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Sophie: Why would they of taken you to Nixon Falls?
Mark: I don't know.
Alice: I might know.

(They turn and look at her.)

Mark: How'd you?
Alice: I was brought here by him.

(Mark looks over to see who it is.)

Mark: Diggle!

(He waves him as Mark walks over to him and shakes his hand.)

Diggle: How you doing man?
Mark: I've been better. Diggle you remember Kate right?

(He looks over at her and smiles at her.)

Diggle: Me and Lyla had heard about you being alive.
Kate: And not one phone call from him.

(They laugh at him.)

Reagan: Yeah he's not one to answer when you call him.
Kate: That's okay neither am i.
Mark: That's true.

(She smacks him getting him to laugh at her as he hugs her then pulls away from her.)

Sophie: Anyway. Why'd you bring her here?
Diggle: She told me she knew why Mark woke up in Nixon Falls.

(They all look at him and then to Alice.)

Mark: You knew i was in Nixon Falls?
Alice: Yes i did.
Mark: Why didn't you ever say anything?
Alice: If i had would you of believed me. Mainly after everything i did.

(He looks at her and then to Kate who looks just as confused.)

Mark: Okay. How you know i was in Nixon Falls?
Alice: Easy Safiyah told me.

(He looks at her and then to Reagan.)

Reagan: Why would Safiyah want him in Nixon Falls?
Alice: She wanted him to find the one person who been kept away from his family.
Mark: Wait wait. You telling me she knew that Sonny was in Nixon Falls?
Alice: She suspected.
Mark: What was the real reason?
Alice: Okay fine.
Kate: Alice!

(She looks at her and then looks off.)

Alice: One of Black Mask men heard what you had said to Julia he called them up and Safiyah told him to take care of you.
Mark: How?
Alice: They messed with your memory. Very much like she had mine and Kate's memories messed with.
Mark: So because i told Julia i wasn't gonna give on Kate she sent her goons after me.
Alice: Yes.
Mark: Wow. She really is heartless.

(She looks at him and can tell he's annoyed.)

Kate: Hey.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Kate: Alice!
Alice: Other then him over hearing what he had said i couldn't tell why she targeted him. Other then him being friends with you.
Diggle: What do you remember?
Mark: Just that i. I don't know what i remember anymore. I really don't.
Reagan: What were you lead to believe you remembered?
Mark: I had gone off with Sam and Jason to try and find his twin brother Drew.

(They all look at him and then to each other.)

Alice: I thought Drew was dead.
Mark: He is. Or so we thought.
Kate: What?
Mark: Sam and Dante have a theory that Drew didn't die in that plane crash.
Kate: So why make everything think he's dead.
Mark: I don't know. When we find Peter August let me ask him.
Kate: So it was Peter who had his plane brought down?
Mark: Yeah Maxie found out their wedding.
Sophie: Why is it the secrets always come out at Wedding's?
Mark: No idea.
Kate: If we're going to figure out why Safiyah sent her men after Mark we need to talk to her.
Alice: How you gonna do that?
Mark: We found Safiyah where you told Kate she was.
Alice: And they found you down there?
Mark: Yeah.
Alice: Oh boy.
Kate: Anyway.
Reagan: She's in one of the rooms.

(They walk off towards the room and see her in there sitting with her head down.)

Mark: Whose going in to talk to her?
Alice: Let me do it?
Reagan: You sure?
Alice: Yeah.
Reagan: Okay.

(She opens the door and let's her into the room as she walks in she closes the door as they walk over to the viewing room and listen in on their conversation. As their

talking Mark remains by both Kate and Reagan's sides as they continue to listen they get up to the part about why Safiyah sent her men after Mark as they continue to

listen to them Safiyah reaches a part where they had other ideas as far as Mark goes.)

Alice: What's that supposed to mean?
Safiyah: It mean's we had plans for him. But then he showed up to your sisters office with that other woman.
Alice: Veracity!
Safiyah: Yes.
Alice: What about her?
Safiyah: Nothing.
Alice: What you have planned for Mark?

(She looks at her and smiles.)

Safiyah: Let's just say Mark's not as single as he might think.

(Mark looks at both Kate and Reagan not sure of what to say. Reagan shuts the sound off and looks at him.)

Kate: What the hell do you think she means by that?
Mark: I really wish i knew.
Reagan: She said you're not as single as you might think.
Mark: As far as i know Reagan i am single i don't really know why she would say that.
Reagan: I don't either.

