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Circe: Is this the Batcave?

(Mark looks at her and laughs as he looks at Kate who looks off.)

Kate: Yup he picked a smart one.
Circe: Not really.

(He looks at her and he turns to see the suit.)

Mark: She saw the suit.
Ryan: Oh crap.
Circe: No worries i won't say anything.
Ryan: Can she be trusted?
Mark: More trust worthy then her father.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Circe: I don't know about that.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: She's kidding.
Ryan: Oh thank god.
Mark: Circe there is something else you need to know.

(She looks at him.)

Circe: What?
Mark: Come with me. It's better if you this person with your own eyes when you're told.

(She nods her head at him as they walk off.)

Minutes later.

(Back over at the Crows former head Quarters both Mark and Circe walk into their command center as Mark looks around the room and they continue onto Reagan's

office as they get there Mark knocks on the door.)

Reagan: Yeah.

(He opens the door and leans in.)

Mark: Hey.
Reagan: Hey. What's up?
Mark: You got a minute?
Reagan: Yeah. My guys have Alice and Safiyah down in holding.
Mark: Okay. Because i have someone here you'll want to meet.
Reagan: Who.

(He opens the door more and walks in as he walks in Circe follows him into the office as she walks in behind him he closes the door behind them as Reagan sees her.)

Circe: Whose this?
Mark: This is Reagan.

(She looks at him and then over to the woman in front of them.)

Circe: The name sounds familiar.
Mark: She's Oliver Queens sister.

(She looks at him and nods her head.)

Mark: And yours.

(She looks at him and then to Reagan.)

Circe: What?
Reagan: First of all i really wish he had left that part for me.
Mark: Sorry not sorry.

(Circe looks at him and laughs.)

Reagan: Anyway. First of all.
Circe: What?
Reagan: I work for the FBI.

(Circe looks at her and nods her head at her. And Reagan goes into explaining to her that when her mother bought the building she took over a team and they moved

them to Gotham and put her team in the Crows Head quarters. As she continues to explain all of this to Circe she smiles at her.)

Circe: So what does that mean for my rape case. Since the Crows swept it under the damn rug and acted as if it never happened?
Reagan: We've are ready reopened it.

(She looks at her and then to Mark.)

Circe: Okay.
Reagan: We're starting with fresh eyes and i really don't see the person who raped you getting away with this crime much longer.

(She nods her head at her.)

Circe: Okay please explain to me how we're related.

(Reagan laughs at her as she grabs out her file and shows her the DNA test in it.)

Reagan: Shortly after finding this file i started thinking and how when i.

(Circe looks at her and then to Mark as he walks out of the office and let's them talk as he walks out he closes the door and his phone rings he grabs it out to see who

it is seeing the number he looks around and answers it.)

Mark: Jason!
Jason: Yeah. What's going on?

(He looks into the office to see both Circe and Reagan talking.)

Mark: I just found out something else that Nina kept from everyone including Roman Sionis.
Jason: What?
Mark: Circe Sionis is alive.

(He falls silent on the other end then looks around as he talks to him again.)

Jason: Say that again.
Mark: Circe's alive.
Jason: How you know that?
Mark: I'm looking right at her.
Jason: Oh god.
Mark: Yeah those weren't my words when i found out. At least that anyway.
Jason: What you mean?
Mark: In order to keep her little secret of Sonny being alive from everyone.
Jason: Okay.
Mark: She had mine and Circe's memories messed with.
Jason: Why?
Mark: So me and Circe wouldn't remember what we meant to the other.
Jason: You two remember now?
Mark: We do and Jason that's not the only the bitch did in order to keep Sonny a secret.
Jason: What?
Mark: It's very confusing but. She had my memory wiped of ever being Nixon Falls. And in doing so she had me and Circe married.

(He looks at Carly who had just walked into the house.)

Jason: She had you and Circe what?
Mark: Married.
Jason: All so she could keep her little secret of Sonny being alive.
Mark: Yeah. And then I'm guessing she had her our memories wiped of being married.
Jason: Now that's down right stupid.
Mark: Tell me about it.
Jason: Where are you?
Mark: The FBI had sent a team to Gotham.
Jason: Okay.
Mark: I'm in the old Crows Head Quarters.
Jason: Okay. Stay are right.
Mark: Will do.

(Then they hang up as he turns and looks at Carly.)

