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Mark: Hey hey Lauren what happened?
Lauren: I.
Mark: Hey hey it's okay.
Nicole: Sarah's heart stopped. And their having trouble getting it started again.

(He looks at her not sure of what to say as he looks at Kate and Sophie.)

Sophie: Oh god.

(He looks off not sure of what to say.)

Mark: She's gonna pull through this. If there is one thing to say about her is that. She's as stubborn as the Kane siblings.

(They look at him and laugh.)

A couple of months later.

(Over at the FBI head quarters down in their training room. Kate's in their training room with someone sparing with them as their sparing she gets her in the butt getting her to laugh.)

Kate: Okay.

(They go back at it for the next couple of ten to twenty minutes they keep at it until Mark and Reagan walk into the room and see how well she's holding up against Kate as they watch them sparing they notice her

duck out of her reach and then grabs her arm and throws her over her shoulder and to the mat getting to laugh at her.)

Kate: Are we sure you were injured two months ago.

(Sarah looks at her and laughs as she stands up and looks at both Mark and Reagan.)

Sarah: Hi.
Mark: Hi.

(She looks at Kate who turns and looks at them.)

Kate: I got owned by Baggins General manager.
Mark: I could of told you Sarah's badass.
Sarah: Nowhere near as badass as Kate.
Mark: Oh no. But then again.
Reagan: That was hot.

(Mark looks at her and laughs as Sarah walks down towards them and grabs up a towel along with Kate.)

Mark: I told you training with Kate would be hard.
Sarah: It is. She kept me going that's for sure.
Mark: You do this all the time?

(She looks down and laughs.)

Sarah: No. But then again.
Kate: She's some tattoo's.
Mark: She does. But nowhere near as the same amount as you.
Kate: What?

(They laugh at him as Sarah gets her shirt on and looks at them.)

Mark: Have you heard from Tyler?
Sarah: Yeah. He's wondering when I'm gonna come home.
Mark: And?
Sarah: Being here to me seems like it's a lot more safer. But then again. I miss my family so.
Mark: No ones forcing you to stay here.
Sarah: Yeah i know. I'm just not really sure there's much of a store to go back to.
Mark: Why you say that?
Sarah: They've had a temerpory General manager there and I'm just afraid that if i go back.
Mark: You realize their all gonna be very happy to see you right?
Sarah: I'm aware of that.
Mark: So what's the issue?
Sarah: The last time i was anywhere near my store i was attacked and kidnapped along with my floater.
Mark: But she got taken because she was trying save you.
Sarah: I know.
Mark: We're also not gonna force you to go back.
Sarah: That's code for go home with you.
Mark: No it's not. Seriously. You can stay here or you can go home. It's seriously completely up to you. But we all have a really good idea on how much your employee's and your assistants miss and want you back.
Sarah: Why?
Mark: Let's just the temerpory GM wants to remain at that store. And is fighting to have you sent to another store.
Sarah: Shit.
Mark: So what you gonna do?

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Sarah: It's been two months since i was injured and I've been hiding out in Gotham.
Mark: Yeah.
Sarah: Okay.
Mark: Sarah!
Sarah: I'm going back to Tucson and fight to keep my store.
Mark: We'll go with you.
Sarah: Are right.

(He let's her lead the way as they walk off.)

The following week.

(Over in Tucson, AZ over at Baggins Sarah walks into the store and looks around it along with Mark Kate and Sophie as they walk in she looks arounf it and smiles.)

Mark: You are right.
Sarah: I'm are right. I just i don't like how this person is trying to steal my store out from under me.
Mark: I know.

(Then the General manager whose been there watching over the store walks out of the back and sees her. Mark getting a good look at who it is gets annoyed and looks at Kate.)

Kate: Austin Rose!
Sarah: Who the hell is Austin Rose?
Mark: Kate's sister's ex boyfriend.
Sarah: Oh god. I can just imagine the hell he's everyone here through.
Mark: Yup.

(As of hearing her voice he looks up at her and gets annoyed.)

Austin: Sarah Weirick!
Sarah: Austin Rose!
Austin: Oh so she does know who i am.
Sarah: Kind of hard not to know whose trying steal my store out from under me.
Austin: Hey you're the one who ran away to Gotham.
Sarah: I didn't run away to Gotham. I was recovering in Gotham all thanks to Peter August. You know who Peter is don't you?

(Mark and Kate look at each other who are trying to keep from laughing.)

Austin: But you did take your sweet time coming back here.
Sarah: Well i am back. And I'm gonna do anything to get my store back from you.
Austin: Good luck with that.
Sarah: I won't need it.

(He laughs at her as Sylvia walks out of the back and sees her.)

Sylvia: Sarah!
Sarah: Hi.

(She pushes around him and hugs her getting her to smile at her them she pulls away from her.)

Sylvia: Are you back?
Sarah: I'm hoping i am. I'll have to go and talk to Marty.
Sylvia: It'll be great to have our real General Manager here.

(Austin looks at her and can tell she still doesn't trust nor does she like him.)

Sarah: Good to hear.
Sylvia: I gotta get over Telegram and tell People you're here.
Sarah: Okay.