(Then she turns the sound back on.)

Alice: Why the hell would you do that to them?
Safiyah: I thought he'd be happy about it.
Alice: Safiyah he doesn't even remember that night. Much less that he married the bitch.

(Mark looks at Reagan and Kate.)

Safiyah: Now come on Alice that's noway to talk about Mark's wife.
Alice: Safiyah!
Safiyah: Are right.
Alice: Why the hell would have something like done to him?
Safiyah: Why do you even care?
Alice: Because he's my sister's bestfriend and even when i didn't want it while Kate was under yours and Black Mask control he was there for me.
Safiyah: I get that.
Alice: So why the hell would you go after him? Other then him not wanting to give up on Kate. What other reason could you have for doing what you did to him?
Safiyah: I.
Alice: If you ever seriously want a chance with me. Tell me the truth. Why'd you and Black Mask Target Mark?

(Safiyah looks at her and then looks off.)

Alice: Well?
Safiyah: Are right. I'll tell you.
Alice: Start talking.
Safiyah: I'll say this much. When my man first called and told me that he said he wasn't going to give up on trying to find Kate i did i panicked.
Alice: But.
Safiyah: I had Enigma mess with his memories hoping he'd give up. But when he wouldn't even do it then.
Alice: You kept going after him.
Safiyah: No. I stopped his connection to your sister was to stronger nothing i did was ever going to stop him from searching for her.
Alice: So why'd you?
Safiyah: Why don't you ask Nina Reeves.

(Mark looks up when he hears the name. As Reagan shuts the speaker off again.)

Kate: Okay. Why the hell would Nina want your memory wiped?
Mark: I don't know. Like i said i woke up in Nixon Falls. But i still don't really know why.
Reagan: Maybe she'll finally shed some light onto it.

(She turns the speaker back on as they continue to listen.)

Alice: Why would Nina Reeves want Mark's memory messed with.
Safiyah: She said he knew too much.
Alice: Knew too much about what?
Safiyah: When Mark woke up in Nixon Falls he saw Sonny Corinthos.
Alice: Okay so.
Safiyah: Nina wanted him to remain silent.
Alice: So what?
Safiyah: She replaced the memory with something else.
Alice: So instead of it being Sonny he saw. He saw the very bitch who kept him away from his family for close to a year. Hell i don't even know why I'm surprised.
Safiyah: What?
Alice: You and Black Mask kept my sister away from me and my family for a year.

(She looks at her and then looks off.)

Safiyah: I thought you hated Kate?
Alice: Yeah well when i witness her plane coming down and being forced to believe she's dead. I kind of had change of heart as far as my sister goes.
Safiyah: I can see that.
Alice: Safiyah!
Safiyah: When the memory swap didn't work. She had another idea and one that involved Circe.

(Kate looks at them and then back into the room.)

Alice: What? I thought?
Safiyah: The real Circe Sionis.

(Alice looks at her and then looks off in shock at what she just said. Back in the viewing room both Mark and Kate look at each other.)

Kate: Circe's still alive.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Alice: What you mean the real Circe? Safiyah she's dead?
Safiyah: Actually she's not.
Alice: What?
Safiyah: She's alive.

(Alice looks around the room not sure of what to say to the woman in front of her.)

Alice: How? I saw her get trampled to death by other the patients.
Safiyah: I don't know how the woman did it but she managed to bring her back.
Alice: When?
Safiyah: Just before Roman had your sister's plane brought down.
Alice: What?

(She looks at the door as it opens and Mark walks into the room followed by not just Kate but also by both Sophie and Reagan.)

Mark: You telling us that Nina knew that Circe was alive this damn time and had yet to say anything?
Safiyah: Yes yes she did.
Alice: Why?
Safiyah: She was using her as insurance.
Mark: Insurance for what?
Safiyah: Kate Kane's life.

(He looks at her and then to Kate looks off not sure of what to say to anyone.)

Kate: I.
Alice: You telling us that Black Mask wasn't supposed to be the one who brought down her place at first?
Safiyah: That is what I'm saying. Once she learned of Kate's plane coming down she had to think of another way of using Circe.
Mark: How?
Safiyah: She didn't tell me that much. All she did tell me was that she wanted to make sure you wouldn't put all of your energy into trying to figure out who it was that you had seen.
Mark: How is having my memory messed with or bringing back Circe away to keep me from looking into the man i saw in Nixon Falls?
Safiyah: I asked her the same thing.
Mark: And?
Safiyah: She then told me that you and Circe had once dated each other.

