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Things That Happened at the Twyla’s Café Tropical Grand Reopening and Halloween Party

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>  Roland at the nacho bar, scooping queso from the chafing dish and drinking it directly from his hands like his plane had crashed in the wilderness, and this was the first water supply he’d seen in days.

>  David and Stevie seeing how many peeled grapes they could land in a distracted Bob’s drink without anyone noticing. (Answer: 11. Could’ve been more, Patrick, if you weren’t such a buzzkill.)

>  Twyla animatedly explaining the origin of Samhain to a flustered Heather who was actually just looking for Shannon.

>  Gwen absolutely nailing the choreography to "Thriller."

>  Ronnie winning three different party games in a row and the vein on Patrick’s neck looking dangerously close to rupturing.

>  Jake and Stevie sneaking away while no one was looking.

>  Jocelyn getting hammered and roping Ray into an impromptu yet surprisingly spirited performance of “Dammit, Janet!” from Rocky Horror.  

>  David all but carrying his very inebriated husband out the door at the end of the night whilst said husband loudly insisted that ‘pin the skull on the skeleton’ was somehow rigged.

>  Twyla, sitting alone at a table after everyone else had gone home, looking exhausted but deliriously happy.