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Reagan: Oh my god.
Mark: Peter August!

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Agent: Who?
Mark: He's a royal pain in the ass. A bug that refuses to stay dead.

(He looks at him and gets annoyed.)

Peter: Keep it up Buchanan.
Mark: I would but I'm getting dirty looks.

(Reagan looks at him and laughs.)

Reagan: What you want August?
Peter: For people to start taking me seriously.
Reagan: And just how serious would you like us to take you?
Mark: Serious like him bringing down Drew Cain's plane kind of serious.

(He looks at him and then looks off.)

Reagan: Mark!

(He looks at her and looks behind him then looks at her.)

Mark: Shit.
Reagan: Yup.
Mark: What you want August?
Peter: My daughter.

(He looks at Reagan who looks off annoyed.)

Sophie: He's got a kid?
Mark: No he doesn't.
Peter: Why you lying?
Mark: Okay he has one. Only thing is.
Sophie: What?
Mark: The nurse he hired to take care of Maxie while she was pregnant.
Sophie: Okay.
Mark: Went insane and kidnapped their baby.
Sophie: Oh god.
Peter: Stop lying.
Mark: Oh come on August we all know how big of a nutcase the woman was and you couldn't of cared if she killed Maxie.

(Reagan looks at him and knows what he's doing.)

Reagan: He could hurt someone.
Mark: He are ready has and she didn't deserve it.

(She smiles at him.)

Reagan: Mark!
Mark: I can are ready tell you if he hurts anyone of them of them he won't live to see tomorrow.

(He looks at him and then looks behind him.)

Peter: Now wait a minute.
Mark: It's been a minute. Get him off of the screen.

(They do as their told and take Peter off of the screen.)

Reagan: Had them taken.
Mark: Yup. Veracity's gonna lose it.
Reagan: Not just Veracity.
Mark: I really don't care about James.
Reagan: You should.
Mark: I know i should but i don't.
Reagan: Okay what the hell is your issue with Olsen?
Mark: He's a prick. He doesn't care about anyone else's feelings but his own.
Reagan: Hey.
Mark: It's just the way he treated Lucy Kara and then Lena after them.
Reagan: Oh shit.
Mark: Yeah. He's not someone i would ever let anyone i know date.
Reagan: Something tells me you were to thrilled with him dating either one of those women.
Mark: To be honest i always thought they could do better. And to this day i still Kara shouldn't of given Winn a chance.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Mark: I don't know. He had gotten back together with Lucy. Only to wish he could be with Kara instead. He treated Lena like shit due to what her last name is.
Reagan: There's more to someone then just their last name.
Mark: Tell him that.
Reagan: I'd love too.
Mark: Yeah I'm sure. We better get Vera in here and tell her.
Sophie: We won't have too.

(He turns and looks at her then walks over to her as he gets there she looks at him.)

Veracity: Have you seen Kelly?

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Veracity: Mark!
Mark: Come with me.

(They walk up to Reagan's office as they get up there he opens the door and they both walk in as they walk in he closes the door behind them.)

Veracity: Okay what's going on?
Mark: Just before you came in Peter August was up on the screen.
Veracity: What the hell? I thought he was dead.
Mark: So did Maxie and everyone else.
Veracity: Gees. What's he want?
Mark: His daughter.
Veracity: I thought.
Mark: She did. Or that's what Maxie's telling him.
Veracity: What?
Mark: Baily isn't Brooklyn and Valentin's daughter.

(She looks at him confused.)

Veracity: Well then who the hell is she?
Mark: She's Maxie and Peter's.

(She looks off annoyed.)

Veracity: And Maxie is okay with them raising her child?
Mark: At the time she came up with this plan it was right after the truth about Peter came out. She's not thinking and if she is she doesn't care. In her mind she's doing this to keep their daughter safe.
Veracity: I know that. But does have any idea on he's gonna do when he finds out about Brooklyn and Valentin having his child.
Mark: I think in a lot of ways. I'm thinking Maxie's hoping he doesn't find out.
Veracity: Mark secrets do have a habit of coming out when you least expect them too.
Mark: I'm aware of that.
Veracity: So other than that.
Mark: Yeah um the reason i brought you in here is because while he was up on the screen me and Reagan could see someone behind him.
Veracity: Okay. Who was it?
Mark: Vera he has Kelly.

(She looks at him and then looks off then she walks over to the window and taps it twice getting him to turn and look at her.)

Veracity: Now i know why i haven't been able to get a hold of her.
Mark: I'm sorry.

(She turns and looks at him.)

Veracity: Mark tell me you guys are gonna get her back.
Mark: We're gonna do everything we can to bring Kelly back alive and if he does anything to try and take her from you i won't rest until i put a bullet into the bastard myself.

