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Mark: Oh shit.
Kate: Who the hell is that?
Mark: Ghost face!

(Kate looks at him and then down at the end of the hallway as he charges them getting them all act quickly seeing Mark he goes after him and goes to stab him only to have him throw him back and then punches

him sending him over he gets to go after him again as their fight continues he's able to grab him and throws his knife away from him and knees him in the ribs getting him to turn over once he's over he's able to

grab his knife and throws it at them only to have Kara land in front him and it smacks her in the chest getting him to look at her then runs off with Mark and Kate right behind him as they get outside they look

around for him but can't see him anywhere.)

Kate: Where'd he go?
Mark: I have no idea. You and Sophie go that me and Reagan will go this way.
Kate: Okay.

(They split up to go and see if they can't find him. When they can't they walk back towards the building.)

Reagan: What the hell was Ghost Face doing here?
Mark: I don't know. I mean there's been so many killings involving that damn mask since the ninety's.
Reagan: When was the first set of murders.
Mark: Come with me.

(They walk off towards the building again as they get there they walk in and head inside.)

Mark: Get Ryan Mary and Luke and meet us in command center.
Kate: Okay.

(She walks off as Mark Reagan and Sophie walk off towards their command center as they get there Reagan gets her agents attention and they turn to look at her. As they look at her Kate walks into the room along

with Luke Mary and Ryan followed by Sarah and her husband along with Circe.)

Circe: Babe what's going on?
Mark: As it turns out not everyone can run away from their past.
Kate: What?
Mark: Kidding.
Kate: Oh.
Mark: Anyway.

(He brings up a picture and they all look at him.)

Mark: Back in 1996 there had been a string of murders happening around the Woodsboro area and they were all being done by these two men. Billy Loomis and Stuart Mocker.
Reagan: There were two?
Mark: Yeah. As far as Ghost Face goes he works in pairs. There's always two remember that.
Jeffery's: You expect us to believe this bullshit.
Mark: Let me ask you something.

(He nods his head him.)

Mark: Have you ever seen any of the stab movies?

(He looks at him and nods his head at him.)

Mark: Those movies were based off of real events that happened in Woodsboro. At least the first three.

(He looks at him and shuts up.)

Reagan: So these two what?
Mark: These two men are the ones who started the whole thing with Ghost Face. And for the past twenty-five years there have been a number of murders of people wearing this very mask and costume everytime they think this is all over a year later it starts back up. Only this time as one year past two years and so on.
Kate: How long has it been since the last set of murders?
Mark: Ten years.
Reagan: Ten years?
Mark: Yeah.
Sophie: Were there any survivor's?
Mark: Yes there were. There were three. Dwight Riley he was deputy with the Woodsboro police department.
Kate: His name is Dewey!
Mark: His friends call him that. And he hates it.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Mark: His ex wife Gale Weathers she was the writer of the books that got movie producers interested in making movies that involved all of the killings in Woodsboro.
Reagan: The Stab movies?
Mark: The very same and there's Sidney Prescott.

(He shows them the picture of her.)

Mark: A lot of people have been saying she was one of the reasons why Billy and Stuart even put the costume on.
Mary: Why?
Mark: A year before her mother had been murdered she thought she had caught the man responsible for her murder only to find out her boyfriend Billy Loomis had been the one who killed her.
Ryan: Why?
Mark: His father was sleeping with well Sidney's mother. I don't really know the whole story and of all honesty i really don't want too. But the only thing i can say is that.
Jeffery's: He's gonna come after you next?
Mark: He are ready has bone head.

(He looks at him and shuts up.)

Mark: Anyway.
Reagan: Do you have any idea on where these three are now?
Mark: I do. And i can honestly tell you.
Kate: What?
Mark: Neither one of these people are going to want anything to do with Ghost Face again.
Kate: Why?
Mark: Let's just say they were hoping that ten years ago was the last time they were ever going to hear the name Ghost Face.
Reagan: Mark we're gonna have to do something. Because we're gonna be in way over our heads.
Mark: I know.
Reagan: So how the hell do we get in touch with them?
Mark: I are ready did.