(She grabs out her phone and quickly messages everyone letting them know that Sarah's back in their store. Once it's sent she gets back to work as she gets back to work. Out in the parking lot Rachael's parking

her car once it's in park she shuts it off and grabs out her phone after it goes off seeing it's from Sylvia looks at it and her face quickly lights up when she reads Sarah's in the store she shuts the car off and grabs

her keys then gets out of it as she grabs out her bag and quickly walks up the store after locking it up as she gets up to the store she opens the door and walks inside as she walks in she sees someone she knows

all to well and smiles at her.)

Rachael: Sarah!

(She turns and looks at her.)

Sarah: Hi.

(She walks over to her after putting her backpack down and quickly hugs her getting her to smile at her then she pulls away from her.)

Rachael: You look good.
Sarah: I feel good.
Rachael: You back?
Sarah: That's what I'm hoping. I just gotta go and talk to Marty.
Rachael: I can't wait. To have you back and he gets lost.
Sarah: So I've been hearing. So what's been happening since I've been in Gotham?
Rachael: Well he's been making everyone's lives here hell. You nearly lost me.
Sarah: Why?
Rachael: You know. How you Asher Aryana and Michael had been slowly getting me back onto the grill?
Sarah: Yeah.
Rachael: He told me i wasn't allowed near it what's so ever.
Sarah: Really?
Rachael: Yeah. And then he started cutting my hours so damn badly that i was calling around to other stores to see if i could go and help them out.

(Sarah looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Rachael: Yesterday i was just in OV.
Sarah: You went up to Oro Valley?
Rachael: Yeah.
Sarah: Seriously?

(He looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Rachael: And i bet you didn't know about Broadway catching on fire.
Sarah: I didn't actually. Was anyone hurt?
Rachael: No. We've had Billie and Lisa here until recently.
Sarah: What?
Rachael: Dick head back there sent Billie to Oro Valley and then sent Lisa to Speedway.

(Sarah looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Sarah: Were any of these days slow enough for you to do that?
Austin: Yes.
Rachael: No they weren't. He would send me home during our lunch rush.

(Sarah looks at her and then to the man Marty put in charge of the store.)

Mark: Wow.
Kate: Yeah.
Austin: Look i was just.
Mark: Anyone who runs a place like this knows you never send someone home during a fucken lunch rush Austin.
Austin: Hey I'm in charge.
Marty: Correction you were in charge.

(He looks over at him as they all turn and look at him and long with the other big bosses there.)

Austin: Marty!
Marty: You've been sending people home in the middle of a lunch rush?
Austin: We were slow?
Sylvia: We haven't been slow since December. He had no reason to send her home.
Susan: You wanna explain that?
Rachael: He's a gay basher.

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Sarah: Wait what?
Rachael: He flat out told me that he didn't want a fag in his store.

(They all look at her and then to Austin who looks off annoyed.)

Rachael: Because of him we lost a lot of our returning customers.
Sarah: Really?
Rachael: Yeah. We can work as hard as we can but he never helps.
Marty: How's that?
Lauren: He would just sit in the office while the rest of us worked our asses off. Sarah!
Sarah: Hi.

(She walks over to her and hugs her then pulls away from her.)

Rachael: She looks good right?
Lauren: She does. Can we have Sarah back please.

(Austin looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Marty: Not right away. And what i mean by that we wanna know if she's actually fully ready to come back.
Rachael: Well if we can't have Sarah back.
Lauren: Who you thinking?
Rachael: Have Asher be our GM until we can have Sarah back.

(They all look at her and laugh.)

Marty: Why you think we're here.
Austin: What?
Mark: Oh. This is too good.

(Kate and Sophie look at him trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: You're way to quiet there Moore.
Sophie: I would say something but this is too funny.

(Then Mark's phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is and answers it.)

Mark: Hey.
Veracity: Hey. How's Tucson?
Mark: It's Tucson.
Veracity: Smartass.
Mark: I know. It's okay. But you aren't going to believe who the temerpory GM for the store on Oracle is?
Veracity: Who?
Mark: Austin!

(She falls silent on the other end and then gets annoyed.)

Veracity: Seriously?
Mark: Nope. I'm looking at the bastard myself.
Veracity: What the hell kind of hell is he putting them through?
Mark: A lot. Their all begging for Sarah back.
Veracity: Oh shit.
Mark: Yeah. Anyway. How are things with you and Kelly?
Veracity: Their good. She's real big up grade from my last relationship.
Mark: Hey.

(She laughs on the other end.)

Mark: I'm insulted.
Veracity: No you're not.
Mark: No your right. This one has you dating someone with boobs.

(She laughs on the other end again.)

Veracity: She does and she's hot too.
Mark: No arguments from me. What's up?
Veracity: You'll never guess what movie Beca managed to convinced me and Calamity to go and see with her on one of our date nights.
Mark: What movie?
Veracity: The new Scream movie.
Mark: Awe Vera did you Scream.
Veracity: What? No.
Beca: Yes she did.

(Calamity falls out of her chair laughing along with Kelly.)

