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Homestuck Headcanons and Brainrot

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General, Overall fluff Headcanons :)

- Dave likes to listen to Karkat rant about stuff they're mad about, they can sit there for hours listening Karkat scream about not having enough milk for their cereal this morning.

- Dave's actually readlly good at drawing, and so is Karkat.

- Karkat is the shortest of all the beta trolls, Kankri is the shortest of the Alpha trolls. :)

- Dave sings human lullabies to Karkat when they have nightmares.

- Terezi and Karkat have frequent competitions on who can draw Dave better.

- Gamzee is the tallest of all the trolls, they're even taller than Kurloz.

- Trolls are hella flexible, Dave fully believes they just don't have spine... like at all...

- Most trolls can purr, Equius is one of them Nepeta thinks it's the cutest thing ever when they purr.

    - Dude sounds like a truck when they purrs, mans whole chest vibrates.

- Karkat likes drawing all their friends, they never lets anyone see them though.


Sexuality Headcanons :) (Cuz I'm a weenie) *I know it's cannon that all the trolls are bi, but fuck cannon let me have diversity other than Kanaya*


- Gamzee is pan.

- Karkat is gay.

- Kanaya is Lesbian (Thats cannon ik but I figured I'd add it anyway).

- Vriska is bi.

- Terezi is pan (and makes frequent pan fucking jokes).

- Tavros is pan with a preference to dudes.

- Jade is straight.

- Sollux is bi (get it? cuz the 2- I'll leave).

- Eridan is pan.

- Feferi is bi.

- John is bi (tho they always denies it cuz they're embarresed).

- Nepeta is bi.

- Equius is bi.

- Dirk is gay (fucking duh).

- Jake is pan.

- Roxy is genderfluid pansexual (like me).

- Calliope is pan.

Caliborn is gay and has a hate crush on Dirk.

-Rose is lesbian (canon? thats canon right?)

- Kankri is gay.

*Why are there so many fucking characters in this series wth*

- Cronus is pan.

- Meenah is lesbian.

- Arnanea is lesbian.

- Damara is pan.

- Rufioh is bi.

- Horruss is gay.

- Meulin is bi.

- Kurloz is bi (which is probably like... troll version of straight idk just most trolls are bi)

- Mituna is pan.

- Latula is bi.

*That all? Kool.*