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Jada: Because Ryan's my daughter.

(They both look at her and then to each other then Mark gets up and looks at her.)

Mark: Jada i asked you if there was anything August could use against you.
Jada: Yes i know that.
Mark: So why the hell are you telling us this now?
Jada: Because that bitch Nina Reeves figured it out and came after my son.
Mark: You have a son?
Jada: Yes his names Marquis.
Mark: Oh god.
Michael: You realize if anyone else hears about this.
Jada: I know. And i know the bitch is going to prison. But she had someone else go after him.
Mark: Who?
Jada: I don't know. All i know is that Marquis called me and told me had been attacked.

(Mark looks at her and then to Michael as his phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is and answers it.)

Mark: Kate!
Kate: Yeah i need you back in Gotham.
Mark: Why what's wrong?
Kate: We found out what was used in order to shoot Ryan.
Mark: What was it?
Kate: The bullet that hit Ryan was a cop killer.

(He hangs up and rushes off with Jada right behind him.)

Later that day.

(Back in Gotham Mark rushes into the FBI building as he walks in he heads for their command center as he walks in he heads up to Reagan's office as he gets there he walks in to see Kate there.)

Mark: What's going on?
Reagan: Luke tested the suit to see what type of bullet was used to or well was strong enough to get through it like the Kryptonite.
Mark: Okay. Kate said something about it being a cop killer.
Kate: It was.
Mark: How the hell would Tavaroff of been able to get his hands onto Cop killers. I wasn't even aware they were still being made.
Reagan: They weren't and just called in two of the GCPD's best detectives.
Mark: They have those still.

(Kate looks at him and then looks off trying to keep from laughing.)

Reagan: Cute. No wonder my sister likes you so much.
Mark: Oh well I'm glad someone's noticed.

(Reagan flips him the bird which gets him to laugh.)

Mark: Right i keep forgetting she's married.
Kate: So are you?
Mark: I am. Still trying to wrap my head around that.
Kate: And Circe?
Mark: Pretty much doing the same thing.
Reagan: Anyway.
Mark: Right. Who are these two detectives?
Reagan: Well you know one of them.
Mark: I do.
Reagan: She's dating Alex Danvers.
Mark: Maggie Sawyer?
Reagan: The very same.
Kate: And the other?
Reagan: Renee Montoya.
Mark: Oh wow.
Reagan: Yeah she said she's willing to work with us but.
Mark: What?
Reagan: She wants to know if Sophie's single?

(Kate looks at her and laughs along with Mark.)

Kate: Uh the last time i checked she is. Why?
Mark: Oh.
Kate: What?
Mark: Yeah let's just say that Sophie and Renee have had their run in's together.

(Kate looks at him and realizes what he meant.)

Kate: Oh.

(Mark can see the look on her face and then looks off.)

Mark: You are right?
Kate: Yeah I'm good.
Mark: You don't look it.
Kate: I'm not. But I'll be okay.
Mark: Okay than. Just don't kill Renee.
Kate: I make no promises.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Okay. So what we do?
Reagan: Their actually on their way.
Mark: So should Kate hide before they get here. Or should Renee?

(Kate looks at him.)

Mark: I'm kidding.
Kate: I know.
Mark: Okay.

(Then someone knocks on the door and Reagan waves them into the office as they walk in Reagan quickly gets up and backs up.)

Mark: Reagan!
Reagan: I'm sorry. I'm just i still see that night.

(He looks at her and then looks at Julia.)

Mark: Why you here?
Julia: I had heard about Ryan being shot.
Mark: Since when do you care about Ryan?
Julia: Okay i get it you're still pissed off at me for what i did to Reagan.
Mark: What the hell are you talking about?
Kate: The day i woke up and the journal had gone missing.
Mark: Okay.
Kate: Julia went after Reagan.

(He looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Mark: Seriously?
Julia: She had given it to Magpie who had then given it to Alice and Mouse.
Mark: Why the would you want it?
Reagan: Wait Mark you honestly don't remember any of this.
Mark: With what the hell has been going on lately I'm not so sure what the hell to remember or to believe.

(They all look at him and then look off.)

Reagan: Mark!

(He starts holding his head again and falls to the floor.)

Kate: Mark!
Julia: Mark!

(He continues to hold his head.)

Kate: Reagan call Mary right now.

(She grabs up her phone and calls Mary who answers right away and then rushes off towards her office. As she gets there she rushes in and sees Mark on the ground and rushes over to him as she gets to him she

looks him over and can see the look on his face.)