(She smiles at him as he grabs her into a hug getting her to smile at him. As he's hugging her Reagan and Kate walk into the room getting them to pull away from each other.)

Mark: Hey.
Kate: Hey.
Veracity: What's going on?
Kate: I've had Luke looking into all of Peter's financial records and Mark you're not gonna believe what he found out.

(He walks away from Veracity and over to Kate as he gets to her she hands him the folder and looks through all of his band records as he's looking through them he looks up at them.)

Mark: He's got a number transactions going through every bank account he's got open.
Kate: Yeah and all of those transactions are coming from one place.
Mark: Where's that?
Reagan: You ever heard of a Jada Jet?
Mark: The CEO of Jet Enterprises?
Reagan: Yeah.
Mark: I don't get it.
Reagan: What?
Mark: Why would Peter work along side Jada Jet? What the hell is she hiding?
Kate: That's what we're trying to figure out.
Reagan: What's the matter?
Mark: There's really only one reason why she would ever work along side Peter.
Kate: Think he's black mailing her?
Mark: Wouldn't surprise me. Given how he kept some many people in their places by telling them over and over again that if they stepped out of line he could very easily ruin their lives.
Reagan: So what is it that he has on her in order for her to work along side him?
Mark: Well me and Sophie can always go down and talk to her.
Reagan: Would she talk to you?
Mark: Honestly no. But it's always worth a shot. Mainly if it means helping bring back the woman Vera's falling in love with.

(Kate looks at him and smiles.)

Reagan: Okay. Just be careful i don't want that nut case to catch wind of it.
Mark: Will do.

(He turns and walks out of the office and over to Sophie as he gets to her he tells her and they both walk out of the room to go and talk to Jada Jet.)

Minutes later.

(Over at Jet Enterprises both Mark and Sophie walk in and go to talk to her. As they get up to the floor her office is on they walk over to her assistant as they get there

they tell her who their there to see and she nods her head at them as she calls her. Then they walk off to go and talk.)

Sophie: Really think she'll talk to us?
Mark: I doubt it.
Sophie: So why we here?
Mark: Because i think we can get her talk and figure out just what it is that August has on her.
Sophie: And if she doesn't tell us.
Mark: She doesn't tell us. I'm not gonna force her to tell us something we know she won't feel right talking about.
Sophie: Okay. If you say so.
Mark: Jada is someone whose well known for keeping her secrets secret.
Sophie: So what makes you think August has something on her?
Mark: Because although he's a damn nutcase. If he wants dirt on you. He'll find it and when he does he won't let it go. He'll use that information to his advantage.
Sophie: Shit.
Mark: Like said he's a nutcase. But he's a nutcase with enough sense to find out just what is someone is hiding in order to get them to work along side him.
Sophie: And if they go against him.
Mark: He'll out their secret like it's nothing.
Sophie: Wow.
Mark: Yeah.
Sophie: He ever try and hang a secret over your head?
Mark: If he did i don't remember. And that's something i am grateful to Safiyah for.

(They start laughing then calm down. As her assistant says she's ready to see them. They walk off towards her office as they get there they walk in and she closes the door behind them.)

Mark: Jada!

(She looks up at him and smiles.)

Jada: Mark Buchanan as i live and breath.
Mark: How you been?
Jada: Good. So what brings you two here?
Mark: Peter August!

(She looks at him and quickly gets annoyed.)

Jada: What's nutcase after now?
Mark: His daughter.
Jada: He has a child?
Mark: Unfortunately.
Jada: With who?
Mark: A friend of mine down up in Port Charles.
Jada: Oh poor girl.
Mark: Yeah we've been saying that the last three years.

(She laughs at him.)

Mark: Anyway. Jada Jet this is my friend and former boss Sophie Moore.

(She looks at her and nods her head at her.)

Jada: I heard about Jacob Kane disbanding the Crows.
Mark: Yeah.
Jada: You still in Law enforcement.
Mark: We're in something but it's not law enforcement.
Jada: Oh yeah.
Mark: Yeah. Anyway.
Jada: Right. What about Peter August?
Sophie: He kidnapped someone.

(She looks at her and then to Mark.)

Jada: Who?
Mark: Kelly Olsen!
Jada: Who?
Mark: She's the sister of a i wanna say a friend but i can't really stand her brother so there's that.
Jada: True and honest Buchanan.
Mark: Yeah. I can deal with her so.

(Sophie looks at him as he's trying to keep from laughing.)

