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Drew: Peter August!

(He continues to look at him and Circe taking this as her chance throws herself into him sending him to the side as he goes down she takes the ropes off of her hands and throws them aside once their thrown away

from her he goes to get up but she kicks him in the face knocking him out cold once he's out she rushes over to Alice and Renee and unties them once their untied they look around. And Alice rushes over to the


Alice: Kate!
Kate: Alice!
Alice: Yeah.
Reagan: You guys are right?
Alice: For right now we are. Circe managed to knocks August out.
Sophie: Where are you guys?
Alice: You remember that warehouse that Black Mask used.
Kate: There's noway August would be stupid enough to take them back there.
Reagan: He would be if he didn't know someone had are ready taken them there.
Alice: Actually he never took us out of this warehouse.

(They both look at her.)

Kate: You guys stay there and find some place to hide until we get there.
Alice: Okay.

(She quickly hangs up and turns to look at Circe whose finished tying up Peter August.)

Alice: Circe!
Circe: Yeah.
Alice: Kate said to hide somewhere.
Circe: Are right come on. Renee can you stand?
Renee: Barely.
Circe: Okay come on.

(She helps her up and they all rush off towards the other end of the warehouse as they get there Circe quickly opens a door and rushes in along with Renee and Alice as they get in there she closes the door and

locks it to make sure Peter and his men can't get into find them. Then she hears Renee fall over and rushes over to her to check on her as she gets to her she looks at her leg.)

Alice: What?
Circe: She's got a really bad leg wound.
Renee: Yeah August stabbed me in the leg in order to keep me from fighting.
Circe: When was this?
Renee: Right as him and his men got me and Alice here.
Circe: Okay.

(She quickly takes her jacket off and then takes her shirt off and quickly ties it around Renee's leg getting her to cry out a little.)

Circe: Sorry.

(Then she looks up at Alice.)

Circe: Like what you see Alice?
Alice: Just a little bit. Mark's a lucky man.

(She looks at her and smiles as she grabs up her jacket and quickly puts it back on and zips it up.)

Circe: Nice to know Alice has taste.

(Renee looks at her and laughs trying to her mind off of the pain in her leg.)

Renee: Oh my god. You're too much like Kate.
Circe: I'm trying to keep the mood light.
Renee: Oh good.

(She laughs at her as they remain in hiding. Back over at FBI Head Quarters Reagan and her team are getting ready to go and rescue Circe Alice and Renee as their getting ready Kate's standing there thinking as

Winn walks up to her and hands her the bag with her suit in it seeing what Winn handed her Reagan smiles at her as her wife walks into the room along with her men.)

Ares: You need any help?
Reagan: Yeah. With it being Peter August who has them we could use your help.
Ares: Okay. Preparati. (Get ready.)

(Reagan looks at her and smiles.)

Ares: What?
Reagan: Cosi sexy. (So sexy.)
Ares: lo so (I know.)

(Reagan looks at her and laughs. As Mark walks up to them.)

Mark: Cosi arrogante. (So cocky.)
Reagan: Yes she is.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Ares: Mark!

(He turns and looks at her.)

Ares: (Signs) Fuck off.
Mark: (Signs) Name the time and place.

(She looks at him as Reagan continues to laugh at them.)

Reagan: Flirtare. (Flirts.)

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Sophie: They do that a lot?
Reagan: Kind of. It was kind of their trade mark while they worked together.
Sophie: So Mark knows Italian?
Reagan: He does.
Sophie: Damn.

(Then Kate walks up to them and looks at Sophie.)

Kate: Sexy da morire. (Sexy as hell.)

(Sophie looks at her as Reagan starts laughing.)

Sophie: And you know Italian?
Kate: un po. (A little bit.)

(Sophie looks at her and then to Reagan.)

Reagan: When?
Kate: It was something i did while i was training to be a Crow.
Reagan: Oh wow. I didn't even know that about her.
Sophie: Looks like we're learning a lot of new things about Kate.
Reagan: We are.
Sophie: This one is mine.
Reagan: I know.
Mark: Sei stato rivendicato. (You've been claimed.)
Kate: sono stato. (I have been.)
Reagan: Are right are right. Let's get going before Sophie loses what's left of her mind.
Mark: Are right. Vieni Batwoman? (You coming?)
Kate: Certo. (Of course.)
Mark: Sono giusti. (Are right.)

