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Kate: Reagan!

(She looks at her along with her team.)

Reagan: Who are you?

(They all look at her and then to Kate.)

Mark: Reagan!

(She looks at him and realizes who it is.)

Reagan: Mark!
Mark: Yes.
Reagan: Lower your weapons.

(All but one does as he's told.)

Reagan: Jeffery's weapon down now.

(He looks at her and lowers his weapon.)

Reagan: What you guys doing here?
Mark: Depends on what you're doing here?
Reagan: We came down here looking for someone?
Mark: If you don't mind me asking.
Jeffery's: Actually we do.
Mark: Well it's a good thing i wasn't asking you.
Reagan: Are right. We're looking for someone named Circe Sionis.

(Mark looks at her and then to Kate who looks nervous. Seeing the look on Kate's face she knows it's not really her but she can see she looks just like her.)

Reagan: Kate!

(She nods her head at her.)

Reagan: I'd hate to do it.
Kate: Do what?

(Mark looks at her and then to Sophie they both know the look.)

Mark: She's gotta take you in.
Kate: What?
Mark: You look like someone I'm sure they've been tracking.
Reagan: She does. And i hate this as much as you guys do.
Luke: Do you really?
Kate: Luke it's okay.
Luke: No it's not.
Mark: Look i get it you're still pissed at her. But Reagan's just doing her job.
Luke: She goes from Bartender to whatever the hell it is she now?
Reagan: Actually. You know what? I'm not explaining myself to you.

(He looks at her and quickly backs off.)

Mark: If it'll help do you want us all to go with?
Reagan: Yeah.
Mark: Are right. And i mean willingly Ryan.
Ryan: I'm not gonna say no.
Mark: Why not?
Ryan: She's hot.

(He looks at her as she's trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Move it Wilder.

(She starts laughing as he lightly pushes her forward.)

Minutes later.

(Over at the Crows former head Quarters and the current office building for the new FBI field office in Gotham as they all walk in they line up against the wall.)

Mark: I was wondering if this building was going to be used again.
Reagan: Yeah.
Mark: So your FBI?

(She laughs at him.)

Reagan: Yeah. Being a Bartender was fun and it had it's perks.
Mark: Kate being one of those perks.
Reagan: It was. And then i went and screwed everything up again.
Mark: She still cares about you Reagan. Even if Luke is still pissed.
Reagan: And i don't blame him for that.
Mark: Yeah i know you don't.
Reagan: How you doing?
Mark: I've been better. I mean ever since the Crows were disbanded. I've been trying to figure out what else i can do.
Reagan: Well if ever wanna put a suit on again.
Mark: You know i just might take you up on that offer.
Reagan: Works for me.
Mark: Anyway. What's this case you're working on anyway?
Reagan: We've been digging into some of the Crows old cases and Circe Sionis's rape case came up.

(He looks at her as she hands him the file on her case.)

Mark: How'd the FBI get their hands onto this case?
Reagan: A lot of the Crows case files were still in the building.
Mark: Wait Moira is the one who bought the building.
Reagan: She is.
Mark: Damn.

(She starts laughing at him.)

Mark: Anyway. Why start looking into Circe's rape case?

(Reagan looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: Hey.
Reagan: Let's just say i have more then just a simple reason for wanting to work on this case.
Mark: Okay.
Reagan: I just found out from my boss that he had been working on a case.
Mark: Okay.
Reagan: It involved babies being sold on the black Market.
Mark: Okay.
Reagan: And the one baby he believes was sold on the black market was me.

(He looks at her and then looks off not sure of what to say to her.)

Mark: Oh god.
Reagan: Yeah.
Mark: So that still doesn't explain why you're working on Circe's case.
Reagan: She's my sister.

(He looks at her along with Sophie.)

Sophie: You sure about that?
Reagan: Positive. I was looking through my own birth records and as it turns out i was actually born and raised here in Gotham like i told you guys and Kate while we were together.
Mark: Okay.
Reagan: And i found this.

(She hands it to Sophie who looks it over.)

Sophie: I don't understand this should say your parents names are Terry and Leah.
Reagan: And you'd think that would be the case.
Mark: But.
Reagan: Mark my birth parents are Roman and Courtney Sionis.

(They both look at her and then look off annoyed.)