(He looks at her and then to Kate who looks just as confused as he does.)

Mark: I never dated Circe.
Safiyah: Actually you did.
Mark: No. I didn't up until the whole thing with Kate i had never laid eyes onto Circe.
Safiyah: Oh my god.
Mark: What?
Safiyah: You really don't remember her do you?
Mark: No. Like i said i didn't even know who Circe was until you and Black Mask made Kate into her.
Safiyah: Not Kate's version of Circe.
Mark: Okay i am officially confused.
Alice: You're not the only one.
Mark: Can you please clear it the hell up for me?

(She goes to tell him but someone says a word behind him and he starts holding his head and falls to the floor and Kate rushes over to him.)

Alice: Don't.
Kate: He could hurt himself.
Alice: Me and Ocean did the same thing when we got our memories back.
Kate: You two shaked like this?
Alice: Yeah. It'll be over soon.

(She remains by both her sister and both of her ex's as Mark finally stops shaking as he's lying there Sophie walks over to him and looks him over.)

Sophie: Mark!

(He turns and looks at her.)

Mark: Sophie!
Sophie: Yeah you are right?
Mark: I think so. What the hell happened?
Sophie: She was about to tell us about the whole thing with Circe when you started holding your head and fell to the floor.

(He looks at her and then looks at Safiyah realizing what happened he stands up and looks at her.)

Mark: Who the hell wiped my memory of Circe?
Safiyah: Enigma did.
Mark: Why?
Safiyah: Someone put her up to it. And no it wasn't me.
Mark: Well then who?
Safiyah: I don't know. It's not like i can ask her all thanks to Ocean killing her.
Mark: Let me guess he killed Enigma in order to from us getting Kate back.
Alice: Yes. He flat out told me that he didn't want Kate to remember who she was.
Mark: Why the hell not?
Alice: He said she was toxic.

(Mark looks at her and then looks off.)

Mark: If he wasn't are ready dead I'd kill him.
Alice: I know.
Mark: Now tell me what the hell that bitch did?

(She looks at him and explains to them all about what Nina had done in order to keep Mark from learning what she was doing.)

Alice: So in order to keep her damn secret she had Mark marry a woman he didn't even remember?

(Safiyah looks off not sure of what to say.)

Kate: Safiyah answer the question.
Safiyah: Yes.

(Mark looks off not sure of what to say to her.)

Reagan: Oh my god.
Safiyah: Nina was convinced that if he married he'd stay the hell out of her way and let her live her life.
Mark: Live her life. With someone else's husband?
Safiyah: Yes.

(He looks at her and then looks off not sure of what to say to her.)

Mark: Are you seriously telling me that home wrecker had me marry Circe in order for her to keep her little secret with Sonny away from his family?
Safiyah: Yes. I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys.
Mark: Okay.
Safiyah: I didn't want to do this i really didn't.
Alice: And why's that?
Safiyah: Roman wasn't even aware that his daughter is alive and well. Let alone about to be forced to marry a man she didn't even remember.

(Mark puts his head down annoyed.)

Mark: So Nina thought she'd play god and make two people who didn't remember each other marry is that it?
Safiyah: Yes.
Mark: Why?

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Alice: Safiyah!
Safiyah: She knew if you kept your mind on something else then you wouldn't question who had found you.
Mark: So she made me marry a woman i didn't even remember.
Safiyah: Yes.
Kate: Were they even present at the time of this supposed wedding?
Safiyah: Yes they were.
Mark: How come i don't remember it?
Safiyah: Because i had Enigma wipe it from your memory.
Mark: Okay so you don't tell Roman that Circe's alive and you go along with Nina's insane plan to marry me and Circe only to have Enigma wipe it from our memories.
Safiyah: Yes.
Mark: Why?
Safiyah: Now that i think about it. I don't know i really don't.
Reagan: I can't believe this.
Mark: Where is she?

(Safiyah looks at him.)

Mark: Safiyah where the hell is my wife?
Safiyah: She's where you guys wouldn't think to look for her.
Mark: What?

(Kate looks at him and realizes something.)

Kate: Mark!

(He looks at her and knows that look.)

Mark: Oh god.

(They rush from the room leaving both Alice and Safiyah there.)

Safiyah: Alice!
Alice: Don't. Because of you Mark just learned he married a woman he couldn't even remember. And to top it off. His father in law didn't even know that she's alive.

