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Mark: Batwing! Kate he's not responding to me.
Kate: Batwing stand down.
Batwing: He shot Ryan.

(Kate throws down her ear piece.)

Mary: No.

(Kate looks at her and then picks up her ear piece again and looks off.)

Kate: How bad is it?

(Mark rushes over to her and looks her over seeing what's wrong with her he looks at Sophie.)

Mark: Kate she's barely breathing.

(He looks over at Tavaroff then looks down at Ryan.)

Kate: Fuck.

(She throws it down again as she walks off.)

Mary: Kate!

(She turns and looks at her.)

Kate: I can't.
Mary: I'm not asking you to put the suit back on.

(She smiles at her as she walks back and tells them to rush Ryan to Mary's clinic.)

Mark: Copy. Batwing!

(He turns and looks at him.)

Mark: We'll take care of Tavaroff. Get her to Mary's Clinic.

(He gets up and walks over to her as he gets there he picks her up and rushes off with her. As he takes off with her he looks at Sophie and Laurel.)

Sophie: She'll pull through this.
Mark: And if she doesn't?
Sophie: Then i don't know.
Mark: She dies Sophie you realize what the hell that's going to do to Mary?
Sophie: It'll break her heart.
Laurel: And i have a feeling it's going to mess with Kate.
Mark: Yeah it will.
Sophie: Vera's bandmates?
Laurel: Their all safe.
Mark: Thank god.

(He looks down at the spot where Ryan was and gets annoyed.)

Laurel: She'll pull through this.
Mark: She better or Tavaroff dies twice.

(Then he turns and walks off.)

Minutes later.

(Back over at Mary's clinic as they all get there they walk in to see how Ryan's doing. As they walk in Mark sees the other three members of the band and walks over to


Mark: You three are right.

(They look at him and nod their heads at him.)

Calamity: I could be better.
Mark: Okay than.

(She looks at him and laughs as she stands up and hugs him getting him to smile at her then she pulls away from him as his phone goes off.)

Mark: Sorry.
Calamity: It's fine.

(He grabs his phone out once he has it he looks at who it is and gets annoyed but answers it.)

Mark: What you want now?

(He falls silent on the other end.)

Jax: Look i get it you don't like me.
Mark: You're right i don't and I've told you a number of times to lose my number.

(He looks off annoyed.)

Jax: I just.
Mark: Your ex keeps a man from his family for close to a year and then you seriously have the nerve to call me anyway.
Jax: I.
Mark: Stop calling Jax or I'm having you arrested for harassment.
Jax: That's why I'm calling you.
Mark: Because someone finally had you arrested. Are right then. Tell me who did it and I'll send them a gift basket.

(All four Evermoist members are behind him trying to keep from laughing.)

Jax: Not me. They had Nina arrested.
Mark: Oh good same thing. Tell me who it was and I'll send them a gift basket.
Jax: Mark!
Mark: If you're waiting for me to say oh poor Nina you're trying to get it from the wrong person Jax.
Jax: Look i know she screwed up.
Mark: Screwed up.
Jax: Yes.
Mark: It's amazing how you Curtis and Sonny keep defending the bitch's actions. She's not gonna get an I'm sorry from me. Not after the hell she put my friends family through.
Jax: Mark!
Mark: Lose this number.

(Then he hangs up with him and looks back at his friends.)

Charity: That didn't sound good.
Mark: It didn't.
Calamity: What happened?
Mark: Someone had Nina arrested.
Calamity: Oh wow.
Mark: Yeah. And apparently Jax isn't to happy with that.
Calamity: Why the hell not?
Mark: No idea. And i really don't care.
Calamity: We kind of figured as much.
Mark: The only thing i care about is that you three and Ryan are okay.
Calamity: We're fine. It's Ryan we're all worried about.
Mark: Yeah.

(He walks over to everyone else. As he's getting to them his phone goes off again he looks at the number and mutes it then gets back to waiting for news on Ryan. As

their all waiting for news on Ryan Mark's phone keeps going off he to the point to where he finally shuts it off and sits there with them.)

Mary: We're gonna have to send her to a hospital.
Mark: Why?
Mary: The damage is to much for me to handle and if i keep her here.

(He looks at her and then gets Kara's attention who rushes over to her and takes off with her.)

