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Mary: What's going on?
Iris: I.
Mary: Iris! What the hell happened to my sisters?

(She points up at the screen and they both look up to see what it is.)

Mary: Oh god.
Ryan: Kate!

(Mary continues to look up at the screen.)


(Over at the warehouse outside of the building people outside of it start coming too and look up at the building seeing it on fire an just about destroyed they look at it.)

Agent: Shit.
Roman: No. Circe!

(He runs off towards the building.)

Safiyah: No Roman.

(He continues on towards the building as they run off towards the warehouse as they get there they run in a look around at the damage.)

Roman: Oh god. Circe!

(They walk off to go and start looking for survivor's. Over by the other's their all lying there unconscious over by Mark he starts coming too and looks around as he pushes parts of the building off of him and gets

up and looks around the building.)

Mark: Shit.
Iris: (Comms) Mark tell me you can hear me.
Mark: (Comms) Yeah i can hear you.

(She puts her head down relieved.)

Mark: Kate!
Felicity: Mark no ones responding to us.
Mark: Barry!

(Over by him and Oliver he starts coming too along with Oliver as they come too they look around.)

Mark: Barry!
Barry: Over here.

(He rushes over to them as he gets there he pulls the parts of the building off of them once it's off he helps them both up once their up they look around.)

Roman: Circe!
Mark: Roman!

(He looks over at him as they run over to them.)

Roman: Are you guys okay?
Mark: I'm fine. What about you two?
Barry: I'm fine. Oliver?
Oliver: I'm fine. Where's?
Mark: I don't know. Kate!

(Over by Kate she's lying there not moving as they move over towards her.)

Mark: Kate! Felicity do you still have a heartbeat?

(She looks at the controls.)

Felicity: She has one but it's very weak.
Oliver: Oh god.

(They rush towards her.)

Mark: Felicity Luke mentioned once that her suit has an alarm on it. Set it off.

(She finds where it is and sets it off which sends them in the direction she's at then she sits up and shuts it off.)

Kate: That's a first.
Mark: Kate!

(As they get to her they help her up.)

Kate: You guys are right?
Mark: Yeah. Where was Circe when the bomb went off?
Kate: I don't know.
Mark: Oh god. Circe!
Oliver: Reagan!

(They all go looking for the other's as they get to where they were last Mark looks over and sees someone lying there and rushes over to them as he gets there he moves a piece of the building off of them and feels

for a pulse when he finds one he gives off a sign of relief.)

Kate: Who is it?
Mark: Not sure.

(He looks around the pile their lying in and sees who it is.)

Mark: It's Ares.

(They run over to him and help try and wake her up.)

Mark: Ares!

(She starts coming too and looks at them.)

Mark: Hey hey you are right?
Ares: Yeah. Oh god. My head.

(Mark looks at it.)

Mark: It's a small cut you'll be okay.
Ares: Okay.
Mark: But you're more an likely still gonna have to get it looked at by Mary.
Ares: Yeah i know.

(They help her up and then go off to see if they can't try and find some other survivor's. Over the next couple of hours they keep up the search for other survivors as their search continues they finally come up to

someone lying there and Mark rushes over to them as he gets there he feels for a pulse and finds one.)

Mark: Oliver I've got another one.

(He runs over to him along with Kate who had changed out of her suit and rushed back over to help continue in the search for other survivors. As they get to him he turns them over to see who it is and then looks

off annoyed.)

Oliver: Who is this?
Mark: It's Baggin's floater. She's breathing but she's in bad shape. But she's breathing.)
Kate: Where are her managers at?
Rachael: Sarah!

(They look at her as she starts coming and help her sit up.)

Mark: Hey hey. You are right?
Rachael: Yeah. Sarah oh god Sarah.

(She starts looking around for her.)

Mark: I'm sure she's okay. We'll find her. Barry get her out of here. Me Oliver and Kate will find them.
Rachael: Okay.

(Barry helps her up and they walk out of the building as they walk out Mark looks down and sees an arm hanging out from under the ruble and quickly gets to work on trying to clear it off of them once it's all

cleared he sees who it is and quickly feels for a pulse.)

Mark: Asher!

(He starts coming too and looks around at them and goes to sit up but he lies back down as his head starts hurting.)

Mark: Hey hey you're okay are right.

(He nods his head at him as he starts looking around for the same woman that their floater had been looking for.)

Asher: Sarah! Sarah!

(Mark looks around the wreckage and finds who their looking for and rushes over to her as he gets there he goes to push a piece of the building off of her but stops when he sees something.)

Mark: Oliver!

(He runs over to him and looks down at her abdomen.)

Oliver: That's not good.
Mark: No it's not. Felicity i need to talk to Mary.