(She laughs at him as they all rush out of the room as Kate goes and gets back into her suit. In the bathroom Kate's getting ready to change into her suit as she's changing she thinks about all the reasons as to why

she put on the suit and why she's waited so long to even think about getting back into it. As she finishes getting ready she puts the cape on once it's on and ready she puts the cowl on once she's all ready she

hears Luke in her ear.)

Luke: (Comms) It's good to have you back Batwoman.
Batwoman: (Comms) It's good to be back. My bike?
Luke: (Comms) Outside of FBI Head Quarters.
Batwoman: (Comms) Okay. I'm gonna need the quickest way out to the warehouse.
Luke: (Comms) Copy.

(He starts looking into finding a quicker way for Kate to get to the warehouse as he's looking she reaches her bike and gets onto it as she gets on she looks at it and then looks off as someone walks up to her.)

Arrow: Want some help?

(She looks over at him and laughs.)

Batwoman: Oliver Queen always here to lend a helping hand.
Arrow: Anything for the Original Batwoman.
Batwoman: Let's go. I just hope you can keep up.
Arrow: Oh. I can keep up.
Laurel: You two done?

(They start laughing as they all take off towards the warehouse. Over at the warehouse Circe Renee and Alice are all still in the room they locked themselves in as their in there Circe hears something behind them.)

Alice: What?

(She puts her finger up for her to wait.)

Circe: Hello!

(Hearing the voice the woman who made the noise looks over at them.)

Woman: Help me.

(Also hearing the voice Alice and Renee look around.)

Alice: Whose there?
Woman: My names Sarah.

(Circe and Alice look at each other.)

Alice: Go.

(She rushes off towards her.)

Circe: Where are you?

(She turns on the screen to her phone and Circe looks down at her.)

Circe: Oh my god what happened to you?

(She rushes over to her and looks her over.)

Sarah: I was having a Holiday party for my workers over at our store after it was finished people were starting to leave i was cleaning things up once everything was cleaned i was leaving along with two my other employees.
Circe: Okay.
Sarah: As we walked out they were walking away as i walked out and locked up the restaurant after locking it up i went to go and get into my car as i got to it someone had hit me from behind after getting hit from behind i fell to the ground i guess hearing what was happening one of them had come back and ran up to me.
Circe: You see which one it was?
Sarah: Yeah it was my floater. Oh god Rachael.

(She starts looking around for her but doesn't see her anywhere.)

Circe: You saying they grabbed you both?
Sarah: Yeah. Where is she?
Circe: I don't know. We haven't seen or heard her.

(She puts her head back annoyed.)

Sarah: Shit.

(Outside of the warehouse Kate pulls up and stops her bike along with Oliver Laurel and Mia as they all pull up they stop their bikes and put their kick stands down as Reagan and the others pull and do the same

thing as they put their SUV's in park once their in park they all get out of them and look at the building.)

Mark: Ares!

(She walks up to him.)

Ares: Yeah.
Mark: You ready for this?
Ares: So ready.
Mark: Are right.
Reagan: Everyone spread out in this damn building no one leaves until we've all of the missing women in this building understood.
Agents: Yes ma'am.
Reagan: Are right let's go. Batwoman i want you the Green Arrows to head in through the south with Mark and Ares.
Batwoman: Okay.
Reagan: Siren i want you to go into the north side of the building with The Flash and White Canary.
Siren: Got it.
Reagan: And Speedy.
Speedy: Yeah.
Reagan: You're with me Sophie and Julia.
Speedy: Okay.
Reagan: Batwing!
Batwing: Yeah.
Reagan: You're with the Super's.
Batwing: Copy.
Reagan: Kate you seriously sure you're okay for this?
Batwoman: I'm more then ready.
Reagan: Okay. If at anytime use the comms and let either Felicity or Iris know. They'll call someone.
Batwoman: I will. I'm hoping it won't go that route. But i will.
Reagan: Are right. Just remember you have someone to come back for.
Batwoman: I know. And she better know it.

(Sophie looks at her and laughs.)

Reagan: Okay. Let's go.

(They all rush off towards their sides of the building and quickly rush into the building as they start their search Kate keeps up with Oliver Mia and Laurel. Over in one of the rooms Circe's tending to Sarah as she's

doing that Alice hears something and looks around.)

Alice: Circe!

(She looks up at her and they listen as their listening she stands up.)

Sarah: What's going on?
Circe: We hear something out there.

(Just then the door gets kicked open and Peter walks into the room.)