Jada: Mark!
Mark: Okay we've been looking into Peter's financial records and transaction to his accounts had your company's attached to them.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Jada: And you think I'm working with him.
Mark: It's just an idea. We can't really be sure if you are.
Jada: I would never stoop the level known as Peter August. I heard about the things he did.
Mark: Yeah.
Jada: Bringing down Drew Cain's plane and then poisoning your friends kid brother.
Mark: Oh he's done a lot worse trust me.
Jada: What you think i can tell you?
Mark: I just wanted to know if there is something that he can hold something over your head.
Jada: Peter August can dig up whatever it is he wants to. He'll never find it.
Mark: Oh you don't know Peter August as well as everyone else does.
Jada: Yeah well he doesn't scare me.
Mark: And he doesn't scare me. But we have a woman whose very scared that she could lose the woman she loves.
Jada: I'm sorry Mark i can't help you.
Mark: Okay. Just thought I'd give it a try.
Jada: Okay.

(He nods his head at her as he turns and walks out of the office as they walk out they head over to the elevator as they get there the doors open and they both walk

on as they walk on he pushes for the lobby once the doors close Sophie looks at him.)

Sophie: She's hiding something?
Mark: Yup. We just need to figure out what that is. And try to keep Peter from finding it and using it against her.
Sophie: If he isn't are ready.
Mark: Yeah.
Sophie: What is he hoping to get out of this.
Mark: His daughter.
Sophie: Yeah but no judge in their right mind would grant him custody. Not after everything he's done.
Mark: Oh i don't know about that.
Sophie: What you talking about?
Mark: For over a ten years another friend of mine had been having troubles with her husbands ex wife and her mother.
Sophie: Okay.
Mark: Each time she didn't do what he wanted he would take her kids away from her.

(Sophie looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Sophie: You're talking about your friend in Harmony.
Mark: Hey you got it in one.

(She laughs at him.)

Mark: Yeah I'm talking Theresa.
Sophie: Would she get them back?
Mark: She got her son back. But not her daughter.
Sophie: Why the hell not?
Mark: No idea. Maybe because he was to whipped to care if he was hurting her feelings.
Sophie: Ouch.
Mark: Yeah Ethan is someone who turned against her very easily if she didn't give him what he wanted.
Sophie: And that was?
Mark: His ex wife attacked Theresa a number of times and his excuse for her was always she wasn't in her right mind when she went after her.
Sophie: Oh gees.
Mark: So the one time she pressed charges against her. He tried to get her to drop the charges.
Sophie: And when she wouldn't?
Mark: The bastard took her daughter away from her.
Sophie: Well.
Mark: And everytime she'd fight to get her daughter back. He some how always painted this picture to the judge stating that she wasn't fit to be a mother.
Sophie: Right and his ex wife was.
Mark: No not really. Hell i still remember the day she told me.
Sophie: Uh-oh.
Mark: Yeah i decked him and then i had come close to beating the hell out of him.
Sophie: Yikk's.
Mark: Yeah if it hadn't of been for his brother i would of.
Sophie: Oh boy.
Mark: Yeah.

(She starts laughing at him as they continue on their way down to the lobby. Over the next couple of the days the heroes along with Reagan and her team do

everything they can to try and find Kelly before it's too late as their search continues both Mark and Sophie continue to help out Reagan the best way they can and go

back and forth between the Bat team and the FBI office with them continuing their search the more annoyed Peter gets because he's not getting what he wants and

starts throwing out threats towards Kelly's life if he doesn't get what he wants and with the more the threats he's throwing the annoyed Mark and Kate start getting.)

Kate: You know what August?
Peter: What?
Kate: Throw out one more threat towards that woman's life and when we find you i'll be put the worlds biggest hurt on you nothing will be able to cure it not even the thought of your daughter.
Peter: Oh that's right you killed a man.
Kate: I did. And don't think for one second that i won't kill you.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Peter: You wouldn't?
Kate: I've done it before and i can are ready tell you i won't regret it.
Peter: Yes you would.
Kate: I didn't when i thought i was Circe Sionis.

(He looks at her suddenly afraid for his life.)

Kate: I knocked my twin sister out without a care in the world. I shot at her and my friends without a second thought. I had nearly beaten the hell out of Ryan there without a single guilty thought. See when i was Circe.
Peter: Okay.
Kate: I felt nothing. I couldn't careless who i hurt as long as i got what i needed done.
Peter: I can tell you feel guilty now?
Kate: Actually i do. For them but you i won't hold back if you hurt that woman behind you.
Peter: Making threats?
Kate: Who said it was threat?

(They cut off the call as she looks at Sophie and Reagan.)

Kate: I'm sorry.
Sophie: It's fine. But you ruined my favorite jacket.
Kate: Oh my god.

(She walks off as they laugh at her both Sophie and Reagan clap hands making Kate laugh at them.)

Kate: You two suck.
Mark: That's what she said.

(They continue to laugh at her face.)

Kate: Circe displain your husband.
Circe: I would. But that was funny.
Kate: Oh come on.