(She hands the comms over to her.)


Mary: (Comms) Mark!
Mark: (Comms) Yeah Mary we found all of the survivor's.

(She puts her head down in relieve.)

Mark: (Comms) But we've got a problem.
Mary: (Comms) What's the problem?
Mark: (Comms) She's got a piece of Rebar stuck in her abdomen.

(She looks at Ryan and then Iris and Felicity.)

Ryan: There a safe way to remove it without doing any damage to her?
Mary: No. The only way we can get that removed is by getting her to a hospital.
Ryan: Oh boy.
Mark: (Comms) Mary how the hell do we get her out of here?
Mary: (Comms) I wish i knew.

(He looks back at Kate whose looking over the piece of ceiling over her and looks at it.)

Kate: Mark!

(He looks at her then walks over to the other side of the ceiling as he gets there he looks at it then he walks over to the other side again and pulls it up seeing it's not catching on her he throws it away and looks

down at her.)

Mark: She fell onto a piece of rebar.
Kate: I'm trying to figure out what's worse.
Mark: No idea. Barry go find her floater she starts coming too she's going to panic.
Barry: Are right.

(He rushes off to go and get her. Seconds later he returns with her as Sarah starts coming too and starts looking around starting to panic.)

Oliver: Looks like you made the right choice to go and have Barry get her.
Mark: Yeah. It's Rachael right?

(She nods her head at him.)

Mark: Come try and keep her calm.

(She rushes over to her and grabs a hold of her bosses hand getting her to look at her.)

Mark: We gotta find away to get her off of this and to the hospital. Wait Batwoman i need one of your tools.

(Kate looks at him and nods her head as he tosses him on saw he looks at it and looks at her.)

Mark: Will this go through a piece of rebar?
Kate: I don't know.
Mark: (Comms) Luke i need your help man.
Luke: (Comms) What you got?
Mark: (Comms) She just handed me her cutting took will it go through rebar?
Luke: (Comms) If it can cut through chains and almost cut through the gate on the elevator then yes it'll cut through rebar.
Mark: (Comms) I break this one i give you and Batwoman permission to kick my ass.
Luke: (Comms) Which one?
Mark: (Comms) Both.

(Ryan looks at Mary whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Are right Rachael i need you to try and keep her calm okay.

(She nods her head at him as she starts talking to her.)

Mary: (Comms) Mark!
Mark: (Comms) I'm are right. As soon as she's free I'm gonna have Supergirl get her to Gotham General.
Mary: (Comms) Okay. Just try and keep your hand study.
Mark: (Comms) Okay.

(He leans down and starts cutting through it.)

Mark: Oliver!
Oliver: She's are right.
Mark: Okay.

(He continues to cut through it. Then Kate spots something and stops Mark he looks at her.)

Kate: Look.

(He looks at the piece of rebar.)

Mark: Oh shit.
Mary: (Comms) What? What happened?
Mark: (Comms) Mary i cut the rest of the way through this piece of rebar it's move and get her again.

(She puts her head down.)

Rachael: What does that mean?
Mark: It means if she drops she'll drop even more onto it and it could kill her.

(She looks at her boss/friend.)

Rachael: You stay with us you hear me.
Sarah: Loud and clear.
Mark: Supergirl can you x-ray her maybe we can see if it's near anything vital.

(She does as she asks and x-ray's her once she's finished she looks at him.)

Supergirl: It's not near anything vital but i wouldn't pull her off of it.
Mark: So what the hell do we do?

(Kara looks at him and can tell he's getting annoyed.)

Kate: Hey.
Mark: Kate if we can't get her off of this.
Kate: Supergirl can you take her like this?
Supergirl: I can try.
Sarah: No.
Mark: What?
Sarah: Get me off of this and then she can take me.
Mark: Sarah!
Sarah: Mark!

(He looks at her and then to Alex who nods her head at him.)

Mark: Are right. Alex give me a hand.

(She walks over to him and helps him get her off of the piece of rebar. As their taking her off of it she starts crying out in pain once she's off Mark quickly puts pressure onto her wound.)

Supergirl: I've got her.
Mark: You be careful.
Supergirl: I will be.

(She quickly takes off with her as Mark looks at Kate.)

Kate: She'll pull through this.
Mark: She better or I'm gonna kill Peter August.

(She nods her head at him as they all walk off.)

A couple of hours later.

(Over at Gotham General everyone's there waiting for news on Sarah as her other employee's walk into the hospital wanting to see how she's doing. Seeing them Mark gets up and walks off which gets Reagan to go

and talk to him.)