Sophie: Think Sionis knew about Reagan being his?
Mark: I doubt it. If he had.
Sophie: He never would of gone after Kate.
Mark: Nope.
Reagan: I'm not looking to tell him that I'm his daughter not after what he did to Kate.
Mark: Yeah.
Sophie: So what'd you bring her in for?
Reagan: Well given how she looks like Circe.
Mark: No we get it.
Reagan: I just don't want to be called a traitor for keeping Kate safe because we all know how their going to act around here.
Mark: What they don't like Gotham?
Reagan: Their all from New York.
Mark: Oh well that explains it.

(Sophie looks at him and laughs.)

Reagan: Their not all that bad.
Mark: I didn't say that they were. I'm just saying.
Sophie: Another words you were saying all New Yorkers are pricks.
Mark: Not all of them.

(They nod their heads at him.)

Mark: Well that one guy.
Reagan: Yeah he's not to happy with me being in charge because of me being a woman.
Mark: Gee who does he remind you of Sophie?
Sophie: One jackass comes to mind.
Mark: Oh good we're on the same page.
Reagan: Who?
Mark: His name was Russell Tavaroff.
Reagan: Okay.
Mark: He brought the word prick to a whole other level.
Reagan: Really?
Mark: He's the one who shot Luke.

(She looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Sophie: Not to mention him and his team made it seem like Luke had a gun when he's never carried one in his life.
Reagan: Not once.
Mark: Okay Kate's is different.
Reagan: By how much.
Mark: We all know the size doesn't count.

(Reagan looks at him as both him and Sophie start laughing.)

Reagan: Okay am i missing something?
Mark: Wait you telling me that you actually don't know?
Reagan: No. Know what?
Kate: I was Batwoman.

(Reagan turns and looks at her ex.)

Reagan: I'm sorry what?
Kate: I was Batwoman.

(Reagan looks at them and they both walk off to let them be alone.)

Reagan: You were Batwoman?
Kate: Yeah.
Reagan: Oh wow. That's okay then.

(Kate laughs at her)

Kate: I have a feeling you are ready knew?
Reagan: In someway or another i had a feeling i just didn't wanna say anything until i heard it from you myself.

(Kate smiles at her.)

Kate: And you never said anything?
Reagan: Not my secret to tell.
Kate: Just yours to keep.
Reagan: Pretty much.

(As they stand there talking Mark and Sophie watch them from a distance.)

Sophie: I can't believe she's an FBI agent.
Mark: I know. I never would of figured Reagan would want to be anything other then a Bartender.
Sophie: It's amazing what you still learn about someone.
Mark: Yeah. I remember when you and the Commander learned of Kate being Batwoman.
Sophie: Yeah. He was pissed. Hell i was pissed and i still had a feeling she was Batwoman.
Mark: You had just learned to ask her about it.
Sophie: Yeah.


(To a Year ago over at Crow Head Quarters Mark's walking down the steps towards Sophie and Julia seeing the look on her face he goes to turn and walk off but

Sophie sees him and stops him getting him to turn and look at her.)

Mark: You're pissed i get it.
Sophie: You understand me being pissed?
Mark: I can see that you're pissed and i get it.
Sophie: So you knew about Kate being Batwoman and said nothing.
Mark: Why does it matter if i knew or not.
Sophie: Because you.
Mark: I what? Huh it wasn't my secret to tell Sophie.
Sophie: No just your guys to keep.
Mark: What the hell did want Kate to do?
Sophie: What?
Mark: From the moment you figured out she was Batwoman. You kept saying you were going to go and tell the commander.

(She looks at him not sure of what to say.)

Mark: You of all people knew how much he hated the bat. But yet you were so hell bent on telling him the hell with how it would hurt Kate and how betrayed she would of felt.

(Julia stands there and knows Mark's still feeling Kate's disappearance but isn't about to stop his rant.)

Sophie: I.
Mark: Like i said you're pissed and i can understand that. But as I'm sure Julia said it wasn't our secre to tell. But then again.
Sophie: What?
Mark: Thanks to Kate's plane coming down.
Sophie: Okay.
Mark: The Commander's gonna have to live with the fact that he shot at his own child. Talk about guilt complex.

(Then he walked off as Julia stood there in shock along with Sophie.)

Julia: I'd hate to say it. But he's right.

(Then she walked off behind her. Over in the interrogation room Mark walks in and closes the door behind him.)