(She sits down and knows their all annoyed with her.)

Reagan: Take them down to holding.
Agent: Yes ma'am. Let's go you two.

(They both walk out of the room with him as Reagan looks around annoyed.)

Reagan: Shit.

(Out in the parking lot both Mark and Kate rush up to his truck and get in as Kate finally gets Ryan on the phone.)

Ryan: Kate!
Kate: I want you and Luke to take a real good look around the Batcave.
Ryan: Why what's going on?
Kate: Circe's alive. And Safiyah hinted that she might be down there.
Ryan: Oh shit.

(She hangs up and rushes over to Luke.)

Ryan: Luke!

(He turns and looks at her.)

Luke: What's going on?
Ryan: We need to head down to the Batcave and search it really really good.
Mary: Why what's wrong?
Ryan: Kate just called and said Circe's alive and Safiyah hinted that she might be down there.
Luke: Damn.

(They all rush off towards the elevator to head down to the Batcave. Out on the street Mark's headed towards Wayne tower as he's headed there his mind is once again

racing for the woman he couldn't at one point remember until just now.)

Minutes later.

(Over at Wayne Tower Mark quickly pulls into their parking garage as he gets there he pulls up to the entrance to the Batcave and parks his truck there as he pushes

for it to open and they both get out as they get out they walk in and it closes behind them as their walking towards the main part of the Batcave Mark's got his

weapon ready in case she comes after them.)

Mark: Ryan!

(She looks at him as they reach them.)

Kate: Anything?
Ryan: No. And We've pretty much looked everywhere.
Mark: You check over by the Bat Mobile?
Ryan: I have. And she's not even there.
Mark: So where the hell could she be?
Kate: I don't know.

(Over by Mary she's looking around for her as her search continues she finally sees who their looking for and rushes over to her as she gets to her she feels for a

pulse once she finds one she gives off a sign of relief.)

Mary: Thank god. Guys.

(Over by them they hear Mary call out for them and rush off towards her. As they get there she starts coming too and looks around the room not knowing where she

is she gets up quickly and looks at Mary.)

Circe: Who the hell are you?
Mary: Mary Hamilton.
Circe: Why does that last name sound so familiar?
Mary: My mother's name was Catherine Hamilton.

(She looks at her and nods her head at her.)

Circe: I'm sorry i don't know who that is.
Mary: It's okay. I'm not offended.
Circe: Okay good to know.
Mary: How'd you get down here anyway?
Circe: I don't know.

(She nods her head at her as Mark and the other's reach them.)

Mark: Circe!

(She looks over at him.)

Circe: Mark!
Kate: I'm not kissing her.

(He looks at her and laughs as he walks over to her and she quickly hugs him getting him to smile at her. As their hugging Mary walks over to her sister and roommate.)

Mary: What's going on?
Kate: Believe it or not they use to date and thanks to Nina and her wanting to keep Sonny a secret.
Luke: What?
Kate: It's a long and very confusing story.
Mary: Well they clearly still love each other given how she quickly grabbed him into a hug.
Kate: Yeah they do.

(Over by them she pulls away from him.)

Circe: I just have one question?
Mark: What's that?
Circe: Where the hell am i?

(He laughs at her as she hugs him again then they pull away from each other.)

Mark: Kate!
Kate: It's fine with me.
Circe: Wait she's Kate Kane?

(He looks at her and then to his bestfriend.)

Mark: Yes why?
Circe: Oh god Mark there's something you need to know.

(He looks at her and then to Kate.)

Mark: I need to know what?
Circe: Okay more like i have a question.
Mark: Okay.
Circe: Why the hell does she look like me?
Mark: I would ask your father that very question.
Circe: What?
Mark: Your father's hatered for the Crows came out in a big way and it involved Kate's plane.
Circe: What the hell did he do?
Mark: He shot her plane down and for over a year both him and Safiyah held her and even had convinced she was you.

(She looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Circe: Oh my god. Where is he?
Mark: Locked up in Arkham.
Circe: So he was Black Mask?
Mark: Yes.
Circe: Oh boy.
Mark: There is a lot that needs to be said and i mean there is a lot.

(She looks at him and then nods her head at him.)

Kate: But first of all.
Circe: What?
Kate: I don't normally let people i don't know down here.
Circe: Not my first choice to be honest. Wait.
Mark: What?

(She looks around the room and then looks at them.)

Circe: Is this the Batcave?