(They start laughing again then calm down again. After Kate made her threat towards Peter they had finally gotten a location on where he was and where he had Kelly

as they all headed off towards the warehouse district both Mark and Sophie remained in contact with both Kate and Ryan. As they reached the building without a

second thought Reagan's team rushed into the warehouse and started searching for Kelly as their search through out the building as their searching Peter's men come

out and start firing at them getting them all to duck behind a wall.)

Mark: Shit. Batwoman we could really use your help.
Batwoman: Coming.

(She runs off and heads over to them. As she's running up to them someone who worked for Black Mask throws her into the boxes which gets Mark and Sophie to turn

and look at her.)

Mark: Shit.
Kate: What?
Mark: Batwoman's down.
Mary: What?
Mark: Kate she's not moving.

(She puts her head down not sure of what to say. Then Mark notices something.)

Reagan: Mark!
Mark: Batwing Tavaroff is here.
Batwing: Damn. I'm on the way.
Mark: Are right.
Kate: Mark can you get to her?
Mark: No. Me and Sophie are under heavy fire.
Kate: Supergirl they could use yours and Flashes help.
Kara: Headed their way.

(As they get there both Mark and Sophie quickly get up and fire.)

Sophie: Go. I'll cover you.
Mark: Are right.

(He gets up and rushes over to Ryan as he gets there he feels for a pulse.)

Kate: She breathing?
Mark: Yeah but barely. Batwing how do we wake her up?
Batwing: There's a function on the suit that should jump start her heart.

(Mary looks around the panel and finds it.)

Mark: Did one of you find it?
Mary: Yeah. Mark stand back.

(He stands back as she pushes the button and Ryan wakes up then looks at him.)

Mark: You good?
Batwoman: Yeah. Where is he?
Mark: He ran off that way.

(She gets up and runs off after him.)

Kate: Okay she's up and moving.
Mark: For now.
Kate: What you mean?
Mark: Kate Mary said Tavaroff looked dead.
Mary: He was.
Mark: Well he might be. But he's up and walking around.
Mary: Tell Batwoman and Bat wing to take it easy.
Mark: By the looks of it their both holding their own.
Mary: Oh thank god.

(He runs back over to Sophie and they continue on with their gun fight until all of Peter's men are down once their down they both rush off towards the middle of the

warehouse where Peter is as they get there Mark fires at him getting him to quickly turn and look at him seeing them he goes to run only to find a gun in his face he

quickly backs up.)

Anna: You're not going anywhere Peter.
Peter: Whose gonna stop me?
Mark: I will if i have too.

(He puts the gun to his head getting him to look at him.)

Peter: You're not even a cop anymore.
Mark: I don't have to be. Kelly you are right?
Kelly: I'm are right. But I'm not the only one this nut case has here.

(He looks at her and then back at Peter.)

Anna: Who else?
Kelly: He won't say but given that smug look on the bastard's face i have a feeling Mark just might kill him.

(Mark looks at her and then to one of the rooms.)

Mark: I swear if it's someone else i care about you're a dead man.
Peter: You'll never know unless you go and look.
Mark: Agent Queen we've got a problem?
Reagan: What's that?
Mark: Kelly say's he's got other people here and given by the smug look on the bastards face it's someone else i know.
Kate: Speedy!
Thea: On it.

(She walks off towards the room their in and turns on the light to see just who Peter has and looks at Laurel as she rushes into the room.)

Laurel: Oh my god Mark.
Mark: What?
Laurel: He's got the other three members of Evermoist here.

(He drops his weapon and then hits Peter in the face with it sending him to the ground as he goes down he looks at him and laughs.)

Peter: If i were you I'd let me go.
Mark: Noway in hell.

(He points the gun at his head and keeps it there until he hears Luke yell out.)

Mark: Batwing?
Batwing: Ryan!

(Mark looks at Anna and Robert.)

Anna: Go. We've got him.

(He looks at Kelly as Diggle rushes forward.)

Diggle: Go. We've got her.

(He rushes off towards Luke and Ryan.)

Mark: Luke talk to me.

(When he doesn't respond.)

Kate: Luke!
Mary: Luke say something.

(Without saying anything he charges Tavaroff sending them into the wall and he hurts himself as he starts beating on him. As he's beating on him Mark and Sophie

rush up to them and see Ryan down on the ground.)

Sophie: Ryan!

(She rushes over to her and looks down at her wound.)

Sophie: Oh god. Where's?

(Mark rushes over to the wall and looks into the room.)

Mark: Batwing!

(He continues to beat on him as Mark rushes into the room.)

Mark: Batwing! Kate he's not responding to me.
Kate: Batwing stand down.
Batwing: He shot Ryan.

(Kate throws down her ear piece.)

Mary: No.