Luke: Mark!
Mark: How'd they find out about Kate being Batwoman?
Luke: Kate had written Sophie a letter in case she didn't ever make it home.
Mark: Okay. How about the commander?
Luke: Alice!

(Mark looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Mark: Of course it was.
Luke: You know given how the commander shot at Kate while she was in the suit.
Mark: I know. He's gonna have a lot of guilt built up.
Luke: There's no telling what he'll do if Kate doesn't turn up alive.

(Mark looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: I know that. Of all honesty i really don't want to think about that.
Luke: What the hell do you want to think about?
Mark: About why the hell Ryan wants to be in the suit so badly?
Luke: She wants to kill Alice.

(Mark looks at him.)

Mark: Why?
Luke: Her gang killed her adopted mother. And she's willing to do something that not even Kate would of done.
Mark: Which means we're gonna have to make sure Ryan doesn't do anything stupid.
Luke: Yeah we're gonna have a lot of fun trying to do that.
Mark: What you mean?
Luke: If she's anything like Kate.
Mark: What?
Luke: She's gonna push to be in that suit. And nothing we do is going to prevent her from doing so.
Mark: Shit.
Luke: Yeah. Mark I'm not ready to give up on Kate.

(Mark looks at him.)

Mark: Neither am i. And even if you start wanting to. I'll just knock some sense into you.

(He laughs at him.)

Mark: Look all I'm going to tell you is that.
Luke: What?
Mark: Don't try and keep Ryan from doing what she wants to do.
Luke: Mark!
Mark: Look while Kate's missing Gotham needs a Batwoman and if Ryan is willing don't say no.
Luke: I just. She's not right for the suit.
Mark: You know you once said that to Kate. And yet she still put that suit on despite what you thought.
Luke: True.
Mark: You can't keep comparing Ryan to Kate. Because Ryan's her own person and we all miss Kate and want her to be found alive.
Luke: I know.
Mark: We're gonna find Kate Luke even if i have to turn Gotham upside down I'll do it on my own if i have too.
Luke: I know that.
Mark: She's as much my bestfriend as she's yours. I'm not ready to give up on her yet.
Luke: Good to know.

(He stands up and walks over to him.)

Mark: Just do me favor.
Luke: Give Ryan a chance.
Mark: I would. I don't see many people willing to do what she's doing.

(He nods his head at him.)

Luke: Can i go?
Mark: Yeah.

(He walks off towards the door and leaves the room as Mark puts his head down then grabs a chair and throws it across the room. End of flashback.)

Sophie: I know we were all upset over her plane coming down.
Mark: I have lost so many people Sophie it's not even funny.
Sophie: So when we thought we had lost Kate.
Mark: It hurt like hell. And then having Julia tell us that skull she had found and had tested the DNA on it.
Sophie: You still weren't ready to give up on her.
Mark: No i wasn't.


(To six months ago. Just before everyone found out about being alive. In Kate's office Mark walks into the office followed by Veracity.)

Mark: Hey what's going on?

(They look over at him and he sees their faces. Then he looks down at one of the men on the floor.)

Mark: Damn Julia nice to know you still got one hell of an aim.
Julia: Kate taught me well.
Mark: I don't think Kate taught you that.
Julia: She didn't.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Veracity: What's going on?
Luke: We just found something out and neither one of you are going to like it.
Mark: What happened? Is it Ryan? Did she?
Mary: No Ryan's fine. She's still alive.
Mark: Oh thank god.
Luke: For the time being. Mark she's getting worse.

(He looks at him and then to Veracity who looks off not sure of what to say to him and then sees the look on Mary's face and can tell she's feeling useless over not

being able to help Ryan.)

Mark: Well did they get their hands onto the Desert Rose?
Luke: Before they could.
Mark: Tell me she didn't?
Mary: She lit it up like a Christmas tree.

(Mark looks off annoyed.)

Veracity: So thanks to Alice we could lose Ryan?
Luke: Yes.
Mark: Well that's just great.
Mary: And if losing all of the Desert Rose wasn't enough.

(They both look at them.)

Mark: What?
Luke: Kate was never on Coryana.
Mark: What?
Luke: Safiyah lied to Alice.
Veracity: Next time start with that.
Luke: He's the one who asked about Ryan.
Mark: Okay look. I'm sorry. What about Kate?
Julia: While i was out looking for Kate since we clearly weren't going to get anywhere here.
Mark: Okay.
Julia: Mark i found a skull.
Mark: Okay.