Mary: What the hell else could he be remembering?
Kate: I don't know.
J'onn: Let me.

(He walks over to them and places his hand onto the side of Mark's head getting him to look at him. As he continues to see what it is that Mark's trying to remember he looks at Kate who looks worried about him

once he finishes Mark lies there breathing heavy as Circe rushes in along with Sophie.)

Circe: What happened?
Kate: Was something else coming back to him?
J'onn: Yeah. One of the last things he should of remembered and at one point he did.
Kate: And that was?
J'onn: The night Julia back there went after Reagan.

(Circe looks at him and then down at her husband whose starting to come too and looks around the room at everyone.)

Circe: Mark!
Mark: Yeah.

(She kneels down next to him as he sits up and looks at her.)

Mark: What the hell is going on? Why am i not being able to remember half the stuff that happened?
J'onn: Mark based on what i saw. You had remembered what had happened to Reagan.
Mark: So why the hell didn't i remember?
J'onn: Someone had it wiped from your memory again.

(He looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: It wasn't you was it?
J'onn: No.
Mark: So who the hell?
J'onn: No idea.

(Mark stands up and looks at Julia.)

Mark: You better pray it wasn't you.

(Julia looks at him and looks around the room.)

Kate: Hey.
Mark: My head is killing me.
Mary: Here.

(She hands him a couple of pills and he takes them from her as Reagan hands him some water. Once he's taken the pills and downed the water he sits back in the chair.)

Kate: What do you remember?
Mark: Everything now at least. How's Ryan?
Kate: Last we heard she's still in surgery.
Mark: Damn.
Kate: You are right?
Mark: While i was in Port Charles Jada Jet paid me a visit.

(They all look at him.)

Sophie: What about her?
Reagan: And why would she be going to see you?
Mark: Because she had heard about Ryan being shot.
Kate: Why would she care about Ryan being shot? She doesn't even know her?
Mark: No no she doesn't. But before Ryan was shot and after we saw Peter August.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: I went to see her and asked if there was anything that Peter or Nina could hold over her head.
Sophie: Is there?
Mark: There is and at the time she told me there wasn't.
Circe: What could there be to hold over her head?
Mark: Ryan's her daughter.

(They all look at him and then look off not sure of what to say.)

Kate: So Ryan's Jada Jet's daughter.
Mark: Yeah and when i asked her why she was telling us now.
Sophie: Okay.
Mark: She said Nina had found out and then had gone after her son.
Kate: She has a song?
Mark: She does. She said his name is Marquis.
Sophie: So she'll keep her son but throw Ryan away like she means nothing to her.
Mark: I didn't get a chance to get that far due to Kate calling me.
Kate: Yeah. Luke did some tests on Ryan's suit and he came back with the bullet that got her.
J'onn: I didn't think anything could go through the suit.
Mark: One thing can.
J'onn: And?
Mark: And about a year ago. Tommy Elliott dressed as Bruce Wayne used Kryptonite to shot at her.
J'onn: I thought Kara told you. That you could destroy it.
Kate: She had. But before i could land and tell everyone.
J'onn: Your plane had come down.
Kate: Yeah.

(As they all stay in there talking Kate's phone goes off she grabs it out to see who it is.)

Kate: Kara!
Kara: I just talked to the doctor's about Ryan?
Kate: How is she?
Kara: She's fine. She made it through her surgery.

(Kate puts her down relieved.)

Kate: That's great to hear.
Kara: But he said she's got a long road to recovery.
Kate: Why?
Kara: She coded twice on the table Kate. They were having trouble getting her heart started both times.

(She looks off annoyed.)

Kate: Kara!
Kara: They just had to put her into a medical induced coma.

(Kate drops the phone as it goes to fall Mark quickly catches it and finishes out the conversation with Kara and then hangs up with her as Sophie sits her ex down into a chair.)

Sophie: Hey.
Kate: Ryan's out of surgery.
Reagan: Well that's great to hear.
Mark: Reagan there's more.
Reagan: What?
Kate: The doctor's told Kara that she had coded twice while in surgery and each time they had trouble getting her heart started again.
Mary: What?

(Circe seeing her face looks at Reagan who looks off not sure of what to say.)

Kate: They just had to put Ryan into a medical induced coma.

(Mary runs from the room.)

Circe: Mary!

(She runs off after her to go and talk to her.)

Reagan: Shit.
Kate: What the hell are we going to do.
Mark: I don't know.
Kate: Without Batwoman we're left without a hero.

(They all look at her as she stands up and walks towards the window and looks out on the floor.)