(She laughs at him as his phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is and answers it.)

Mark: Hey.
Dewey: Hey. What's this i hear about that prick being back?
Mark: Oh he's back are right and we believe he's are ready gone after two people.
Dewey: How you know this?
Mark: Because the bastard showed up to the FBI office here in Gotham and charged me and my friends.
Dewey: Damn it. Are right. I'm calling Sid and Gale now.
Mark: Are right.

(Then he hangs up with him.)

Kate: What he say?
Mark: We'll have help from three people who know about this more then we do.
Reagan: Okay. I just hope there aren't anymore attacks between now and by the time they get here.
Mark: I hear ya.
Reagan: How the hell did they manage to get away with the murder for so long?
Mark: You know what they all say.
Reagan: What?
Mark: The one love is last person suspect of murder.
Reagan: And as far as these Ghost face murders?
Mark: The whole thing with Ghost face is that. Whoever really is the killer.
Reagan: Could make the other's think other wise.
Mark: Very much so.
Reagan: Oh well looks like we'll be living the real life of Stab.
Mark: Yeah. Only thing is.
Reagan: What?
Mark: The hero always wins in the end.
Reagan: True. Quick question.
Mark: Oh no.

(She smacks him getting him to laugh.)

Mark: What's up?
Reagan: Sidney as pretty as in person as she is in the pictures?

(He turns and looks at her.)

Mark: Yeah. I'm telling Ares.
Reagan: I. You're an ass.
Mark: I'm friends with Kate.
Reagan: Oh.

(Then Mark's phone goes off again he looks at the number and gets annoyed but answers it.)

Mark: What the hell do you want now?
Nina: What i ever do you?
Mark: Kept my friends father from him.

(Then he hangs up with her as they get back to the case at hand. Over the next couple of days since Ghost Face showed himself in Gotham the GCPD and the FBI have been getting calls non-stop about a number of

Ghost face attacks around Gotham and their no where near as close to finding him as the Woodsboro police were back in the ninety's or the years before that as their case continues the Bat team has been working

just as hard to try and stop him but at every turn they lose him after he attacks someone and after a number of attacks they all of a sudden stop and Mark gets the one call he didn't think he'd ever get and gets


Reagan: What?

(Mark puts his finger up and she waits then he hangs up with her.)

Reagan: Mark!
Mark: Ghost Face isn't in Gotham anymore.
Reagan: Where the hell is he?
Mark: He's in Woodsboro.

(She looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Kate: How you know this?
Mark: That was Gale Weathers.
Sophie: Okay.
Mark: Dewey's dead.
Kate: Oh come on.

(Reagan looks off. Just then one of the agents rushes into the room.)

Agent: Agent Queen.
Reagan: Yeah.
Agent: We just got a call from Luke Fox.
Reagan: And?
Agent: There was another Ghost Face attack.

(They look at him and then to each other.)

Kate: Are there more then two of them?
Mark: Shit.

(He grabs out his phone and calls Gale back who answers right away.)

Gale: Yeah.
Mark: We have a problem?
Gale: What?
Mark: There was another Ghost Face attack here in Gotham.
Gale: What?
Reagan: Are they okay?
Agent: According to Batwoman and Batwing.
Mark: What?
Agent: This person was gutted.
Mark: Shit.
Gale: Oh god.
Mark: Take care of yours and we'll see about taking care of this prick.
Gale: That's just the thing.
Mark: What?
Gale: The two here are dead.
Mark: You guys okay?
Gale: Yeah. We're headed your way.
Mark: Are right.

(Then she hangs up with him as they all take off towards Gotham.)

Sidney: Gotham City here we come.
Sam: You two be careful.
Gale: We will be. Keep an eye on your sister.
Sam: I will.

