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(Over in Gotham at Kane Tower down in the Batcave both Mark and Ryan are there sparring as their sparring he's able to get her and throws her over his shoulder

getting getting her to laugh at him then he gets up and backs as she jumps and goes after him as he has his back turned but he's able to catch her and goes down

and sweeps her legs out from under her sending her to the ground as she goes down she looks at him and laughs again.)

Mark: You can't just go after someone Ryan you have to focus on them focus on what their going to do next.
Ryan: Okay.

(She jumps up and goes after him as he laughs at her and gets him in the head sending him down as he hits the mat both Luke and Mary had walked into the Bat cave

followed by Sophie.)

Mary: Oh my god Mark.

(He turns and looks at her.)

Mark: Well it's nice to know Kate entrusted someone with the bat suit.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Ryan: I'm sorry.
Mark: No it's fine. Still showing your annoyance with the whole thing with Circe?

(She looks off. As he gets up and looks at her.)

Ryan: I think we all are.
Mark: Look Kate will one day come back as to when i have no idea.
Luke: It's been five months since Kate left and we're all just wondering when she'll come back.
Mark: I'd say when she gets her head on straight. But Kate's not straight.

(They start laughing at the joke.)

Mark: Anyway.
Mary: How are you doing since my dad disbanded the Crows?
Mark: Oh you know. I've been trying not to drive myself crazy.
Sophie: You and me both.
Mark: Yeah.
Mary: Well with neither one of you doing anything.
Mark: I am doing something.
Luke: What?
Mark: Trying not to get killed by Ryan.

(She looks at him and laughs as they hear someone walk into the bat cave hearing or well seeing who it is they all smile at her.)

Mark: Kate!
Kate: Hi.

(He walks over to her and hugs her then pulls away from her as Mary rushes over to her and hugs her getting her to laugh then she pulls away from her.)

Mary: When'd you?
Kate: I just got back today.
Luke: Wow. And you just thought.
Kate: Well i would of used the elevator in my office but. It's down here.

(They look at it and laugh.)

Mary: Oliver managed to get it working again.
Kate: Good to know. Hey Ryan.
Ryan: Hi.

(She hugs her then pulls away from her.)

Sophie: Hi.

(Kate looks at her and smiles at her.)

Kate: Hi.

(She smiles at her and then looks off.)

Mark: Oh here we go.

(Luke looks at him and laughs.)

Mary: Yeah their gonna start acting shy around each other.

(They start laughing at their face.)

Mark: It's almost like you never left.

(Kate looks at him as he laughs at her.)

Kate: I'm seriously feeling the love in my building.

(Mark looks at her and then to Sophie whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Okay.
Luke: Anyway. How you doing?
Kate: That's a loaded question. But I've been okay for the most part.
Mark: Still got the fear of you know who will come back out?
Kate: I have a feeling Circe will always be in there wanting back out but.
Mark: All you gotta do is.
Kate: I can try and ignore all i want but.
Mark: Yes you do.

(She looks at him as Luke starts laughing.)

Kate: Thanks for that.
Mark: You're welcome. Although hey Ryan you remember that shirt Sophie wore when we found out about Kate being alive.
Ryan: You mean the one she's wearing now?

(She looks down and quickly covers her front and then looks off.)

Kate: Oh really?
Ryan: Yeah let's just say there were some memories she wanted to jog.
Kate: Yeah that shirt would of helped. I think.
Mark: Or helped Circe figure out if she was gay.

(Kate looks at him and then looks off.)

Kate: Oh.
Mark: I'm sorry. It's just it doesn't surprise that me that chose a Lesbain to turn into Circe.
Kate: You just thought she was cute.
Mark: Maybe.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: Anyway.
Luke: What?
Mark: Nothing.
Luke: No what?
Mark: She kissed me.

(Kate looks at him and then looks off.)

Kate: Oh.
Sophie: What?
Mark: I was drunk and i didn't know she was Kate.
Sophie: None of us did.
Mark: I meant after everyone found out about Kate being alive.
Sophie: Oh.
Mark: I was out of the country at the time i wouldn't of known.
Kate: Where you?
Mark: I was helping Sam and Jason find his twin brother Drew.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Luke: So when you came back.
Mark: I knew Kate had been found and was alive. I just didn't know she was.
Luke: Oh.
Mark: And in order to try and prove she's not Kate.
Kate: Circe kissed you.
Mark: Yeah. She's a good kisser. Who ever ends up with her is very lucky.
Kate: Well thank you.
Ryan: So another words Sophie's not the only one whose kissed Batwoman.
Mark: Oh shit.

