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(Back in Gotham over at Mary's clinic they all rush in and over to Mary.)

Mary: Hey.
Mark: Hey. How is he?

(She looks at them and then back at him.)

Mary: Mark who ever did that. Meant business.
Mark: Why?
Mary: He's barely hanging on and i have a feeling if he dies.
Mark: Yeah. Reagan said he was calling for their floater.
Mary: Yeah.
Kate: He say who did it?
Mary: No. But then again he's in so much pain. He can barely keep his eyes open.
Mark: Is it okay to even leave him here?
Mary: Supergirl used her X-ray vision to see if he's any internal bleeding.
Sophie: Is there?
Mary: No.
Mark: What?
Mary: He's got about six bruised ribs a sprand wrist cut to the forehead which isn't to bad.
Mark: Well that's great to hear.
Mary: Yeah.
Kate: When did they find him?
Mary: Sometime yesterday. I was at home when i got the call.
Mark: So nothing major?
Mary: Not that i can tell. But it'll be a long road for him.
Mark: Well that's just great.
Mary: What?
Sophie: Oracle is getting their GM back.
Mark: But their gonna lose a manager.
Mary: Shit.
Kate: So he didn't say who did this?
Reagan: No. All he kept doing was asking for her.
Rachael: I wanna see him.
Mary: He's over there.

(She rushes over to him and sits down next to him as Sarah looks off annoyed.)

Mary: You finally leave our hell hole and now you're back.
Sarah: I could of stayed in Tucson.
Mary: No me and Ryan like having you here.
Mark: Why?
Mary: She's hot.
Mark: And married.
Mary: He's hot too.
Tyler: Well thank you.
Mark: Oh my god.

(They start laughing then calm down as they watch Rachael with Michael and Sarah can tell how much he means to her.)

Sarah: Mark!
Mark: Yeah.
Sarah: She said back at the store that when he found out about her and Michael.
Mark: Okay.
Sarah: She said Austin wasn't to happy with it.

(He looks at her and then looks at Reagan who looks off annoyed.)

Tyler: Why the hell would he care if Michael and Rachael are dating? I mean don't get me wrong i knew how she felt about Sarah. But she's clearly moving on with her life.
Mark: People like Austin don't care as long as they believe they can cause trouble.
Tyler: And beating the hell out of someone is proving what?
Mark: Who the hell knows.
Reagan: He's trying to prove that your wife has feelings for her floater and given how she's not showing any signs of being jealous.
Mark: He's not getting the reaction he wants.
Reagan: No.
Sarah: If he wants a reaction I'll give him one.

(They both look at her and laugh then calm down.)

Mark: You scare me.
Sarah: What? How? I didn't ask for one of Batwoman's Batarangs.

(Ryan and Kate look at her as Mark's trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Okay. Tyler your wife scares me.
Tyler: What you mean she scares you. She scares me.
Mark: Yeah.
Tyler: Hell I'm pretty sure she'd scare your wife. If she wasn't well.
Mark: Circe Sionis!
Tyler: Yes.
Mark: Yeah.
Kate: Anyway.
Mary: As long as we can keep whoever did that to him away.
Mark: We'd have to put him up somewhere we know he'd be safe.
Kate: Where?
Mark: He can always stay with me and Circe.
Circe: Why?
Mark: Would rather whoever did that to him do it again?
Circe: Not what i mean.
Mark: Oh.
Circe: We can put up at the house. But how do we know whoever did that won't come after him again.
Kate: She has a point. Whoever beat the hell out of him will go looking for him again and when they find him they won't stop they will end up killing him.
Mark: Other then Austin.
Kate: What?
Mark: Who the hell else would want him dead. Or Sarah for that matter?
Ryan: You mean besides the nutcase who keeps saying she's Wiley's grandmother.
Sophie: Yeah I'm still not so sure about that one.
Kate: What you mean?
Sophie: Did they ever have a DNA test done on Wiley and Nina in order to prove that Nina's in fact Wiley's grandmother?

(They all look at her and then to each other.)

Mark: No they didn't. Maybe it's about time we did that. So that Michael and Willow can raise Wiley and not have to worry about it.
Mary: I can even run the test here or Reagan can have them run down at her office.
Reagan: Might be better to have it done down at the FBI building.
Mark: Are right. That way we won't hear the words.
Kate: The test results were switched.
Mark: Yeah.
Reagan: Have them fly here and we'll test him against Nina's DNA.
Mark: How do we get Nina's DNA?
Reagan: I have my ways.

(He looks at her and laughs as he grabs out his phone.)

Mark: I didn't hear that. Did you Sophie.
Sophie: No.
Mark: Oh good.

Later that day.

(Over at the FBI field Office Michael and Willow walk into the building and over to them.)