(Then they both get into the car and take off towards Gotham. Back over in Gotham Mark's sitting down thinking as Reagan looks at him.)

Reagan: They coming?
Mark: Yeah. I can't wait until we can finally finish this off.
Reagan: I hear ya.
Mark: We find out who it was this jackass went after?
Reagan: The attack happened at Arkham.
Mark: How the hell?
Reagan: I don't know.
Mark: I have feeling once this is all over with.
Reagan: What?
Mark: I'm going back to work.

(She looks at him and laughs as they get back to work. As they keep up their search for the patient that Ghost Face went after as their looking Mark's phone keeps going off he looks at it and finally answers it only

to hear the one voice he never thought he'd ever hear on it and quickly tells Reagan who looks at him.)

Mark: How about the movie where the fucker dies at the end.

(Then he hangs up with him as he looks at Reagan.)

Reagan: Does that line ever get old.
Mark: It does not.

(Then they get back to work until they look up and see Ghost Face there with Circe and Sarah there.)

Mark: Okay he's a dead man.
Ghost face: Hang up on me again and your wife and your friend gets it.

(Mark looks at him and then to Reagan.)

Reagan: Don't.
Mark: What you want?
Ghost Face: Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers.

(He looks at Reagan who looks off annoyed.)

Ghost Face: You have twenty-four hours or these two die.

(Then he hangs up with them as he looks at Kate.)

Kate: Son of a bitch.
Mark: Yeah.
Reagan: He said he wanted Sidney and Gale.
Mark: He did.
Kate: Why?
Mark: Their the only two remaining survivor's of the attacks from back in the 90's.
Ryan: When did you say that first attack happened?
Mark: 96.
Kate: Why?
Ryan: Sidney wouldn't she of been in high school at the time?
Mark: Yeah. She was Senior.
Ryan: She know anyone else other then her boyfriend and his friend.
Mark: You know now that i think about it.
Kate: What?
Mark: Sidney had a group of friends.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: There was her boyfriend Billy Loomis Stuart Mocker Randy Meeks Dewey's sister Tatum Riley.
Sophie: Then Sidney Prescott.
Mark: Yeah. Only thing is these two made it personal when they went after her mother.
Kate: Only she didn't know it.
Mark: No. And it was the same thing three years later. While her and Randy were in collage.
Kate: They had a group of friends.
Mark: Yeah. This was right around the time the first Stab movie came out. And during it's first showing. Two of Randy and Sidney's classmates were killed.
Sophie: Which marked the return of Ghost face.
Mark: And that's when she found out that her boyfriends bestfriend was the killer along with Billy Loomis's mother.
Sophie: Oh come on.
Mark: Yeah.
Sophie: And it was the same pattern?
Mark: Yeah. Sidney hid away. But yet some how Ghost face found her and started killing people in order to get her come out of hiding.
Sophie: Gees.
Mark: And that was the last anyone heard from Ghost face until 2011.

(He brings up the cases from that year.)

Kate: Okay so the Ghost face murders stopped for ten years.
Mark: Yeah.
Kate: Shit.
Reagan: Almost like people had wanted to behave.
Mark: Yeah. Only thing is.
Reagan: Uh-oh.
Mark: The murders didn't start back up until Sidney went back to Woodsboro on her book signing tour.
Reagan: Oh god.
Mark: Yeah. Only that one was very close to home as far as Sidney goes.
Kate: How close?
Mark: It was her cousin.
Kate: Shit.
Mark: Yeah. And when her cousin was killed. The killings once again stopped Woodsboro was once again a safe place to roam the streets at night.
Kate: And it's once again ten years later.
Mark: Yeah. And twenty-five years since the first ghost face killings.
Reagan: What the hell are they trying to prove?
Mark: You're asking the wrong person.
Reagan: Of course i am.
Luke: Hey.
Mark: Hey.
Luke: We just figured out who Ghost face went after in Arkham.
Mark: Who?
Luke: Tommy Elliott.