Veracity: Shut up Beca.
Beca: I would but that was funny.
Veracity: Call displain your your wife.
Calamity: I would but that was funny.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Mark: You guys should of taken Reagan and Ares with you.
Reagan: No.

(They start laughing at her reaction.)

Mark: Hey Kate.
Kate: Yeah.
Mark: Reagan's scared of Scream.
Reagan: I am not.
Kate: Really?
Mark: Yeah.
Kate: I'm sure she does a lot of screaming when she's having sex with Ares.
Mark: Oh.

(Sarah walks off laughing along with Lauren. Then they calm down.)

Mark: Anyway. There's nothing to scary about Scream.
Veracity: I know. It was actually a really good movie. And i got a lot of sex after words.
Mark: Good to know. As long as you guys didn't get to scared.
Calamity: I didn't and i know Vera didn't.
Mark: Well then who?
Calamity: Mary and Ryan.
Ryan/Mary: Hey.

(They start laughing again then calm down.)

Mark: Are Ryan and Mary a thing now?
Mary: No.
Luke: But she keeps hoping they will be.

(She looks at him and smacks him.)

Mark: Where's my wife in all of this?
Calamity: Staying out of it.

(She laughs at her.)

Circe: Trying too anyway.
Mark: Oh. Anyway.
Veracity: Well for what it's worth Mark.
Mark: What?
Veracity: I hope they can get Sarah back not have to deal with Austin much longer.
Mark: So do they.

(He remains on the phone with Veracity as they continue to tell Sarah and the higher up's about what Austin has been doing since she's been gone.)

Sarah: Is Michael even still here?
Rachael: Yeah he's still here. And has nearly come to blows with the jerk.
Sarah: Meaning?
Rachael: Meaning Michael nearly hit him and if hadn't of been for either Jimmy or Tyler Michael would of lost his job.
Sarah: Tyler!
Rachael: Yeah. While you were away him and the kids would come in here and spend sometime with us all. But only if he knew he wasn't around. Which is never.
Lauren: Yeah this is the first time any of us have seen him.
Marty: And just where is it you go Austin?
Austin: Why's it matter?
Marty: It matters because this is supposed to be the store you're running.
Austin: I.
Rachael: Tell me you went and saw Tyler?
Sarah: I did. Last night. I spent the night with my family last night.
Lauren: I bet it was one hell of a reunion.
Sarah: It was. Aside from that.

(They laugh at her.)

Marty: Sarah you got your shirt?
Sarah: Not with me?

(Just then her husband walks into the store and sees her.)

Tyler: Hi.
Sarah: Hi.

(She walks over to him and he quickly hugs her getting her to smile at him then he pulls away from her as he hands her the shirt and laughs.)

Sarah: It's scary at how well he knows me.
Mark: Nope not touching it.
Sarah: Yeah please don't.
Mark: Okay.
Sarah: Anyway. Rachael said you had to break up a fight between him and Michael.
Tyler: I did. And if i hadn't there's no telling what that prick would of done.
Sarah: Meaning?
Tyler: He threatened to have Michael arrested if he even remotely stepped into this store again.

(Sarah looks at him and then to Austin.)

Sarah: Why?
Rachael: He over heard mine and Michael's conversation one day and got angry.
Sarah: Okay. What were you two talking about?
Rachael: Me and Michael have been seeing each other and he doesn't like it.

(Austin looks at her and then looks off annoyed as Mark's phone goes off again he grabs it out to see who it is.)

Mark: Reagan!
Reagan: Yeah.
Mark: What's up?
Reagan: We've got a problem.
Mark: What kind of problem?
Reagan: Ask Rachael when was the last time she's seen Michael Miller.

(He looks at Sarah who looks at him confused but he asks her anyway.)

Mark: Rachael!
Rachael: Yeah.
Mark: When was the last time you saw Michael?
Rachael: Just yesterday. Why?
Mark: Why?
Reagan: Because someone was just rushed into Mary's clinic and they said he was wearing a blue Baggin's shirt.
Mark: What?
Reagan: And they said he was calling out for their floater.
Mark: How they know it's?
Reagan: They checked his ID.
Mark: Oh god.
Reagan: And by the looks of him.
Mark: Okay.
Reagan: Looks like he was beaten within inch of his life.
Mark: They took him into Mary's clinic?
Reagan: Yeah.
Mark: Are right we're on the way back.
Reagan: Okay.

(Then he hangs up with her and he looks at Sarah.)

Sarah: What?
Mark: We gotta get back to Gotham.
Tyler: Why?
Mark: Someone just rushed Michael into Mary's clinic.
Rachael: What?
Mark: And from what Reagan just told me.
Sarah: What?
Mark: It's not good.
Marty: Go. We'll deal with him later. But for the time being until she returns Asher's taking over as this stores GM.
Austin: What?
Susan: And that's final.

(He looks off annoyed. As they all rush from the store and head off back towards Gotham.)

Later that day.

(Back in Gotham over at Mary's clinic they all rush in and over to Mary.)

Mary: Hey.
Mark: Hey. How is he?