Carly: What?
Jason: Mark said Nina went one step further in order to keep her secret about Sonny being alive.
Carly: What she do?
Jason: She brought back Roman Sionis's daughter Circe.
Carly: What?
Jason: Yeah. And apparently she had both her and Mark married in order to keep him from telling us about him.
Carly: Oh god. Why?
Jason: And then after they were married.
Carly: What?
Jason: She had their memories wiped of their marriage so when Mark found out about it he was thrown through a loop.
Carly: Oh god.
Jason: Yeah.
Carly: And Nina did that to them.

(He nods his head at her. Back over in Gotham Mark's looking into Reagan's office as Sophie walks in and over to him seeing her he walks down and over to her.)

Sophie: She still in there?
Mark: Yeah. I just talked to Jason.
Sophie: And?
Mark: He's well i think i confused him. Hell Sophie i'm still confused by all of this.
Sophie: I get it. Finding out that a woman you couldn't remember is alive and well. To having to marry this very woman only to have your memory of the wedding wiped clean.
Mark: Yeah.
Sophie: And then finding out that your bestfriend is your sister in law.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Yeah.
Sophie: So what you and Circe gonna do?
Mark: I honestly don't know. We haven't really sat down and talked about it.
Sophie: Okay.
Mark: You and Kate gonna talk?

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Sophie: Honestly me and Kate haven't really talked since she came to see me at the Hold up and we shared that kiss before she left.

(He nods his head at her.)

Mark: It's been a rough six months.
Sophie: Yeah. Although I'm glad she's bad and very much alive.
Mark: Yeah seeing Circe and her together that's a little weird.
Sophie: Yeah. I've been trying to get a hold of Veracity and tell her about Kate being back in Gotham but i haven't really been able to get a hold of her.
Mark: Mary are ready did.
Sophie: Oh.
Mark: Yeah. Their actually on tour right now so Vera's more an likely on a plane here so.

(She laughs smiles at him as he laughs at her.)

Mark: Why Sophie Moore.
Sophie: Shut up the Kane sister's are hot.
Mark: Yeah they are. Anyway. I won't tell Kate.
Sophie: Thank you.
Mark: You bet.

(Then his phone goes off again he grabs out to see who it is seeing the number he gets annoyed and mutes it then goes back to his conversation with Sophie as

Reagan and Circe walk up to them.)

Mark: Hey.
Circe: Hey. You got a minute?
Mark: For you.
Circe: Yes.
Mark: I've got more then a minute.

(She laughs at him as they walk off which gets both Sophie and Reagan to laugh at them.)

Sophie: So you told her?
Reagan: I did.
Sophie: How weird is it for you to be seeing her and then seeing Kate?
Reagan: Oh my god. It's so weird.
Sophie: Right.

(They start laughing as Sophie notices the ring on Reagan's finger.)

Sophie: You're married?

(She looks at her ring and smiles at her.)

Reagan: I am actually.
Sophie: Whose the lucky lady?
Reagan: She's an old friend of mine and Mark's.
Sophie: Okay. She pretty?
Reagan: She's gorgeous.
Sophie: You love her?
Reagan: So damn much.
Sophie: So you wouldn't be mad if i asked Kate out.

(Reagan laughs at her.)

Reagan: Uh no. I wouldn't be. Besides i could always tell she loved you a little more then me so.
Sophie: Well i won't lie to you Reagan.
Reagan: What?
Sophie: While you two were together.
Reagan: Okay.
Sophie: I could tell she really did care about you.
Reagan: I know. Her secret didn't make things very easy on her.
Sophie: They really didn't. Anyway.
Reagan: Although she couldn't lie to save her own ass.
Sophie: True.

(They start laughing as they continue to talk. Over by Mark and Circe their sitting there talking.)

Circe: I honestly don't know what to do Mark i really don't.

(She stands up and looks off down the hallway as he stands up and stands next to her.)

Mark: Well we can always get an annulment and start over.

(She looks at him.)

Circe: What's that?
Mark: It just tells the courts that this marriage never happened.
Circe: That what you want?
Mark: I just i always figured if we got married i'd remember it. And i can't really remember our first wedding.
Circe: I can't either.
Mark: I mean we can stay married and then later on down the road we can do the whole wedding thing.
Circe: See that is something i was hoping you were going to say.
Mark: But I'm not inviting black mask.
Circe: Dude he's my father and your father in law.
Mark: Oh damn.