Mark: Well there is one Batwoman in Gotham.

(Kate looks at him.)

Kate: No way. I'm nowhere near ready to be back in the suit.
Mark: I'm aware of that. But like you said without Ryan we have no Batwoman. The only bat we still have in Gotham is Batwing.
Kate: I know and he needs helps.
Mark: More than he's willing to say.
Luke: He's right Kate.

(She turns and looks at him.)

Kate: What?
Luke: Me and Mary argued about this just before you came back and i. I was so mad at her for telling Ryan.
Kate: What you talking about?
Luke: I have PTSD and when i saw Ryan go down i froze until i saw who had shot her without a care in the world.
Kate: But you were?
Luke: Only after i had snapped out of it i saw her down and instead of going to her and making sure she was okay i started beating the hell out of Tavaroff.
Kate: This your way of saying?
Luke: Weather you get back into the suit or not. Is up to you. Not really any of us.

(She laughs at him.)

Kate: Shit.
Luke: What?
Kate: I hate you guys. Where's the suit?

(He tosses the duffle bag at her and she catches it.)

Luke: And no worries Circe or who we thought was Circe never got the real suit.

(Kate laughs at him. She walks to Reagan's desk as Sophie taps the glass to darken it once it's darken she opens the bag and pulls her suit out and sees the stitching.)

Luke: Yeah about that.
Kate: She was wearing the suit when Tommy shot her?
Luke: Yes.
Kate: How fast can you fix it?
Luke: On it.

(She puts the suit back into the bag as Luke goes to walk off with it Winn walks into the office.)

Winn: No need to fix that one.
Luke: Why not?
Winn: Me and Lena have been working on another suit for Kate. It's still very much Batwoman but only cooler and has more protection.
Luke: Hey. I think Bruce would be insulted.
Winn: True. But Batwoman and Batman will always be better then the Green Arrow.

(They start laughing then calm down. Over by Mary and Circe she finally reaches her and stops her.)

Circe: Hey hey. Mary.

(She stops walking then turns and looks at her.)

Mary: This is all Nina Reeves and Peter August doing. Because of them Ryan could die and because of that Jada might not ever get to know her and Ryan might not ever get to meet her birth mother.
Circe: You're making it seem like Ryan would want a relationship with Jada.
Mary: She might or she might not. Who knows.
Circe: We can't really make someone wanna have a relationship with someone.
Mary: I noticed you haven't been forcing yours and Reagan's father on her.
Circe: That's because she's made her choice and her choice is she doesn't want anything to do with him.
Mary: And what's yours?
Circe: I'm trying to respect Reagan's decision about not wanting a relationship with him.
Mary: You're doing one hell of a job.
Circe: Of all honesty after what he did to Kate i can't really blame her for not wanting one with him. Hell i barely want one with him. But unlike Reagan i was raised by him.
Mary: How are you handling Reagan being your sister?
Circe: It's getting there. I'm not gonna lie.
Mary: Okay.
Circe: It's actually very weird knowing i have a sister and that she runs all of this.

(They look around the building and laugh.)

Mary: I wanted to ask you something.
Circe: Okay.
Mary: How'd you know Mark was who you wanted to be with before?

(Circe looks at her and laughs.)

Circe: Honestly when me and Mark first met. We couldn't really stand each other.
Mary: Why not?
Circe: I was actually very stuck up and a little too much into myself to care about his feelings.
Mary: That's starting to sound a lot like my sister and Sophie.
Circe: At least Kate and Sophie got a long.
Mary: Not at first.
Circe: Mary i was a modal my dad had this rule for me and at the time it was a very simple rule.
Mary: And that was?
Circe: No relationships. What's so ever. I told him okay. I didn't want one anyway.
Mary: What changed?
Circe: During one of father's showings Mark was there with a friend of his and said friend had bumped into one of the stands with all of my father's products on it.
Mary: Oh my god.
Circe: Yeah the whole case fell the to the floor and it all broke. Which of course pissed my father off and Mark had to quickly come in and stop him from decking him.
Mary: Who was the friend?
Circe: Nikolas Cassadine.
Mary: No.
Circe: Yeah. If it hadn't of been for Mark showing up when he did my dad would of laid Nikolas out on the floor that day.
Mary: Wow.
Circe: Yeah.
Mary: What happened?
Circe: Mark told my dad he'd pay for all of the bottles that had fallen and broke.
Mary: Yikk's.
Circe: Yeah. My dad wanted Nikolas to do it since he was the one who knocked them over.
Mary: And.
Circe: Mark agreed and told Nikolas as such of course he wasn't to happy with that and then told Mark off and stormed off.
Mary: Wow.
Circe: Yeah. Anyway Mark quickly apologized and then walked away to go after him.
Mary: When was this?
Circe: Right before Kate was kicked out of Point Rock.
Mary: Oh. Oh so your that Circe.