Kate: Take her to Gotham General.
Kara: Are right.

(She rushes off as Mark has his head down and then looks off.)

Kate: Do me a favor.
Mark: What's that?
Kate: Go to Port Charles.
Mark: Noway. Not with.
Kate: Look we're all worried about Ryan and given what Tavaroff did. Sitting around here worrying isn't going to help any of us. Just go.
Mark: I.
Kate: Mark!

(He nods his head at her as he turns and leaves the room.)

Hours later.

(Over in Port Charles, NY Mark walks into courthouse and over to the court room as he gets there he walks up to Michael.)

Mark: It was you wasn't it?

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Michael: Maybe.
Mark: Atta boy.

(They clap hands which gets him to laugh at him.)

Mark: AJ would be proud of you.
Michael: I sure hope so.
Mark: Now the key question will be.
Michael: Yeah some how i have a feeling she might be a little angry with me.
Mark: I'm sure it'll pass.
Michael: I sure hope so. So what's up?
Mark: Russell Tavaroff.

(He looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Michael: What happened?
Mark: He shot Ryan Wilder.

(He looks at him and feels bad for them.)

Michael: Oh shit.
Mark: Yeah. We're not sure if she'll make it.
Michael: So why you here?
Mark: Kate figured I'd be more helpful here.
Michael: Not much you can do around here either.
Mark: Okay i think she just wanted me to get out of Gotham.
Michael: Now that I'm more inclined to believe.

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: Anyway.

(Then they go back to watching the hearing as it wraps up Mark smiles smugly at Nina.)

Nina: What?
Mark: Just nice to know you're finally getting what you deserve.
Nina: I.
Mark: You can say as much as you want that you tried to tell Carly. And i get it Carly bad.

(Michael looks at him trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: But you still could of called either Michael or Kristina but you didn't. You wanted to keep Sonny your dirty little secret.
Nina: Mark!
Mark: You lied for months Nina and didn't once think to tell his family.
Nina: I made a mistake.
Mark: You always call it mistake. But thing is we all see it as a woman who was trying to get back at Carly for what happened Nelle.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: I don't think it was a mistake in your eyes Nina. I think you saw it as chance to get back at Carly. The hell with his kids and their feelings. And the hell with Wiley's feelings you only do things because you know it's going to one day come back to bite you in the ass.
Nina: Kind of like the whole thing between you and Circe Sionis.

(He looks at her and laughs off the annoyance.)

Mark: Circe's not a mistake.
Nina: What?
Mark: Circe Sionis is far from a mistake. People thinking you can change that's a mistake.
Nina: He loved me.
Mark: Who your fake boyfriend?
Nina: No.
Mark: You do realize Mike isn't real. He never was.
Nina: I didn't make him up.
Mark: Yeah okay whatever you say.
Michael: No he did.
Mark: Oh i know this. But in opinion.
Michael: What?
Mark: Mike could of done better.

(He looks at him as Mark's phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the number he walks away from them and answers it.)

Mark: How is she?
Kate: She's still in surgery.
Mark: Shit.
Kate: Doctor's say she's lost of a lot blood.
Mark: So it seems that Suit isn't as safe as we all thought it is.
Kate: Depends on what he was using.
Mark: Last time anything went straight through the suit was the Kryptonite.
Kate: When was she shot with Kryptonite?
Mark: A year ago.

(Kate looks over at Luke and then tells Mark she'll call him back and hangs up with him.)

Kate: Luke!

(He looks up at her.)

Luke: Yeah.
Kate: When were you guys planning on telling me that Ryan was shot with Kryptonite?

(They all look at her and then look off.)

Luke: It was nothing Kate.
Kate: Really?
Luke: Okay. She had kept it a secret from both me and Mary.
Kate: Why?
Mary: Because Luke kept comparing her to you.

(Kate looks at him and then to her sister.)

Luke: I'm sorry.
Kate: It's fine. It's just.
Mary: What?
Kate: Whatever it was. That Tavaroff was using.
Sophie: Was able to get through the suit.
Kate: Yeah.
Mary: What the hell could be as strong as Kryptonite to get through the suit?
Kate: I don't know. There anyway we can test whatever it is that's on the suit?
Luke: Yeah i just need to get it back to Wayne Tower and test it.
Kate: Are right. Sophie go with him.
Sophie: Okay.