(He looks at Veracity and then back at Julia not really liking where this is going.)

Julia: I ran the DNA on it and it came back as Kate's.

(He looks at her and then to Veracity who doesn't wanna believe she lost another sister even if Beth is still alive only is going by Alice.)

Veracity: What the hell do you mean the Skull's Kate's?
Julia: I had it run twice and it kept coming back as Kate's I'm sorry.
Mark: No.
Luke: What?
Mark: No. I'm sorry I'm not going to believe this.
Julia: Mark!
Mark: No. I refuse to believe she's dead.
Julia: Mark i.
Mark: Where's your second opinion huh.
Julia: I just said i had it run by twice.
Mark: By who? The Crows?

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: The same damn agency that shot at her not more then almost a year ago. That's who ran the test twice.
Julia: Yes.
Mark: I find it funny. Given how Commander Kane was never told a skull being found.
Julia: What?
Mark: He's still in charge of the Crows Julia. So whatever piece of evidence shows up he'll be notified first.

(She continues to stand there not sure of what to say to him.)

Mary: Mark!
Mark: I'm sorry I'm not like the rest of you. I'm not ready to give up on Kate.
Julia: Mark!
Mark: Look you might be ready to lay Kate to rest so you can get Sophie back. But don't ever expect me too. I'm gonna find her and when i do I'll be the first to say i told you so.

(Then he turns and walks out of the office as they all stand there in shock at what he just said. As he walked out unknown to everyone else someone else was in the

building and over heard what Mark had said and as he walked out they walked up to him and knocked him sending him to the ground as he hit it they quickly grabed

him and took him into the elevator. Once he was in there the doors close before anyone can get to them. End of flash back Mark looks around as he realizes he

remembered that and Sophie notices.)

Sophie: What's wrong?
Mark: I just remembered something else from the day that Julia had told her us about Kate.
Sophie: What's that?
Mark: Right after i had left Kate's office i had gotten hit from behind.
Sophie: Okay.
Mark: Sophie i woke up in Port Charles with no memory of how i got there.
Sophie: What?
Mark: I woke up outside of the Floating rib.
Sophie: Who found you?
Mark: Sonny did.

(She looks at him confused.)

Sophie: Mark by the time Julia had told us about Kate. Sonny had are ready been missing.
Mark: Really?
Sophie: Yes. You sure it was Port Charles you woke up in?
Mark: I was outside of a building and someone found me. I just i could of sworn that the building i woke up outside of was the Floating Rib.
Sophie: And that the person who found you was Sonny?
Mark: Yes.
Sophie: Oh god. Kate!

(She looks over at them and walks off towards them followed by Reagan.)

Reagan: You are right?
Mark: No.

(Kate and Reagan look at each other not sure of what to say to him.)

Reagan: What's going on?
Mark: I remembered something from the day we found out that Kate was supposedly dead.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: After i had walked out of your office.
Kate: Are right.
Mark: I had gotten hit from behind and i woke up outside of a building and was found by someone i thought was Sonny.

(They all look at him and then look off.)

Reagan: How long was Sonny missing for?
Mark: Nine months.
Kate: Almost a year until he recovered his memory.
Reagan: Okay Mark. Take your time and think about where you might of been.
Mark: Okay. Um. It had been maybe a day or two after Julia told us about Kate and when i came too.
Reagan: Okay.
Mark: I uh.

(He tries to think about the building he had woken up in front of but can't place the building.)

Mark: I don't know. I'm not ever sure how the hell i ended up there.
Reagan: Okay. Like i said take your time.

(He nods his head at her as he continues to see the same building but isn't able to place until he sees the name on it as he continues to see the building and the name

on realizing where he was he turns and looks at them.)

Mark: I was in Nixon Falls.

(They all look at him.)

Sophie: What?
Mark: Nixon Falls i was there when i came too.
Sophie: Okay. So what building did you wake up in front of?
Mark: It was a bar Sonny worked at while he had no memory of who he was.
Kate: Mark!
Mark: It was called the Tan-O.

(They all look at him.)

Sophie: Why would they of taken you to Nixon Falls?
Mark: I don't know.
Alice: I might know.

(They turn and look at her.)

Mark: How'd you?
Alice: I was brought here by him.

(Mark looks over to see who it is.)

Mark: Diggle!