(He walks off as Sophie goes to go after him only have to Kate stop her.)

Kate: Okay okay Soph stop it.
Sophie: Okay.
Mark: I really am sorry.
Sophie: It's fine.
Kate: But i will say this Mark.
Mark: What?
Kate: Circe thought you were cute.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Well then.
Kate: And I'm not letting her out again so you sleep with her.

(He looks at her and then looks off laughing.)

Mark: I don't want you too.
Kate: Really?
Mark: After what she did. I don't ever want to see her again. Although you do have her face.

(She smiles at him.)

Kate: Anyway. Any luck in tracking down the stuff that i stole while Circe was still out?
Luke: No. And we've been trying to locate all of the items but nothings come up.
Kate: Okay. What about Safiyah?
Ryan: As far as we know after Ocean was killed she disappeared and we don't even know where she went.
Kate: Huh.
Mark: What?
Kate: It's just while i was under my brain wash and with both her and Roman.
Mark: Okay.
Kate: She seemed almost like she wanted revenge but there was something else keeping her in Gotham.
Mark: Like what?
Kate: Not what.
Mary: More like who.

(They all look at her.)

Ryan: Alice!

(They all look off and then at Kate who doesn't know what to do or say.)

Mark: Well shit.
Luke: So whatever reason Safiyah had for staying here could only be told by one person.
Mark: Yeah.
Kate: Only thing is i can't go into Arkham.

(They all look at her and realize why.)

Mark: I have an idea.
Mary: What?
Mark: She'd have to get into her old suit.

(Kate looks at him and then looks off.)

Kate: No no way.
Mark: Why not?
Kate: I'm not ready.
Mark: Okay well there's really only one other way to get into Arkham.
Kate: How?
Mark: We break in.
Ryan: You can't be serious?
Mark: You wanna know what the hell happened to Safiyah this is only way i can think of.
Sophie: But to break into Arkham. Mark we could just walk into the front door. And ask for a private room.
Mark: Can you really count on that?
Sophie: No.
Luke: Okay than.
Mary: Or Kate can just wear disguise.

(They all look at her and Kate laughs.)

Kate: I like her idea better.
Mark: Are right.

(Over the next couple of days they all work on trying to figure out how to get Kate into Arkham in order to talk to Alice. After figuring it out they suited Kate up and

they walked off towards Arkham as they got there they walked in through the front door and asked to visit with Alice and they were walked back towards her cell as

they got there Mark paid the guard off and he walked off as Mark opened the door and let Kate into the room as she walked in Alice looked up at who was in the room

but then looked off a little annoyed until they took the hat off.)

Kate: Beth!

(She looked at her then stood up.)

Alice: Kate!
Kate: Hi.
Alice: Hi.

(She walked over to her and hugged her getting her to smile at her then she pulled away from her.)

Alice: When did you get back?
Kate: A couple of days ago. I know i promised you i would come and see you when i got back. But there was something i needed to do.
Alice: You went to see other's first.
Kate: Well not right away.
Alice: What?
Kate: I went to see dad. In Metropolis.
Alice: Oh. How is he?
Kate: He's been better.
Alice: And you?
Kate: Trying not to lose what's left of my mind.

(She laughs at her.)

Alice: Yeah good luck with that.
Kate: Yeah. It's just trying to keep what's left of my mind in tact after the whole thing with Black Mask and Safiyah.
Alice: And Enigma.
Kate: Her too.

(They start laughing then calm down. As they hear something next door.)

Kate: Is that?
Alice: Yeah i melted the mask to his face.
Kate: Yikk's.
Alice: Yeah. For the last five months I've been hearing it won't come of.
Kate: I sure hope he means the mask.

(They start laughing as she sits down and they start talking. Over the next couple of hours both Kate and Alice sit there and talk catching up on all they lost out on

after the accident to Kate's disappearance after talking and catching up Kate got up to leave as she walked out of the room Mark waved at her and then closed the

door behind her as they walked off down the hallway and out of the building as they walked out they left the grounds before Kate took the hat off.)