(They turn and walk out of the hospital to go back to Wayne tower. Back over in Port Charles. Over at the Metro Court Mark walks in with Michael right behind him.)

Michael: Hungary.
Mark: Yeah.

(They walk over to a table and sit down once their seated they start talking and joking around as they hand them menu's to look through them once they've figured

out what their getting and tell the waiter he walks off as Mark looks around the room. Then he looks at his wedding ring and smiles at it.)

Michael: How is married life treating you? Even if you two didn't remember the other?
Mark: It's good. I'd be enjoying it a lot more if Peter August wasn't still around.
Michael: Yeah we heard the nutcase is still alive and walking around again.
Mark: Yeah. He had gone to Gotham and kidnapped Veracity's bandmates and her girlfriend.

(He looks at him in shock.)

Michael: Veracity has a girlfriend?
Mark: Yeah. Surprising enough it's Kelly Olsen.
Michael: Oh wow. She's hot.

(He looks at and laughs.)

Mark: She is. But i can tell how happy Kelly makes her.
Michael: Well that's all we can ever ask for our ex's.
Mark: Yeah.
Michael: What's up?
Mark: Speaking of ex's.
Michael: What?
Mark: Reagan's married.
Michael: No.
Mark: Yeah. And they have a six month little girl named Courtney.
Michael: Wow. And you said they?
Mark: Reagan's married to Ares.

(He looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Michael: Oh wow. I thought?
Mark: So did Reagan until she moved to New York a year ago after her falling out with Kate and everyone else.
Michael: Wow.
Mark: Yeah. Anyway.
Michael: How you doing with knowing she's alive?
Mark: It's still a shock. But I'm getting use to it.
Michael: Always good to hear.
Mark: It is.

(As they sit there talking their food comes and they continue on with their conversation. Back over in Gotham at the hospital Kate and Kara are there waiting Kate

keeps her mind on the woman whose currently in surgery fighting for her life.)

Kara: Kate!

(She looks at her.)

Kate: Yeah.
Kara: Ryan being shot wasn't your fault.
Kate: I'm aware of that.
Kara: Are you?
Kate: No.

(She laughs at her.)

Kara: Look i can understand you feeling guilty over what happened to Ryan but.
Kate: I know it's not my fault Kara i really do. I just can't help but feel bad because i got the woman my sister loves injured.
Kara: Kate she didn't get hurt because of you.
Kate: I get it.
Kara: Say i get it again and I'll hurt you.
Kate: Don't be making threats you can't keep Danvers.

(She looks at her and laughs as she's trying to keep from blushing.)

Kara: You're an ass.
Kate: I know.

(She smacks her making her laugh.)

Kara: But I'm being serious here Kate.
Kate: I know you are.
Kara: Okay.
Kate: I just feel like this is my fault and that i should of just stayed dead.
Kara: No Kate come on.
Kate: No i do.
Kara: Why would you say that?
Kate: So much has changed in the last year Kara.
Kara: Like?
Kate: There's a new Batwoman. One of my bestfriends is married to a woman who up until recently he didn't even remember.
Kara: True.
Kate: When my plane came down Sophie was dating Julia and now she's not. Reagan's happily married and with a baby.
Kara: I know.
Kate: You went missing all thanks to Lex Luthor.
Kara: Yeah.
Kate: But you came back.
Kara: So did you.
Kate: Yeah with the face of the very woman Mark's married too.
Kara: And now you have your old face back.
Kate: But it doesn't change anything.
Kara: What?
Kate: In between my own. I still remember the hell i put all of my friends and my family through while i was Circe. I still have those memories Kara those aren't going to be going away anytime soon.
Kara: We're not saying their ever going to. But Kate you're finally getting your life back.
Kate: At what cost Kara?

(She turns and walks off she gets up to go after her but Reagan stops her.)

Reagan: Let me.

(She smiles at her as she walks off after her ex.)

Reagan: Kate!

(She turns and looks at her.)