(She smacks him getting him to laugh at her.)

Circe: You're an ass.
Mark: I'm a Buchanan.
Circe: Good point.
Mark: Oh.

(He goes to walk off but she laughs at him and she grabs him back towards her as he gets to her she kisses him getting him to smile in it as their kissing Mary sees it

and smiles at him as she looks at Ryan who can't help but smile at them.)

Mary: Now their a gonna make a cute couple.
Ryan: Yeah they will.

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Mary: What?
Ryan: Nothing.

(She looks off as Sophie and Reagan walk out of their command center and over to them as Mary walks over to Reagan and hugs her getting her to laugh at her then

she pulls away from her.)

Reagan: Hi.
Mary: Hi. It's just when Mark mentioned you were back in Gotham.
Reagan: I am. And I'm running my own team.
Ryan: How's that feel?
Reagan: Has it's up and down's. And you are?
Mary: This is my roommate and bestfriend Ryan Wilder.

(Reagan looks at her and then sees the looks on their faces then looks at Sophie whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Reagan: Nice to meet you Ryan.
Ryan: You too.
Mary: So you're FBI?
Reagan: I am.
Mary: Long way from being the same Bartender who flirted with my sister when she first came back to Gotham.

(Reagan looks at her and then to Sophie whose still trying to keep from laughing.)

Reagan: She's calling me out.
Sophie: She is.
Reagan: I don't know how i feel about that.

(They start laughing then calm down as Mark and Circe pull away from each other and continue on with their conversation. As their talking they notice how close they

are to each other and Mark kisses her again as their kissing Reagan laughs at them and laughs.)


(Over at Kane Tower up in her office Kate's sitting down at her desk thinking as someone walks in to see her.)

Veracity: Kate!

(She looks at her and smiles.)

Kate: Hey.

(She gets up and walks over to her as she gets to her she hugs her then pulls away from her.)

Veracity: I will seriously never get use to this.
Kate: What?
Veracity: The new face and your voice sounding different.
Kate: Yeah i know.
Veracity: You are right?
Kate: I'm just thinking is all.
Veracity: About?
Kate: I mean with Circe now being alive.
Veracity: Okay. Mary said something about that.
Kate: Yeah. In between her being alive and finding out the reason why she's alive again is all thanks to Sonny's or well Sonny's alter ego's girlfriend.
Veracity: What?
Kate: As it turns out Nina brought Circe back as insurance.
Veracity: Insurance for what?
Kate: Me.

(She looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Veracity: Seriously.
Kate: Yeah.
Veracity: And let me guess Sonny doesn't know she had brought someone else's daughter back from the dead?
Kate: Pretty much.
Veracity: Okay. When?
Kate: Just before my plane came down. And here's the kicker.
Veracity: What?
Kate: The bitch didn't even tell her father that she had brought her back.
Veracity: So she kept that from him.
Kate: And Mark.
Veracity: I wasn't aware they had dated?
Kate: No they had. He just couldn't remember.
Veracity: Okay why?
Kate: Someone messed with his memory and wiped Circe from his memory and him from her's.
Veracity: Oh come on.
Kate: Yeah. Finding out that you had dated the daughter of the very man who held your bestfriend captive for well over a year. You can just imagine his reaction.
Veracity: I bet it wasn't good?
Kate: It wasn't. And well i don't really know how you still feel about Mark but.
Veracity: What?
Kate: Nina some how managed to get two people who didn't really remember the other married.

(She looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Veracity: You've got to be kidding me?
Kate: I wish i was.
Veracity: So what. I just.
Kate: Yeah we're all still trying wrap our heads around that one too.
Veracity: Anything else i should know.
Kate: Safiyah had their wedding wiped from their memories.
Veracity: Are you. Oh my god.

(Kate looks at her and then looks off.)