Mark: Hey it's the Corinthos-Quartermain family.
Willow: Hi.
Mark: Hi. How you doing man?
Michael: Oh you know. Trying not to lose what's left of my mind.
Mark: Yeah good luck with that. Hey you handsome.

(He laughs at him as Mark smiles at Willow.)

Willow: You're gonna make a good father some day.
Mark: I sure hope so. Wiley!

(He looks at him.)

Mark: You ready to go and see the pretty doctor?
Wiley: Yeah.
Mark: Yeah.
Ryan: Hey.
Mark: What? Hey Michael saying something like that with your girlfriend right here.
Michael: I'm sorry okay. It won't happen again.

(They start laughing as they walk off down the hallway as they get to their DNA lab they walk in and Mary walks up to them.)

Mark: Whose that?
Wiley: Mary!
Mark: You wanna marry her?
Wiley: I too little.
Mark: Oh okay. Sarah wants to marry her.

(She looks off as Kate and Sophie are trying to keep from laughing.)

Sarah: Shut up you two.
Sophie: We would but that was funny.
Sarah: Yeah yeah.
Reagan: One more yeah and it'll be a Melanie C song.

(Mark looks at her as she starts laughing then he looks off.)

Mary: So not touching that one.
Reagan: Thank you.
Mark: I swear Reagan.
Reagan: What?
Mark: You and Kate are too much a like.
Reagan: What's that say for you and my wife?
Mark: She starts it.
Reagan: You and you finish it.
Mark: And not the way some people might think. But then again.
Tyler: What?
Mark: Your wife was giving Kate a run for her money while they were sparring the other day.
Tyler: Really?
Sarah: Oh boy.
Tyler: Was she shirt less?
Mark: They both were.

(He looks at him and then to his wife who looks off.)

Mark: I can honestly see what you see in her.
Tyler: I know right.

(They clap hands getting Sarah to laugh at them.)

Sarah: Oh.
Mark: Sorry.
Sarah: No it's fine.
Tyler: Of course it doesn't beat the day Rachael smacked her between her boobs.

(Mark looks at him and then to Sarah whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Oh wow.
Tyler: Can you say boob check?
Mark: I would but.
Tyler: What?
Mark: My wife won't let me.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Mary: Okay childern.
Mark: Sorry. I'd make a comment but.
Tyler: Yeah she does that too.
Mark: And you two just reunited too.
Tyler: Yeah losing out on the sex again not happening.
Mark: Yeah. Anyway. You get the DNA from Nina?
Reagan: Yeah. Wasn't easy. But Drew came through.
Mark: Good for Drew.
Reagan: Ouch.
Mark: Not what i meant.
Reagan: Oh what did you mean?
Mark: It's just with everything going on right now.
Reagan: Okay.
Mark: We do this and we take away Nina's final thing helping her cling to Nelle.
Michael: Mark!
Mark: If Wiley comes back as not her grandson.
Ryan: Then that would mean.
Mark: Nelle wasn't her daughter like your mother and Jax both thought.

(He looks at him and then to his son and Willow.)

Ryan: What made you guys all think that Nelle was her daughter?
Michael: A Neckless.
Mark: You still got it?
Michael: No.
Mark: Nina has it?
Reagan: No she doesn't.
Mark: What?
Mary: It's sitting right there.

(Mark looks at it and sees it.)

Mark: This neckless could of as easily as been bought by someone.
Michael: You mean.
Mark: I mean Nelle could of had another reason to be in Port Charles and it was to more an likely to find her mother.
Michael: And to get back at mine.
Mark: Yeah. So she bought this and carried it around with her.
Michael: Too bad we'll never know.
Mark: Yeah.
Sarah: Wait i know that neckless.

(Mark looks at it and puts a pair of gloves on and shows it to her.)

Kate: How?
Sarah: I can't really be sure where I've seen it but.
Mark: What?
Sarah: How long ago did Nelle die?
Michael: Almost a year ago.
Tyler: Babe.
Sarah: Mark I think someone who wasn't Nelle was wearing this neckless at one of the stores i worked at.
Mark: Which store?
Sarah: I've worked at a lot of them over the last nine years I've been with Baggins.
Mark: Okay was this before or after you became a General Manager?
Sarah: It was before.

(Mark looks at Sophie and Reagan who look at each other not sure of what to say.)

Willow: Is it possible that Nina's daughter is still out there and that.
Mark: That Nelle wasn't her daughter.
Willow: Yes.
Reagan: At this point anything couple be possible.
Mary: And we're about to find out if Wiley is her grandson.
Mark: Okay.

(She quickly runs the DNA test and Mark puts the neckless down and walks out of the room along with Sarah and her husband as they walk out both Reagan and Sophie follow then they turn and look at her.)