(He shows Mark the file and he looks through it as he walks over to the table and puts the file down onto the table as he's looking through it he looks at Sophie.)

Sophie: Well.
Mark: They sure it was Tommy?
Luke: Yeah the corner looked over his face it's him.
Mark: Okay.
Reagan: Why?
Mark: Because Tommy here pretended to be Bruce in order to gain access to the Bat cave while Kate was missing.
Kate: Wait what?
Luke: Oh shit.
Kate: You let Tommy down into the Bat cave?
Luke: Yes. But i thought he was Bruce.
Mark: This go the same for you letting Kate down into the Bat cave when she thought she was Circe?
Luke: That was Sophie.
Reagan: Are right look. The only thing we do know is that. Tommy's dead and Ghost face has my sister who just happens to be your wife.
Mark: I know that.
Reagan: We all know why he would have Circe.
Mark: Yeah i know.
Reagan: But why the hell would he have Sarah?

(Mark looks at her and then looks off.)

Mark: I don't know. I mean when Ghost Face goes after people he has a motive he has means.
Kate: Okay so what the hell is his motive?
Mark: I don't know. Without Sidney and Gale being here yet. I won't know how to answer that question.
Sophie: Shit.
Mark: Hell i wouldn't be surprised if Nina is in on this.

(They all look at him.)

Kate: What?
Mark: Everything that has been going on lately. If it wasn't mine and Circe's memories being wiped of knowing who we are. Well we know who we but.
Kate: You guys couldn't remember what you two meant to the other.
Mark: No. She's the reason why Sonny was away from his family for as long as he was.
Sophie: Shit.
Mark: So i wouldn't be surprised is Nina isn't some how connected to Ghost Face being in Gotham.
Luke: That would explain that. But wait.
Mark: What?
Luke: The first attack to happen this year was Michael Miller.

(Mark looks at him.)

Mark: Michael would of been in Tucson.
Luke: What if Ghost Face was in Tucson first. Only to show up in Gotham when he knew Michael was here.
Mark: His target isn't Circe.
Kate: What?
Mark: His target is Sarah.
Luke: And he has her.
Mark: He's not gonna want that twenty-four hours.
Sophie: So wait he doesn't want Sidney and Gale.
Mark: No. He'll kill Sarah anyway.
Kate: Let's go.

(They all rush off towards Mary's clinic.)

Minutes later.

(Over at Mary's clinic both Mark and Sophie have their weapons out and start looking around it as they get to where her clinic is he points it into the room and keeps an eye out for him when they don't see anything

they see Mary whose looking at something behind Mark he quickly turns to see him charging him he drops his weapon and they go into the wall behind him as he hits he hurts himself but he's able to get the knife

out of his hands and elbows him in the face sending him backwards as he goes back Mark looks at him as he grabs up his knife again and goes after him again as their fighingt for the knife he's able throw him


Mark: Come at me asshole.

(He goes after him as Mark ducks punches him in the stomach getting him to go over he turns and looks at him as he kicks him into the wall getting him to go over. But unknown to them another one comes out of the shadows.)

Ryan: Shit. Mark!

(He turns and looks at her then he turns to see another one rushing towards him but as he turns to see him he gets him in the shoulder sending him over.)

Mary: Mark!
Mark: I'm are right.

(Then he kicks him sending him over as he goes over he goes to stab him in the heart getting Mark to act quickly and puts his arms up to block his attack on him as he continues to keep him off of him his partner

gets up and goes after the others. Out in the main part of the building the two women they've been waiting for arrives and heads towards them. As their searching they hear something and rush towards the room

as they get there they run into the room to see them fighting off the other Ghost Face one of them sees Mark struggling and rushes over to him to help him out as she gets to them she grabs up a weapon and

looks at them as Mark's arm slips and he gets his hand getting him to scream out in pain from the knife going through his hand.)

Ghost Face: It's time for you to die Buchanan.
Voice: You think so?