Mark: She say anything?
Kate: Just that after she did her own service for Ocean Safiyah had shown up.
Mark: Okay.
Kate: She said they talked until Alice realized that Circe was still around and Safiyah said she had nothing.
Mark: What did Alice do?
Kate: She used the knife that has the Desert Rose on it.
Mark: She stabbed her?
Kate: Yeah.
Mark: Where'd she stash her?
Kate: Somewhere she knew the Crows and Roman wouldn't of looked.
Mark: The sewers.
Kate: Yeah.

(They walk over to his truck and get into it as they get in he starts it up and they quickly take off towards the sewers as their on the way there he calls Sophie and who

told him she'd meet there along with Luke and Ryan as they all got there Mark looked around to make sure there were no cars coming and rushed over to the man

hole cover and opens it once it's opened they all go down as they go down Mark closes it and they quickly turn their flash lights on and start looking around for her as

their looking they don't notice the person behind them as they get to where she is Mark rushes over to her and feels for a pulse.)

Ryan: She breathing?
Mark: Yeah. This knife has the Desert Rose on it.
Kate: We got anything to tie her up with?
Mark: Why Kate Kane.

(They look at her as she looks at him and he laughs. As he walks around and ties her hands with a rope he had brought with them once she's tied up he looks at his friends and then walks over to them.)

Kate: According to Alice the only way to wake her up is to pull the knife out.

(Ryan walked over to her and pulled the knife out of her which wakes her up and she looks around the room their in once she realizes where she is she looks at the

people in front of her.)

Safiyah: Well well.
Mark: Safiyah!

(She looks at him.)

Safiyah: Hey aren't you the one who kissed Circe?
Mark: Only because i didn't know she was my bestfriend.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Safiyah: What you want?
Mark: Answers.
Safiyah: For what? You guys have who you want back.
Ryan: Why'd Black Mask target Kate Kane other then her being Jacob Kane's daughter.

(Kate looks at her.)

Safiyah: He wanted his daughter back.
Mark: So he thought he'd use Kate?
Safiyah: Yes.
Mark: Why?
Safiyah: He wanted to get back at Jacob Kane for what happened to Circe.
Mark: Okay. What did Jacob Kane do?
Kate: The Crows looked into her rape case for all of a month or two and then swept it under the rug like the case never existed.
Mark: Well i can understand why he hates the Crows so. Much. But why go after you?
Safiyah: He blamed the Bat for his daughter's death.

(Mark looks at Kate who looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: Why would he blame Batwoman?
Kate: Do you remember that night Alice kidnapped Luke and Julia.
Mark: The night Alice Mouse and Tommy Elliott made their escape from Arkham.
Kate: Yeah.
Mark: Oh my god.
Sophie: What?
Mark: That was the night Circe was killed.

(They look off and then down at Safiyah.)

Safiyah: He wanted his daughter back.
Mark: Yeah and thanks to you and Roman Sionis Jacob Kane went a year without his.

(Then he kicks her in the face knocking her out once she's out he turns and looks at Kate.)

Kate: Shit.
Sophie: Well at least with Roman he wanted Circe back.
Mark: You trying to get somewhere with that.
Sophie: Yeah.
Mark: Okay.
Sophie: What the hell was Nina Reeves for keeping Sonny away from his family for close to year.
Mark: I don't know. Of all honesty.
Sophie: What?
Mark: The only thing Nina cares about is herself.
Luke: Okay we all knew the reason why Black Mask wanted Kate.
Mark: Okay.
Luke: How the hell did he know which plane was Kate's and how would he of known where she was flying out of in order to know he had hit the right plane?

(They all look at him and then look off.)

Ryan: Damn.

(They look at her as they hear something and quickly turn to see what it is and stand around each other.)

Ryan: Okay what the hell is going on?
Mark: I don't know.

(Then they see lights coming towards them on either side of the tunnel as they see them they all look at each other.)

Kate: Oh boy.

(As they reach them they keep their guns pointed at them.)

Agent: Hands in the air all of you.
Mark: What the hell did we do? It's a sewer tunnel it's not really against the law to hang out down here.

(Kate looks at him and laughs at him.)

Agent: I said put your hands in the air.
Woman: Jeffery's enough.

(He looks at her and quickly backs off as the other's turn and look at her. Seeing who it is they all look at her in shock only one of them is brave enough to call out to


Kate: Reagan!