Mark: If you had your best guess as to what store you were at when this person walked in wearing that neckless.
Sarah: Okay.
Mark: Which store was it? And were you two married at the time?
Sarah: Uh no. We had just started dating.
Mark: How long have you two been married?
Sarah: Six years.

(Mark looks at Sophie who looks at Reagan.)

Reagan: Oh boy.
Sophie: Mark!
Mark: Shit.
Reagan: Mark!
Mark: I can't be sure but i think i know who could be Nina's child.
Sophie: Who?
Mark: Get Sasha Gilmore here.
Reagan: Why?
Mark: I know she said that she wasn't and she said that Valentin faked her DNA test with Nina. But something tells me that woman who walked into her store that day wearing that neckless was Sasha not Nelle.
Sophie: If we showed you a picture of Sasha would recognize her?
Sarah: I could try.

(Mark pulls his phone out and brings up a picture of her once he finds it he shows her the picture and Sarah looks at it then looks at her husband.)

Tyler: What?
Sarah: This is her.

(Mark looks at her.)

Mark: You sure?
Sarah: I am. He came in one day to see me while i was at work and she flirted with him. So yes i do remember her.
Mark: She ever stop?
Sarah: Once he told her that he was seeing someone.
Mark: So see Sasha did have brains.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Sarah: Now if only i could say the same of Rachael's niece.
Mark: Yeah. Anyway. Did you ever ask her about the neckless?
Sarah: No. I just saw it one day i didn't even really think to ask about it.
Mark: Okay.
Mary: Mark!

(He walks back into the lab and over to her as he gets to her she looks at him.)

Mark: What's wrong?
Mary: You're gonna wanna see this.

(He walks over to her and looks at the computer and then looks at her again.)

Mark: You run this again?
Mary: I ran it twice.
Mark: And it's the same result?
Mary: Yeah.
Michael: What?

(They both look at him.)

Mark: Nina has no relation to Nelle or to Wiley.

(They both look at him and then to each other.)

Willow: So she has no rights to see him?
Mark: No.
Michael: Well that's always good to hear.
Mark: Yeah. It is. But it still leaves us with the question of.
Willow: Of who the hell is Nina's daughter.
Mark: I think Sarah might of helped us out with that.
Willow: How?
Mark: Mary can you find Sasha Gilmore's DNA test results in the system?
Mary: I can try.
Mark: Okay.
Sasha: Why you want her to do that?

(They all look up at her.)

Mark: Better yet.
Brando: What's going on?
Mark: Sasha we need a favor.
Sasha: Name it.
Mary: We just learned that Nelle wasn't Nina's daughter.

(She looks at her and then looks at Brando.)

Brando: So she has no right to see Wiley then?
Mark: No.
Sasha: So why am i here?
Mark: Do you remember that woman out there?

(She turns and looks at her then looks at Mark.)

Sasha: Not really.
Mark: Well she knows you and she says you were wearing a neckless just like the one Nelle was holding the night she fell.

(She looks at him.)

Sasha: Uh. How?
Mark: You ever make any trips to Tucson?
Sasha: Once or twice why?
Mark: Ever go into a store called Baggins?

(She looks at him and then realizes something.)

Sasha: That's Sarah Weirick?
Mark: It is. Only at the time she wasn't married yet.
Sasha: Um the store i had gone into was a store on.
Mark: She doesn't really remember the store she was at. When you showed up.
Sasha: Okay good. Because i can't really remember it either.
Mark: Okay. So that favor.
Sasha: Are you saying there's still a chance that I'm.
Mark: If you are then.
Sasha: Oh crap.

(They laugh at her as she sits down and Mary takes her DNA to run against Nina's out in the hallway Sarah and her husband are talking as they see someone stumble into the building and fall to the floor getting

them to look at em Tyler rushes over to her as he gets there he kneels down next to her.)

Tyler: You are right?

(She looks at him and he looks at her hand.)

Rachael: You and Sarah remember that fucken nutcase i told you guys about?
Tyler: Yeah?
Rachael: He came after Michael.

(He looks at her and then to his wife as she reaches them.)

Sarah: What happened to your hand?
Rachael: I was trying to protect Michael and he went after me.
Sarah: Okay.
Rachael: My arm slipped and he got my hand.

(She looks at it and calls Mary who rushes out and over to them as she gets there she looks at it.)

Mary: Doesn't look to bad.
Rachael: Sure as hell hurts like it.
Mary: I know. You see who did this?
Rachael: Not his face and i know i said it was the same nutcase that's been harassing my family but.
Sarah: What?
Rachael: They were wearing a fucken Ghost face costume.

(Sarah and Tyler look at her and then look down at the end of the hallway and see him standing there.)

Sarah: Mark!

(Hearing his name he walks out of the room and sees someone at the far end of the hallway and sees who it is.)

Mark: Oh shit.
Kate: Who the hell is that?
Mark: Ghost face!