Reagan: You are right?
Mark: Oh that's a loaded question.
Reagan: A lot of things happened today Mark.
Mark: I'm aware of that. And thanks to Peter three kids could lose their mother and man could lose his wife. Not to mention a whole store could lose their General Manager.
Reagan: Well then we hope that doesn't happen.
Mark: I am hoping that doesn't happen.
Reagan: Okay. You are right?
Mark: I'm trying to be. I look at them and think how lucky they all are to have each other's backs.
Reagan: Yeah. Anyway.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Look Reagan.
Reagan: What?
Mark: Are you still holding a torch for Kate?

(She looks at him and then looks over at her as she looks back at him.)

Reagan: You know there are times where i wish that i wasn't.
Mark: But.
Reagan: And then i start thinking about how close we all came to losing each other in that damn warehouse. I almost lost my brother my sisters and my ex my wife and then one of my bestfriends.
Mark: Yeah.
Reagan: And they almost lost their General Manager.
Mark: Yeah. We all nearly lost a lot of people in there. I'm just glad we didn't.
Reagan: Yeah.

(As their talking someone walks up to them.)

Willow: Mark!

(He turns and looks at her.)

Mark: Hi.
Willow: Hi. We heard and rushed here as soon as we could.
Mark: We're are right. A friend of mine not so much. But she'll pull through this. She's stubborn enough.

(Reagan's trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Hey Carly.
Carly: Hi. We're so glad you're okay.
Mark: So am i. Michael!
Michael: Hey man. You are right?
Mark: Oh I'm hanging in there.
Michael: Good to know.
Mark: Sonny!
Sonny: Mark!
Mark: I heard about Jason. I'm sorry for your loss.
Carly: Thank you.

(She hugs him getting him to smile at her then she pulls away from him.)

Mark: Drew's here.
Sonny: We know. Who do you think sent him here.
Mark: Okay than.
Carly: Peter!
Mark: No idea. And i really don't care.
Carly: Oh we don't either. In fact if the bastard is finally gone. It'll really help Maxie out a lot.
Mark: Yeah. At least she'll finally feel safe again. And not have to worry that he'll be going after her again.
Carly: Yeah.

(Then Mark notices Willow's face.)

Mark: You are right?
Willow: You got a minute?
Mark: Yeah.

(They walk off to go and talk once their out of ear shot he turns and looks at her.)

Mark: What's the matter?
Willow: I'm not so sure how to say this.
Mark: First of all.
Willow: What?
Mark: How are Sasha and Brando doing?
Willow: Their hanging in there. In fact that's what i wanted to talk to you about.
Mark: About Sasha and Brando?
Willow: No it's what i heard while we were at the hospital visiting them.
Mark: Okay. What's wrong?
Willow: I was at the chapel praying for Sasha and Brando's little boy.
Mark: Okay.
Willow: And i saw both Nina and Sonny there talking.
Mark: Okay.
Willow: And i over heard what they were talking about.

(He looks at her and then looks off but looks back at her.)

Mark: Well that's doesn't seem all that bad.
Willow: No no it wouldn't be. And I'll understand if you don't believe this next part that I'm about to tell you.
Mark: Okay now you've official got me worried.
Willow: Mark there was more going on between Sonny and Nina in Nixon Falls.
Mark: What?
Willow: They were dating.

(He looks at her and then over to Sonny. Then he looks back at Willow.)

Mark: Are you sure about that?
Willow: I heard it come from the bitch herself. She keeps Sonny away from his family for over nine months to a year and then would return to Port Charles to visit Wiley and without a care in the world that she was hurting his family.
Mark: I know that.
Willow: And then she has the nerve to continue to throw herself at him.
Mark: Have you told Michael any of this?
Willow: No.
Mark: Why not?
Willow: I promised her i wouldn't.
Mark: Willow!
Willow: I know i know it was stupid.
Mark: Look Willow Nina doesn't deserve half the respect you're giving her.
Willow: She pretty much lost any of all of the respect i had for her.
Mark: So why'd you tell her you'd keep her secret?
Willow: I tried telling them back Port Charles. But then i thought how mad they'd get at Sonny.
Mark: I think they would of been more angry with Nina then Sonny.
Willow: I'm sure. But then again it's not like he's tried to hard to tell them.
Mark: That's true.
Willow: You really think i should tell them.
Mark: I think you should. But it's up to you Willow. I can't force you to do it. But they do have a right to know.
Willow: Okay.
Mark: Are right.

(Then they hear someone scream and run off towards them as they get there they see one of her employee's on the floor and Mark runs over to her.)

Mark: Hey hey Lauren what happened?
Lauren: I.
Mark: Hey hey it's okay.
Nicole: Sarah's heart stopped. And their having trouble getting it started again.

(He looks at her not sure of what to say as he looks at Kate and Sophie.)

Sophie: Oh god.