Peter: You're gonna pay for that you bitch. And so will the bitches on the floor.

(Circe looks at him as Sarah stands up and stands behind her.)

Sarah: What the hell do you want?
Peter: What I've always wanted. One dead Sionis.
Alice: No.

(He turns and looks at her and goes to fire at her as Renee stands up and charges him sending him into the desk sending his gun flying as it hits the ground he punches Renee's leg sending her over as she lands

he gets up and goes to hit her only to have someone come in hits him in the back sending him over seeing who did he goes to get up only to find a boot go into his face knocking him out again.)

Circe: Can you two run?
Renee: I can sure as hell try.

(They all rush from the room as they run out they look around and head off towards the other end of the hallway as their running Renee falls and Circe rushes back over to her.)

Circe: You are right?
Renee: I can't go any further. I'll stay here. You guys go find her floater.
Alice: What? No Renee.
Renee: I'll be fine just go. Besides if anything I'm sure they called in Drew Cain. He'll have a lot to do with Peter's death.
Sarah: Why?
Alice: Peter August killed his brother.

(She looks at her and then down at the woman on the ground.)

Sarah: Circe!

(She looks at her and they get up to run off again. As they get another room they run in and they quickly close the door and look around the room.)

Alice: What the hell is this room?

(Circe looks around it sees something.)

Circe: By the looks of it. It was my father's office.
Sarah: Wait you're Circe Sionis?
Circe: I am. And my sister is an FBI agent she'll find us and get us out of this.
Alice: If August doesn't beat them to us again.
Circe: If he shows up again.

(Then they hear something and turn to see what the noise was.)

Sarah: What the hell was that?

(Circe walks over to the door and opens it only to have someone fall out of it into her catching her she turns and looks at the two women with her.)

Circe: Hey hey. You are right.
Woman: Sarah!

(Hearing the voice she rushes over to Circe and helps her turn her over.)

Sarah: Rachael!

(She looks up at her and quickly sits up and hugs her getting her to smile at her as their hugging Alice and Circe look towards the door and see Peter there again seeing them all together he gets annoyed as Sarah

and Rachael pull away from each other they stand up and looks at him.)

Peter: So you've managed to find your floater how nice.
Sarah: You still haven't told us what it is you want.
Peter: I want Circe here to die.
Alice: Why?
Peter: Because this bitch knew about Nina's secret and told me that she wouldn't say anything.
Circe: And i didn't.
Peter: She said you did.
Circe: Yeah well she also kept Sonny away from his family and friends.
Peter: See there you go again spilling secrets. What the hell is it going to take to get you to keep a damn secret?

(She looks at him as she looks back at the three women behind them.)

Peter: Tell me how badly do you want these three women to live?
Circe: I think the question is.
Peter: What?
Circe: Who do you think wants you dead more?

(He looks at her as someone rushes him sending them into the desk in front of him.)

Drew: You four run.

(They all rush from the room and run off as their running they come up to Oliver and the others.)

Circe: Batwoman!

(Kate looks at her and smiles.)

Batwoman: Yeah. You four are right?
Circe: Yeah. Peter's in there.

(They rush off towards the room along with Reagan and her team seeing them run in he pushes Drew off of him and runs out with both Batwoman and the original Arrow right behind him as Mia and Laurel stay

there with Reagan and her team as they run off to go and catch up with Peter. As their running after him he manages to get away from them and manages to catch up the women again and manages to grab Sarah

whose trying to get out of his grip seeing her missing they turn and look at him.)

Peter: You three make one more move and I'll end her right here an now.

(Hearing that Rachael walks forward and pulls a gun out from behind her and points it at him.)

Rachael: Let her go.
Peter: And if i don't.
Rachael: I take away Drew Cain's chance at revenge for what you did to his brother. Now let her go.
Peter: No you won't kill me.
Rachael: Why's that?
Peter: You don't have it in you.

(She fires at the ground getting him to look down and looks at her in shock.)

Rachael: I've are ready lost someone this year. I won't lose my boss too. Now either let her go. Or the next one won't miss.
Peter: We've all lost people in our lives we get over it.
Rachael: Yeah well it's a little hard when it's family. Now either let my boss go or i put a round between your eyes.

(He looks at her and laughs as he can see the look on her face.)

Peter: Awe do you have a little crush on the boss lady here.

(She keeps the gun pointed at his head not letting what he said get to her.)