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Circe: I am. How do you know who i am?
Mary: Mark talked about you a lot before the whole thing with.
Circe: Oh.
Mary: Yeah me Kate and Vera Always knew there was someone in his life given how his face always lit up like a damn Christmas tree.

(She laughs at her.)

Circe: So he talked about me a lot?
Veracity: Yes he did.
Circe: Explains a lot actually.
Mary: We're sure it does.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Veracity: Anyway. I heard about Ryan. You are right?
Mary: No.
Veracity: I'm sure they'll finally get the bastard.

(Mary looks over her sister's shoulder and see Peter there.)

Mary: Before or after the bastard shows up here.

(They both stand up and look at him.)

Circe: You've got to be kidding me.
Peter: Circe Sionis!

(She looks at him and gets nervous. Seeing the look on her face Mary grabs her hand getting her to look at her and smiles.)

Peter: Oh no worries Circe I'm not here for you.
Circe: And just who are you here for?
Peter: Now if i told you that I'd have to kill you.
Circe: You did that and you'd have Mark on your ass even more then you are ready do.
Peter: Oh come on Mark doesn't scare me.
Circe: Well he should or well she should.

(He turns to see Kate behind him and then her fist goes into his face sending him down as he goes down he turns and looks at her seeing her with her old face he looks off annoyed.)

Peter: You're not supposed to have your old face.
Kate: Amazing what having good friends will do me.

(He gets up to go and run only to find a gun in face.)

Reagan: Get onto your fucken knees before i put round between your eyes. And i'm not Jason Morgan i will pull this trigger.

(He laughs at her as Mark grabs him and throws him over his shoulder and to the ground getting him to hurt himself.)

Peter: Ow.
Mark: I could do a lot worse.

(He twist his arm getting him to scream out in pain.)

Peter: You honestly think that knowing the whole thing about Ryan Wilder being Jada Jet's daughter is the only secret i know about her.
Mark: We all know Jada had an affair Peter.
Peter: Yeah but do you know with who.
Mark: No and it's none of our business but Ryan's. But thanks to you she's in the hospital fighting for her life. So give me one reason why i shouldn't let my friend there put round between your eyes?
Peter: Because if you do then the whole world will know that Ryan Wilder's Batwoman.

(Mark looks at Kate and realizes something.)

Kate: You son of a bitch.

(He starts laughing as Mark backs up and Kate grabs him up and punches him again.)

Reagan: Kate!
Peter: Oh poor Ryan gets shot trying to protect a city that's to far gone to save.
Kate: Say's you.

(She kicks him in the face knocking him out. Once he's out cold. She looks at Mark.)

Kate: There's only one other person who knew about Ryan being Batwoman.
Mark: Alice!
Kate: And Renee.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Mark: Shit.

(Then both Safiyah and Maggie both stumble into the building which gets both Mark and Kate to rush over to them.)

Mark: Hey hey Mags.
Maggie: Mark!
Mark: What happened?
Maggie: We were walking up to the building to come and talk to you guys about the whole thing with Ryan.
Mark: Okay.
Safiyah: We got attacked from behind.
Kate: By who?
Maggie: By his and Nina's men.

(Mark looks at her and then to Peter.)

Reagan: Rogers Anders get him into a holding cell.

(They both walk forward and grab him up. Once he's up Mark looks his friend over.)

Mark: Where are Renee and Alice?
Safiyah: They took them.

(Mark looks at Kate who looks like she wants to kill Peter who had just come too.)

Peter: Opps.
Kate: You have seriously messed with the wrong family August.
Peter: What you gonna do Kate kill me.
Kate: Don't tempt me.

(He laughs at her as Jada walks into the building.)

Peter: Jada Jet.

(She looks at him and gets annoyed.)

Mark: Get him out of here.
Adam: Got it Mark.

(They start walking him towards their holding cells as he says something that gets them to stop.)

Reagan: What you just say?

(Jada looks at him in shock at what he just said.)

Peter: I said Jada Jet had an affair.
Reagan: We know that you jackass.
Peter: With Bruce Wayne.

(They all look at him in shock. And then over to Jada. Seeing the look on her face Kate walks up to her.)

Kate: You and Bruce?