Kate: Yeah.
Veracity: Do they remember each other now?
Kate: Yeah. Someone behind him had said a word and he started holding his head and fell to the floor.
Veracity: Huh.
Kate: Yeah.
Veracity: Does Nina know the truth has come out?
Kate: No idea. But if she knows what's best for her she'll stay as far away from Gotham as she can get.
Veracity: And if she does some how manage to show up?
Kate: She better stay away from Mark and Circe.
Veracity: Yeah. Does her father know?
Kate: Not that i know of. Why?
Veracity: I'm just wondering if she'll try and show up to see if the truth came out. And now knowing that Sonny has his own memory back of who he is and is now back with his family.
Kate: You thinking?
Veracity: I'm thinking that someone like Nina Reeves will do whatever it is she believes is right in order to keep Mark and Circe apart.
Kate: Think she'll use you?
Veracity: If she does. She's gonna have one hell of a fight on her hands.
Kate: Why?
Veracity: I've been seeing someone else.

(She looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Kate: It's not?
Veracity: Calamity!
Kate: Yes.
Veracity: No. It's not her. She's very much in love with her fiancee.
Kate: She finally asked her?
Veracity: She did. And we're all giving her hell for taking so long so.

(They start laughing then calm down as the woman Veracity's been dating walks into the room.)

Kate: You're dating Kelly Olsen?
Veracity: No. She's actually. Okay yeah i am.

(She starts laughing at her.)

Kate: For how long?
Kelly: Two months.
Kate: Wow. I thought you and Alex?
Kelly: Her ex fiancé showed back up in National City.
Kate: Oh.
Kelly: Yeah. She said all the right things and me being very much like Reagan.
Kate: Understood.
Kelly: Very much so. After the break up your sister here was very comforting.

(Kate looks at her and then to Veracity whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Kate: Yeah I'm sure she was.

(She looks at her as Kate's trying to keep from laughing.)

Veracity: We talked you dork.
Kate: Hey I'm not judging.
Veracity: Huh sure you're not.
Kate: Have you gone to see Dad?

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Veracity: Nice way of changing the subject there Kate.
Kate: Yeah.
Kelly: She do this a lot?
Veracity: More then you know actually. But then again. I'm not the one whose still in love with my ex.

(Kate looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Kelly: Sophie still really?
Kate: No. Well no. Shut up don't change the subject.

(They start laughing at her face.)

Kate: Anyway. I was thinking about doing something and i could really use your input.
Kelly: Mine?
Kate: Yeah.
Kelly: Okay. What's up?
Kate: Well as I'm sure you now know Circe Sionis is alive.
Kelly: Yeah.
Kate: I just. I don't know if i can keep the face of the woman who clearly wants to take her life back.

(Kelly looks at her and then looks off.)

Kelly: You want your old face back.
Kate: I do.
Veracity: That what you really want?
Kate: Kind of but then i start thinking about it and i wonder if taking my old face back will do anything.
Kelly: Wasn't your old face burnt so badly that.
Kate: It was.
Veracity: So how would you get the old face back?
Kate: I don't know.
Kelly: Well you remember the Legends right?

(She looks at her and then looks off as she laughs.)

Kate: I do actually.
Kelly: Maybe talk to Sara Lance and see what she say's.
Kate: I just might do that.
Kelly: Okay. But the only thing i can really tell you is that.
Kate: What?
Kelly: Kate you should really think about weather you actually want your old face or if you just want it back so people don't get you mixed up with Circe.
Kate: I've been thinking about it a lot. And it was long before we found out that Circe is alive.
Kelly: Okay.
Kate: With I'm sure as pretty as i am now.
Kelly: Oh you're far from pretty Kate.
Kate: Really?
Kelly: Yes. I believe the words Kara used for you were drop dead gorgeous.

(Kate looks at her as Veracity's trying to keep from laughing.)

Kate: Really?
Kelly: Yeah. According to Alex after your guys first meeting and after she got her memory back she couldn't stop talking about the grogeous woman who had flirted with her.
Kate: What? I did not.
Veracity: Right because and those are just the ones that can see. Comes out of you all of the time.
Kate: She started it.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Kate: Anyway.
Kelly: Yeah. Look Kate weather you go back to looking like you use too.
Kate: Okay.
Kelly: Or staying looking like Mark's wife.

(She laughs at her.)

Kelly: Is completely up to you.
Kate: Okay.
Kelly: You ready?
Veracity: Yeah. I'll see ya.
Kate: Okay. We'll have to do a sister's day with Mary.
Veracity: Sounds good.

(Then she turns and walks off as Kate looks at them and laughs as she pulls her phone out and calls the one person who can help her get her old face back or at least

hopes she can. As she's waiting for her to answer Kate smiles to herself as she answers.)

Kate: Hey you got time to meet up?