Rachael: That's for me to know and for you to never found out.
Peter: Oh so you do have the hots for this lady here.

(She keeps the gun pointed at him.)

Drew: Drop it Peter.

(He looks back at him.)

Peter: Why if it isn't Drew.

(He turns and looks at him as he keeps his gun pointed at Sarah's head which is really annoying the hell out Rachael whose got her own weapon on him.)

Peter: No worries she's not gonna die. Yet.

(He keeps a hold of her as Sarah continues to try and get loose then she gets an idea and steps on his foot getting him to let her go as she elbows him in the face sending him over and she rushes over to her friend

who keeps her behind her. Then he stands up and looks at her.)

Peter: You bitch.

(He goes to fire at her only to have Rachael throw them both to the ground as they land on the ground the bullet the wall behind them and she looks down at her.)

Rachael: You good?
Sarah: Yeah.

(Then Drew charges Peter sending them into the boxes behind them as they land in them they all get up and run off as they get the other heroes they stand with them until someone fires at them.)

Mia: Go.

(They all run off and head up the stairs as their running up them their able to get to a door only to have someone come in and grab Sarah again getting them to turn to see who it is.)

Russell: Hi.
Circe: Oh come on.
Russell: I bet Batwing thought he'd killed me.
Circe: I'm sure that was his way of thinking.

(He keeps pressure on the woman he's got in his hold. They look around for Luke when he lands behind them getting Tavaroff to turn and look at him.)

Russell: Awe if it isn't Batwing.

(Luke looks at him annoyed.)

Batwoman: (Comms) Batwing keep your temper in check.
Batwing: (Comms) I will be. But he's got a hostage.

(Kate and Alex rush off to go and help him out as they get there they run up behind everyone else and they turn to see who it is.)

Rachael: Batwoman!

(She looks at her and smiles as they get back to Tavaroff. As he's got a hold of her not seeing any other way out of there he does the one thing that all feared he would and goes over the railing with Sarah in his arms.)

Rachael: NO!

(As they go over they rush over to the railing and see them land.)

Rachael: Sarah!

(She looks at Alice and Circe then rushes off to go down and see her as they get there she rushes over to her boss and lands next to her and feels for a pulse.)

Rachael: She's still breathing.
Peter: Oh that's so sad.

(Hearing that she gets up and charges him sending him into the box's behind them as he lands she grabs him and starts beating on his face as she continues his continues to go the side until Mark and Reagan

rush forward and pull her off of him once she's off she runs back over to her boss/friend as she gets there she looks her over.)

Rachael: Sarah!

(Then she hears something behind her and looks to see who it is.)

Rachael: Asher!

(He rushes over to her and quickly lands next to them and looks around.)

Asher: Sarah!

(As she lies there they look at each other.)

Rachael: He took her over with him.

(He looks at Tavaroff as lies there also not moving. Then Rachael looks back down at their boss.)

Rachael: Sarah!

(As she continues to lie there not moving she puts her head down annoyed.)

Rachael: She dies so does Peter August.

(He looks over at her and laughs as she gets up and goes after him again as she continues to beat on him Mark and Reagan rush back in and grab her back.)

Mark: Hey hey. Come on she'll pull through this.
Rachael: She better or I'll kill me a Maxie Jones ex.

(Peter looks at her and knows she means it.)

Mark: Go be with your bosses. And i know that anger go be with her.

(She looks at him and rushes back over to Sarah as she starts coming too seeing it she smiles at her.)

Rachael: Hey.
Sarah: Hey.
Rachael: Can you stand?
Sarah: I can try.

(She gets up as both her and Asher help her up once she's up they look down at Tavaroff.)

Sarah: Bastard.

(She grabs Rachael and they walk off as Mark hears something and turns to look.)

Mark: Oh shit.
Batwoman: What?
Mark: There's a bomb.

(They all turn to look as it goes sending everyone backwards as the bomb goes off it sends everyone flying inside and out. Over in the Bat cave Iris and Felicity hear the bomb go off and rush over back over to the


Felicity: Oh god oh god. Oliver!
Iris: Barry!

(As they continue to call out for them both Ryan and Mary walk in and head over to them.)

Ryan: What's going on?

(They both turn and look at them. Seeing the look on their faces Mary walks up to them.)

Mary: What's going on?
Iris: I.
Mary: Iris! What the hell happened to my sisters?

(She points up at the screen and they both look up to see what it is.)

Mary: Oh god.
Ryan: Kate!