Kate: Yeah.
Reagan: I know i can honestly be the last person you wanna see but.
Kate: Reagan i forgave you for that a long time ago.
Reagan: Still doesn't make me feel any better for doing what i did.
Kate: I know it doesn't.
Reagan: After you confronted me about the journal i left Gotham.
Kate: Kind of figured.
Reagan: And when i left i wasn't sure where i was going to go. Mark was upset with me you were hurt by what i had done. I mean Luke hated me and didn't even know me.
Kate: I know that.
Reagan: After doing a lot of thinking i moved to New York where i learned that not only was Santino alive. But so was Ares.

(Kate looks at her and let's her continue on with what she's telling her.)

Reagan: After seeing her again i knew who it was i did. But i never really did anything for at least a couple of months.
Kate: Okay.
Reagan: Me and Ares didn't get together until just before your plane came and then we kind of put things on hold with us until you were found.
Kate: Reagan!
Reagan: Kate when your plane came down i lost it.

(Kate looks at her.)

Kate: What?
Reagan: After hearing about your plane i did lost it and Ares tried to get me to help me through it but. Nothing not her not my brother or my sister or even my mother.
Kate: Who finally got you to calm down enough to.
Reagan: Finding out the truth about who my real family is.
Kate: Really?
Reagan: Actually no i found that out shortly after i became an FBI agent.
Kate: So who was it?
Reagan: Alice!

(Kate looks at her.)

Reagan: I had come back to Gotham to help in the search for you but when we all learned from Julia about your death.

(Kate smiles at her.)

Reagan: Alice told me something that i guess she'd been wanting to do for the longest time but never could.
Kate: And that is?
Reagan: Getting over whatever happened to her. But with everyone still thinking she's no and that she's a lost cause.
Kate: She's far from it.
Reagan: I know.
Kate: What?
Reagan: She's actually the one who called and told me that you were alive.

(Kate sits down not sure of what to say.)

Kate: Oh.
Reagan: But by the time you were found to be alive. You were brainwashed and convinced you were Circe.
Kate: Yeah.
Reagan: And i had are gotten married to Ares and we had a sweet little girl on the way.
Kate: Wow.
Reagan: Yeah. Just before we had her is when i found out that Roman and Courtney Sionis are my birth parents. And that's when i learned what had done to you.
Kate: And then learned that i was being told that i was your sister.
Reagan: Yeah.
Kate: Well.
Reagan: Just before everything happened. Between me going back to New York and finding out about Ares being alive to your plane going down.
Kate: Okay.
Reagan: I told myself i would give everyone a chance to calm down and kind of let things go back to the way they were before i even remotely thought about coming back to Gotham.
Kate: Okay.
Reagan: I told myself i would wait and then come back to see if i could try and rebuild what i screwed up.
Kate: But then my plane had come down.
Reagan: Yeah. Hearing that as i told you.
Kate: Yeah.
Reagan: I would of waited for you Kate i would of. But then after everything settled down i started spending a lot of time with Ares we grew closer i fell in love with her and well six months to a year later.

(She looks at her engagement and wedding rings on her finger. Kate seeing the smile gets upset but hides it.)

Kate: You're in love with her?
Reagan: I am. She makes me happy.
Kate: Well that's great to hear.

(As they continue to talk Luke rushes back into the hospital and over to them.)

Luke: Kate!

(She looks at him.)

Kate: What's wrong?
Luke: I might of figured out what kind of bullet it was that went straight through Ryan's suit.
Reagan: What was it?
Luke: I.

(Kate looks at him and knows that look.)

Kate: Luke!
Luke: It was a cop killer.

Meanwhile over in Port Charles.

(At the Metro Court both Mark and Michael are talking and joking around as someone rushes into the room and over to them.)

Mark: Dude shut up.
Michael: No.

(Mark looks off laughing as they reach them.)

Jada: Mark!

(He looks up at her.)

Mark: Jada!

(He stands up and looks at her.)

Jada: You remember how you came to my office and asked if there was anything that Peter August could hold over my head?
Mark: Yeah why?
Jada: Well there is something.
Mark: And what's that?
Jada: It's about the daughter i gave up.
Mark: Are right.
Jada: I just.
Mark: Look whatever it is you need to tell me I'm sure it can wait.
Jada: It can't.
Mark: Why not?
Jada: Because.
Michael: Because why?
Jada: Because Ryan's my daughter.