tucson. We're getting ready to start something up when he was attacked.
Sarah: So you think?
Sidney: I think whoever attacked him wanted attention and they knew if they used the Ghost face costumes then they would get it.
Sarah: Did anyone see you getting attacked?
Michael: No. At least not that i could tell.
Gale: So we'd have no witnesses as to who attacked him.
Rachael: There is someone.

(They look at her.)

Sarah: Who?
Rachael: While i was walking around the store one day i found a camera i didn't know what it was for until Mark got the call from Reagan.
Sarah: Okay.
Rachael: After getting the call i went outside and saw the same camera and i thought I would take it and bring it here.

(They all look at her.)

Rachael: I didn't watch anything that was on it.
Mark: Is a camera like inside of your store?
Rachael: No it's cell phone.

(She pulls it out of her pocket and shows them Mark takes it from her and looks it over.)

Mark: You see what was on it?
Rachael: No.

(He looks at it and knows who the phone belongs to.)

Kate: Mark!
Mark: This was the same phone Esme had the night she recorded Cameron and Joss having sex at the cabin.

(She looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Kate: How the hell did it end up at Baggins in Tucson?
Mark: Good question. Since i can't really do anymore fights with Ghost face.
Reagan: Go and find out why that little nutcase had that phone in Tucson.
Mark: Okay.

(He walks off to go and look the phone over.)

Later that day.

(Over at the FBI office Mark's in their command center looking the phone over as he's looking it over someone walks in to go after him as of knowing whose there he quickly turns to see who it and falls over.)

Mark: Oh shit.

(He goes after him as he gets to him he hits him in the head but unknown to Ghost face Mark had pushed his watch for Kara who had quickly told the other's of what was going on over at the FBI building and they

all rushed over as their headed that way Mark's trying to hold him off but is quickly losing his fight as someone comes in and tackles him to the floor and starts beating on him as Mark lies there holding his hand

then he gets his barring's and looks at who it was and gets annoyed but stays down as he continues to fight off Ghost face once he's out unknown to Mark's saver there's another one coming up behind him as he

gets there he hits him in the back getting him to go over as he's getting his barring's back his partner goes in for the attack as he gets his barring's they start fighting as Mark continues to lie there as the other's

run in and Kate quickly fires her grabbling gun at Mark's attacker and pulls him back once he's on his back and at her feet she kicks him in the face as Circe runs over to her husband to check on him.)

Circe: Mark!
Mark: I'm are right.
Circe: You sure?
Mark: Yeah I'm fine.
Reagan: What happened?
Mark: I think they switched their victims.
Kate: Why?
Mark: Because they came after me.
Sidney: It's because he didn't kill you and they won't stop until they do.

(Mark looks at her and nods his head at her stands up and leans against the table.)

Gale: Whose this?
Mark: Curtis Ashford.

(He looks at him and can tell Mark's annoyed to see him.)

Circe: You have a lot of nerve showing up here Ashford.
Curtis: I came because i heard about Ghost Face being here.
Mark: Why the hell would you care if Ghost Face is in Gotham?
Curtis: I.
Mark: You afraid he's gonna go after your home wrecking bff?

(He looks at him and then looks off.)

Curtis: I have no control over Nina.
Mark: No. You just tried to talk Michael and Willow into letting Nina see Wiley.
Curtis: She's his grandmother.
Mark: No she's not. She has no relation to Wiley. And to which by the way. That little boy can very grateful for.
Curtis: What the hell are you talking about?
Mark: We did a DNA test on Wiley and ran against Nina's DNA.
Curtis: Okay.
Mark: And Nina isn't Wiley's grandmother.

(He looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Curtis: You're lying.
Mark: Oh i how i don't wish that was.

(He looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Mark: Nina has no rights to Wiley and never will again.

(Just then one of them stands up and stabs Circe in the back.)

Mary: No.

(Mark hearing that turns and sees the knife sticking out of her and he acts quickly and rushes over to her.)

Mark: Circe!

(He pulls it out of her and she falls into him.)

Mark: Circe!

(She looks at him as they both go the ground and he's got her in his arms.)

Mark: Circ.

(She smiles at him as he looks over at the first ghost face and grabs his gun and points it at his head and fires sending him over killing him right away. Unknown to them the other had run off as Circe was stabbed

and sent into her husbands arms.)

Sidney: Come on.

(Gale Tara and Sam all follow after Sidney to go and track down the other Ghost face as their searching for him Mark keeps ahold of Circe as Mark looks up at Curtis.)

Mark: This is your fault. You should of stayed out of Gotham.
Curtis: Mark!
Mark: If i find out the person behind that mask is Nina there's no place you can hide on this earth that i won't find you.

(She keeps a hold of his hand as Ryan quickly runs into the room followed by Sophie Mary and Luke.)

Ryan: Oh my god.

(Luke sees one of them down and walks over to them as he gets there he pulls the mask off and they all look to see who it is.)

Mary: Is that?
Luke: Nina Reeves.